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Sheila Brackman (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: The Princess and the Pee (#3.5)" (1988)
Arnie Becker: All right, we have a lot of ground to cover, so why don't we get started?
Stan Nussbaum: Fire away, Arnie.
Arnie Becker: We're already an agreement on the children.
[Arnie takes a seat with Douglas]
Arnie Becker: The house goes to Sheila. Douglas provides $2,500 a month in maintenance and continues to pay the utilities. Place in Santa Barbara get sold em proceed split.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Unless, you wanna hold on to it.
Sheila Brackman: No, no.
Arnie Becker: Douglas establishes a trust fund for the kids education to be administered by Sheila. Sheila is interest to McKenzie, Brackman to be bought out $200,000, payable upon execution.
Stan Nussbaum: Sounds good so far. Sheila?
Sheila Brackman: It's fine.
Arnie Becker: Sheila takes the Jaguar. Douglas takes the Mercedes, and maintains the insurance and both. The stamp collection inherited from Douglas' father and augmented with community assets will be retained by Douglas.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Only because it's a link to my father.
Sheila Brackman: It's fine, really.
Arnie Becker: Well, that substantially it. I prepare to schedule of everything, so you can verify the figures.
[Hand it the paper]
Stan Nussbaum: Great.
[Looking in the paper]
Stan Nussbaum: Well, I must say I never expected such an amicable get together. Arnie.
Arnie Becker: Stan.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: There's one more thing. Your place in the Brackman family plot.
Sheila Brackman: What about it?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I'm keeping it for you.

"L.A. Law: Back to the Suture (#6.10)" (1992)
[Back at Douglas' office, he hears there's a phone beeping, and press off. But the door is opened is Douglas' ex-wife Sheila]
Sheila Brackman: You son of a bitch!
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Sheila.
Sheila Brackman: How could you do that?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I assume you're talking about me and Veronica.
Sheila Brackman: How could you humiliate me like this?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Sheila, no one is trying to humiliate anyone, all this is about is two people who discovered a mutual need to be with one another.
Sheila Brackman: You're stooping my baby sister!
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Well you stooped my baby brother!
Sheila Brackman: So, I was right. You're doing this just to get back at me?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I'm not doing anything to you! I'm doing something for me. I didn't set out to fall in love with your sister, it just happened.
Sheila Brackman: Pervert.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Pervert?
Sheila Brackman: This is insets. But do you care? No! Do you think for one single minute how this is gonna make your sons feel? No! All you care about is your own disgusted perverted sexual desires!
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: This is not perversion! This is not insets! This is two single people who have every right to be with each other!
Sheila Brackman: I hope your thing falls off, you son of a bitch!
[That goes for Arnie, too]
Sheila Brackman: Yours, too, you son of a bitch!
[Arnie and Gwen finds out what's that all about. And Douglas closed the door]

"L.A. Law: Odor in the Court (#7.9)" (1993)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Gentlemen. Gentleman. If there's anything else we can do here at McKenzie, Brackman.
Tom: You've done too much already.
[Douglas find out who is that man, accompanied by Daniel Morales]
Daniel Morales: Dennis Smith, this is Douglas Brackman, our Managing Partner. Dennis was an expert witness on the Graney case.
[Dennis shaking hands and met Douglas]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Oh, isn't that nice? Tom, Jay, are you sure there isn't something?
Jay: Oh, no.
Tom: Leave us alone.
[Dennis is smelling with his nose]
Dennis Smith: Doug. So, uh, what's your sign?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Excuse me?
Dennis Smith: And the Dennis like you doesn't need any excuse.
[Dennis trying to kiss Douglas, Tom and Jay find out what. But Douglas wants Dennis to get away not to be kissed of. Douglas wipe off his lips]
Daniel Morales: Douglas...
[Douglas confronts and punching Dennis Smith in the face, and have Dennis hit and fall to the ground. Daniel will pick Dennis up. Douglas' fist is not hurt]
Sheila Brackman: Sweetheart, are you hurt?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: Of course not.
Dennis Smith: I'm bleeding!
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I'm all man.
Dennis Smith: You son of a bitch!
[Dennis' nose is bleeding]
Dennis Smith: My nose! You probably put me out of business!
Daniel Morales: Get some ice on it.
Dennis Smith: I'm gonna sue you!
Daniel Morales: Come on.
[Daniel is taking Dennis away]
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: One more today. It'll be a hat trick.
Dennis Smith: I'll see you in court!
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I look forward to it.
[Telephone rings, and Sheila is wiping Douglas' mouth with a tissue because of Dennis kissing]

"L.A. Law: P.S. Your Shrink Is Dead (#6.17)" (1992)
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: You want, how much more?
Sheila Brackman: 500,000 a month is not unreasonable.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: If you're a rock star, if you're Walter Annenberg, but if you're me. It damn well is unreasonable.
Sheldon Ganz: Mr. Brackman, please.
Sheila Brackman: You parsimonious piece of phlegm.
Arnie Becker: You are name-calling, try this, propagate extravagant.
Sheldon Ganz: Arnie, come on!
Arnie Becker: You would have to demonstrate need, Sheila, not want!
Sheila Brackman: Fine. You want to talk need? Let's talk about Alexander's therapy sessions. 3 times a week, 120 session. That's 1,500 a month right there.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: 3 times a week. Jeffrey Dahmer doesn't need 3 times a week.
Arnie Becker: And this 300 week for private tutoring in math and English, this is necessary?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: For God's sakes. He gets straight A's in math.
Sheila Brackman: Nations have risen and fallen since he got an A in math.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: This isn't about Alexander. It's about Veronica. You're gouging me for sleeping with your sister.
Sheldon Ganz: That's out of line.
Sheila Brackman: This is about Alexander. Last week, I found empty beer cans
Arnie Becker: Well, let's call the FBI.
Sheldon Ganz: What the hell is your problem?
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: How do you know those weren't brother's beer cans? I could believe that of him. But Alexander.
Sheila Brackman: What do you know about Alexander? You get him twice a month, a weekend here and there? But you don't live with him. You don't know him.
Douglas Brackman, Jr.: I could do a hell of a lot better job of raising him than you.