Lavon Hayes
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Lavon Hayes (Character)
from "Hart of Dixie" (2011)

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"Hart of Dixie: Disaster Drills & Departures (#1.21)" (2012)
Lavon Hayes: Going somewhere?
Dr. Zoe Hart: Boston.
Lavon Hayes: Gonna visit a friend or something?
Dr. Zoe Hart: No. I got a cardiothorasic fellowship. My dad set it up for me.
Lavon Hayes: So you just gonna leave in the middle of the night?
Dr. Zoe Hart: In the morning.
Lavon Hayes: Without saying goodbye?
Dr. Zoe Hart: Yeah. Everyone is mad at me anyway, so who am I going to say goodbye to? Wade hates me. George chose Lemon. They both be glad I'm gone. I tried to kill Rose. Her own mother told me that. Everyone in this small town hates me... even you. You're still mad at me over what happened with Wade. Coming here caused enough drama, I don't need to make a big exit too.
Lavon Hayes: First of all, you and me... we had an argument. We didn't break up or anything like that. And second, even if you think you were just passing through this place... you made a difference in lives here. You duck out on people without saying goodbye? People like me, and Rose. It's like saying that all this didn't happen.
Dr. Zoe Hart: [tearing up] I'll do it. In the morning, I promise. I'll say goodbye to Rose.