Daniel Grayson
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Daniel Grayson (Character)
from "Revenge" (2011)

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"Revenge: Atonement (#4.10)" (2014)
Emily Thorne: Why didn't you listen to me Daniel? I told you to run! Why didn't you run... You're going to be okay Daniel, you're going to be okay...
Daniel Grayson: You're still lying to me...
Emily Thorne: I want you to know it wasn't all a lie... Not with you...
Daniel Grayson: I know, I know...

Daniel Grayson: Dear dad, my whole life I've been told I was destined for greatness based solely of the virtue of my name. I was taught sacrifice was for the foolish, survival was all that mattered. But now I find myself in the crossroads, and I must decide what I believed to be true. There is no such thing as destiny. Legacies must be earned by the choices we make. I now know that we write our own endings, and we can either choose to hide as villains, or live as heroes.

"Revenge: Power (#2.10)" (2013)
Daniel Grayson: Nolan. I see you found my office.
Nolan Ross: Isn't this where I wait to get my Grayson Global ID badge?
Daniel Grayson: When I said I wanted to meet, I figured we'd get one on the books.
Nolan Ross: Haven't you heard? Books are obsolete.

"Revenge: Lineage (#2.8)" (2012)
Daniel Grayson: Is this Marco Romero?
Marco Romero: Who is this? Do you know what time it is?
Daniel Grayson: Oh, it's late. My apologies. My name's Daniel Grayson with Grayson Global. I have a business proposition for you. One that involves Nolcorp.
Marco Romero: [his interest piquing] I'm listening.

"Revenge: Retribution (#2.15)" (2013)
Daniel Grayson: You never sent me the report I asked for detailing your abandoned R&D.
Nolan Ross: Yeah. Guess I kind of forgot about it.
Daniel Grayson: No, see, I don't think you did. I think you don't want me to know about Carrion, and you'd rather get fired than tell me what it does.
Nolan Ross: Let's see if you're right. Fire me.
Daniel Grayson: [whispering] Nolan, if I find out you've done anything other than destroy that program, I won't just fire you. I will cripple you with lawsuits and make sure you never write another line of code again. You got it?
Nolan Ross: Control, alt, delete. Got it.

"Revenge: Sabotage (#2.11)" (2013)
Daniel Grayson: Did I tell you how beautiful you look in that dress?
Emily Thorne: [amused laugh] Twice, actually.
Daniel Grayson: Well, what can I say? Some things are worth repeating.

"Revenge: Masquerade (#2.18)" (2013)
Trask: Bold move you made today. It will have repercussions.
Daniel Grayson: My colleague got ahead of himself.
Trask: And you, it would seem.
Daniel Grayson: Listen, I'll get your money back, Mr. Trask. There's no need to hurt anyone, all right?
Trask: Why should I do such a thing?
Daniel Grayson: [pulling out the photograph of him and Emily at lunch and a pair of bullets] Maybe to back up a threat? Like the one you made to me and my girlfriend.
Trask: Since you seem to know who we are, you should understand that we don't threaten in two dimensions. We act in three.

"Revenge: Truth: Part 1 (#2.21)" (2013)
Charlotte Grayson: Look, you're not gonna tell mom and dad about me being pregnant, are you?
Daniel Grayson: You think that's a conversation I want to be a part of?

"Revenge: Union (#2.13)" (2013)
Victoria Grayson: Daniel, must we continue this endless display of animosity? I don't know how much longer I can weather this.
Daniel Grayson: Emily came clean about how you manipulated her into spying on me. It's pathetic.
Victoria Grayson: The fact that she agreed to my proposition should call her own motives into question.
Daniel Grayson: Oh, say what you will about Emily, but at least she had the courage to tell me the truth. Which is more than I can say about you.

"Revenge: Allegiance (#3.19)" (2014)
Nolan Ross: Sorry. Did I interrupt something?
Daniel Grayson: Are you out of your mind?
Nolan Ross: No. But you must be for pissing off a genius like me.
Daniel Grayson: Wow. I always knew you were a loser, but not that you were a sore one.
Nolan Ross: I want you to understand. This is war.