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Homura Akemi (Character)
from "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" (2011)

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"Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Mo dare ni mo tayoranai (#1.10)" (2011)
Madoka Kaname: [Madoka and Homura lay together in a ruined city] This is it. It's over for us too.
Homura Akemi: Do you have any grief seeds?
[Madoka shakes her head]
Homura Akemi: 'Kay.
Homura Akemi: I've got an idea, how about we become witches? And we can tear up this rotten world together. Until there is no more evil, no more sadness, until there's nothing left. We'll break and smash and pound it into dust.
Homura Akemi: But if we did that, wouldn't that be great?
Madoka Kaname: [Madoka pushes a grief seed to Homura's Soul Gem] Sorry, I lied. I guess I still have one left.
Homura Akemi: But why, you should have used it!
Madoka Kaname: It's better this way. I want you to do something that I couldn't do. You can go back in time, right Homura? You can go back and change everything, so that we don't end up like this.
Homura Akemi: Okay!
Madoka Kaname: And then save me from being stupid. From being tricked. Don't let Kyubey fool me again.
Homura Akemi: I swear I'll save you! I'll do whatever it takes to keep you safe. I'll come back again and again and again. I'll save you, I swear!
Madoka Kaname: Thank you!
[Madoka whales and fidgets in pain]
Madoka Kaname: Can I ask one more thing? Don't let... me turn into a witch. There's awful, horrible things in this world, I know that now. But there's a lot of things worth protecting too.
Homura Akemi: Madoka!
Madoka Kaname: Finally, you called me by first name. I'm so happy.
[Homura whales as she pulls out her gun and shoots Madoka]

Kyoko Sakura: [after the girls were forced to kill Sayaka's witch form] Sayaka... Dammit! How could this happen?
Madoka Kaname: It's awful! This isn't right it's horrible!
Homura Akemi: [Kyoko is shot dead, Homura is binded by Mami] Miss Tomoe?
Mami Tomoe: [Mami is aiming her rifle at Homura] If Soul Gems give birth to witches, then we have no choice but to die! Both me and you!
Homura Akemi: Stop it!
Madoka Kaname: [Mami is shot dead by Madoka] I don't want this! I can't take it anymore!
[Madoka cries]
Homura Akemi: It's okay, we can finish this. The two of us can defeat Walpurgisnacht on our own.
[Madoka and Homura nod]

Homura Akemi: No one will believe me about the future. No one will accept the truth about the future. I know what to do now. I won't rely on anyone anymore. I don't care if no one understands. I won't let Madoka fight. I'll destroy every last witch by my self if I have to. And this time I'll defeat Walpurgisnacht once and for all.

Homura Akemi: I'll do it over, no matter how many times it takes. I'll re live it over and over again. I will find a way out. The one path that will save you from this destiny of despair. Madoka my one and my only friend. I don't care because if it's for you, I'll stay trapped in this endless maze... Forever.

Kyubey: When Madoka transformed that was really amazing wasn't it. I never had any doubt that she'd become the most powerful magical girl in the world. But I never dreamed she'd take down Walpurgisnacht with one shot.
Homura Akemi: Did you know what would happen, afterwards?
Kyubey: Her fate was bound to happen sooner or later. She was the strongest of all magical girls and she destoryed her greatest enemy. It's only natural she'd turn into the wickedest witch of them all. And in her current state I'm estimate it will take her no longer than ten days to destroy the planet. Oh well, it's humanity's problem now. We've pretty much filled our quota and have more than enough energy.
[Homura turns to leave]
Kyubey: Aren't you going to fight her?
Homura Akemi: No, my fight is somewhere else.
Kyubey: Homura Akemi... You're a -
[Kyubey is cut off as Homura time leaps]

Madoka Kaname: [the first fight scene from the first episode is recreated] It's horrible.
Kyubey: You can't help it. One person can't handle this alone. But she knew that and came anyway.
Madoka Kaname: No, this isn't right, it's too much for her!
Homura Akemi: No, Madoka don't listen to anything it says!
Kyubey: If she gives up, it's over. But you have the power to change this destiny. All this tragedy all this destruction, you can change it if you want. The power to do so lies within you.
Madoka Kaname: I can change it?
Homura Akemi: It's trying to trick you, don't listen to it!
Madoka Kaname: I can change it? Even someone like me can do something to help. Can I really change how this ends?
Kyubey: Of course you can. Just make a contract with me. And become a Magical Girl.
Homura Akemi: [Madoka pauses to think and looks like she's ready to make a contract] NOOOOOOO!

Homura Akemi: [crying and sobbing over Madoka's body] Why? Even if you were going to get killed all along? It wasn't worth saving me. If you're not alive. I want you back!
Kyubey: Is that really waht you want, Homura Akemi? Would you trade your soul to have a wish like that to come true? If there's something you want badly and you're willing to accept a destiny battling witches, than I can help you get what you want.
Homura Akemi: If I make a contract with you, would you really grant me any wish?
Kyubey: Absolutely. You have more than enough potential. So tell me what is the one wish that would make your soul gem shine.
Homura Akemi: [meekly] I wish...
Homura Akemi: I wish I could meet miss Kaname all over again. But this time instead of her protecting me, I want to be strong enough to protect her!
Kyubey: The contract is complete. Your wish have overcome entropy. Go now. Go and unleash your new magical power.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion (2013)
Madoka Kaname: [thinking] No... It Feels like nothing has changed at all. In fact if anything's changed around here it's me.
[Homura notices Madoka's magic is coming forward]
Madoka Kaname: Yeah it is me. I should have a different form. Differnt purpose here
Madoka Kaname: [Homura embraces Madoka and Madoka returns to normal] Homura? Hey, let go!
Homura Akemi: It's okay, you're exactly what you should be. What you've always been. Madoka Kaname do you treasure the world you live in or would you break its laws to follow your heart?
Madoka Kaname: Well I, I don't - I mean yes. I do treasure this world. But I don't think a person should go and break the rules just because they feel like it.
Homura Akemi: I see. Well then I suppose one day you will also be my enemy. It's fine, I don't care.
[Homura ties up Madoka's hair]
Homura Akemi: I'll keep wishing for a world where you can be happy.
Madoka Kaname: Homura?
[last lines]
Homura Akemi: I knew it, they always did look better on you.

[first lines]
Homura Akemi: We pray for hope, embrace curses and protect you from the dark. We're magical girls. We traded our souls for our powers in a destiny of battle. A destiny that ends in oblivion. For the only way to escape our despair is to vanish from this world. The end will come for all of us. So we continue our fight and wait for the law of cycles to come and lead us away. In this broken world; doomed to repeat it's tragedies and hatred, I dreamed of someone I knew and saw her familiar smile again.

Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura: [sing song] Big cake, round cake, right in front of me Who do you think this cake could be?
Sayaka Miki: No, it's not me. I'm just a little, old, raspberry. That big, round, cake's too red, don't you know?. Could the cake be Kyoko?
Kyoko Sakura: No, not me. I'm the juicy apple in this story. That big round cake loves Bebe, can't you see?. Is the cake Mami?
Mami Tomoe: No, it's not me. I am the cheese. This big, round, cake is tumbling, you see. Could the cake be Homura?
Homura Akemi: N-No, not me. I-I-I'm the pumpkin, full of seeds. This big, round, cake looks sweeter than sweet. Could the cake be Madoka?
Madoka Kaname: No, it's not me. I'm the melon, don't you see? When you slice the melon it will bring you sweet dreams.
Madoka Kaname, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura: So why is the dream so bitter all late? 'Cause the kitty's dream is the one on the plate. It's so plump, it's gonna taste great!

Sayaka Miki: Hey, do you have any idea what you've done?
Homura Akemi: I do, but if you'd like to share your thoughts, please enlighten me.
Sayaka Miki: Okay. You broke off a piece of the Law of Cycles. It's the only salvation us Magical Girls had!
Homura Akemi: I only took a tiny sliver of it, that's all. The piece that used to be Madoka, before she ceased to exist. For some reason you were all pulled in with her. And now you can't return to where you came from, either.
Sayaka Miki: You have no right to screw everything up like this!
Homura Akemi: I'm an existence called Evil now. And if evil is supposed to disrupt the divine and be a force of chaos, it's only natural for me to upset the laws of a god.
Sayaka Miki: Oh yeah, what will you do next, destroy everything?
Homura Akemi: After all the wraiths have been wiped out, perhaps I will. When that day comes I supposed I can be your enemy then. The question is will you be able to stand up to me then? You're having a hard time remembering things, aren't you?
Sayaka Miki: I-I think I remember being apart of something. Some kind of being or power bigger than this world, but I-I can't remember what it was anymore. All I know is I'm not supposed to be here.
Homura Akemi: You're getting another chance at being human again, if anything you should be happy about that. Eventually life here will seem natural here, and you will forget all about the past.
Sayaka Miki: Even if I do there's one thing I won't forget... You Homura Akemi, are a demon!
Homura Akemi: We should pretend to be on good terms, if you're always attacking me, Madoka might end up hating you.

Madoka Kaname: [Madoka descends to claim Homura's soul] You waited for me all this time. I'm sorry it took so long but I'm here now.
Homura Akemi: Madoka...
Madoka Kaname: Come on, let's go. From now on we'll be together.
Homura Akemi: You don't know how long I've waited...
Homura Akemi: for this.
[Homura grasps Madoka]
Madoka Kaname: Homura?
Homura Akemi: Now... I've got you...
[Incredible magic]
Kyoko Sakura: What's going on?
Mami Tomoe: What does she think she's doing, Homura?
Nagisa Momoe: Look at her Soul Gem, what are all those horrible colors?
Sayaka Miki: It's not a curse, what is that? Obsession, desire? Homura, what's happening to you?
Homura Akemi: I don't expect you to understand. No one in the world could possibly understand, this emotion is mine and mine alone. And I've been saving it for her.
Madoka Kaname: Homura... Don't! You'll rip me apart!
Homura Akemi: It has to be this way. I'm never going to let you go again, Madoka.

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Atashitte, honto baka (#1.8)" (2011)
Madoka Kaname: [Homura has just shot Kyubey] What'd you do? You didn't have to kill him!
Homura Akemi: You idiot! Why do you do that? Why do you always sacrifice your self like that? Calling yourself useless and meaningless, stop treating yourself like you don't matter! Why don't you ever think about all the people who love you! Stop being such a fool, there are so many people who'd be sad if you died! Why can't you understand that? What about the people who are trying so hard to protect you?
Madoka Kaname: [Homura breaks down and sobs] Homura! I get the feeling we've done this before... Is that true? Have the two of us met before?
Homura Akemi: I-I can't...
Homura Akemi: Tell you...
Madoka Kaname: I'm sorry. I have to go find Sayaka now.
Homura Akemi: Wait, Sayaka Miki is...
Madoka Kaname: I'm sorry.
[Madoka leaves]
Homura Akemi: No wait! Madoka!
[Homura cries]

Homura Akemi: Why are you doing this to your self? Why won't you trust me, can't you see I just want to help you?
Sayaka Miki: Why don't I trust you? Maybe it's because I can tell what you really are. Maybe I know you're lying. You look like someone who's given up on everything. When you talk you use empty words. In fact you're doing it now. You say you wanna help me but I know that's what you're really thinking. You're not fooling anyone, uh-uh.
Homura Akemi: Do you realize you're just making Madoka suffer more and more?
Sayaka Miki: Madoka? This has nothing to do with her.
Homura Akemi: You're wrong, everything has to do with her.
[Homura transforms into her Magical Girl form]
Homura Akemi: . You're sharp. Yes, you're right about me. I don't give a damn if you live or die, I don't care. I just don't want Madoka to see you like this, as you destroy your self.
[Homura walks up closer to Sayaka]
Homura Akemi: If you don't let me help you now you're going to die either way. You see, if you make her suffer any more, then I will... Kill you, right here right now. Sayaka Miki.

Homura Akemi: I know what you really are and I know what you are planning.
Kyubey: Aha, that's why you've been trying so hard to spoil my plans. Do you want to change Madoka Kaname's fate that badly?
Homura Akemi: I do and I'm going to do whatever it takes to stop you, Kyubey. Or should I say, Incubator?

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Mou nani mo kowakunai (#1.3)" (2011)
Homura Akemi: A second later and you'd most certainly be dead. Never forget what happened here. This is what it means to be a magical girl.
Sayaka Miki: [Homura picks up the grief seed] Give it back. Give it back. It's hers. It's Mami's. It belongs to her! You can't have it, it belongs to Mami!
Homura Akemi: You're right. But this can only belong to a magical girl, therefor, none of you has any right to touch it.

Homura Akemi: Don't you even care? You do know you're leading innocent people into danger don't you?
Mami Tomoe: What are you talking about? Kyubey chose them, they're apart of this now.
Homura Akemi: You're steering them into becoming magical girls.
Mami Tomoe: And I guess you don't like that?
Homura Akemi: No, especially since Madoka Kaname's involved.
Mami Tomoe: Uh-hu. I see. You've noticed it to have you, her incredible potential?
Homura Akemi: I won't allow it, she won't become like us.
Mami Tomoe: Afraid of someone coming stronger coming along to challenge you? That kind of thinking is only for losers.
Homura Akemi: I don't want to fight but you leave me no choice.
Mami Tomoe: Then just make sure you and I never see each other again. We're through talking after tonight. Next time you can bet we'll have it out.

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Kiseki mo, mahô mo, arundayo (#1.4)" (2011)
Homura Akemi: This is a fate all magical girls can look forward too, eventually.
Madoka Kaname: [Madoka starts to whimper and cry] That's awful. She was all alone and she fought to protect everyone and now you're saying no one will notice she's gone? That's horrible.
Homura Akemi: It's a condition of the contract we make in exchange for our powers. We're not protectors. We fight for the sake of our wishes and this is how we pay for them. If we die and no one remembers us, I guess that's just the way it is.
Madoka Kaname: I'll remember her. I'll never forget her, never. I promise!
Homura Akemi: I see. Mami Tomoe is lucky, she'd be happy to hear that. How I envy her.
Madoka Kaname: I won't forget you either, I swear I'll never forget you Homura and how you saved us yesterday, I'm always going to remember you.
Madoka Kaname: Homura?
Homura Akemi: You're too kind. Remember this and take it to heart, kindness sometimes leads to even greater tragedy.

Madoka Kaname: You know Homura, I get the feeling you're a veteran at this too. Like Mami but different.
Homura Akemi: Perhaps, I can't deny it.
Madoka Kaname: And I guess you've seen a lot of people die horribly, haven't you?
Homura Akemi: I have.
Madoka Kaname: How many?
Homura Akemi: I gave up counting long ago.

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Saigo ni Nokotta Michishirube (#1.11)" (2011)
Madoka Kaname: That's Walpurgisnacht isn't it? Kyoko told me about it. She said you were teaming up. She also said it was so strong that one magical girl couldn't beat it by her self. Is this where you're getting ready? The city's in danger isn't it.
Homura Akemi: This witch is different from the others. It's so strong it doesn't need to hide in a labyrinth. And when it appears, thousands of people are going to die. Just like that. Since ordinary humans can't see it, they'll think the destruction was caused by an earthquake, tornado or other disaster.
Madoka Kaname: Okay then it has to be destroyed no matter what. Now that Kyoko's dead, you're alone. You're the only magical girl left and you're going to need someone's help to beat it. What if I...
Homura Akemi: I can handle it by my self. Maybe Kyoko couldn't do it but I can certainly defeat Walpurgisnacht on my own. To tell you the truth I never really needed her help. I just agreed so she wouldn't feel bad.
Madoka Kaname: Is that true? I want to believe you, I do. I don't know why but - I guess I-I guess I don't want to think you'd lie to me. But I don't think you're being honest with me right now. And I don't think you're gonna be all right on your own.
Homura Akemi: How can I be honest with you, you wouldn't believe me anyway.
Madoka Kaname: Homura...
Homura Akemi: The thing is... I'm... You and me... We're not even from the same time!
[Homura runs and hugs Madoka]
Homura Akemi: The truth is, I'm from the future. I've met you over and over and every time in every time I've watched you die. What do I have to do to save you? What do I have to do to change your fate? I kept doing this month over again searching for the answer.
Madoka Kaname: But you...
[Madoka quivers]
Madoka Kaname: .
Homura Akemi: [Homura grips Madoka tighter] I'm sorry, I'm not making any sense. I'm scaring you aren't I? I mean you barely know me. I just started going to your school so it's not like you really know me. But I know you, I know your soul...
[Homura starts crying]
Homura Akemi: . Everything's messed up. The more I redo this time the further apart we get. My feelings words nothing gets through to you. I'm out of options. I don't know what to do anymore.
Madoka Kaname: Homura...
Homura Akemi: It's the one thing I wished for. It's how it started. And know it's the only thing I have left to guide me. And it's okay if you don't understand anything I'm saying. But please, please let me protect you.

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Yume no naka de atta, youna... (#1.1)" (2011)
Homura Akemi: Madoka Kaname, do you treasure the life you currently live? And do you consider your family and your friends precious?
Madoka Kaname: Uuh well I, of course I do. I mean I do. My family and my friends. I love them very much and yes they are very precious to me
Homura Akemi: Do you mean it?
Madoka Kaname: Absolutely I couldn't lie about that.
Homura Akemi: Good. Because if that's the truth then you wouldn't try changing the life you have or the person you are. Otherwise you'll lose everything you love. Don't change, stay as you are, Madoka Kaname. Stay as you are, forever.

"Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Sore wa tottemo ureshi inatte (#1.2)" (2011)
Sayaka Miki: Back for more, huh?
Homura Akemi: No, I haven't come to fight. I wanted to kill it, before it made contact with Madoka Kaname. It's to late for that now. Well now what, are you going to become a magical girl?
Madoka Kaname: I uh...
Sayaka Miki: Yeah right, like it's any of your business!
Homura Akemi: I warned you, remember?
Madoka Kaname: Yes.
Homura Akemi: Very well then, I hope my warning is not in vain. Goodbye.
Madoka Kaname: Homura, uh wait, I'd like to know what you wished for when you became a magical girl?
[Homura does not reply and simply leaves]