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King Louie (Character)
from The Jungle Book (1967)

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The Jungle Book (1967)
King Louie: [singing] Now, I'm the king of the swingers, whoa / The jungle V.I.P. / I've reached the top and had to stop / And that's what's botherin' me / I wanna be a man, Man Cub / And stroll right into town / And be just like the other men / I'm tired of monkeyin' around.

Mowgli: Gee, cousin Louie, you're doing real good.
King Louie: Now here's your part of the deal, cuz. Lay the secret on me of Man's Red Fire.
Mowgli: But I don't know how to make fire.
King Louie: [singing] Now don't try to kid me, Man Cub / I made a deal with you / What I desire is Man's Red Fire / To make my dream come true / Now give me the secret, Man Cub / Come on, clue me what to do / Give me the power of Man's Red Flower / So I can be like you.

King Louie: Ha-ha, so you're the mancub? Crazy.
Mowgli: I'm not as crazy as you are, put me down.

Mowgli: [to King Louie] What do you want me for?
King Louie: Word has grabbed my royal ear... Have a banana.
[he pops a banana neatly out of its skin and into Mowgli's mouth]
King Louie: ... that you want to stay in the jungle.
Mowgli: [his mouth full of banana] Stay in the jungle? I sure do.
King Louie: Good, and ol' King Louie...
King Louie: Ba-ba-do-bay-boo-boo-doo-doo...
[stops scatting]
King Louie: ... that's me, can fix it for you.
[he takes two bananas]
King Louie: Have two bananas.
[like the first one, he pops these two out of their skins and into Mowgli's mouth]
King Louie: Have we got a deal?
Mowgli: [his mouth full of banana] Yes, sir, I'll do...
[he swallows them]
Mowgli: I'll do anything to stay in the jungle.
King Louie: Well, then, I'll lay it on the line for you.
[he starts singing "I Wanna Be Like You"]