Conrad Grayson
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Conrad Grayson (Character)
from "Revenge" (2011)

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"Revenge: Guilt (#1.5)" (2011)
Victoria Grayson: Did you honestly think I wouldn't notice the gaping hole where ten million dollars used to be? I've seen the bank receipt.
Conrad Grayson: I was trying to protect you.
Victoria Grayson: The only thing you were trying to protect is your weakness for her.
Conrad Grayson: She has the power to expose us, Victoria. I didn't have a choice.
Victoria Grayson: You could have called her bluff. After fifteen years of complicity, I don't think Lydia has it in her.
Conrad Grayson: Maybe not before you exiled her. But thanks to your handiwork, she no longer has anything to lose. I'd say we got away with a bargain.
[Victoria slaps Conrad]
Victoria Grayson: It's because your handiwork we're in this situation in the first place.

Conrad Grayson: Have you lost your mind? What the hell kind of stunt are you pulling, showing up at my house?
Lydia Davis: I went to see Victoria. It had nothing to do with you.
Conrad Grayson: Nothing to do with me, huh? Victoria is seething.
Lydia Davis: That's exactly why I went. I'm trying to repair the damage that my relationship with you caused our friendship.
Conrad Grayson: A friendship that exists only in your imagination, I assure you.
Lydia Davis: She just needs more time. Rather than making this harder, you might want to think about facilitating a détente for the two of us.
Conrad Grayson: A détente. Between my wife and my mistress.
[Conrad chuckles in disbelief]
Lydia Davis: If I'm gonna get my life back, then I need Amanda to accept me. And I can't think of a better place than the Open Arms benefit. Get her on board, Conrad. Otherwise...
Conrad Grayson: Otherwise what? Another empty threat?
Lydia Davis: Empty? How does this sound? "They Graysons are incredibly powerful, Your Honor. I was intimidated into helping them frame David Clarke, and then threatened by their head of security if I didn't comply. The prosecution rests."
Conrad Grayson: You're bluffing.
Lydia Davis: Try me.

"Revenge: Illusion (#2.6)" (2012)
Victoria Grayson: And here I thought you were offering me a way out of this.
Conrad Grayson: Never.

Victoria Grayson: They said it would take an act of Congress to get you out on bail tonight.
Conrad Grayson: No, no. No, all it really took was the Initiative.
Victoria Grayson: What did you promise them?
Conrad Grayson: I don't think I'll know until it's too late.

"Revenge: Doubt (#1.17)" (2012)
Conrad Grayson: Am I disturbing you?
Victoria Grayson: Is that a rhetorical question?

"Revenge: Sacrifice (#2.14)" (2013)
Conrad Grayson: Congratulations, Victoria. With one bullet, you've slaughtered us all.

"Revenge: Endurance (#3.12)" (2014)
Conrad Grayson: [visiting Emily] You've already taken two bullets to the stomach. Going forward, I'd watch your back.