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Will Parker (Character)
from Oklahoma! (1955)

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Oklahoma! (1999) (TV)
Ado Annie: I never think of no one unlessin he's with me.
Will Parker: Then I'm never gonna leave your side!

Ali Hakim: Where are you going?
Will Parker: I'm gonna stop Ado Annie from killing your wife!
Ali Hakim: Mind your own business!

Will Parker: Take me as I am or leave me be.

Laurey: Who's that?
Will Parker: Aw, it's me, Laurey! Hey, have you seen Ado Annie? She's gone, again.
Laurey: Will?
Will Parker: Uh huh.
Laurey: Could you do something for me? Go and find Curly and tell him I'm here?
Laurey: I wanna see Curly real bad.
[Curly enters the corral, puts hands on hips]
Laurey: I gotta see him real bad!
Curly: Then whyn't you turn around and look then, you crazy woman!

Oklahoma! (1955)
Will Parker: Now that I got that fifty dollars, you name the date.
Ado Annie Carnes: August 15th.
Will Parker: Why August 15th?
Ado Annie Carnes: Because that was the first day I'se kissed!
Will Parker: Oh was it? I didn't remember that!
Ado Annie Carnes: You wasn't there.

Will Parker: I don't know what to make of you! You're too purty to be a skunk! Too thin to be a snake! To little to be a man, and too big to be a mouse! I reckon you're a rat!
Ali Hakim: That's logical.

Ali Hakim: It's a wonderful thing to be married. I got a brother in Persia got six wives.
Ado Annie Carnes: Six wives all at once?
Will Parker: Why, sure. That's the way they do in them countries.
Ali Hakim: Not always; I got a brother in Persia only got one wife. He's a bachelor.