Le roi Louis XIII
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Le roi Louis XIII (Character)
from The Three Musketeers (1973)

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The Devils (1971)
Louis XIII: Reverend Father, I notice that you don't speak to these creatures in Latin as is usual. Why is that?
Barre: They're not conversant with the language. You'll understand, sire, there are uneducated as well as educated devils.
Jeanne: [in a growling voice as she crawls like a crab] I haven't travelled much.
Louis XIII: Quite.

Louis XIII: What effect would the close proximity of this relic have on devils such as these?
Barre: It would put them to flight.
Louis XIII: At once?
Barre: Immediately. Although I could not guarantee that, once the relic was removed, they would not return.
Louis XIII: Of course not. That would be asking too much.

Louis XIII: [shooting a prisoner dressed as a bird] Bye bye, blackbird!

The Three Musketeers (2011)
King Louis XIII of France: [gazing at Buckingham's war machine] What is that thing called, anyway Richelieu?
Richelieu: An... airship, your Majesty?
King Louis XIII of France: Why don't I have one of those?
Richelieu: An oversight on our part.
King Louis XIII of France: Right,
King Louis XIII of France: right.
King Louis XIII of France: Well, build me one.

King Louis XIII of France: So, madam, what of Buckingham?
Milady de Winter: Majesty?
King Louis XIII of France: [impatiently] Well, what's he wearing these days?
Milady de Winter: Green, your Majesty.
King Louis XIII of France: Hmm. Very interesting.
King Louis XIII of France: [to the Tailor] And you had the gall to recommend blue? Of course it should be green. Why am I surrounded by incompetent idiots? Green, green, green! Do I have to do everything myself?

"The Musketeers: Sleight of Hand (#1.2)" (2014)
Cardinal Richelieu: Your Father was assassinated, its simply matter of common sense to stay away!
King Louis: Common sense is for commoners, not for Kings!

"The Musketeers: Friends and Enemies (#1.1)" (2014)
King Louis: There's something about shooting that makes a man fully alive.
Queen Anne: Unlike the birds, I suppose.

"The Musketeers: The Good Soldier (#1.4)" (2014)
[first lines]
King Louis: We are not accustomed to waiting.
Cardinal Richelieu: After five years, what's a few more minutes, Your Majesty?