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Jane Halliday (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: Whistle Stop (#8.21)" (1994)
Leland McKenzie: And he went down to the police station to make what he thought was a routine statement, they arrested him for murder.
Stuart Markowitz: And he didn't tell you anymore than that.
Jonathan Rollins: Uh, not on the phone.
Jonathan Rollins: This is unbelievable.
Patrick Flanagan: Has a bail hearing be set?
Leland McKenzie: The DA's office has playing games. I'm going there this morning to see Holzman.
Jane Halliday: You mean he might have to spend the night in jail?
Leland McKenzie: It is a distinct possibility?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Once it's set, Ann, can you handle the bail hearing?
Ann Kelsey: Sure, the only problem is they won't be able to talk to Arnie until it's afternoon him in court all morning.
Jane Halliday: I'll - I'll go talk to him.
Leland McKenzie: Jonathan, you should talk to the police. Find out the names of all the officers involved. Get as much as you can.
Jonathan Rollins: Right.
Stuart Markowitz: We may also need the services of a private investigator.
Eli Levinson: [That's for Eli] I'll call Jinx.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: All of Arnold's active clients need to be contacted reassured and, uh, assigned to other members at the firm, until Arnold is available again.
Leland McKenzie: You and I should make those calls, Douglas.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: And under no circumstances, should anyone talk to the press. I wish you were a statement and emphasizing our supportant belief in Arnold's innocence.
Patrick Flanagan: I can do that, I have some contact with the LA Times.
Stuart Markowitz: I'll talk to the office staff.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Good.
[Douglas has closed his gold hunter case pocket watch that the time is up]

[Here at the L.A. County Jail, the guard brings Arnie to have someone here to see Arnie is Jane Halliday for questioning. They talked in the glass wall while speaking in the telephone receiver]
Arnie Becker: Get me out of here.
Jane Halliday: Everything's being handled. You need to tell me what happened.
Arnie Becker: Cops asked me to come down here for a routine questioning. I cooperated and, uh, next thing I know they accused me of being one of Carmilla's customers.
Jane Halliday: Were you a customer?
Arnie Becker: No.
Jane Halliday: Did the police give you any indication as to why they consider you a suspect?
Arnie Becker: [sighed] Last night, I went to Carmilla Greer's on behalf of Frank Askoff. I found her dead. I left. Apparently, someone's told me.
Jane Halliday: You didn't report it.
Arnie Becker: Frank and I heard me large part to protect its reputation. I didn't want to associate myself, my extension him to prostitutes murder.
Jane Halliday: Do you think that Frank could have killed her?
Arnie Becker: I don't know. Certainly have motive. But I know Carmilla, he wasn't the only one, look, I got to talk to Frank.
Jane Halliday: Okay. I'll let you know as soon as the bail hearing set.
Arnie Becker: Do we know what the DA's in charge my case?
Jane Halliday: Someone named Belinda Fox.
[Arnie remembers it well]
Jane Halliday: Did you know her?
Arnie Becker: Yeah, I know her.

[Back at the 444 Plaza Building in Los Angeles, Benny is whistling while he get his cup of coffee out from the microwave and have his sandwich and potato chips ready to eat for lunch]
Jane Halliday: Thank you.
Denise Iannello: Benny, have you seen Chet, the Copier guy?
Benny Stulwicz: I don't think he's been here today.
Denise Iannello: Oh. I feel bad.
Eli Levinson: How come?
Denise Iannello: Uh, because this guy was whistling, we got him a nurse, I told him to stop.
Jane Halliday: So, why do you feel bad?
Denise Iannello: Huh? I don't know, I guess I was a little harsh. Right?
Benny Stulwicz: I don't know.
Jane Halliday: Was he obnoxious?
Denise Iannello: [Scoffs] No, not really, when the guy was just whistling.
Benny Stulwicz: I don't like this lip come.
Denise Iannello: [Clears throat] More guilt?
Eli Levinson: Is he coming back?
Denise Iannello: I assume so, I mean I don't think he's finish programming the copier.
Eli Levinson: So, when he comes back, tell him you're sorry.
Denise Iannello: Hmm. Is that absolutely necessary?
Eli Levinson: No.
Jane Halliday: It's really up to you.
Denise Iannello: [sighs] Should have known better than to answer so were youse.
[Denise opening the refrigerator to get something]

Jinx Baldasseri: Okay. I'll put a tail on him starting tonight.
Ann Kelsey: We have to be prepared for the possibility if he's leaving the country.
Leland McKenzie: Yes, at this point, there's nothing we can do to prevent that. So practice movements.
Jinx Baldasseri: Hmm. That I can do.
Eli Levinson: Are we looking into any of her other clients?
Jinx Baldasseri: I'm gonna talk to some others girls, see if I could start piecing together a list.
Jane Halliday: You think it was Frank, though?
Arnie Becker: Yes, I do.
Leland McKenzie: Well, until we have something definite, we mustn't overlook anything.
Arnie Becker: I wanna ride along with you when you tell him.
Ann Kelsey: What for?
Arnie Becker: 'Cause I wanna watch him with my own eyes.
Jinx Baldasseri: What is it you think all of a sudden when I wanna miss something?
Arnie Becker: Jinx, if I can gain some insight by riding along with you and thereby system my own defense, I think it's probably time well spent.
Jinx Baldasseri: I'll be in front of the building at 5:30 p.m.
Eli Levinson: I guess there's no reason for me to come along in that case.
Jinx Baldasseri: Was there ever?
[Jinx will be back. Eli will be prepared to be there with Arnie]

"L.A. Law: How Am I Driving? (#8.20)" (1994)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Ruland vs. Wayside Hospital.
Jonathan Rollins: Yeah, that's mine. A 16-year-old girl found to be incorrigible by her father, is being committed to a psychiatric facility by him. She soon to be released from the facility and we're representing the father at the facility.
Jane Halliday: What did she do?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Drugs, sex, alcohol. Well, her father feel that she's basically out of control.
Arnie Becker: There but for the grace of God.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Askoff vs. Askoff.
Arnie Becker: Yes, we're representing Frank Askoff, his wife is suing for the divorce also looking to disembowel him financially. Her leverages Carmilla Greer.
Stuart Markowitz: What? He's in a book?
Arnie Becker: Yes, he is. He also runs a publicly traded corporation. He wants very much for this not to get out?
Jane Halliday: Whose Carmilla Greer?
Ann Kelsey: She's a madam.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I'm rather well placed, madam.
Stuart Markowitz: Yeah, I suspect there are a number people in that book who very much don't want to get out.
Arnie Becker: Well, you frequent prostitutes, you run that risk.
Stuart Markowitz: Yeah, I have never been the prostitute.
Ann Kelsey: Ah, gee!