Declan Porter
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Declan Porter (Character)
from "Revenge" (2011)

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"Revenge: Engagement (#2.20)" (2013)
Jack Porter: Thought you went to school.
Declan Porter: Charlotte flaked on me again. She was supposed to drive me.
Jack Porter: Does it have anything to do with that paparazzi video of her with that girl? Why didn't you talk to me about it, man? I gotta hear about it from a group of barflies? What's going on?
Declan Porter: She's in a really dark place and she's... she has been ever since Amanda...
Jack Porter: She into drugs again?
Declan Porter: I don't know. I don't know, maybe. It's pretty hard for me to tell with her blowing me off every day.
Jack Porter: [Declan takes a handful of bills from the bar's tip jar] What are you...?
Declan Porter: I need money for bus fare.
Jack Porter: How many buses are you taking?

Declan Porter: Hey, do you know why you're supposed to bury a politician a hundred feet down? 'Cause deep down, they're really good people.

"Revenge: Truth: Part 2 (#2.22)" (2013)
Declan Porter: You're gonna be a great mother.
Charlotte Grayson: Based on what? I have the worst role models in parental history.
Declan Porter: You know exactly what not to do.