Aunt Eller
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Aunt Eller (Character)
from Oklahoma! (1955)

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Oklahoma! (1999) (TV)
Laurey: I don't see why this had to happen when everything was so fine.
Aunt Eller: Now don't let your mind run on it.
Laurey: [sobbing] I won't ever forget, I tell ya. Never will.
Aunt Eller: That's alright, Laurey baby. You can't forget, just don't try to. Oh, lots of things happen to folks. Sickness or being poor and hungry, being old and a feared to die. That's the way it is, cradle to grave, and you can stand it. There's just one way: you gotta be hardy. You gotta be. You can't deserve the sweet and tender in life unless'n you're tough.
Laurey: I wisht I was the way you are!
Aunt Eller: Oh, fiddlesticks. Scrawny and old... why, you couldn't hire me to be the way I am.

Aunt Eller: She likes you.
Curly: If she liked me any more she'd stick the dogs on me.

Curly: Aunt Eller, where'd you get such an uppity niece that wouldn't pay no heed to me?
[thinks for a second]
Curly: Who's the best bronc buster in this 'ere territory?
Aunt Eller: You, I bet.
Curly: And the best bull-dogger in seventeen counties?
[waits for an answer]
Curly: Me, that's who. And looky here, I'm handsome, ain't I?
Aunt Eller: Purty as a pitcher.
Curly: And curly headed, ain't I? And bow-legged from the saddle for god knows how long, ain't I?
Aunt Eller: Couldn't stop a pig on the road!
Curly: Then what else does she want, the damn she mule?

[last spoken lines]
Aunt Eller: Why Ado Annie, where on earth have you been?
Ado Annie: Will and me had a little misunderstanding. But he explained it fine.

Oklahoma! (1955)
Aunt Eller Murphy: [singing] I'd like to say a word for the cowboys.
Carnes: Oh, you would, would you?
Aunt Eller Murphy: The road he treads is difficult and stony. He rides for days on end with just a pony for a friend...
Ado Annie: I sure am feelin' sorry for the pony!

Aunt Eller Murphy: [with gun in hand] SING! SING! C'mon now! Sing!