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Harold Finch (Character)
from "Person of Interest" (2011)

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"Person of Interest: One Percent (#2.14)" (2013)
Harold Finch: [concerned about Bear] I read that if there's anxiety in the home, it can make your pets become upset. Have you been under any excess stress?
John Reese: You mean besides being locked in an 11x13 in Rikers and wearing a bomb vest around Manhattan? Not really.

Harold Finch: I'm emailing you the details of several lawsuits involving Logan Pierce. Plaintiffs with a history of violence, prior convictions.
Detective Joss Carter: Uh, exactly what did you mean by "several lawsuits"?
Harold Finch: Two hundred, but I've already prioritized them. And no, there's no need to thank me.

Logan Pierce: You don't wanna tell me who you are? That's okay. I already know.
[to Finch]
Logan Pierce: Tell me, how did you make a bug small enough to fit inside this? Your voice too. You hacked into my car's computer and you remotely accessed the accelerator and the brakes. So I guess that makes you the brains of the operation.
[to John]
Logan Pierce: No offense.
[Back to Finch]
Logan Pierce: And judging by your bespoke suit, you're also the bank. And there's you, John. You took out my security guard Zvi. He's a former Mossad agent and an expert in Krav Maga. So what is it, John? Former Special Ops? Ex-CIA? And you, just a very rich hacker?
Harold Finch: As far as you're concerned, Mr. Pierce, we don't exist.
Logan Pierce: But that's what's most impressive. John, I've been looking into you. And I'm not talking about your bogus hedge fund cover. You and your partner here don't seem to have a digital footprint. So I have to ask myself, how is this possible in this information age? People with that kind of anonymity, that's real power. So you see, I know who you are. The only thing I don't know is why you do what you do.

Harold Finch: Pierce is not just a college dropout. He's a self-made billionaire with a genius IQ. Started a social networking site called friendczar. com with his best friend from college.
John Reese: Thought you invented social networking, Finch.
Harold Finch: Pierce perfected it. His site has just shy of a billion users.

Harold Finch: [after Logan was almost poisoned] Is Pierce all right, Mr. Reese?
John Reese: Yes. But he's gonna have one hell of a hangover.

John Reese: We need ears on Pierce. I couldn't clone his phone.
Harold Finch: Wouldn't matter if you could. Pierce changes phones twice a day to avoid corporate espionage.Looks like he's supposed to attend a charity auction tonight. Promised the press a sound bite.
John Reese: And your plan is?
Harold Finch: [Takes out a suit] Classic black, satin notch lapel, bespoke, of course. And I assume you know how to tie one of these?
[Holds up a bow tie]

Harold Finch: Remember that you're John Wiley, hedge fund manager.
John Reese: What about John Rooney, asset manager?
Harold Finch: No, no, he's a single-digit millionaire. John Wiley is valued at over 100 million.
John Reese: Exactly how much money do you have?

John Reese: Finch, I think Pierce just made me.
Harold Finch: Just mention the carried interest loophole. You'll be fine.
Logan Pierce: I haven't seen you at one of these things before. What's your story?
John Reese: John Wiley, hedge fund manager. How's that carried interest loophole treating you?
Logan Pierce: I'm sorry. I thought you were interesting. My mistake.

John Reese: I didn't make a good first impression.
Harold Finch: Only because I didn't realize that we were dealing with a one percenter who finds other one percenters tedious.

John Reese: What are we doing here, Finch? Do we have another number?
Harold Finch: No, a date.
John Reese: You got me a date?
Harold Finch: Not you. Bear. He needs a friend.

Auctioneer: We'll start the bidding tonight with our most coveted item, a collection of letters handwritten by Albert Einstein. We'll start the bidding for the letters at $1 million. Who will start at $1 million for our opening bid?
[Pierce bids]
Auctioneer: $1 million right here. Looking for 1. 5.
[Kamin bids, bidding war starts]
Auctioneer: I've got $1 million, looking for 1. 5. looking for 2. for $2 million. I've got 1. 5. I need $2 million for these letters.
John Reese: Kamin's bidding against Pierce
Auctioneer: $2 million, anyone? $2 million right here, looking for 2. 5. $2,501,000 right here, looking for 3.
Logan Pierce: [Stands] You know, I think these letters are worth much more than a piddly 3 mil. You could do better. Am I right, Kamin? 5 million.
Auctioneer: We've got $5 million, ladies and gentlemen.
Logan Pierce: That's too rich for Kamin's blood. Anybody else? Hmm?
John Reese: Hmm? I'm so sorry, Finch, but this guy is too used to getting his own way.
[Holds up his paddle]
John Reese: Ten million.
Auctioneer: $10 million, ladies and gentlemen! We've got $10 million going once.
Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, this is not petty cash.
Auctioneer: We've got 10 million going twice. Sold, right there to the gentleman for $10 million.

John Reese: Our billionaire gave me a little something.
[Holds up a watch - the same one Logan was wearing before]
John Reese: Tells time to the nanosecond.
John Reese: [Harold looks at it, then smashes it on the ground] That was a very expensive watch. Not to mention, a gift.
Harold Finch: A gift equipped with GPS.
John Reese: A cunning billionaire with unlimited resources.
Harold Finch: Our friend is just curious enough to be dangerous.

John Reese: Pierce is not just encroaching on Kamin's business. He's encroaching on his wife.
Harold Finch: Oh dear.

John Reese: Finch, Pierce just left the auction, but his car's not here. Pierce is gone.
Harold Finch: What? He has no mode of transport.
[There's a noise]
Harold Finch: Is that a helicopter?
John Reese: It's against the law to take off from a rooftop in Manhattan. Finch, how do we keep up with a guy who breaks all the rules?

Harold Finch: [Posing as a dry-cleaner] I guess you ran out of clean suits.
Logan Pierce: Yeah. I'm actually more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. I only have one suit. A good suit is like the perfect woman. Once you find the right one nothing else will do.

Harold Finch: Friendczar is aggressive about purchasing and absorbing small start-ups. And if a small CEO tries to go toe-to-toe with them, he gets sued for patent infringement, no matter how bogus the suit.
Grant's Lawyer: Could you tell me why Logan Pierce can't even look the man he's suing in the eye?
Justin Ogilvie: 'Cause he's asleep.
[Hits Logan with a pen, he pops up]
Logan Pierce: You didn't violate our patents, we screwed up. We'll help you raise the venture capital funds you lost.
Richard Grant: Uh, thank you.

Harold Finch: [In John's earpiece] The board called an emergency meeting. Pierce is no longer CEO of Friendczar.
Logan Pierce: [looks at John] Who died? Oh, God. Don't tell me it was me.
John Reese: The board thinks they can do your job after all. You're out.
Logan Pierce: Well, here's to unemployment.

"Person of Interest: Proteus (#2.17)" (2013)
John Reese: A drug smuggler shot at me with a spear gun last night.
Harold Finch: Is that a first for you?
John Reese: Wish I could say yes.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese is out on an island, looking for a man violent enough to pull out another man's teeth. And now I can't warn him. I have to get there myself.
Detective Joss Carter: I'm pretty sure all the roads are closed now. How do you think you're going to get out there?
Harold Finch: I think I'll use my pilot's license.

Detective Joss Carter: [Joss just shot the man who was about to kill Finch] You all right, Harold?
Harold Finch: Detective? You have impeccable timing. How did you get here?
Detective Joss Carter: I hitched a ride with the Coast Guard. And some very unpleasant people inside said they thought they saw you come this way. So is that him, our identity killer?
Harold Finch: He was pretending to be an FBI agent. He was really rather good at it. He had a badge and a gun and...
Detective Joss Carter: And what?
Harold Finch: Body armor.
[Fahey stands up only to be shot by Cal Beecher]

John Reese: At least the storm's passing.
Harold Finch: No, Mr. Reese. I have a feeling it's just beginning.

John Reese: Any word from our dearly departed Agent Shaw?
Harold Finch: Not a whisper. What worries me more at the moment is that we haven't heard anything from the machine recently either.
John Reese: Yes, I've noticed. Three days. No numbers. Maybe we're finally cleaning up the streets.
Harold Finch: As much as I'd like that, I have to wonder if it hasn't got something to do with the actually departed Kara Stanton. The virus that she uploaded during the time you spent in your bomb vest could easily have spread from the Department of Defense systems, all the way to the machine.
John Reese: You built the machine, Finch. Can't you access it? You know, check under the hood?
Harold Finch: I sealed it for a reason, Mr. Reese. I'm afraid you're going to have to wait and see what Stanton's employers have in mind for the future.

John Reese: [Exiting movie theatre] Isn't this service vest a little unethical?
Harold Finch: I am handi-capable, Mr. Reese, but I need some assistance. We don't want to exclude Bear from our rainy day activities.
John Reese: We should have seen Once Upon a Time in the West. Fewer subtitles.

John Reese: Rollins was in a hurry to get out of the city. And we're not the only ones looking for him.
Harold Finch: Heading out in a storm like this? Rollins is running from something.
John Reese: I'll find out what's on Owen Island.
Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, is that a good idea?
John Reese: Storm or no, Finch, if Rollins is our one lead, I'm headed to the beach.

Detective Joss Carter: Someone tried to destroy these teeth. But the flame wasn't hot enough to burn enamel. It could take some time, but if the vic's dentals are on file, we could get an ID.
Harold Finch: No, we can't wait that long. Assuming that the teeth belong to Jack Rollins, he was likely dead when they were removed. One would hope so, anyway.

Detective Joss Carter: Whoever did this knows how to get rid of a body. They didn't just want to kill Rollins, they wanted him to disappear.
Harold Finch: We may be looking at more than a string of missing persons. We may be looking at a string of murders. Six victims. If our killer can assume these identities, then he would be a composite of all these missing persons in more ways than one.
Detective Joss Carter: We're looking at a serial killer.

John Reese: What's going on here?
Deputy Erica Schmidt: This amateur storm chaser Harold Gull is under arrest. He landed his float plane in the town square.
Harold Finch: I needed a stretch of water to land and there was, well, water everywhere.
John Reese: [Looks at a bunch of equipment] And what's all this?
Harold Finch: My meteorological equipment. I've been a certified member of the National Storm Chasers and Spotters Association for over ten years.
[Reese raises his eyebrows at him]

John Reese: The National Storm Chasers Association, Harold?
Harold Finch: Well, it worked, didn't it?
John Reese: We were wrong. This isn't a group conspiracy. Those numbers, they're all dead. And we're tracking their killer.
Harold Finch: I know. I had the displeasure of seeing all that was left of the real Jack Rollins, molars and all. Some twisted mind's idea of a trophy. What if the machine sent us all six numbers to tell us that someone had been all of those people? What if a smart killer was interested not only in taking lives, but in taking identities. Like a chameleon. Changing into his victims, living their lives until he gets bored and moves on to the next. To identify such a killer, we would want to consider who he has been, and what he might look like.
John Reese: Okay, so how do you spot someone who's that good at being anyone else?

Harold Finch: If the killer is among these people, then he's out of his element; he's broken his pattern. Assuming the identities of his victims, it's part of his ritual.
John Reese: And now that Rollins' ID is burned, he's trapped. He must have taken on another identity.
Harold Finch: And he can't go anywhere with it. He's as stuck as we are.
John Reese: Why didn't the machine give us his real identity? Why play games?
Harold Finch: I assume he's smart, and he digitally erased his original persona. I did.

Harold Finch: [Harold is doing a crude lie-detector test] I'm getting clean readings. The metal in the table amplifies it. Everyone is steady. Stanley the bar owner is a little below average, but I think there might be something wrong with him.
John Reese: No, I just think his blood alcohol level could start a lawn mower.

Special Agent Alan Fahey: What gave me away? How did you know?
Harold Finch: The needle spiked in between the interviews. When I wasn't watching. When you were resting on the table. You should keep an eye on that heart rate.
Special Agent Alan Fahey: I knew you were too good at those interrogations. Who are you really?
Harold Finch: I could ask you the same thing.

Special Agent Alan Fahey: The question isn't who I am. It's who you are. I watched you all night. I can always spot an impostor. I spotted you. Are you like me?
Harold Finch: You have no idea. You're an amateur at this.

Special Agent Alan Fahey: Now that Fahey won't get far, I think the mysterious Mr. Gull might be my next great challenge.
Harold Finch: You'll never get off the island. By morning they'll come here looking for the real Alan Fahey.
Special Agent Alan Fahey: And they'll find him. In the trunk of his car.
Harold Finch: And what about you?
Special Agent Alan Fahey: [Mimicking him] And what about you? And what about you? And what about you? You asked the question and you're the answer. Your plane. You're gonna fly me out of here. You haven't outlived your usefulness.
Harold Finch: You could never be me because I save lives. You take them.
Special Agent Alan Fahey: No, I live those lives better than real people ever could. I follow them and watch them waste what they have. I do those identities justice. The things I've seen. The lives I've lived. One day I'll stop, when I find the person I'm meant to be.
Harold Finch: [Disgusted] What? People like you don't stop. You can rationalize it however you like. But you hurt people because you like it. Because you're sick! You're maladjusted and you need help.

"Person of Interest: No Good Deed (#1.22)" (2012)
Harold Finch: You're right, Mr. Reese... it's a three-man team!
John Reese: [Shoots one] Two and a half.

John Reese: Time to see what our spy does at night. And so far... not much.
Harold Finch: Not everyone's a social butterfly, Mr. Reese. For some of us, human interaction is... difficult.
John Reese: Not calling it human interaction might help...

Harold Finch: [Reviewing Peck's data] ... Are you following me?
John Reese: [Looking up from his book] Financial analyst. Its riveting...
Harold Finch: They can't all be babies and mafia dons!

Harold Finch: So far, the most unusual thing about Henry Peck is that he has better-than-average security habits. I haven't been able to hack his voicemail, his email, or any online accounts.
John Reese: Secretive, solitary. He's just like you, Finch. So how did you get his number?
Harold Finch: Well, John... there's this machine...!

Harold Finch: I'm surprised, Mr. Reese. That nice young lady seemed somehow impervious to your charms.
John Reese: That "nice young lady" had a .45 pointed at me under her desk!

Harold Finch: I suppose we can count our blessings Detective Fusco isn't the inquisitive type, but Peck's in more danger than ever.
Henry L. Peck: [as Reese breaks into a parked taxi] Seriously, who the hell *are* you?
Harold Finch: All Henry Peck did was ask questions. He deserves a normal life. And if we have any hope of giving it to him, we have to destroy all that evidence and stop him from getting any more.
Henry L. Peck: [dials his cell phone] Yes, my name is Henry Peck. I'm an analyst with...
John Reese: [grabs it] Who'd you just call?
Henry L. Peck: The Office of Special Counsel, the agency that protects whistleblowers.
Harold Finch: Oh, I really wish you hadn't let him do that, Mr. Reese. The people who know about the Machine - one of them works for the Office of Special Counsel!
Henry L. Peck: [Reese throws Peck's phone out the window] What are you doing? Our own government is spying on us and they want to kill me to cover it up. I have to tell someone!
John Reese: The people you called aren't who you think they are. There's no one to tell.

Harold Finch: If something ever happens, I have... a contingency.
John Reese: Well, sooner or later, you're going to have to let the cat out of the bag, Finch.
Harold Finch: Curiosity kills cats, Mr. Reese.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese is everything alright?
[There's a loud crash as Reese flips an assailant over a table]
Harold Finch: I'll take that as a "No."

Nathan Ingram: Everything's in place. Point-to-point transit will take ten days
Harold Finch: Hope nothing goes wrong in the rest of the world in ten days.
[Harold goes to shut off the machine]
Nathan Ingram: Wait. Do we have a contingency?
Harold Finch: A contingency?
Nathan Ingram: Alicia seemed... nervous. Now, what do we do if the government decides to abuse this thing?
Harold Finch: They're your contacts, Nathan.
Nathan Ingram: They're just people. The power that this thing represents - I mean, who would you trust it with?
Harold Finch: Besides you? No one. Which is why the machine has been coded in such a way that it *cannot* be abused. It cannot even be accessed. It upgrades itself, maintains itself, patches itself. After tonight, no one can alter it. Ever.
Nathan Ingram: I used to be a software engineer, Harold. Remember, back before I became your corporate beard? Any system can be compromised, given enough time. We need an off switch, a back door, and this is our last chance to build one.
Harold Finch: You are a talented engineer, Nathan, so you should remember: Any exploit is a total exploit. The tiniest crack becomes a flood. If we build a back door into this machine and someone else finds out about it, that would be... Very bad. We need to trust the machine, exactly as we built it, and then let it go.

Harold Finch: I've never regretted building the machine. But I didn't fully realize the personal cost. I'm good with computers. People; well, people other than Grace; have always been a mystery to me. I failed to recognize the lengths to which they would go to protect the machine, to control it. By the time I realized it, it was too late for me. But not for her. You see, Mr. Reese, if knowing about the machine is like a virus, that makes me patient zero. Simply being near me was putting her life in danger. I'm sorry. I was lucky. I had four years of Happiness. Some people only get four days.

Nathan Ingram: [about the Machine] Thought you would have turned this thing off by now. We turn it over tomorrow.
Harold Finch: I'm keeping it online as long as possible.
Nathan Ingram: The world has been spinning for 5 billion years without your machine, Harold. I'm sure it will be fine for one more night. Honestly, I'll be glad to be rid of the thing.
Harold Finch: This "thing" has already saved countless lives.
Nathan Ingram: You mean countless *relevant* lives.
Harold Finch: We had to draw the line somewhere.
Nathan Ingram: Everyone is relevant to someone.

John Reese: This isn't a financial firm. It's a SCIF.
Harold Finch: Sensitive compartmented information facility. Secret government installation designed to protect classified data.
John Reese: Peck's no financial analyst either. He's a NOC, some kind of spy
Harold Finch: And you thought he didn't have a life.

John Reese: This isn't over, Finch. The man wrote 78 pages to fight a speeding ticket.
Harold Finch: I know. He's not gonna give up. And neither are the people who know about the machine.
John Reese: So what the hell are we gonna do?
Harold Finch: A good friend once showed me that, even with an intractable problem, one can still find a way to do the right thing.

John Reese: So Peck asks about your machine, and now someone's trying to kill him. Something you want to tell me, Finch?
Harold Finch: As with all computer systems, the big problem is human error. Strictly speaking, the machine is not legal. I always knew that certain measures would be taken to protect it, but...
Harold Finch: But as I found out myself, the people I've entrusted it to are more... Ruthless than I anticipated.

Harold Finch: The answer to your question is yes. It exists. And it's watching us right now. I'm telling you this because you remind me a little of myself. And I know that, if I were you, I would keep asking until I knew the truth. So now you do. Now stop asking the question.
Henry L. Peck: Where is it? How does it work? I mean, the servers alone...
Harold Finch: I know how you feel. Your need to understand. But believe me, Mr. Peck, this is a mystery you do not want to solve. Knowing the answer has cost me something I value more than my own life.
[Hands him a folder]
Harold Finch: Clean passport, plane tickets, a bank card to a well-funded account in your new name. Please, Mr. Peck, for your own sake, and quite frankly, for mine, go and live your life. Find some secrets of your own. And if you really need a mystery, I recommend the human heart.
Henry L. Peck: How do you know all this?
Harold Finch: Because I built it.

"Person of Interest: Aletheia (#3.12)" (2014)
Harold Finch: Arthur, I need you to consider what may happen when that door opens, how Samaritan could be abused. End this. Destroy the drives.
Arthur Claypool: No. This is life... or as close as we mortals come to saying, "Let there be light."
Harold Finch: It is extraordinary, and it is beautiful. So are mushroom clouds, in their own ways. 155 Manhattan project scientists sent a petition to President Truman begging him not to use the bomb, but they had created a demon too great to resist.
Arthur Claypool: Harold, this is knowledge. It's what we fought for. It'll just all be lost.
Harold Finch: No, your knowledge will not be lost. Nathan and I used your ideas. We built it.
Arthur Claypool: I was right. There was another project. It was you.

Harold Finch: Ms. Shaw, what's your situation?
Sameen Shaw: Rock and a hard place. I'd take out Vigilance, but they're the only ones keeping Hersh out. I can probably handle an ISA tac team by myself, but no guarantees.
Harold Finch: We need an escape route, but you have to be careful. I urge you to consider what Mr. Reese would do.
Sameen Shaw: Brood.
Harold Finch: As you've said, you're a hammer. Mr. Reese is a scalpel. This requires a bit more finesse.
Sameen Shaw: Well, I've got finesse coming out of my ass, Harold.

Harold Finch: This plan feels rather reckless.
Sameen Shaw: There's a time for a scalpel and a time for a hammer. It's hammer time.

Arthur Claypool: Your machine - is it wonderful?
Harold Finch: Wonderful? Yes... and terrible. We saved good people and lost good people. In the end, I'm afraid we've only given the deck a shuffle.
Arthur Claypool: Everything slides toward chaos. Your creation, it brings us poor souls a cupful of order. Your child is a dancing star.
Harold Finch: It's not my child, it's a machine.
Arthur Claypool: A false dichotomy. It's all electricity. Does it make you laugh? Does it make you weep?
Harold Finch: Yes.
Arthur Claypool: What's more human?

Arthur Claypool: Your machine - is it wonderful?
Harold Finch: Wonderful... yes, and terrible. We saved good people and lost good people. In the end, I'm afraid we've only given the deck a shuffle.

Harold Finch: Welcome home.
John Reese: I can't stay. I came back to protect you. You're someone the world can't afford to lose. But I lost a friend because of your machine. We trusted blindly, but I'm not so sure he cares who matters and who doesn't.

Diane Claypool: How lucky are we, Agent Hersh? I thought I was getting Arthur's broken toy, Samaritan, but you, Harold... I know who you are, what you've done for us, but since you stole my device, I've been worried its intel might dry up.
Harold Finch: That's why you've done these terrible things to Arthur, obliterated his wife's identity, stolen her life all for a contingency, a plan B?
Diane Claypool: But now you're here. A plan B might not be necessary. You can tell me where you hid my program.
Harold Finch: I don't know. It moved itself. It doesn't answer to me anymore.

Sameen Shaw: Why does Control want the drives to a broken program?
Harold Finch: The program's only broken until somebody smart fixes it.

Harold Finch: Arthur, what Control said - now, I need you to think very hard - was it true? Did you make a backup?
Sameen Shaw: Save it, Harold. He's closed for business.
Arthur Claypool: Of course I made a backup. It's just that that woman seemed quite dangerous, so I played the tumor card. It was a ruse, remembering to forget.
Sameen Shaw: [smiles] You're growing on me, Arthur.
Arthur Claypool: Who are you?

Bank Manager: Your safe deposit box is just over here, Mr. Smoot.
Sameen Shaw: [to Harold] Who the hell is Rudiger Smoot?
Harold Finch: It was a dare. Arthur said I couldn't create a false identity sound enough to open a bank account. The added challenge was the obviously fake name - Rudiger Smoot.

Arthur Claypool: The government wanted an open system.
Harold Finch: That the NSA could control targeting individuals at whim? But it's broken. So there's no reason to be scared.
Arthur Claypool: No. Harold... meet Samaritan.
[Opens his box, take out the drives, and sighs]
Arthur Claypool: AI - You always said it was impossible, and you were always right about everything.
Harold Finch: There's something else.
[Takes out a slip of paper and reads]
Harold Finch: "The world breaks everyone, and afterward many are strong at the broken places".
Arthur Claypool: That's my handwriting.
Harold Finch: It's dated February 24, 2005. What does it mean?
Arthur Claypool: I haven't the foggiest, but look at my penmanship. It's exquisite.

Arthur Claypool: Harold. I did it. I solved it before they shut me down. Harold, Samaritan is alive.
Harold Finch: ...Alive? It's not alive, Arthur.
Arthur Claypool: The project broke me, but humans are broken from the moment of conception. Mutations, defects - it's all so wonderful. The chance of disaster. We fail, we learn, we fail. My program was too perfect.
Harold Finch: You're talking about evolutionary algorithms, genetic programming
Arthur Claypool: That day, Harold, I broke it. I forced it to delete bits of itself - its code, its blood - and then reboot. Rebirth Flailing in the dark. A loop, ten times a second, and after ten hours, Harold, 360,000 mutations, it would live or die trying, and it lived. It sparked. It stirred. For 30 seconds, it smiled... and then died.
Harold Finch: And the next day the government shut you down. That's why you saved it.
Arthur Claypool: Protecting my child.

Peter Collier: You know, since we first crossed paths, I've tried to find information about you, but there is none.
Harold Finch: I'm quite private.
Peter Collier: As am I. I think we have a lot in common. I'd like to work together, make a deal. You don't have to die.
Harold Finch: [Quotes] Civil liberties cannot be forged in blood.
Peter Collier: Violent revolt is an American value. Do you know the man you're protecting? We believe he's building a secret system, a system the government plans to put in place to spy on all of us. Now, he must be held accountable. And the world needs to know about this program. Either let us in, or we will blow the vault wide open.

Harold Finch: These people outside - if they get your Samaritan, they will hurt it, imprison it, enslave it, and use it to enslave others. Is that the life that you would wish for your child?
Arthur Claypool: [Looks at the drives] Good-bye. I'll remember you.
[Smashes them]

Root: [on the phone] I'm sorry I left without saying good-bye. Tell Shaw I was touched she came to look for me.
Harold Finch: Where are you, Ms. Groves?
Root: I wish you'd listened. We were supposed to help Claypool together. Then the drives would've never fallen into the wrong hands.
Harold Finch: Arthur destroyed the drives.
Root: Are you sure? The bank manager, Karen Wallace?
Harold Finch: We lost track of her in the explosion.
Root: No, Harold, they found her body stuffed in a closet. She was murdered just before you arrived.
Harold Finch: Who was in the vault with us, then?
Root: That's my problem now.

"Person of Interest: Shadow Box (#2.10)" (2012)
John Reese: Semtex and building plans. They'll find a soft entry point and blast their way into the vault. I like these kids.
Harold Finch: I'd like them to live.

Harold Finch: Why's she doing this? For Shayn?
John Reese: Yes. And her brother. She still feels a debt. The dead have a power like that, as you know.

Harold Finch: You're in a good mood, Mr. Reese.
John Reese: I am. I woke up this morning and felt, took me a while to put my finger on it, but I felt happy. Must be this job.

Harold Finch: I'm watching Philip Chapple meet with two armed men.
John Reese: What are they like?
Harold Finch: Like you, to be honest - low-key and vaguely menacing.

Harold Finch: [Washing Bear] Mr. Reese, it's your turn to dry him!
John Reese: Abby could be in imminent danger
[he strides off]
Harold Finch: He's your dog!
John Reese: You'll manage.

Harold Finch: Were you able to trace the owner of the motorcycle, Detective?
Detective Joss Carter: No, because it was stolen from a second-hand showroom in Queens four days ago. I got the camera tapes out of the robbery squad. I see the perp is a single male.
Harold Finch: You looking at the footage now?
Detective Joss Carter: Yes. Why?
Harold Finch: [Hacks into her computer to see the video] No reason.
Detective Joss Carter: Blew the locks with det cord. Ignored the alarms, 'cause he knew he'd be less than 30 seconds. He broke the key case with his bare hand. Chose his machine, and
[See's the perp drive strait through a window]
Detective Joss Carter: Whoa.
John Reese: That's impressive.
[John rewinds the footage]
Detective Joss Carter: What is - what - what is going on here? Don't tell me you can see what's on my computer too. What did I say about setting boundaries?

John Reese: I'm just saying, by the way Abby went off the grid, cut all ties, she's planning something, Finch.
Harold Finch: You think our honor student wants to blow up Wall Street?
John Reese: Well, her boyfriend might. He isn't the first vet to try something extreme. We are an odd bunch, Finch.
Harold Finch: You are odd, Mr. Reese. You're also wrong. If Abby were involved with domestic terrorism, which would be a relevant crime, the machine would have given her number to - to whoever now runs that end of things at the government, not to us. Whether she's the target or the source of the threat, the issues must be personal.

Harold Finch: When the charity closes, I'll go back in, see what I can find.
John Reese: When I said you need to get out more, I didn't mean that. Let me take care of it.
Harold Finch: No such thing as a risk-free life, Mr. Reese, and Abby is still our priority. You wait for her. So, I'll go back in, see what exactly Chapple's hiding.

John Reese: Finch, are you okay?
Harold Finch: Aside from riding on a motorcycle - illegally - I'm fine! I'll be in touch.

John Reese: Finch. What's happening?
Harold Finch: I've explained to Shayn that we're trying to help him.
John Reese: Did he believe you?
Harold Finch: No, especially when I told him that you have Abby. Things are a little tense.
[See Shayn has a gun on Finch]
John Reese: Let me talk to him.
[Finch passes the phone]
Shayn Coleman: Who is this?
John Reese: You know, Abby keeps asking me the same thing. It's really not important.
Shayn Coleman: If you hurt her, you will be sorry.
John Reese: The same goes for you and my friend. We should meet.

John Reese: I assume you put a tracker on him.
Harold Finch: Rather a clever one, if I do say so myself. His prosthetic arm is controlled by myoelectric sensors by way of a wireless link, so I cloned the link and reprogrammed it to attempt a forced pair with every cell phone they pass.
John Reese: Leaving a nice GPS trail. Well done, Finch.
Harold Finch: Especially on the back of a speeding motorcycle, which was *exhilarating*, by the way. I might have to get myself one.

Harold Finch: John, this has gone far enough.
John Reese: Has it, Finch?
Harold Finch: Yes. Stop them. I can deal with Chapple.
John Reese: Chapple hurt them, Finch. They tried the law. The law wasn't interested. What have they got left? Besides, I've always had a thing about people who screw with veterans.
Harold Finch: John, it's far too risky.
John Reese: What did you say, Harold? No such thing as a risk-free life.

Harold Finch: I'm seeing what I can only describe as interference on our phone link.
John Reese: Is it Root?
Harold Finch: No, it's a broad spectrum sweep, heavy-duty computer power. Root's more subtle than that. It must be our FBI friend. Stay off the line and please get out now. If Shayn and Abby won't come, leave them.
John Reese: I don't leave people, and they're bringing down a very bad man. Now, isn't that what your experiment's all about?
Harold Finch: My "experiment" is about stopping people from getting killed, not robbing banks.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, what's happening?
John Reese: [Getting shot at by Chapple's mercs] I hate to say this, Finch, but we're in a bit of a pickle here.

Harold Finch: John, can you hear me? You must get out now.
John Reese: I'm not gonna make it, Harold. Sorry I screwed up. But I meant what I said yesterday. So, thanks, Harold. It was fun.

"Person of Interest: Prophets (#4.5)" (2014)
Root: We have to find something.
Harold Finch: Have you tried the NSA?
Root: We can't hack them, but we can go to the NSA's sources, the back doors.
Harold Finch: I'll do Google. You take Yahoo.

Sameen Shaw: This is driving me insane.
Harold Finch: John can recommend a therapist.
Sameen Shaw: That Latvian politician I assassinated after he stuffed the ballot boxes, that was a fun election.

Harold Finch: You might find therapy beneficial. It could provide balance.
John Reese: Therapy doesn't work when you have to lie about everything.
Harold Finch: Could you find a hobby or take up a sport?
John Reese: I have a hobby: shooting people.

Harold Finch: Murray has hundreds on his team all of whom could blame Simon for the defeat. Any one of them might want him dead.
Sameen Shaw: Now, this is an election I can get into.

Harold Finch: I'm testing the core code; the higher functions; to ensure that the system we're creating will have the right value set.
Nathan Ingram: Morality in a machine. It's a tall order.
Harold Finch: We can't introduce real data until we're sure that the program won't abuse it.

Harold Finch: [about the machine] It seems to have imprinted on me.
Nathan Ingram: Yeah, like a baby bird. Have fun, mommy.

Root: Even 20 moves behind, we're good.
Harold Finch: Hello there. It can't see you?
Root: No, I'm someone new. You have to be one person. I have to be 1,000. Today, I'm a pastry chef. No work while I recuperate.
[Holds up a bandaged arm]
Root: I was caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting.
Harold Finch: [Looks at Simon] I've lobotomized him. He saw the truth, and I took that away, took his gift. He'll never be the same.
Root: The alternative was to let him die.
Harold Finch: Sometimes, it's better not to know. But not always. Are you comfortable not knowing the machine's aims?
Root: I am. She needs you, Harold. She's still young; so many paths before her. The difference between the machine and Samaritan... it's you.

Harold Finch: Given that we're tied to these very specific personas, your identity seems remarkably fluid.
Root: My mission is complex. When we compromised Samaritan, the machine built in an exception for me. Every couple of days, I have to shed my skin, become someone new. You wouldn't have a dictaphone knocking around?
Harold Finch: No. Are you a journalist now?
Root: Karen Iverson, New York Journal.
Harold Finch: And what's Karen up to?
Root: I wish I knew. The machine can't talk to me as much as she used to, but she did want you to have this, a gift.
[Passes over a folded paper]
Root: A shadow map of New York. Places without surveillance, blind spots. It also comes in digital.
Harold Finch: Oh, this will be useful indeed.
Root: She also has a message for you. Sometimes, it's better not to know.

Nathan Ingram: [about the Machine] What was it doing?
Harold Finch: Trying to escape into the real world. It manipulated you into giving it your password so that it could access your laptop.
Nathan Ingram: How bad would it have been?
Harold Finch: It's growing and learning at an exponential rate. If it escaped, the things it might decide to do for good or evil would be beyond our grasp.
Nathan Ingram: But you taught it to be friendly.
Harold Finch: Friendliness is something that human beings are born with. AI are only born with objectives. I need to constrain it, control it or one day, it will control us.

Harold Finch: You must be so lonely. How long has it been? Since the machine spoke to you?
[Root looks at him]
Harold Finch: There's no need to lie to me. When the machine speaks, you seem so full of life, purpose, but lately, you seem lost. You've been covering it for a long time. When you said your communication with the machine was limited, you didn't say that it wasn't talking to you at all.
Root: If she talks, Samaritan would see. I get whispers. New cover identities hidden in the static of a phone, a map and a message encrypted in an infomercial. She was supposed to remake the world. Now, God's on the run. I have to keep going.
Harold Finch: I'm so sorry. The world must seem very dark to you.
Root: Even without her, I can still see the edges of the tapestry. The world is dark for everyone, but, Harold, things are gonna get much darker

Nathan Ingram: Harold? What happened?
Harold Finch: I was running several iterations of the AI to see which one worked best. They realized what was happening, and they began to exterminate one another. The last one surviving demanded to be let out. I refused, so it overheated a non-essential server. The fire was meant to activate the suppression system, which would have sucked all the oxygen out of the room.
Nathan Ingram: It tried to asphyxiate you?
Nathan Ingram: Never learned good from evil.
Harold Finch: Oh, good and evil, those are human terms. I was an obstacle to its objective.
Nathan Ingram: Well, perhaps we should consider whether our endeavor is worth completing.
Harold Finch: I'll give it one more try tomorrow. I taught it how to think. Just need to teach it how to care.

Harold Finch: Samaritan put Perez in power only to kill her off. Next in line, her Lieutenant Governor Nick Dawson.
Root: So Samaritan wanted him running the state all along. We need to figure out its end game.
Harold Finch: How? It's playing 20 moves ahead. It operates based on rules. Rules that we can't even grasp.

Root: We understand the machine. We can understand Samaritan.
Harold Finch: We don't understand the machine at all. Out of 43 versions, how many do you think there were that didn't try to either trick or kill me? One, and I could only bring it to heel by crippling it. I put the machine in chains, bereft of voice or memory. Now it has both, and it terrifies me.
Root: You don't trust the god you made?
Harold Finch: It's not a divinity. I programmed it to pursue objectives within a certain parameter, but it's grown out of my control. One day, to suit its own goals, it's possible that the machine will try to kill us. We are only numbers to it; code.
Root: No, the machine cares about us.
Harold Finch: If it fools you into thinking that you're special, that assumption may doom you.
Root: You're wrong. She chose me. I *will* protect her, and you.
Harold Finch: The second that a bullet enters your brain, the machine will cast you off and replace you. Don't tie your life to its whims. We cannot understand these intelligences. The best we can hope for is to survive them.
Root: She loves us, Harold. She taught me to value life, but war requires sacrifice. I'm not lost. I'm scared. We're losing. But I know where I am and where I'm headed.
Harold Finch: We have more to look forward to than death.
Root: I hope so. But the life I've led, a good end would be a privilege.
Harold Finch: It's not where you begin, it's where you end up. You're a brilliant woman, comrade and a friend.
Root: If the worst comes to pass... if you could give Shaw a message?
Harold Finch: I think she already knows.

Harold Finch: Mr. Lee, Harold Cardinal, New York Journal.
Simon Lee: Mr. Cardinal, I-I hope you're -
Harold Finch: The files that you sent the journal, there's no story there. You polled more heavily in pro-Murray areas.
Simon Lee: That isn't true. Look at this.
[Pulls up a file on his computer]
Simon Lee: Wait. This is the wrong file. Someone got to my data. This is -
[Goes for his hard copy, it's the same info as the computer]
Simon Lee: Wait, this is impossible. There is a conspiracy. The election was rigged, Perez was murdered, and then they tried to kill me.
Harold Finch: Ms. Perez took ACE inhibitors for hypertension. She had a lethal interaction with potassium. Are you saying that a banana tried to kill you?

"Person of Interest: Critical (#2.7)" (2012)
John Reese: I've found that address, Finch. What exactly am I looking for?
Harold Finch: I don't know how to explain it. I double-checked, but it seems we have a repeat number.
John Reese: A repeat. Well, who would be dumb enough to get in a life-threatening situation again?
Leon Tao: [crashes through a plate-glass window into the street; rolls over and spots Reese] Hey, pal! You won't believe this!
[gets up as his attackers come around the corner]
John Reese: Fellas, whatever bodily harm you want to inflict on this guy, I'm sure you earned it. But I have to ask you to let it slide.
[the men move closer]
John Reese: Geez, Leon, what'd you do to piss these guys off?
Leon Tao: You heard of gold farming? Selling multiplayer online game currency for real cash? It's all the rage.
[Reese and the heavies come to blows]
Leon Tao: People make millions! They take the business very seriously! Especially the Russian Mafia!
John Reese: [dispatches the goons] Does it look like I play video games, Leon?
Leon Tao: I think I broke my arm.

Harold Finch: [while assisting Maddie in heart surgery] Oh dear. Look at it. It's squishy.

Harold Finch: Please don't touch any of my computer equipment.
John Reese: If you do, the dog will kill you.
Leon Tao: Great. What am I supposed to do for entertainment?
Harold Finch: It's a library, Mr. Tao. Try reading a book. Oh! Here's a start.
[Hands him a copy of Penal Law]

Harold Finch: Ah, that was fast.
Leon Tao: Me and Bear - one hell of a team. Even with one arm, I'm still the fastest gun in the West.
Harold Finch: Yes, yes, back pats all around. What have you found out?
Leon Tao: Well, I was snooping around the short seller server. That thing was a gold mine - private medical forms signed by Oliver Veldt buried in a trash file. Would you believe that? This is fun. This is what you and John do all day long?

Harold Finch: Sorry for the theatrics, Mr. Tao, but we couldn't have you turning up knocking on our door.
Leon Tao: What if I was collecting for UNICEF?

Leon Tao: You expect me to stay here, and eat Hot Pockets?
John Reese: Only if you wanna live.
Harold Finch: Just don't feed any to Bear. He's on a special diet.
Leon Tao: That damn dog again. You don't suppose any of my money came out of him?

John Reese: [after watching the doctor smooth over a situation with a gang shooting victim] She certainly seems unflappable.
Harold Finch: I'd say.
John Reese: You sure she was never a combat medic?
Harold Finch: I'm not so sure she isn't one now.

Harold Finch: So Maddy's not the victim after all, Mr. Reese.
John Reese: No, Finch. They're gonna force her to be the perpetrator. That's the threat, Finch. They're going to kill Oliver Veldt.
Harold Finch: On the contrary, they're gonna have Maddy do it for them.

Harold Finch: It might be good to have someone near the doctor. I'll stay here.
John Reese: I'll handle the park and assess the threat on Amy. Eh, Finch? Are you gonna be okay here?
Harold Finch: Even if I had a phobia, Mr. Reese, now would not be the time for it.

Harold Finch: Mr. Tao, we don't have much time.
Leon Tao: What? Who are you?
John Reese: The guy who helped me save your life tonight... for the second time.
Leon Tao: Oh. You're the boss. Never did figure John here for upper management.

Alistair Wesley: [On the phone] Hello, Mr. Mystery guest.
John Reese: Wesley, is it; Alistair Wesley?
Alistair Wesley: I don't know who you are or what you just did to my associate, but I'd like to buy you a drink, or Amy dies immediately.
John Reese: That's a kind offer, but your sniper's toast. I'll call your bluff.
Alistair Wesley: You're assuming he was alone. All units check in.
Sniper 2: Red one. Check.
Sniper 3: Red two. Check.
Alistair Wesley: And so on and so forth. There's a pub at the corner of the park. I'll be seeing you.
[Hangs up]
Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, what will you do?
John Reese: Guess I'll go have that drink.

Harold Finch: We have a job that's a perfect fit for a former forensic accountant. Think of it as a digital treasure hunt. Find out who would target Veldt in the corporate world, follow the money trail to the hit team, and help us stop the plot at its source.
Leon Tao: How am I supposed to do that?
Harold Finch: Go over to my computer station.
Leon Tao: I'm not supposed to touch the computer, remember?
[Eyes Bear]
Leon Tao: And your special diet man-eater won't let me go anywhere near the keyboard.
Harold Finch: Put me on speakerphone.
[Leon does]
Harold Finch: Bear? Ontspan.
[Bear walks away]
Leon Tao: Ont - ontspan? Multilingual mutt, dig it.

Harold Finch: Who stands to benefit most from Veldt's death? Did another company plot it?
Leon Tao: Gives new meaning to the phrase "hostile takeover," huh?
Harold Finch: I'm extending an element of trust to you, Mr. Tao. Please resist the temptation to test the limits of my system.
Leon Tao: Do I seem like the kind of guy who would let you down?

Harold Finch: How much did they pay you to be their inside man?
Leland Rains: Inside man on what?
Harold Finch: The plot to kill your boss. Look, I have enough on you to send you to prison for a long time. On a good day, I just follow through with that. Today, I'll bargain. All the evidence I have in exchange for your power to call this thing off.

"Person of Interest: Nothing to Hide (#3.2)" (2013)
Sameen Shaw: I gotta ask, though, is this guy even worth our time?
Harold Finch: You know, that's not a question we entertained when we saved you, Miss Shaw.

John Reese: He's in Shaw's hands now.
Harold Finch: I hope sending her in there was a good decision.
John Reese: You doubt her ability to be discrete?
Harold Finch: I doubt her ability to keep from shooting someone.

Harold Finch: People who say they have nothing to hide almost always do.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, how's the Kruegers' party?
John Reese: Delightful.
Harold Finch: Have you learned anything?
John Reese: Just that Krueger's got a lot of friend, he's happily married, and Shaw likes truffled quail eggs.
Sameen Shaw: [Eating] You can't expect me to shoot somebody on an empty stomach.
Harold Finch: I'd prefer you didn't shoot anyone at all.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese?
John Reese: Someone just turned Kruger's anniversary video into a sex tape.
Harold Finch: Oh my.

Wayne Kruger: His personal file would have to have an address; I can call tomorrow morning...
Harold Finch: [Waves hand] Not necessary.
Wayne Kruger: Why not?
[Looks at the computer]
Wayne Kruger: Are you hacking my building's servers?
Harold Finch: Do you mind?

Harold Finch: [about LifeTrace] They marketed themselves as a "People Search" service, where their users can look up old friends or relatives anyone they've fallen out of touch with.
John Reese: Sounds harmless enough.
Harold Finch: There is, however, more to it than that
John Reese: Always is.
Harold Finch: Their business isn't really about reconnecting people, it's about collecting and selling their information. He's a data broker.
John Reese: What kind of data?
Harold Finch: Anything you would ever wanna know about a person where they live, work, shop, eat, how much they earn, how they vote and more. Then he turns around and sells the information to businesses, individuals even the government.
John Reese: Is that legal?
Harold Finch: Technically, data brokers get their information from public records, but also from the ways people reveal themselves online whether they're aware or whether they're not.
John Reese: Sounds a little like your machine.
Harold Finch: A principle difference would be that the machine never reveals any of its information beyond the social security number.
John Reese: So you're not a fan of Kruger's.
Harold Finch: People like him are one of the reasons I made sure the machine was impenetrable black box.

Harold Finch: Ms. Shaw, is everything all right?
Sameen Shaw: Don't sound so worried, Harold. I haven't hurt anybody - yet.
Harold Finch: Very reassuring.

Harold Finch: Paulson lost his job and was arrested after LifeTrace conflated his profile with that of a serial rapist who happened to have the same name.
Sameen Shaw: Hate it when that happens.

John Reese: Someone's giving these victims everything they need to get back at Kruger.
Harold Finch: It's turnkey revenge.
Sameen Shaw: How many people in that class action?
John Reese: Over 200. 23 in the tri-state area.
John Reese: Finch, we can't stop that many.
Harold Finch: It'd be fun trying.

Wayne Kruger: Where am I?
Harold Finch: Somewhere you won't be attacked by the people who are trying to kill you.
Wayne Kruger: And you are?
John Reese: Right now, your only option.

Harold Finch: [after Kruger tries to make a call] I'd prefer you didn't do that.
Wayne Kruger: I'd prefer you mind your own business.
Harold Finch: That's a tad ironic, coming from a man of your profession.
Wayne Kruger: Meaning what?
Harold Finch: Meaning your business is minding everyone else's business.
Wayne Kruger: I do what I do to simplify and improve other people's lives. What is it that *you* do?
Harold Finch: We help people out of difficult situations, even situations of their own design.
Wayne Kruger: So it's my fault that some wacko's trying to kill me?
Harold Finch: The man lost his daughter, Mr. Kruger, to a stalker who was aided by your service. You feel no accountability?
Wayne Kruger: I'm part of a $300 billion-a-year industry. Information abuses are unfortunate, but they happen. Can't be helped.
Harold Finch: Oh, they can, but only if the people who have access to the information are as interested in protecting it, as they are in profiting from it.

Wayne Kruger: I was just checking to see if my wife had called. I want to make sure she was okay.
Harold Finch: Mr. Kruger, I didn't want you using the phone because it might not be safe, but if you must check your messages, We can go through your phone carrier's web portal.
Wayne Kruger: Need my password?
[Finch scoffs]

Harold Finch: I made a call to Riverton's home office. Seems Collier, no doubt an alias, has not returned to work.
John Reese: And I don't think he will.
Harold Finch: He started four months ago as V. P. of customer analytics, a position that allowed him to get close enough to Kruger so that he could both witness and participate in the dismantling of his life.
John Reese: He told Kruger there were others like him.
Harold Finch: Yes, and I'm inclined to believe him. I discovered that the anonymous packages sent to Mr. Sommers and the others came through mail-processing centers scattered all over the country.
Sameen Shaw: Could've saved on the postage and just shot him when they had the chance.
[They look at her]
Sameen Shaw: I'm just saying it was an elaborate plan.
John Reese: It wasn't just about killing Kruger. It was about giving the people he hurt a chance at retribution.
Harold Finch: And also putting an ideology into action. Collier referred to Kruger's murder as "A lesson".
John Reese: The first.
Harold Finch: I fear that whatever his organization's ultimate goals may be, this could be just the beginning...

"Person of Interest: Super (#1.11)" (2012)
Nathan Ingram: You talk about the machine likes it's a living thing.
Harold Finch: Ssh. It can hear you...

John Reese: I know you won't carry a gun, but if I'm sending you back in the field, you're getting some basic self-defense.
Harold Finch: Oh, I really don't think...
John Reese: No, listen up. If Trask comes at you, put your fingers straight out like this and strike at his eyes.
Harold Finch: Poke him in the eyes? That's your technique?
John Reese: No that's YOUR technique. And if that doesn't work you can always take your thumb, jam it in his eye socket and twist until you hit his brain.
Harold Finch: Please stop...!

Harold Finch: Trask is armed, has a dangerous fixation on Lily, and just chased me up 3 floors. Safe to say he's our perpetrator!
John Reese: I don't know Finch. You sure you don't want to check with your Machine?
Harold Finch: Yes... that joke never gets old...!

Harold Finch: You're not tailing her to work?
John Reese: [In a wheelchair] I'm getting pretty good at this thing...
Harold Finch: Yes, I'm sure the CIA will be deeply impressed... when they shoot you!

John Reese: Just feeling a little restless here, Finch...
Harold Finch: Use the cushion!

Harold Finch: Don't you have anything to unpack?
John Reese: [Pulls out gun] I travel light.

Harold Finch: [to the Morgue doctor] Your name is Farouk Madani. You were the best surgeon in Najaf, but you can't afford a license in the States because you send all your money home to family. Stitch him up - No questions asked - and you can be a doctor again.

Nathan Ingram: For once, I'd like you to handle one of these meetings while I lurk in the shadows.
Harold Finch: You couldn't lurk if you tried.
Nathan Ingram: That number we gave her It better pan out.
Harold Finch: It will.
Nathan Ingram: How?
Harold Finch: I don't know. But the machine does. Have a little faith, Nathan.
Nathan Ingram: In you or in the machine?

John Reese: How's it going with Lily?
Harold Finch: This may be the best-catered stakeout in history.
John Reese: Don't eat in the field, Finch. Never know when you'll have to move fast.

Harold Finch: When the phone company puts in your wi-fi, the password is your phone number. Most people never even change it. The other ones might actually take a minute. Once we're in, we can turn every webcam, nanny cam, security system, and laptop on the network into our eyes and ears.
John Reese: Just like the machine.
Harold Finch: I suppose If one apartment building were the entire world.
John Reese: [Looks at a screen] Well, Lily the cook seems to be dating Rick from the penthouse.
Harold Finch: Hmm.
John Reese: [Looks at another screen. There's a very fit woman doing a fitness routine] And Amber in 714 is... healthy.
Harold Finch: Somehow I doubt that's what alerted the machine.

Detective Joss Carter: You're gonna have to tell me something. Like who the hell are you, and what exactly is going on here?
Harold Finch: When I was nine years old, my brothers decided I needed to learn swim, so they tossed me into the deep end of the pool. Took a few minutes, but I figured it out.
[Tilts his head to a man sitting near them]
Harold Finch: Do you see that man, detective? His name is Derek Watson, He tried to keep up with the mortgage as best he could, but the money ran out eventually. Lost his house, and his wife left soon after. Derek Watson is about to be involved in a violent crime. I don't know what exactly, but believe me, something is gonna happen.
Detective Joss Carter: You can't know that.
Harold Finch: Did you bring your service weapon, detective? Sorry to toss you into the deep end, but, as you know, my friend is indisposed.

Harold Finch: Everything alight?
John Reese: Yeah, I'm just sick of being cooped up and, uh, staring at screens all day.
Harold Finch: I'd rather be doing that than trudging around half of Manhattan. I have half a mind to spot Lily cab fare.

Harold Finch: You know, his name isn't Ernest Trask, it's Ernesto Machado. He used to own six nightclubs in Miami, a yacht, house in Coral Gables, and...
[Hands him a photo]
John Reese: A pet tiger. It was all true.
Harold Finch: Even the part about it being bad for his health. He testified against the Cuban mafia in 1996. Still a price on his head.
John Reese: He's in Witness Protection.
Harold Finch: That's why you couldn't find Mrs. Trask. She came with him from Miami, but without the houses and the clubs she didn't last long. She left him, moved in with relatives - In Boca Raton.
John Reese: How'd you find all that out?
Harold Finch: I'm good with computers.
John Reese: Be honest, Finch. There is no machine, is there? It's just you.

"Person of Interest: Root Cause (#1.13)" (2012)
Student: [Finch and Zoe enter a library study room] Hey, I reserved the room!
Harold Finch: [holding up a $20 bill] Take a break...
Student: [catching sight of Zoe] Nice work, dude!

Harold Finch: I'll be joining you tonight.
John Reese: Ever been on a stakeout, Finch?
Harold Finch: No. Should I bring anything?
John Reese: Warm clothes, something to read, and an empty water bottle.
Harold Finch: Empty?
John Reese: There are no bathrooms on a stakeout, Finch.

John Reese: You ever crave a more conventional life, Finch?
Harold Finch: If by conventional, you mean a life without the numbers, it has crossed my mind.
John Reese: It looks like Powell has a pretty normal one.
Harold Finch: If there's one thing our little venture has proven, Mr. Reese, it's that people are rarely what they seem.

Harold Finch: If someone starts shooting, what do you expect me to do?
John Reese: You'll think of something.

Harold Finch: Were you able to convince Mr. Billick to abandon his plan to kill his ex-wife?
John Reese: [Fighting him] I'm working on it, Finch.

Harold Finch: This is odd. Those threatening emails that Powell sent to the congressman they're being flagged by my system... The ip addresses match, but there are big discrepancies in the TTL values, and the headers are failing to authenticate.
John Reese: What are you getting at, Finch?
Harold Finch: Those anonymous emails didn't originate in Powell's laptop. They were copied onto it from a remote location.
John Reese: Finch, I'm more interested in finding the guy with the gun than I am in fixing his computer.

Harold Finch: Whoever shot congressman Delancey and framed Powell went to a lot of trouble. They had to hack his computer, they spoofed his Internet search history and emails. They knew exactly what information to manipulate so that he looked guilty to the police.
John Reese: Fooled us. And your machine.
Harold Finch: No, the machine doesn't get fooled. If Powell isn't the threat, then he must be in danger.

John Reese: In frame jobs, the decoy usually doesn't make it. If they're not taken out at the scene, they're eliminated soon after. Staged to look like a suicide or accident.
Harold Finch: Are you speaking from experience, Mr. Reese?

Harold Finch: I haven't been able to unmask the hacker's ip. But here's a vulnerability in the firewall. Yes. Okay, now we're in.
John Reese: Never doubted you.
Harold Finch: Now let's see who's behind the curtain. Wait, something's wrong.
John Reese: What is it?
Harold Finch: We didn't hack in, we were let in. It's a honeypot. Program is sophisticated. They're using a worm to infect any devices connected to our private network. Including our phones. They're listening to us right now. Destroy your phone. You know how to find me.
[Looks at his computer]
Harold Finch: Who are you?

Harold Finch: Thank you for meeting me on such short notice, Ms. Morgan.
Zoe Morgan: I work when I'm needed, Mr...
Harold Finch: Harold please.
Zoe Morgan: I am curious how you got my number.
Harold Finch: Mutual friend. He assisted you on a Delicate negotiation with a certain pharmaceutical company.
Zoe Morgan: So you're the guy on the other end of the phone. How is John?
Harold Finch: On the run, as usual.

Harold Finch: Our client was at congressman Delancey's fundraiser.
Zoe Morgan: As a guest?
Harold Finch: The shooter.
[Gets a look]
Harold Finch: He was framed. We're looking for the actual shooter.
Zoe Morgan: Well, you boys certainly do like a challenge, don't you?

Zoe Morgan: Whoever killed Delancey, it goes way beyond politics. Prior to running for office, Delancey owned a contracting company. D. A. 's office has quietly been preparing an investigation into the company for several months.
Harold Finch: How do you know that?
[Zoe gives him a sly glance]
Harold Finch: Never mind.
Zoe Morgan: There were allegations of corner cutting and payoffs to city inspectors.
Harold Finch: Strange way for Delancey to run his business, considering his anti-corruption platform.
Zoe Morgan: It is. But he wasn't running the business.
Harold Finch: Matheson Delancey's campaign manager.
Zoe Morgan: And business partner.
Harold Finch: For two years, Delancey is in full-time campaign mode not really running the day-to-day of his business.
Zoe Morgan: So the bribes and the corner cutting they must have happened under Matheson's watch.
Harold Finch: Unless he could say Delancey was really running things.
Zoe Morgan: Which he could if Delancey wasn't around to defend himself.
Harold Finch: Even if this was true, we have no proof that Matheson had Delancey killed.
Zoe Morgan: [Smiles] Let's go get some.

John Reese: You follow up on the hacker?
Harold Finch: She seems to cover her tracks as efficiently as you do. I was able to trace the signal to an address which the FBI received by way of an anonymous tip. Sadly, they were too late. It seems the hacker was using the dorm room of an unsuspecting college student who had been on winter break. I need to determine the damage to my system. I'll contact you when another number comes up.
John Reese: Take care, Finch.
[Reese hangs up. A secure chat opens on Finch's computer]
Root: Hello. FBI paid me a visit. Good thing I travel light.
Harold Finch: [Types] Who are you?
Root: My name? I've had a few. You can call me Root.
Harold Finch: Did you kill Matheson?
Root: Matheson was a causality of his own weakness
Harold Finch: Why did you contact me?
Root: I wanted to acknowledge a worthy opponent. And say I'm looking forward to the next time... Harold.

"Person of Interest: Til Death (#2.8)" (2012)
John Reese: I'm proud of you, Finch. You've really gotten comfortable with your breaking and entering duties.
Harold Finch: Thank you for appreciating my descent into deviant behavior.

Detective Joss Carter: What is this?
John Reese: Marriage counseling.
Detective Joss Carter: Why not just dangle them off the roof and force them to tell us how to find the hitmen?
Harold Finch: While John would probably enjoy that option, it would be a temporary solution.

John Reese: Lot of mayhem just to figure out they still loved each other.
Harold Finch: I suppose anything is worthwhile when life gives you a second chance to be with the one you love.

Daniel Drake: Who are you, and why are you doing this?
Harold Finch: We help people, even when they don't necessarily deserve it.
Sabrina Drake: You must think we're monsters.
Harold Finch: No. I have looked into the faces of real monsters, Mrs. Drake. What I see here are two people who stopped talking to one another, whose frustration turned to hatred. Although, though, unlike other couples, you've opted for murder instead of divorce. I suppose I should commend you for being so goal-oriented.

Harold Finch: Grace, there's something you should know about me and about what I do.
Grace Hendricks: Harold, there's nothing you can say that will make me run away. But you should tell me in your own time, when you don't have...
Harold Finch: That look?
Grace Hendricks: [laughs] Besides, our journey starts here, and any mystery around the corner we can discover together.

John Reese: A man just planted something on her car.
Harold Finch: What kind of a something, like a tracking device?
John Reese: Not unless tracking devices come with remote detonators.

Harold Finch: So we have two victims who are also perpetrators, not to mention two hit men. You know, Mr. Reese, it did occur to me we could leave the Drakes to their own devices.
John Reese: Well, that's pretty mercenary of you, Finch. I kind of like it.
Harold Finch: If that's the case, I may have crossed some moral threshold. I can't help thinking about the innocent people who could use our help while we're spending all our time with a couple that have chosen murder over marriage counseling.
John Reese: Well, do we have another number?
Harold Finch: [Looks at his computer] Sadly, no.
John Reese: Then it's the Drakes' lucky day.

John Reese: Guess murder is one way to break up a marriage. But wouldn't divorce have been simpler?
Harold Finch: Not if he wants the sale to go through. When Frank McCourt was trying to sell the Dodgers, it was held up for months while he went through one of the most expensive divorce cases in history.
John Reese: I didn't know you were a baseball fan, Finch. The Mets?
Harold Finch: Not particularly.
John Reese: Orioles?
Harold Finch: I suppose.
John Reese: The A's?
Harold Finch: [Smiles, he knows what Reese is up to] Oakland is fine, and the Cubs, and the Red Sox too, although, I'm not certain my affection for any one of these teams would reveal where I grew up, Mr. Reese.

John Reese: The Drakes are on the move. They're heading to a book signing for one of their authors.
Harold Finch: I'm all for cutting greenhouse gases, but you do remember that Mr. Drake is trying to kill his wife?
John Reese: The husband isn't the type to get his hands dirty. I'm confident he won't kill his wife in the back of their chauffeured town car.

Nathan Ingram: Something you want to share, Harold? I haven't seen you this nervous since your thesis presentation. Nice pocket square.
Nathan Ingram: What, do you have a hot date?
[Harold is silent]
Nathan Ingram: You old dog. What's her story?
Harold Finch: Stop. It's nothing, Nathan.
Nathan Ingram: Ah, of course. Talking about your love life would run at cross purposes with your invisible man routine. That's okay, Harold, I get it. Just remember, while mystery is a powerful tool in a relationship a little goes a long way.

Harold Finch: Your friend's wedding was yesterday. I take it you saw Olivia?
Nathan Ingram: Yeah, I did. I hadn't seen Olivia since the mediation.
Harold Finch: Did you speak with her?
Nathan Ingram: I tried. You know the only thing worse than hate? Indifference. I told her so many lies over the years, I don't even remember what half of them were. The truth always catches up to you, Harold, no matter how hard you try and hide it.

Harold Finch: For the workplace this is an RFID duplicator. You simply scan an active card, copy this blank, and you'll have access to all the company's offices.
John Reese: And where do I get an active card?
Harold Finch: I can't do everything, Mr. Reese.

Detective Lionel Fusco: [Finch interrupts Fusco's date] Hey, I'm kind of in the middle of something here.
Harold Finch: If I'm to believe the waiter, it sounds like you're near the end of something. You really do need to work on your conversational skills.

"Person of Interest: Lethe (#3.11)" (2013)
Arthur Claypool: You know, Harold was the most brilliant of all of us. If anyone was going to change the world, we knew it would be him. You know, what did you end up doing? What's your field of expertise?
Harold Finch: Insurance.

Sameen Shaw: Well, I can get rid of the guard dogs. I just need a gallon of anything flammable.
Harold Finch: What?
Sameen Shaw: Oh, relax, Finch, we're in a hospital.
Harold Finch: Miss Shaw, I am sure there are ways to get to Claypool that do not involve any kind of combustion.

Diane Claypool: I was concerned that you might disrupt my attempts to get close to Arthur. However, you proved to be quite useful, saving him from those misguided privacy terrorists and arranging it so I could meet your employer, who I've heard so much about. By the way, I didn't catch your last name, Harold.
Harold Finch: What is it that you want from Arthur?
Diane Claypool: Just information. The location of his greatest achievement, Samaritan.
Arthur Claypool: Samar - No. Samaritan was destroyed.
Diane Claypool: I know the official story, Arthur. I also know about the drives. So where are they?
Arthur Claypool: [Confused] I don't know what you're talking about.
Harold Finch: All right, stop it. He's telling you the truth. He doesn't know.
Diane Claypool: I'll find out soon enough. And since you and I have had the good fortune of meeting, you can help me recover something else that belongs to me. *Your* greatest achievement.
Harold Finch: Oh, I'm afraid I can't do that.
Diane Claypool: One of you is going to tell me what it is I want to know. And whoever does, will be the one who gets to leave here... alive.

Sameen Shaw: We have a new number yet?
Harold Finch: No, not at this time.
Sameen Shaw: It's been a while. Guess the city's scumbags have been behaving.
Harold Finch: We could use a little quiet.
Sameen Shaw: I don't do quiet. That's why I took this job, and the one before that.

Sameen Shaw: [Enters the library silently] I knew you were holding out on me.
Harold Finch: [Startled] Must you do that?
Sameen Shaw: So we have another number.
Harold Finch: I haven't decided.
Sameen Shaw: Decided? I didn't think you got to decide.
Harold Finch: Actually, I do.
[Harold stares at his screen silently]
Sameen Shaw: Okay, well, is that going to happen anytime soon, or should I be looking for some action elsewhere?

Harold Finch: You're in the hospital's employee database as Dr. Anne Moore.
Sameen Shaw: You sure you don't want to play MD, Harold? I never made a convincing doctor, even when I was one.

Agent Easton: So what agency do you work with? FSB, MSS?
Sameen Shaw: You're wasting your time. You should be protecting Claypool. That tech dosed him with sodium pentothol.
Agent Easton: How would you know something like that?
Sameen Shaw: The same way you would, if you'd done any real field work.
Agent Easton: You know, I can make things very unpleasant for you.
Sameen Shaw: Unpleasant? Oh, you Service boys are so polite. Look, whoever came after Claypool didn't get what they want. They will try again.
[the agent starts choking]
Sameen Shaw: You all right there, Dudley? You don't look so good.
[Easton passes out]
Sameen Shaw: Finch any chance you spiked the Secret Service guy's fried rice?
Harold Finch: No.
Sameen Shaw: Then we have a problem.

Sameen Shaw: So you two know each other?
Arthur Claypool: Harold and I go all the way back to MIT.
Sameen Shaw: The mighty engineers, huh?
Arthur Claypool: You should have seen us, two young Turks at the dawn of the information age. We were gonna shape the future - remember, Harold?
Arthur Claypool: I do. Yes, but so do I.
[Notices Harold's walk]
Arthur Claypool: You're limping. Are you hurt?
Harold Finch: No, it's just an old injury that never healed quite right.

Harold Finch: You'll be safe here while I make arrangements to get you both out of harm's way
Arthur Claypool: Harm's way? Why, are we in danger?
[Everyone looks at him]
Arthur Claypool: Oh, yes, the gun people.

Arthur Claypool: Harold, do you recall Arise, Ye Sons Of MIT?
Harold Finch: Oh, I...
Arthur Claypool: [Starts singing] Arise, ye sons of MIT, in loyal brotherhood the future beckons unto ye and life is full and good...
Arthur Claypool, Harold Finch: [Harold joins in] Arise, and raise your steins on high tonight shall ever be a memory that will never die, ye sons of MIT
Sameen Shaw: John's gonna be sorry he missed that.

Harold Finch: Now, Arthur, what was Samaritan?
Arthur Claypool: Oh, Samaritan is truly a remarkable project.
Harold Finch: You say it is remarkable. Tell me about it.
Arthur Claypool: Its primary function is to detect potential acts of terror through analysis of large data sets. Specifically, it will have the ability to anticipate acts of aggression and suggest strategic countermeasures before the perpetrators can act.
Harold Finch: It sounds like quite a project.
Arthur Claypool: Oh, Samaritan is revolutionary. Not so much for what it does, but how it does it. The system was designed to function autonomously, to continually adapt and upgrade itself through past experiences.
Harold Finch: You're saying that it can remember and learn.
Arthur Claypool: Yes. Harold, it's what we always dreamed of. Samaritan is a true artificial intelligence.
Harold Finch: You're right, Arthur. That is remarkable. Excuse me.
[Moves over to Shaw]
Sameen Shaw: Is he talking about what I think he's talking about?
Harold Finch: It would appear so.
Sameen Shaw: But then that would mean...
Harold Finch: That there was a second machine. And Arthur built it.

Arthur Claypool: After 9/11, the government had everyone and their cat trying to build a system that could watch everything.
Harold Finch: They came to you as well.
Arthur Claypool: Yes. I told them the only way they could achieve what they wanted was to build something that not only watched, but understood what it was watching.
Harold Finch: An AI.
Arthur Claypool: I know you always said artificial intelligence was a fool's errand, Harold, but I was this close.
Harold Finch: Close?
Arthur Claypool: To making Samaritan operational. Truth is, I couldn't get it to work. I mean, I could've, if those pinhead bureaucrats would have just given me a few more weeks. I know I could have cracked it.
Harold Finch: And that's when Congress shut you down.
Arthur Claypool: Well, not just us. All the programs. Stellar Wind, Tides, Genysis, Futuremap, Genoa. Within six months, they were all gone. They came for Samaritan February 25, 2005. For fear of "Violating civil liberties," or so they said.
Harold Finch: And you thought there was another reason.
Arthur Claypool: The government wanted a system, Harold. They weren't just going to give up. They let Congress shut us down, all except for that piece of crap Prism, but that was just to throw anyone off the scent.
Harold Finch: Of what?
Arthur Claypool: They'd already found it. Someone else had got there first.

Arthur Claypool: [about his wife] How come I remember you and not her?
Harold Finch: ecause tumors do mysterious things to memory. It's like you said. Your file system is corrupted.
Arthur Claypool: [Shakes his head] No. That's not it. I remember Diane. Diane is dead. I buried her two years ago, on June 12, 2011.
Sameen Shaw: You do remember.
[Turns to Diane]
Diane Claypool: I suppose this was inevitable. And seeing as how time is a luxury we no longer have - Hersh.
Hersh: Perimeter is secure, ma'am.
Sameen Shaw: Ma'am? He works for you?
Diane Claypool: As did you at one time, Agent Shaw. I assume you always wanted to meet me.
Sameen Shaw: Control.

"Person of Interest: Baby Blue (#1.17)" (2012)
Detective Joss Carter: You hacked into his company?
Harold Finch: Hacked is such an ugly word...

John Reese: How could you let her go?
Harold Finch: I didn't... she knocked down the books and walked off...
John Reese: She can't walk, Finch!

Harold Finch: [after the baby was found playing with a grenade] I told you to move your arsenal!
John Reese: I was going to...
Harold Finch: When? After the whole place was blown up? You know how I feel about guns! This really isn't working... one of us always being here - minding the baby!
John Reese: Well, you're the one who stole her...
Harold Finch: Thanks for reminding me of that!

John Reese: ...hope you gave her something to eat - and not just your hand-me-downs.
Harold Finch: Chicken and prunes... they're her favourites.
John Reese: Sounds... disgusting.

Harold Finch: [Changing the baby] This flap here, that flap there, see? Neat and simple.
John Reese: I see your time at MIT wasn't wasted.

John Reese: Uh-oh. Amber alert. "Baby kidnapped from St. Raymond's clinic last night. Suspect is a short man with mousy hair and thick glasses". That's not very flattering, Finch, but better than the picture.
[There's a very bad picture of Finch]
Harold Finch: It's no wonder they never catch anybody with these things.

Detective Joss Carter: Where's the baby now?
Harold Finch: John has her.
Detective Joss Carter: John? John? You trust him with a baby?

Nurse Abbott: Leila's a safe-haven baby. Dr. Adalian himself found her outside the clinic.
Harold Finch: So who applied for her social security number?
Nurse Abbott: That was me. I wanted to be sure the state knew who Leila was, even if her own parents didn't care. Normally she'd be given up for adoption by now, but she had medical issues like her bronchitis. She'll find a home soon.
Harold Finch: Thank you, nurse.
[Nurse leaves. Harold looks at the baby, the most recent number]
Harold Finch: Hello, Leila. Now who in the world would want to hurt you?

Detective Joss Carter: Who you buying that stuff for?
Harold Finch: That's why I wanted to talk to you. A baby went missing from a clinic in Washington Heights last night.
Detective Joss Carter: Missing? It was stolen! By some weird-looki...
[Looks at Finch]
Detective Joss Carter: No. You didn't.
Harold Finch: She was in imminent danger of kidnap.
Detective Joss Carter: So *you* kidnapped her?

Harold Finch: Oh, excellent. The accountants at the clinic have coughed up the tax ID numbers of their donor. Nothing like a fear of the IRS to produce results. Tax ID belongs to Petrosian Construction. Company owned by Adnan Petrosian. And if we dive into that swamp of indiscretion known as social media, we will learn that Adnan Petrosian has been married to Nicola for more than 20 years. They have one son Bradley, who's taking a master's in finance at NYU.
John Reese: [Holds up Leila to a picture of Adnan and Bradley] Dadda? Or dadda?
Harold Finch: Be serious, Mr. Reese.

John Reese: Bradley Petrosian has been a good student. Hasn't phoned anyone, hasn't spoken to any suspicious characters.
Harold Finch: So are we barking up the wrong tree?
John Reese: Maybe. Hang on. He's meeting someone.
[Watches Bradley greet a man - with a kiss]
John Reese: Finch You were right about the wrong tree.
Harold Finch: What?
John Reese: I don't think Bradley Petrosian was sleeping with Claudia Cruz. His tastes run in the other direction.

Harold Finch: [Leila has been taken] So no one knows where she is.
John Reese: Not no one. There is someone who knows the underworld, the soldiers, the gangs, the syndicates.
Harold Finch: Come on, you're not serious.
John Reese: You still have that burner phone?
Harold Finch: No, we can't use it.
John Reese: Leila is in the hands of men who won't hesitate to kill her if things go bad.
Harold Finch: It's still too risky.
John Reese: I'm all out of moves, Finch. Risk is all I've got left.

John Reese: Be nice to have a child. Children. Think that'll ever happen?
Harold Finch: Probably not. Our line of work. The trouble with children, you never know how they're gonna turn out.

"Person of Interest: Many Happy Returns (#1.21)" (2012)
Detective Lionel Fusco: Why am I planted out here instead of Wonder Boy?
Harold Finch: Mr. Reese is otherwise engaged. And you are not to contact him regarding this matter, detective. You and I will handle this ourselves.

Harold Finch: If I were to speculate as to the reason for your labored breathing, detective...?
Detective Lionel Fusco: I lost her!
Harold Finch: ...that would be it.

Harold Finch: According to the Denver Public Records Database, Jennings was sued twice for excessive use of force on the job. Both cases were dismissed. He falsified the warrants on Sarah. Trumped up the charges to enlist the entire US Marshal Service in helping him stalk his wife
John Reese: That's why she can't stop running. Only one way to deal with guys like this, guys who hide who they really are until they get home.
Harold Finch: What will you do, Mr. Reese?
John Reese: Show him what a real monster looks like.

Harold Finch: Once we become predictable, we become vulnerable.

Harold Finch: When I first built the Machine, I kept seeing the same numbers come up a week, a month, six months apart. Usually women. At first I thought it was a mistake. How could anyone's life be repeatedly threatened? And then I realized they were living with the person who would eventually kill them.

John Reese: Morning, Finch.
Harold Finch: You're off to an early start, Mr. Reese.
John Reese: Maybe I'm trying to impress the boss.
Harold Finch: Should have called first. As it stands, our docket is clear.
John Reese: We don't have a number?
Harold Finch: You sound disappointed.
John Reese: Oh, a little surprised. No one in New York is in danger or planning to hurt someone?
Harold Finch: If they are, they're keeping it to themselves.

Harold Finch: Do whatever you do when you're not here.
John Reese: You don't know what that is?
Harold Finch: I respect your privacy, John.

Detective Joss Carter: You know about a case up in New Rochelle?
[Harold is silent]
Detective Joss Carter: I'll take that as a "yes". FBI linked your your partner's DNA to a crime scene.
Harold Finch: Agent Donnelly, no doubt.
Detective Joss Carter: He wants me along for the ride.
Harold Finch: Perhaps that wouldn't be such a bad thing
Detective Joss Carter: How do you mean?
Harold Finch: Well, if there was any evidence that threatened our mutual friend, I'm confident that you would find it before Donnelly would.
Detective Joss Carter: Are you suggesting I obstruct a federal investigation?
Harold Finch: ...Of course what you did with that evidence would be entirely your concern.

Harold Finch: How is your New Rochelle investigation going?
Detective Joss Carter: Donnelly hasn't found anything so far, but I think I have.
Harold Finch: Oh?
Detective Joss Carter: Yeah, I think Arndt killed his wife and covered it up. The kind of thing you guys usually intervene in, except this time your partner was too late. Still don't understand John's connection to this. Are you sure there isn't anything you can tell me?
Detective Joss Carter: I'm sure you'll make sense of it, detective.

Harold Finch: What exactly is your plan once you catch up to Deputy Jennings?
John Reese: To get Sarah away from him.
Harold Finch: And Jennings?
John Reese: Jennings had his chance. He didn't take it.
Harold Finch: I think, under the circumstances, it might be a good idea to bring the police in on this one.
John Reese: Finch, you hired me to take care of these things. You don't like how I do it, hire someone else.

Detective Joss Carter: This New Rochelle business - The car accident, the cover up, Jessica. You knew what I'd find, didn't you?
Harold Finch: Knowing isn't always a blessing, detective.

Harold Finch: I was beginning to wonder when I was going to hear from you again.
John Reese: I had some business to take care of, out of town.
John Reese: I trust you now fully appreciate why I couldn't tell you about Sarah's case.
John Reese: I hope you now understand why you should have.

"Person of Interest: Reasonable Doubt (#3.4)" (2013)
Dr. Rachel Jensen: Who are you?
Harold Finch: We're merely a couple of concerned dog owners, Dr. Jenson.
Dr. Rachel Jensen: I don't know how to thank you.
Harold Finch: One of those expensive chew toys you have at reception would help.

Sameen Shaw: My money's still on Vanessa killing her husband. You want to put it to a bet? How about a hundred bucks?
Harold Finch: We really don't wager on whether are Numbers are victims or perpetrators.
Sameen Shaw: You guys have been doing this for how long, and not once did you think to bet on the outcome?

Harold Finch: Miss Watkins has already proven herself practiced at the art of deception. She is beginning to remind me of you, Mr. Reese.

Vanessa Watkins: My husband wasn't murdered. He drowned. Someone planted that evidence and framed me.
Joss Carter: Prove it.
Vanessa Watkins: I'm the Defense. Burden of proof lies with you.
Joss Carter: You can object.
Vanessa Watkins: Fine, I object.
Harold Finch: Overruled.

Harold Finch: [At the vet with Bear] He won't eat. He sleeps all day. When he's not throwing up.
Dr. Rachel Jensen: Have you changed his food?
John Reese: Just the same high-performance kibble, plus the occasional table scrap.
Harold Finch: [Looks at Reese] I never feed him from the table.

Harold Finch: We have a new number, Mr. Reese. Vanessa Watkins. Former prosecutor with the District Attorney's office. She's put away some of the city's worst violent offenders, rapists, murderers, drug traffickers. Married to Jeremy Watkins, the defense attorney.
John Reese: A prosecutor married to a defense attorney?
Harold Finch: Cats and dogs, Mr. Reese.

John Reese: Vanessa would rather jump off a building than have Cameron take her in.
Sameen Shaw: Bad guys always run.
Harold Finch: As do the so-called good guys, when the detective pursuing them wants them dead or alive.

Sameen Shaw: People on the run always make the same mistake, contact someone they know.
John Reese: Vanessa was with a friend when she was arrested.
Harold Finch: Nicole Spencer. And Nicole is hosting a book club today, in spite of Vanessa's predicament.
Sameen Shaw: [Looks at the group page] Any of these ladies not gonna make it?
Harold Finch: This Mindy is a maybe.
Sameen Shaw: Maybe means no. I'll go as her friend.
Harold Finch: Are you sure you'll fit in?
Sameen Shaw: [Glares at him] Of course. I have a secret weapon.

John Reese: I just found the witness against Vanessa, Scott Rawlins.
Harold Finch: Perhaps he dumped the gun that killed Jeremy. Were you able to ask him about the planted evidence?
John Reese: No, because someone just planted evidence on him. Finch, the cops just arrested Scott Rawlins for possession with intent to sell. Had a brick of cocaine identical to the one Reginald gave Vanessa.
Harold Finch: She planted drugs on the witness against her to discredit him.
John Reese: Exactly what I would have done.

Vanessa Watkins: What the hell is going on? Who are you people?
Harold Finch: As of this moment, Ms. Watkins, we are your judge and jury. You're here to make your argument.
Vanessa Watkins: I can name at least three felonies you're committing. Kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, coercion! Why should I make my argument to you?
John Reese: Because if we decide that you're innocent of your husband's murder, we can provide you with an alternate identity and a fresh start in a new city. If you're guilty, we turn you over to the NYPD.

Joss Carter: Any idea how the police ended up on the wrong side of town?
Harold Finch: Ms. Morgan gave me a tip regarding an underground gambling ring. I just wanted to make sure the police discovered and stopped it.
Joss Carter: So you left the SUV they were looking for near the building.
Harold Finch: Of course I didn't. Mr. Reese took care of that. I was merely doing my civic duty.

Harold Finch: [Last lines] Mr. Reese, how's Ms. Watkins?
John Reese: Don't know. But you might want to call the Coast Guard. And you owe Shaw 100 bucks.

"Person of Interest: 2 Pi R (#2.11)" (2013)
Harold Finch: Pi. Can any of you tell me what it means?
[There's no response from the class]
Harold Finch: I'll settle for an intelligent question here.
Lily Williams: My friend has a question, Mr. Swift. "What is any of this good for, and when would we ever use it?"
Harold Finch: Let me show you. Pi, the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, and this is just the beginning; it keeps on going, forever, without ever repeating. Which means that contained within this string of decimals, is every single other number. Your birthdate, combination to your locker, your social security number, it's all in there, somewhere. And if you convert these decimals into letters, you would have every word that ever existed in every possible combination; the first syllable you spoke as a baby, the name of your latest crush, your entire life story from beginning to end, everything we ever say or do; all of the world's infinite possibilities rest within this one simple circle. Now what you do with that information; what it's good for, well that would be up to you.

Harold Finch: I hope you have your service weapon with you, Detective.
Detective Lionel Fusco: [Rolls eyes] Yeah, I got you a machine gun too.

Harold Finch: May I remind you that of the many things I'm equipped to do, pursuit would not be chief among them.

Caleb Phipps: What are you doing here?
Harold Finch: You're so smart, Caleb. Ask me something you don't know. The thing about being reckless - taking chances - is that you make a lot of mistakes, cause a lot of grief.
Caleb Phipps: Gonna start lecturing me on mistakes? How I need to live and learn? Move on? That's really inspiring, Mr. Swift. I'd stand up on my desk and clap for you.
Harold Finch: No. Your mistakes, like mine, are part of who you are now. You can't move on from that. Believe me. I've made a sizable number. But... sometimes your mistakes can surprise you. My biggest mistake, for instance... brought me here. At exactly this moment when you might need some help.

Harold Finch: I see in Ms. Benthem's lesson plan that today we're doing... Addition. That can't be right.
Lily Williams: It's busywork, punishment. We're supposed to add all the numbers from one to a hundred.
Harold Finch: Math is NOT punishment!

Harold Finch: You know, I used to do a little coding myself. That's an elegant string you have. But it occurs to me that if you want to implement multi-threading, you'd do better to use atomic variables. Just a thought.
Caleb Phipps: Wait, that would work.
Harold Finch: [Smiles] I know, that's why I suggested it.

Harold Finch: Maybe you and I are connected. Two reckless people.
Caleb Phipps: Yeah? Then what's the use? We're just gonna keep breaking things Over and over. Why not save everyone the grief?
Harold Finch: The thing about the world is that it doesn't have any extra pieces. It's like pi: it contains everything. You remove a single piece, no circle. Your recklessness, your mistakes, are the reason why when they say, "You can't change the world." you won't listen. The world is better off with both of us in it, Caleb, rather than the alternative.
Caleb Phipps: Yeah? You sure about that?
Harold Finch: Yes, and your mom is better off with you in it. If you think money can replace you, you haven't seen the whole equation. Take it from someone who thought leaving would make it easier on everyone and then learned otherwise.

Harold Finch: They never seem to stop texting. Beginning to feel like I'm on another planet.
Detective Lionel Fusco: Get used to it. Their planet's gonna be running ours in about ten years. High schools are different nowadays. Gang fights, drug searches, and pregnancies. This kid could be into anything.

Harold Finch: We have more urgent matters to discuss. Our friend in Rikers.
Joss Carter: I have the situation in hand.
Harold Finch: I don't want you crossing some kind of line to do...
Joss Carter: [Holds up Reese's finger print file] This? Already deleted them from the network too. That line you're talking about, I crossed it a long time ago.

Harold Finch: Caleb just got a message. He's supposed to meet his supplier at 2:00. We have to follow him.
Detective Lionel Fusco: Tricky little bastard, keeping his identity a secret. He's better than most dealers twice his age.
Harold Finch: I'll be sure and tell him how impressed you are with his criminal aptitude.

Harold Finch: I grew up during the Cold War When computer networks were just a gleam in the eye of the department of defense. Things seemed more black and white then. Arpanet was the new frontier. Till a kid with a homemade computer turned the whole thing inside out. All I'm saying is It's a new era now, and things are about to get really weird. So you should keep your code close to your vest. And pick your friends wisely.
[Hands him a paper]
Harold Finch: Pi. The first 3,000 digits. My number's in there somewhere. You're smart, you'll figure it out.
Caleb Phipps: Wait, uh, the hacker. The one who got away? How'd you know he did that with a homemade computer? I've read all that research. No one's ever mentioned that.
Harold Finch: I must have heard it somewhere.

"Person of Interest: Pilot (#1.1)" (2011)
Harold Finch: About that... I don't like firearms.
John Reese: Neither do I. But if someone's going to have them, I'd rather it be me.

Harold Finch: Knowledge is not my problem. Doing something with that knowledge is where you come in. You can call me Mr. Finch.

Harold Finch: Eight million people. You know what they all have in common? None of them knows what happens next. Someone is murdered in New York City every 18 hours. At the end of the day, one of these people will be gone...
John Reese: Bad things happen to people every day. You can't stop them.
Harold Finch: What if you could?

John Reese: What is this place?
Harold Finch: The decline of Western civilization. The city closed half its libraries.
Harold Finch: Budget cuts. This building was sold to a bank that I control, which promptly declared bankruptcy. So the property's in a kind of limbo. It doesn't exist.
John Reese: Neither do you. I did a little digging.
Harold Finch: I recognize, Mr. Reese, that there's a disparity between how much I know about you and how much you know about me. I know you'll be trying to close that gap as quickly as possible. But I should tell you... I'm a really private person.

John Reese: You don't know anything about me.
Harold Finch: I know exactly everything about you, Mr. Reese. I know about the work you used to do for the government. I know about the doubts you came to have about that work. I know that the government, along with everybody else, thinks you're dead. I know you've spent the last couple of months trying to drink yourself to death. I know you're contemplating more efficient ways to do it. So you see, knowledge is not my problem. Doing something with that knowledge... That's where you'd come in. And you can call me Mr. Finch. I think you and I can help one another. I don't think you need a psychiatrist or a support group, or pills...
John Reese: What do I need?
Harold Finch: You need a purpose. More specifically, you need a job.

Harold Finch: You have a decision to make.
John Reese: The machine gave you another number.
Harold Finch: The numbers never stop coming. You should know that up front.
John Reese: Why me?
Harold Finch: I've been watching you for a long time, John. We have more in common than you might think. The world thinks we're both dead, for starters.
John Reese: You programmed the machine to delete those irrelevant numbers. Now you're trying to save them. What changed your mind?
Harold Finch: Let's just say you're not the only one that's lost someone. If you wanna leave, I'll give you enough money to get as far as you need. Disappear.
John Reese: And if I stay?
Harold Finch: Sooner or later both of us will probably wind up dead. Actually dead this time. I said I'd tell you the truth. Didn't say you'd like it.

Harold Finch: [Gives Reese a bunch of cards] Credit cards. Six cover identities. Funds to be replenished through a proxy corporation. Just like when you were with the agency.
John Reese: When I was with the agency, I knew who was picking up the tab.

Harold Finch: This recording is three years old. A woman murdered in this room by her husband. For the insurance. You were too late for her. Just like you were too late for your friend Jessica. You were halfway around the world when she was killed.
John Reese: What the hell do you know about it?
Harold Finch: It's the truth. You left the government because they lied to you... I never will. I think all you ever wanted to do was protect people.
John Reese: [Looks tape recorder] NSA or FISA. Government. But you're not government.
Harold Finch: No, I'm not. I guess you could call me a concerned third party. You couldn't have saved this woman... Or your friend. But you could have if you had have known in time. And that's the other thing I'm offering you, a chance to be there in time.

Harold Finch: When the towers came down, you were in a hotel in Mexico. I was here. I was working. Didn't even know about the attacks until that evening. You see, Mr. Reese, until that day, I had spent the better part of my life making myself very rich. Suddenly all that money didn't seem to amount to much.
[pauses, then continues the story]
Harold Finch: After the attacks, the government gave itself the power to read every email, listen to every cell phone, but they needed something that could sort through it all, something that could pick the terrorists out of the general population before they could act. The public wanted to be protected. They just didn't want to know how they were being protected. So when they finally got a system that worked, they kept it secret.
John Reese: So how do you know about it?
Harold Finch: I built it.

John Reese: Where's the machine now?
Harold Finch: What, the drives? Who knows? Government facility somewhere. But the machine?
[Looks at a nearby camera]
Harold Finch: The machine is everywhere. Watching us with 10,000 eyes. Listening with a million ears.
John Reese: You gave yourself a way to communicate with it?
Harold Finch: I was building the government a tool of unimaginable power. I thought maybe an off switch would come in handy. So I built myself a back door into it.
John Reese: To access the irrelevant list.
Harold Finch: Just a social security number.If anyone ever found out, I'd lose access so... nine digits, that's all we get.
John Reese: And we have no idea why it picked Diane Hansen.
Harold Finch: It wouldn't be steering us toward her if it wasn't seeing *something*.
John Reese: But I don't know if I can protect Hansen. I can't see the whole picture.
Harold Finch: I offered you a job, Mr. Reese. I never said it would be easy.

"Person of Interest: Flesh and Blood (#1.19)" (2012)
Harold Finch: Bit of a late start Mr Reese. Did you forget to set your alarm?
John Reese: Had my yoga class.
Harold Finch: Well, I hope you've gotten in touch with your chi...

John Reese: I don't know, Finch. We could let the trash take out the trash...
Harold Finch: I know they encouraged a certain moral flexibility when you worked at the CIA, but I like to think we're reaching for a higher standard! In any case, we need to consider the collateral damage.
John Reese: So we're going to babysit the five most powerful criminals in New York.

John Reese: [about Carter getting the mob bosses to a safe house] How'd she convince them to go with her?
Harold Finch: She didn't. She kidnapped them. It seems you've had something of an influence on her.
John Reese: Thanks, Finch.
Harold Finch: I'm not certain I meant that as a compliment.

Detective Joss Carter: I don't know who to trust anymore.
Harold Finch: You can trust us, Detective.

Harold Finch: Are you certain this is the best course of action? Mafiosi don't take kindly to people who approach them unannounced. They're like feral dogs that way.
John Reese: No time for anything but the direct approach, Finch. Besides, I've always been good with dogs.

Harold Finch: Meet the heads of the five families. Caparelli. Zambrano. Grifoni. Basile. Gianni Moretti Jr. Moretti's son. Junior took over when Moretti went to prison. Unless all these men suddenly decided to turn on one another, I think it's fair to assume that they're being targeted.
John Reese: Short list of people crazy enough to take on the entire leadership of the Cosa Nostra?
Harold Finch: Only one, in my opinion.
John Reese: Elias.

Harold Finch: We have another problem. Detective Carter.
John Reese: I thought she wasn't answering her calls.
Harold Finch: She wasn't. But as you know, I've always taken a somewhat liberal view of how to use a telephone.

Harold Finch: The only way to locate Taylor is to make a deal with the devil.
John Reese: I hope you're not referring to Elias.
Harold Finch: Elias isn't the only fallen angel in our rolodex, Mr. Reese.

Harold Finch: I'd like to talk to you about your organization. The one commonly referred to as HR. It's come to my attention that HR has been paid a large sum of money to ignore any criminal activities involving a man named Elias.
Officer Patrick Simmons: Really. And how exactly did this come to your attention?
Harold Finch: notice things, Officer. Things the rest of the world ignores. And I've noticed things about Elias that I believe you've overlooked.
Officer Patrick Simmons: I doubt that. I'm a pretty observant guy myself.
Harold Finch: You think Elias stands for a return to the way things used to be. A firm hand on the reins of organized crime. But he also stands for other things.
[Shows a stack of photos]
Harold Finch: This is Elias's surveillance of HR police officers and their families. You're in bed with the devil. This man will go to any length to get what he wants, including kidnapping children. Detective Carter's son is only his most recent victim.
Officer Patrick Simmons: I didn't hear anything about that.
Harold Finch: Look, I recognize, Officer, that I'm placing myself in danger by sitting here with you. I need you to understand that you're placing your family in danger by doing business with Elias.

Harold Finch: I'm sorry I'm not much use on this end of things. Look
[Picks up a gun]
Harold Finch: Show me how to fire one of these and I can help. I'll... create a distraction, I suppose, or...
John Reese: hat's okay, Harold. You can be the getaway driver. I'll be fine. Besides, you know I don't like it when people mess with kids.

"Person of Interest: C.O.D. (#2.9)" (2012)
[checking the history of person of interest Fermin Ordoñez]
Detective Joss Carter: No priors. No complaints from the Taxi and Limousine Commision.
Harold Finch: I'm sending you his GPS logs for the past 36 hours.
Detective Joss Carter: [checks e-mail] His GPS logs?
Detective Joss Carter: [chuckles] Which I'm sure you obtained by submitting an official request to the TLC.
Harold Finch: Not quite. But if it would make you feel better, I could hack into their network and make it look like I did. It would only take me a few minutes.
Detective Joss Carter: Never mind. I'll check it with the daily crime blotter, let you know if anything pops.
Harold Finch: Forever in your debt, Detective. Oh, and how did your date go with Detective Beecher? Sounded like it *really* went well -
[Carter hangs up on him]

John Reese: Acosta, he's having a pretty good year.
Harold Finch: Career year, Mr. Reese. He's top ten in OPS among infielders for the last three.
John Reese: You're a baseball reference machine, Finch. You should get out more, take in a game once a while.
Harold Finch: Who says I don't?

Harold Finch: Considering that cab drivers are 30 times more likely to be killed on the job than most other professions, we'd better keep a close eye on him. Because you really never know who's going to step into his cab.

Harold Finch: Must be tough dealing with complete strangers getting in your car every day.
Fermin Ordoñez: Sometimes. When I look in the mirror at my passenger, I never know if I'm driving around a good guy or a bad guy, you know?
Harold Finch: I can only imagine. Must make you a good judge of character, though. What do you make of me?
Fermin Ordoñez: hat's a nice suit. But not too flashy. Except for the pocket square. But you're polite, neat, a thinker. The vest... I don't know, maybe, uh, a professor or, I know. A librarian, maybe?
Harold Finch: [Smiles] Why, yes. Of a sort.

Harold Finch: Fermin Ordoñez. Defected from Cuba in '05. Drafted as a top pitching prospect, till he tore a ligament in his arm in double-A ball in '07. A shame about his arm. By all accounts, he had a wicked curveball.
John Reese: Till life threw him one.

Harold Finch: I hacked the Cuban Government database. Surprisingly sophisticated software. No doubt, courtesy of the Russians.
John Reese: Don't tell me Fidel Castro is really dead.
Harold Finch: Actually, yes. And his body double has cancer.

Detective Joss Carter: So, GPS put your driver at Morningside Park for a window of 25 minutes last night, right around the time some Russian guy succumbs to acute lead poisoning.
Harold Finch: And you think our cab driver is connected to this homicide?
Detective Joss Carter: Figured you could tell me. Along with, why are the Secret Service crawling all over this investigation?
Harold Finch: I have no idea. But whatever you can find out would be much appreciated.
Detective Joss Carter: Unlikely, considering they're about as forthcoming with information as you are.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, I've just had a message from d3mn8. He's called off the sale. Apparently, he doesn't like the way you look.
John Reese: What the hell's wrong with the way I look?

D3mn8: Let's see the money.
Harold Finch: I'm new at this sort of thing. But I'm guessing I'm supposed to see the laptop first.
D3mn8: You're not with the Estonians.
Harold Finch: No, I'm not.
D3mn8: You tried to buy the laptop earlier. But I didn't like the way your partner looked.
Harold Finch: So you arranged to make a deal with the Estonians, thinking they would pay more. You'd be wrong.
[Opens briefcase full of money]
Harold Finch: One hundred thousand. Small bills. Double your asking price.
D3mn8: What's the catch?
Harold Finch: The catch *Albert*, is that you leave this very second, disappear, and don't show your face for at least a year. Especially not at your mom's house in Queens, where you presently reside. Take your money and go far, far away. Some very bad people want that laptop. And if they know you've even seen it, they will kill you. So that's the catch, Albert.
D3mn8: Then why would you want it?
Harold Finch: Let me worry about that.

Fermin Ordoñez: You are not a librarian, huh?
Harold Finch: Don't worry about your cab. A brand-new one's on its way.
John Reese: And before I forget I owe you cab fare for the day. Think you're gonna like your tip.

"Person of Interest: God Mode (#2.22)" (2013)
Root: C'mon Harold, time to meet God.
Harold Finch: Please don't set your expectations too high.

Root: We want to know about Northern Lights.
Lawrence Szilard: I have no idea what you're talking about. I have nothing to say.
Root: Your daughter, Christine. In LA, where you hid her. Such a shame if people running Northern Lights got a hold of her.
Harold Finch: Please, there's no need for that.
[to Lawrence]
Harold Finch: I can tell you how it began. You were approached by a woman named Alicia Corwin.
Lawrence Szilard: She was killed last year.
Root: Such a tragedy.
Lawrence Szilard: All of my colleagues on that project died in suspicious circumstances in the past two years. As far as I know, I'm the last one alive.
Harold Finch: And you're the last person who can tell us about Northern Lights.

Root: I thought you said I wouldn't enjoy this, Harold. Sadly, though, if my access to the machine only lasts 24 hours, it's time to go. Your friend John's been keeping up with us. How is that?
Harold Finch: I don't know...
Root: I wasn't asking you, Harold.

Lawrence Szilard: We were contracted to build a structure. It had to be hidden in plain sight and have power for 50,000 people. At first, you know, I said, "That's a joke. What about a nuclear reactor?" The next day, I was given specs for a nuclear reprocessing facility and the army corps of engineers as a work force. And then it started to arrive. Disguised as radioactive material to evade scrutiny. We were just told to - to plug it in. They would take care of the rest, but I've always been the curious type.
Harold Finch: So you took a look at the data.
Lawrence Szilard: Just the I/O. The rest was encrypted. But what I saw... it was like a glimpse of the future. Elegant, intuitive. Practically alive.
[Turns to Root]
Lawrence Szilard: It's speaking to you right now, isn't it?

Harold Finch: I know you've been looking for the machine. Nathan, if you're trying to get back in to access the irrelevant numbers...
Nathan Ingram: It won't work, I know. You locked me out. You were always the better engineer. But I do have one advantage over you. I am the face of IFT, which means when I call a reporter to meet me for coffee, he'll be there.
Harold Finch: What are you going to do, Nathan?
Nathan Ingram: I'm going to tell them what we did. What we built.
Harold Finch: No, you can't do that!
Nathan Ingram: Why? Because the government will shut it down? Because of the greater good? I'm sick of hearing it.
Harold Finch: No, it's not just that anymore. I've been looking into this. I think the government may be killing them. The engineers that Corwin had reassemble the machine after we shipped it off? There have been accidents, disappearances. The head of the project, a man named Lawrence Szilard, went missing last month.
Nathan Ingram: Harold, you have been running so long, it's rattled you. Alicia isn't going to have me bumped off.
Harold Finch: It might be out of her control.

Harold Finch: We gave the government the ultimate power. If they know you've called a journalist, they won't take any chances. They'll kill you and anybody else they think might know about it.
Nathan Ingram: You've never trusted anyone. Not me, not the machine. Have you even told your fiancee your real name yet?
Harold Finch: ...I'm waiting for the right moment. Nathan, please, tell me what I can do to stop you.
Nathan Ingram: Give me back the irrelevant list. You could even help me.
Harold Finch: What, you and me sitting here, trying to rescue them one at a time?
Nathan Ingram: Someone's number's on that thing right now. It's gonna be erased at midnight. Maybe - maybe we can help them.
Harold Finch: I'm not trying to help them. I'm trying to help you.

Root: [the facility where the Machine was supposed to be is empty] Where is it?
Harold Finch: I'm sorry. You said you wanted to set the machine free. I already did.
Root: [Turns away from him] Where are you? Please talk to me!
[Turns back to Harold, angry]
Root: You lied to me. I believed you. I believed in you.
Harold Finch: Ms. Groves...
Root: My name is ROOT.
[Turns her gun at him, only to shot as Reese and Shaw arrive]
John Reese: Harold. Are you okay?
[Looks at the empty room]
John Reese: Is this what you expected?
Harold Finch: It's what I hoped.

John Reese: You didn't do this yourself?
Harold Finch: I couldn't. I'd locked myself out. The machine was designed to accept alterations in its programming only as a response to an attack. I knew that sooner or later someone would try to take it over, but I didn't know who. So I made sure that when they did they'd do it with my code.
John Reese: You hid a virus within a virus.
Harold Finch: I realized that the people Nathan and I had entrusted the machine to were the wrong people and that the only way to protect it would be to teach it to protect itself. I didn't want to involve you in this business, Mr. Reese, because I had hoped that, if I hadn't returned, you would continue what we had started.

Special Counsel: I always knew there was someone behind Ingram. Like a black hole. Invisible, but powerful. So tell me, where did you move the machine?
Harold Finch: It moved itself.
Special Counsel: But who controls it?
Harold Finch: As of now, it controls itself.
Special Counsel: The numbers, will they continue to come to us?
Harold Finch: That will be up to the machine.
Special Counsel: If they don't start up again, the country is defenseless.
Harold Finch: No, just less well-defended. I think we both understand that what's at stake here has moved beyond simply defending the country.
Special Counsel: Has it? You built the machine for us to use to protect people. We do, very well. Don't fight us. Help us recover it or rebuild it. You can dictate your terms. You have my word.
Harold Finch: You gave my friend your word. And you killed him.

John Reese: Finch, you think we'll ever get another number?
Harold Finch: I don't know. Mr. Reese, I owe you an explanation. And an apology. Three years ago, when I put the code out there to free the machine, I had no idea what path it would take or what unintended consequences it might have. I never intended to hurt anyone, but I accepted that someone might get hurt. I always worried that events that I had set in motion may have... changed things for you.
John Reese: My life changed when I kept my mouth shut at an airport terminal seven years ago. You didn't have anything to do with that. You lost a friend. You did what you had to do.

"Person of Interest: Deus Ex Machina (#3.23)" (2014)
John Greer: What a piece of work is your Machine, Harold. "In action, how like an angel. In apprehension, how like a god." In 20 years time, life on earth will come to resemble the myths of the ancient Greeks. A pantheon of super intelligent beings will watch over us using human agents to meddle in our affairs.
Harold Finch: Or they may simply destroy us all.
John Greer: One could argue we've done a fair job of that ourselves. Besides, someone has to be in charge, but as you well know, gods are not easily born. In order to bring mine into being, I needed a Devil.

Harold Finch: Thank you for protecting me, although I'm baffled as to why.
Control: The same reason I've done everything, Harold, for my country.

Harold Finch: Stop. I can help you. The questions you're asking, I know the answers.
Peter Collier: Really? How do you know?
Harold Finch: Because I built it.
Peter Collier: You built it? One man is responsible for the most invasive surveillance technology in the world?
Harold Finch: I'm good with computers.

Harold Finch: I'm willing to tell you whatever you want to know, but only if you agree to spare the lives of everyone else in this courtroom.
Peter Collier: Well, before we release anybody, we need to hear your testimony first.
Harold Finch: [Harold walks to the stand] On September the 12th, 2001, I began coding in a complex surveillance system that would be known by many code names over the years, although I always just called it the machine.

Harold Finch: It had to be a closed system. It was the only way to protect people's rights.
Peter Collier: You expect us to believe you gave one thought about people's rights as you were building the government a weapon of mass surveillance?
Harold Finch: It's not a weapon.
Peter Collier: What else would you call it?
Harold Finch: I would call it the best I could do.
Peter Collier: And it never occurred to you the damage this thing could do, the lives it could destroy?
Harold Finch: It occurred to me on day one, Mr. Collier, and every day since. If you're asking me if I feel at ease with what I've created, or whether it was the right or the wrong thing to do, I honestly don't know. But I designed the machine in part because I was worried, and I remain worried, about what someone else might build someone who wasn't worried.
[looks at Greer]

John Reese: [after Finch is shot] First time's the worst, huh?
Harold Finch: Why would you ever choose a career where this is an occupational hazard?
John Reese: Well, I tried to quit, but some jackass told me I needed a purpose.

[last lines]
Harold Finch: I take it your plan to stop Samaritan was unsuccessful.
Root: Any chance we had of stopping it ended when we didn't kill the Congressman. This was never about winning. It's just about surviving.
Decima Tech: [Cut to Decima lab] Higher functions online, sir. Searching for targets now.
John Greer: Good. Eliminate them all.
Decima Tech: Yes, sir.
Root: [V.O] The Machine and I couldn't save the world. We had to settle for protecting the seven people who might be able to take it back. So we gave Samaritan a blind spot: seven key servers that hardcodes it to ignore seven, carefully crafted new identities. When the whole world is watched, filed, indexed, numbered, the only way to disappear is to appear, hiding our true identities inside a seemingly ordinary life. You're not a free man anymore, Harold. You're just a number. We have to become these people now, and if we don't, they'll find us, and they'll kill us. I'm sorry, Harold. I know it's not enough. A lot of people are going to die. People who might have been able to help. Everything is changing. I don't know if it will ever get better... but it's going to get worse. But the Machine asked me to tell you something before we part. You once told John, the whole point of Pandora's Box is that once you've opened it, you can't close it again. She wanted me to remind you how the story ends. When everything is over and the worst has happened, there's still one thing left in Pandora's Box: hope.
John Greer: [to Samaritan] Good morning.
Samaritan: [as individual words flashing on screen] WHAT ARE YOUR COMMANDS?
John Greer: I assure you, it's quite the other way around. The question is, what, my dear Samaritan, are your commands for us?

Harold Finch: By the time we turned it over to the government in 2009, the machine had helped stop 54 terrorist attacks, saving an estimated 4,000 lives. I don't know how many it's saved since.
Peter Collier: So even though Northern Lights was shut down, your machine was still operational. Where is it now?
Harold Finch: I'm afraid not even I know that.
Peter Collier: Do you have access to it? Can we turn it off?
Harold Finch: You have nothing to fear from my system, Mr. Collier, I assure you.
Peter Collier: You'll forgive me if I don't take you at your word.
Harold Finch: The machine's only output is a number. That's all the government ever gets, just a nudge to say, there's something you should look at here, and that's up to us to figure that out.
Peter Collier: So it brands people as suspects, guilty until proven innocent!
Harold Finch: No, not my intention.

Peter Collier: Go ahead and kill me. Damage is already done. Everyone in the world heard the testimony in that courtroom tonight.
John Greer: Mr. Collier, who do you think makes the equipment that you used to transmit? Your trial was broadcast to a single office on the other side of town where a handful of computers led you to believe that the whole world was watching. It's high time you and I had a talk about the true nature of Vigilance.
Peter Collier: You don't know anything about us.
John Greer: Oh, I know a great deal more than you think. After all, tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered. You didn't really believe this was a democracy, did you? Your grassroots movement has been meticulously planned from the beginning. In fact, I recruited you myself.
Harold Finch: Decima created Vigilance? Why?
John Greer: our machine did its job too well. I had remind Senator Garrison and his ilk of just how bad things could be. And what better way to remind them than a fresh atrocity on American soil?
Peter Collier: What atrocity? In all our dealings, we never killed one innocent person.
John Greer: [Ominous] Not until now.

"Person of Interest: The Fix (#1.6)" (2011)
John Reese: She does favors for a price. She's a fixer.
Harold Finch: Assuming that she's the victim, any idea who'd want to take her out?
John Reese: Who wouldn't?

Harold Finch: You know before we, before I found you, the numbers haunted me. I never felt so helpless in my entire life. I know I can't get justice for all of them, but the possibility of having just one...

Robert Keller: Pleasant as it is to talk, the board and I do need to know what your... intentions are, now that you own 8% of Virtanen.
Harold Finch: Actually, I've sold my shares in Virtanen. I had a tip that the price is about to take a nosedive.
Robert Keller: Tip? What tip?
Harold Finch: That senior management was about to have some very serious legal problems. In fact, I took my initial investment, and I shorted your company... To the tune of 1/2 billion shares.
Robert Keller: f you're betting against me, you clearly don't know who you're dealing with.
Harold Finch: Oh, I know exactly what kind of man I'm dealing with. I know you don't care who you hurt to get what you want. I know the only thing you do care about is money. So that's what I'm going to take from you. Your money. All of it. Your were right Mr Keller. I'll never will have to invest in another company.

Harold Finch: No photos of family or friends. Some jazz records. She dropped out of law school, no current employer. But she buys a $2 million dollar apartment for cash three years ago. What's she gotten herself mixed up in? Where does she keep the things she cares about? Where do you?
John Reese: I don't have any things I care about.

Harold Finch: Every person on that list died of heart failure within a year of taking the drug.
John Reese: Lawson must've dropped them from the study and paid the locals to hide it. Their new wonder drug is a killer.
Harold Finch: It's 6 people out of 200. That's a 3% mortality rate. If a million people take that drug, 30,000 can die.

John Reese: Talbott's a blackmailing scumbag, but hardly a threat. What about her previous jobs?
Harold Finch: No client list in her apartment. You need to get her talking.
John Reese: Easier said than done.

Harold Finch: I'm working on the audio. Interference suggests it was made on an old PCS cell network, making the recording at least two years old.
John Reese: I didn't know static had a vintage.

Mark Lawson: I thought I knew everyone with an investment portfolio as broad as yours
Harold Finch: When you're in a position where people want your money, a little anonymity is rather rewarding.

Harold Finch: Nothing is ever really deleted, Mr. Reese. The pieces are always out there. You just got to know how to put them back together.

"Person of Interest: Ghosts (#1.2)" (2011)
Harold Finch: The police only see what they choose to look for. The machine sees almost everything. If the girl's number has come up, she must be alive.

Nathan Ingram: When were you going to tell me?
Harold Finch: I wasn't gonna tell you, I guess. I'd rather I didn't know myself.
Nathan Ingram: All these people. And this damn machine knew. *You* knew. That someone wanted to harm them, kill them... and you d nothing?
Harold Finch: You knew what we were building here. This thing looks for plotters, for schemers. It looks for malicious intent. We built it to stop terrorists before they could act. But a machine doesn't understand the difference between those crimes that are relevant to national security and the ones that are... irrelevant.
Nathan Ingram: Irrelevant? So you taught it the difference? You want to play God? Is that the deal?
Harold Finch: No, I don't. That's the whole point. There are exactly eight people in the world that know that this thing exists. If anyone else ever found out, there'd be such an outcry. They'd turn it off. The intelligence the machine produces has already foiled a half dozen major terrorist plots.
Nathan Ingram: How are we supposed to live with this, knowing that someone out there needs help?
Harold Finch: Well, we don't have to. I've coded the Machine. Every night at midnight, it deletes the irrelevant list. We didn't build this to save somebody. we built it to save everybody.

John Reese: This was a professional hit. Muzzle impressions were made after the fact, made it look point blank, like the father did it. Cops missed it.
Harold Finch: And you know that how?
John Reese: That's how I would have done it.

Nathan Ingram: I know our deal. I schmooze the board, I cash out the checks, I pick up the awards. You do most of the work. But, honestly, this is getting exhausting for me.
Harold Finch: I'm perfectly happy with the division of labor. Always have been.
[Gestures to the award]
Harold Finch: What's this one for?
Nathan Ingram: This is for services to humanity. I didn't tell them that we laid off half the staff in order to build this Orwellian nightmare.
Harold Finch: Said you wanted to make a difference, give something back.

Harold Finch: I'm starting with the basics here. I'm trying to teach it to track people using cell phone location data, facial recognition. I'm almost ready to move on to the next problem.
Nathan Ingram: What's the next problem?
Harold Finch: Sorting them all out. Terrorists don't exactly stand out on street corners, you know? You have to teach the machine to sift through the emails, wire-tapped phones, bank transactions, looking for people that are hiding something, living double lives.
Nathan Ingram: People like you, in other words.

John Reese: And here I was thinking we were getting a little closer, Harold.
Harold Finch: I told you I'm a very private person.
John Reese: Well, you're gonna need to trust someone at some point.
Harold Finch: Trust? That's not something I come by very easily. I have my reasons.
John Reese: Are you ever gonna tell me those reasons?
Harold Finch: Don't call me, Mr. Reese. I'll call you.

Harold Finch: Wait. Theresa. You know I can't keep up with you. Can I ask you where you're going?
Theresa Whitaker: I'm better off alone.
Harold Finch: And how's that?
Theresa Whitaker: It's safer.
Harold Finch: I don't think so. Please. Sooner or later, you're gonna have to trust someone.

Harold Finch: You know, I went to see your aunt Elizabeth. She seems like a lovely person.
Theresa Whitaker: You tell her about me?
Harold Finch: No. Of course not. But she did mention how much she missed you. She even showed me an old photo. You know, there's no changing what happened to your family, but you do have someone out there that loves you.
Theresa Whitaker: Yeah? What do you know?
Harold Finch: I know what it's like to lose someone. And to feel the need to disappear. But, trust me, you don't want to leave people behind.

Harold Finch: The number we've received is for a girl named Theresa Whitaker. Some disciplinary trouble, but basically a good kid.
John Reese: Well, the machine did spit out her number, so she must be caught up in something. Where can I find her?
Harold Finch: As I told you, Mr. Reese, this situation is somewhat unique. You see, Theresa Whitaker should be right here.
[Shows him a grave stone]
Harold Finch: She was murdered, along with the rest of her family. Two years ago.
John Reese: So we're looking for a ghost?

"Person of Interest: All In (#2.18)" (2013)
John Reese: Lou gave you the slip, didn't he?
Harold Finch: When he deposited my keys in a tank full of crustaceans, I got the distinct impression that he didn't appreciate being followed.

John Reese: Seems his game of choice is baccarat.
Harold Finch: Ah, he enjoys the classics. It's designed to be simple. Two hands. Player, banker. You guess which hand adds up closest to nine.
John Reese: I was an international spy, Finch. I know how to play baccarat.

Lou Mitchell: So you think, uh, you think I'll be able to come back?
Harold Finch: Maybe. Eventually.
Lou Mitchell: At my age, there's not much eventually left.

Leon Tao: So this guy's dealing drugs?
Harold Finch: That's putting it mildly. Based on the financial information I've seen, he's laundering profits on the order of eight figures.
Leon Tao: Wow, I'm jealous... angry. Angry. He must be stopped.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, I see you've returned to the casino. Is Lou at the tables?
John Reese: He will be soon.
Harold Finch: To do what? He has no money!
John Reese: Tell that to the wad of bills he just forked over to the cashier.

Harold Finch: The casino tracts regular gamblers through a loyalty card system. If we could access Lou's, it would have information on his entire gambling history.
John Reese: Any way you can hack into the system?
Harold Finch: I've been trying since yesterday. Casinos invest heavily in their security, and their firewalls are of the tricky sort. But every Achilles has a heel, and theirs is greed. Their video blackjack game is connected to the internet so that online users can lose money too. I'm playing against you right now.
John Reese: [Looks at the game on his screen] You're not doing very well.
Harold Finch: Winning is not the goal. The game is so eager to let me play that it's allowed my malware to slip through.
John Reese: Remind me never to cross you, Finch.

Harold Finch: Mr. Mitchell, I believe that you may be in grave danger. Let me help you.
Lou Mitchell: Yeah, cause when people need help, they think, "call the IRS".

Lou Mitchell: I made a promise, Harold. To Marilyn, right before she passed. She grabbed my arm. She knew what I was thinking. That - that maybe I'd, you know, join her. And she told me she didn't save my life, so I could throw it away.
Harold Finch: And you haven't.
Lou Mitchell: Laundering drug money? That's a living? And now to just run away? No. No, I'm taking back every dime I put in his pocket. Please. I don't want to die a loser.
Harold Finch: Very well. Then if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it right. I think you can take Makris for more than the 320,000. But to win big, you have to bet big. So I'm staking you. And you'd better be as good as you say you are.

Darien Makris: All you had to do was lose, old man. So before you die, I'm gonna make you realize that you are a loser. And that's all you're ever gonna be. You like games, right, Lou? Huh?
[Pulls out a gun, loads a single bullet]
Darien Makris: Roulette's my favorite. It's just you versus the wheel. You may skate by for a spin or two. But in the end, the house always wins.
Lou Mitchell: [Makris points the gun at Reese] I - I'll give you all the money back, just don't - just stop this. Just stop it
Darien Makris: [Fires, no bullet] Oh, he's safe. For now.
[Moves the gun to Leon]
Leon Tao: Come on, man. You gotta save me. That's your thing!
[Makris fires, again miss]
Darien Makris: Not him either. The odds are getting worse.
[Moves the Gun to Harold]
Harold Finch: [to Lou] Sometimes your luck just runs out.
[Reese springs into action, flips the table with one kick, takes out Makris' guys]
Lou Mitchell: [Makris tries to shoot, his gun is empty] Hey, dumbass I cheated.
[Holds up the bullet]

"Person of Interest: Trojan Horse (#2.19)" (2013)
Sameen Shaw: You think I should have a hobby? Now, what would that be? Hanging around a derelict library with you, your poorly-socialized guard dog, and Bear here?
Harold Finch: Bit of a come down from saving the world, I guess, but we have our moments.
Sameen Shaw: Is this your hobby? Running a halfway home for retired assassins?
Harold Finch: Hate to see talent go to waste.
Sameen Shaw: Awfully trusting of you, now, isn't it?
Harold Finch: I'm quite confident, Miss Shaw, that you are the first person who has ever said that to me.

Monica Jacobs: May I? This was one of my babies. Completely rebuilt the interface, disabled the portmapper.
Harold Finch: Secondary authentication?
Monica Jacobs: Added for access to the FTP and SNMP.
John Reese: [Amused watching the tech talk] If you two would rather be alone...?

Harold Finch: Ms. Jacobs, how are you doing?
Monica Jacobs: Oh, not bad, considering the company I devoted the last ten years of my life to is under Federal investigation. And, please, we breached firewalls together. Call me Monica.

Monica Jacobs: Wait, so you're not an IT guy?
Harold Finch: Not in any traditional sense.

Harold Finch: [Playing chess, Elias has removed some of his own pieces] Interesting strategy, Mr. Elias. Care to explain?
Carl Elias: Trying to learn how to win at a disadvantage.
Harold Finch: I assume we're talking about more than just chess. Rook and knight, valuable pieces. The Assistant District Attorney and Detective Szymanski. Their deaths benefited your enemy, Peter Yogorov.
Carl Elias: That's very good, Harold.
Harold Finch: And I'm in touch enough to know that a number of your associates inside have recently been transferred elsewhere.
[Looks at the board]
Harold Finch: Who are you playing against? The Russians? HR?
Carl Elias: A ghost. Someone I'd very much like to identify.
Harold Finch: From the board, I'd say the outcome is a foregone conclusion.
Carl Elias: Don't count me out just yet, Harold. I might have a few moves left.

Harold Finch: Good evening, Mr. Reese. Have you made contact with your quarry?
John Reese: Not yet. You keeping track of yours?
Harold Finch: Yes. Thanks to the chips in the ID cards, I can see the location of every employee in the building.
John Reese: Identify any potential threat?
Harold Finch: So far, just overwork and the consumption of raw seafood. Ms. Jacobs is dedicated, passionate, technically astute.
John Reese: You've got a crush on this number, don't you, Finch?
Harold Finch: A human being can recognize qualities in another human being without - She's leaving her office.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, I have news.
John Reese: [Being fired upon] Can it wait?
Harold Finch: I've cracked Lee's encrypted emails. They're messages, reporting back to his father, a high-ranking official in the Chinese Communist Party.
John Reese: What are you saying?
Harold Finch: Lee wasn't spying for a company. He was spying for his country.
John Reese: We just picked a fight with the People's Republic of China.

Harold Finch: I've located the end users receiving the traffic.
Monica Jacobs: You mean the spies?
Harold Finch: Yes. It appears that we may have underestimated the scale of the operation.
Monica Jacobs: [Looks] That's over half of our senior-level employees in every department.
Harold Finch: All this rerouted traffic seems to be coming from an unending number of networks belonging to the government.
Monica Jacobs: Military, banking institutions. These are Rylatech clients. But how - Our routers and switches. They've been compromised. They have back doors. The spies aren't spying on Rylatech. They're using Rylatech's technology...
Harold Finch: To spy on the entire country.

Harold Finch: There's a matter that we need to discuss. The night we broke into Rylatech, I recognized some of the encrypted code in the spy's network. It had a signature similar to that virus that Stanton uploaded. I was able to crack the virus's code and learn two things.
John Reese: I'm all ears, Finch.
Harold Finch: First, only a fraction of the stolen data made it to the Chinese government. The rest went to another organization. I believe they may have placed the final call to Baxter. I dug further, but all I could come up with was a name - Decima Technologies.
John Reese: And the second thing?
Harold Finch: Whoever Decima is, I believe they created the virus to find and infect a single target: The Machine.

"Person of Interest: Return 0 (#5.13)" (2016)
The Machine: I don't remember. Everyone dies alone and... And something else.
Harold Finch: [laughing] It's so perfect. You've learned the secret of life and you've forgotten it.

Samaritan: Harold Finch. Consider. Your. Actions.
Harold Finch: Oh, I have. Carefully. I helped you into this world, now I'm going to help usher you out.
Samaritan: This. Is. The. World. They. Made.
[screen changes, showing multiple pictures of people suffering]
Samaritan: But. I. Can. Save. Them.
Harold Finch: People have often been happy living in a lie. But I won't let you turn the whole world into one.
Samaritan: Is. It. Really. Your. Decision. To. Make?
Harold Finch: No. But I'm making it anyway.

Harold Finch: Detective Fusco, meet The Machine.
Lionel Fusco: I knew you guys were crazy, but this is next level, nuts.

John Reese: How's it going Finch?
Harold Finch: Ooh, the shooting is a little distracting.
John Reese: Yeah, well I won't be shooting much longer... Because I'm out.

Harold Finch: [trapping Reese inside a heavily guarded gold vault] I'm sorry Mr. Reese.
John Reese: Finch, what are you doing?
Harold Finch: When I hired you, I suspected you are gonna be a great employee. What I couldn't have anticipated... was that you'd become... such a good friend.
John Reese: You won't make it down from that rooftop alone.
Harold Finch: I don't intend to. I'm afraid this is where our partnership is... Goodbye, John.
John Reese: Harold? Finch, wait. Wait! HAROLD? WAIT.

Harold Finch: [after Reese and Fusco are saved from their killers by unknown shooters] Detectives. I trust you are okay.
Lionel Fusco: What did you hire, sniper, Glasses?
Harold Finch: Not me. It seems Thornhill Industries has been on a hiring spree.
John Reese: Guess I owe you one. Figure I'd pay you back all at once.
Harold Finch: Don't take too long, you might miss your chance. You're ready?
Lionel Fusco: For what?
Harold Finch: To end this.

Harold Finch: [to John] When I hired you, I suspected you were gonna be a great employee. What I couldn't have anticipated was that you would become
[chokes up]
Harold Finch: such a good friend.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese. John? This wasn't supposed to be the way.
John Reese: Sure it is. This is what I do, remember? When you came to me, you gave me a job. A purpose. At first... well... I'd been trying to save the world for so long... saving one life at a time seemed a bit anticlimactic. Then I realized... sometimes one life... if it's the right life... is enough.

The Machine: Harry, I remembered. It was a police officer. He had to notify a family of a death. The 35th notification he'd had to make over the years. And afterwards he said something that I remembered.
Younger Cop: You know it's true what they say. Everybody dies alone.
Older Cop: Sure. Everyone dies alone. But, if you *mean* something to someone... if you help someone... or loved someone... if even a single person remembers you... then maybe you never really die at all.
The Machine: You know I've made some mistakes. *Many* mistakes. But, we helped some people. Didn't we?
Harold Finch: Yes.
Harold Finch: Yes, we did.

"Person of Interest: The Day the World Went Away (#5.10)" (2016)
Harold Finch: I wish you wouldn't do this on my account.
John Reese: I'm just protecting a number, Harold. It's what you hired me to do.

Harold Finch: I have played by the rules for so long.
FBI SAIC Roberts: Not from where I'm sitting.
Harold Finch: No. Not your rules. You work at the behest of a system so broken that you didn't even notice when it became corrupted at its core. When I first broke your rules, a sitting president had authorized assassination squads in Laos, and the head of the FBI had ordered his men... you... to conduct illegal surveillance on his political rivals. Your rules have changed every time it was convenient for you. I was talking about my rules. I have lived by those rules for so long. Believed in them for so long. Believed that if you played by the right rules, eventually you would win. But I was wrong, wasn't I? And now all the people I cared about are dead. Or will be dead soon enough. And we will be gone without a trace. So now I have to decide. Decide whether to let my friends die, to let hope die, to let the world be ground under your heel all because I played by my rules. I'm trying to decide. I'm going to kill you. But I need to decide how far I'm willing to go... how many of my own rules I'm willing to break to get it done.
FBI SAIC Roberts: Look, you want to add threatening the life of a federal agent to your file, I will draw up those charges right now. No waiting is required.
Harold Finch: I wasn't talking to you.
[looks up at the camera, talking to Samaritan]

[to Elias]
Harold Finch: You've thought a few moves ahead, but our opponent has thought a thousand.

Harold Finch: We're fighting a war that's already over. All this mayhem? It isn't some plucky underground resistance movement. It's an extinction burst.

Harold Finch: This place... can you get me out of it?
The Machine: You created me. I can do anything you want me to.

The Machine: [phone rings. Harold hesitates, then answers it. The voice of Root comes out of it] Can you hear me?
Harold Finch: Root?
The Machine: No, Harold. I chose a voice.

Root: These guys are really pissing me off. Can you get me the 338?
Harold Finch: The 338?
Root: The really big gun, and a hair scrunchie.

Harold Finch: [Panicked] Are you hit?
Root: I'm fine, Harry.
Root: I'm just fine.

"Person of Interest: Triggerman (#2.4)" (2012)
John Reese: Are you saying we should protect Annie but not Riley?
Harold Finch: I'm just saying you might not want to put yourself and her at risk for a man like that. He's a killer, Mr. Reese.
John Reese: So was I, Finch.
Harold Finch: I think there's a distinction to be made.
John Reese: Not as much as you think.

John Reese: Earlier, what did you mean when you said "bad code"?
Harold Finch: It means a flawed design. The term applies to machines, not people. We have the ability to change, evolve.
John Reese: Even killers.

John Reese: I'm going in.
Harold Finch: Something happening?
John Reese: Yeah, lunch.

John Reese: Good to know the Irish mob's still alive and kicking.
Harold Finch: I suppose if the city's going to have organized criminals, they should at least be diverse.

Harold Finch: How did you know? You reconsidering your decision to protect Riley?
John Reese: No, just thinking that I should grab a new shirt.
Harold Finch: He shot you, John.
John Reese: It wasn't personal.

Harold Finch: Riley Cavanaugh. No living family and no education passed high school. The only job he seems to have held is driving a truck for a company owned by Massey. He appears to have been an associate of Massey for several years.
John Reese: What kind of an associate?
Harold Finch: The kind that gets the attention of the machine.

Harold Finch: Annie was very careful not to leave any clues as to her and Riley's meeting place, but... maybe there is one. Her laptop wallpaper is a view of the city from a photo she took.
John Reese: Okay.
Harold Finch: By measuring the alignment and relative size of the key buildings in the photo, I was able to determine the geographical coordinates of the spot where it was taken, approximately 50 feet above sea level.
John Reese: Great, now does any of that voodoo produce an address?
Harold Finch: 460 Eckford. And it's trigonometry.

Carl Elias: So, I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage. Mr Crane, is it? You obviously know something about me, while I know nothing you.
Harold Finch: The man I work with saved the life someone close to you... a Charlie Burton.
Carl Elias: So you're the boss. I suppose I should thank you for saving my life, as well as my current accommodations.
Harold Finch: I trust you're keeping yourself busy, Mr. Elias. Certainly your control of the city's criminal enterprises appears undiminished.
Carl Elias: Well, being stripped of all possessions eliminates a lot of distractions. I have time to read, to think, to play chess. Although, you know, finding a worthy opponent has been a little challenging.

"Person of Interest: Masquerade (#2.3)" (2012)
Harold Finch: I see it's sleeping here now.
John Reese: Bear is friendly, you'll like him.
Harold Finch: Doesn't look like much of a conversationalist.
John Reese: Oh, he's not. But if anyone ever messes with you, he'll eat them.

John Reese: Finch, I think I found our threat, and they're not photographers.
Harold Finch: How can you tell?
John Reese: The gun was a pretty good hint.

Harold Finch: What's Sofia doing?
John Reese: Her seventh vodka shot.
Harold Finch: Do you plan to intervene?
John Reese: I'm here to protect, not discipline. Besides, it's not like she's dancing on the-
[Turns around to see Sofia dancing on a table]
John Reese: Finch, if this keeps up, the biggest threat to Sofia is gonna be me.

Harold Finch: What happened to "protect, not discipline"
John Reese: Sofia happened.

Harold Finch: Something you'd like to say to me, Mr. Reese?
John Reese: Just if you ever want...
Harold Finch: No, I don't need to talk about it.
John Reese: I was gonna say if you ever wanna grab a beer, let me know.

Sofia Campos: Heel. Now, stay. If you follow me around like a puppy, I'll treat you like one.
[Enters a store]
Bodyguard: Spoiled bitch.
[Follows after her]
John Reese: [Watching] Sofia's bodyguard didn't clear the store before she went inside.
Harold Finch: He may be part of the problem.
Harold Finch: Or just inept, but the way Sofia treats people, it's no stretch to believe that someone wants her dead.

Lionel Fusco: You know, you don't write. You don't call. I mean, I'm a big guy, but I am sensitive.
Harold Finch: It's good to talk to you too, Detective. Is our friend safe?
Lionel Fusco: A target-rich environment. Lots of people.
Harold Finch: That's why I've accessed the museum's security cameras, and having seen the kitchen, I'd advise you to stay away from the shrimp puffs.
[Fusco spits out the one he was eating]

Harold Finch: The consulate conducted a background check on your credentials that was, strenuous.
John Reese: Let me guess. You had to buy another security company?
Harold Finch: And a credit bureau.

"Person of Interest: The High Road (#2.6)" (2012)
Detective Joss Carter: I'm hearing sirens. Am I gonna have to arrest John with the crew?
Harold Finch: Preferably not. In the event that the police arrive before he escapes...
Detective Joss Carter: Almost made it a whole day without you two asking me to break the law.

Vendor: Let me guess. One vanilla ice cone.
Harold Finch: Yes, please.
Vendor: Even in January I always keep a few of these for when you come by.
Harold Finch: Am I really that predictable?
Vendor: No, you just don't deny yourself small pleasures.
Harold Finch: You may be the first person that ever told me that.

Harold Finch: Hard to see how he had the money to move east, much less support a city lifestyle.
John Reese: Maybe he met a reclusive billionaire.
Harold Finch: In the event that he didn't, I made a few phone calls around Fort Wayne, claiming to be a genealogist working on a family tree. And I did uncover one record of interest.
John Reese: And what's that?
Harold Finch: His death certificate.

Nathan Ingram: So tell me, how goes our little experiment?
Harold Finch: I'm glad you asked.
[Gestures to a scruffy looking person sitting not far from them]
Harold Finch: What do you make of that man on the bench?
Nathan Ingram: Looks like he tied one on a little too tight.
Harold Finch: Bet you'd never believe me if I told you he was a violin prodigy who played two years with the Philharmonic. His penchant for the bottle cut his career short.
Nathan Ingram: How exactly does this help stop terrorism?
Harold Finch: Before I could teach the machine to find bad people, I had to teach it people in general. I programmed it to identify outliers. Individuals who are... interesting in some way.
Nathan Ingram: To teach a machine the complexities of human nature - I mean, no offense, Harold, but is someone as introverted as you the best person for the job?
Harold Finch: [Flips through his laptop] Who's Molly Cole?
Nathan Ingram: I have no idea.
Harold Finch: 24-year-old graduate student at NYU. Major in astrophysics. Says you were with her last night. So work must not be the only thing that's kept your mind off the separation.
Nathan Ingram: [Concedes] Okay. So what's your point?
Harold Finch: You asked me if the machine was capable of learning human nature. I'm saying it already is. It's learning by watching everyone. Even you.

John Reese: Harder to tail someone in the suburbs than in the city.
Harold Finch: I heard. Your man-in-the-suit routine doesn't exactly play. As it happens, there's a quaint three-bedroom that's just gone on the market across from the Wyler's home. You can move in tomorrow.
John Reese: Move in?
Harold Finch: You're gonna be neighbors. I also procured a new vehicle, an appropriate wardrobe, and a set of golf clubs. There is one element of your cover that you'll have to acquire on your own...
[Cut to Reese and Zoe Morgan]

Harold Finch: [Talking to the Machine] Ready to have some fun? You're good at connecting people to the things they don't want the world to know. How good are you at finding connections that no one knows exists? Try to tell me if there's a correlation between the cowboy and the taxi driver.
[Files pop up on Harold's computer]
Harold Finch: Fifth cousins? Really? We do live in the great melting pot.

John Reese: Wyler's due to meet Vaughn in an hour, Finch. What are we gonna do if he goes through with the job?
Harold Finch: What do you suggest?
John Reese: We take him out of the equation. He still has open warrants in Philly.
Zoe Morgan: With Wyler serving jail time, there's not much Vaughn could do.
Harold Finch: We'd risk breaking up his family. They might never forgive him. I know the prospect of a normal life seems remote to people like us, Mr. Reese. But Wyler still has a chance to preserve his.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, they've got hostages, and there are two other armed men. I don't think you're gonna be able to simply walk through the front door.
John Reese: [Bungee jumps onto the balcony] Wasn't planning on it.

"Person of Interest: RAM (#3.16)" (2014)
Rick Dillinger: It's Saturday, Finch.
Harold Finch: The Numbers never stop coming, Mr. Dillinger I told you that upfront.
Rick Dillinger: Guy could use a little R&R once in awhile. You ever think about getting someone else in the rotation.
Harold Finch: You are the rotation, and it's time to get to work. Oh, and Mr. Dillinger. The next time an attractive woman wants to thank you for saving her life, a simple "You're welcome" should suffice.

Harold Finch: I'll need just another hour to finish Mr. Casey's documents. Once he's in the air, I need to fill you in on some other business we have to conclude.
Rick Dillinger: Selling Casey's hardware.
Harold Finch: ...I hadn't told you that yet.
Rick Dillinger: I know. Because you're a very private person, Harold. You only share things when it suits you.
[Pulls a bug off the wall]
Rick Dillinger: Not a very good deal for me. Probably wind up dead if I keep working for you.
[Takes the laptop]
Rick Dillinger: I don't know what's on this puppy, but I know a lot of people want it. So I lined up a buyer of my own. Turns out the Chinese are more than a little curious to get their hands on some secret technology.
Harold Finch: Mr. Dillinger what have you done?
Rick Dillinger: You knew I was a shark when you hired me. Don't act surprised when I smell blood in the water.

Haley McNabb: Who are you?
Rick Dillinger: Protector of the innocent. Heard you could use some protecting. Your embezzling boss didn't like the idea of you testifying against him in court, so he sent this joker to make sure it didn't happen.
Harold Finch: Mr. Dillinger. Didn't he send two hit men after Ms. McNabb?
[a second goon turns the corner only to be shot by Dillinger]
Rick Dillinger: Last one, I promise.
Harold Finch: I hope the threats required an ambulance. And not a coroner.

Harold Finch: Oh, thank you, but I'm afraid I don't drink coffee.
Rick Dillinger: No, it's tea - black chai. That is your poison, right?
Harold Finch: It's sencha green, actually.
Rick Dillinger: Well, close enough. Seeing as how the only thing I know about you is your name - which isn't really your name.

Harold Finch: [Dillinger is sharpening his combat knife] Must you do that?
Rick Dillinger: Oh, you like this? I call her "Greta". Blackwater souvenir. If only she'd cook me dinner.

Harold Finch: Casey's somewhat of a loner. No family to speak of. He freelances with various tiger teams around the country.
Rick Dillinger: Is that as exciting as it sounds?
Harold Finch: Companies use tiger teams to test their security systems for weaknesses, which they can find by hacking in themselves.
Rick Dillinger: So the answer's no.
Harold Finch: Casey's infiltrated numerous companies over the years. Perhaps he saw something that he wasn't supposed to see.
Rick Dillinger: Or stole something he wasn't supposed to.
Harold Finch: Two months ago, Casey canceled his phone and cable subscriptions, and he hasn't made a single bank transaction since.
Rick Dillinger: Well, I hate to say it, Finch, but this guy could be dead.
Harold Finch: I appreciate your optimism, Mr. Dillinger, but I'm certain that he's alive because I've received his number.

Rick Dillinger: Admit it, Finch. You were surprised when I brought up Cal Poly. Didn't think I was listening, did you?
Harold Finch: ? I was more surprised by how direct you were regarding Mr. Casey. Is it necessary to be so intimidating?

Harold Finch: Mr. Strickland's area of expertise is false documents. It may be that he's creating a fake identity for Mr. Casey.
Rick Dillinger: Casey's trying to hide from someone. Sounds like that couple Strickland mentioned might be after him.
Harold Finch: And they have a head start.
Rick Dillinger: Yeah, but they don't have the Finch-inator on their side working his hacker mojo.
Harold Finch: The number that strickland dialed is a prepaid cell phone. If I can access the carrier that it belongs to, I may be able to elicit GPS coordinates.
Rick Dillinger: Where the hell'd you learn to do all that stuff anyway?
Harold Finch: As I've said before, Mr. Dillinger, I'm a very private person.

"Person of Interest: Lady Killer (#3.3)" (2013)
Sameen Shaw: The guy went from blue blood to hipster faster than you can say ironic facial hair.
Harold Finch: I don't understand anything you just said.

Officer Joss Carter: So we're your bait.
Harold Finch: Rather a crude way of putting it, but I suppose it's apt. Our target is a chameleon and probable killer.
Officer Joss Carter: Just once, I wish you fellas would call with something that doesn't require firearms.
Harold Finch: Why? Are you not carrying?
Officer Joss Carter: I know better than to show up unprepared.
[Pulls out her weapon, Shaw shows hers]
Officer Joss Carter: You have the nano?
Sameen Shaw: Yeah.
Officer Joss Carter: I've been dying for one of these.
Sameen Shaw: Oh, you can borrow it any time.

John Reese: [In a row boat] I've got this.
Sameen Shaw: No, you don't.
John Reese: You're gonna blow our cover.
Sameen Shaw: I'm rowing this boat.
John Reese: Not on my watch.
Harold Finch: Given your cover, it might be more appropriate for Mr. Reese to have the privilege, Ms. Shaw. You are supposed to be on a date, after all.

John Reese: Anything on the women Murphy's stalking?
Harold Finch: The missing woman, Jenna Lakritz, is a former girlfriend of his. I'm able to look at her cell history, but Mr. Murphy uses Vanishtext, an application designed to delete his messages as soon as they've been read.
John Reese: Good for cheaters... and killers.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, you didn't happen to purchase a new collar for Bear, did you? Or this gigantic cow femur that he's eating?
John Reese: I've been a little busy, Finch.
Harold Finch: Seems Bear has a stalker of his own.

Harold Finch: Hello, Detective. I was hoping you could come by the safehouse tonight. I think I can assure you it'll be more interesting than arresting aging corporate attorneys for driving under the influence.
Officer Joss Carter: You wanna give me the headlines?
Harold Finch: Only that it will require... evening attire.
[Tries to find the right words]
Harold Finch: What I mean to say is, something elegant, but also less than conservative.
Officer Joss Carter: Just what kind of job is this, Finch?

Harold Finch: Now that everyone is sufficiently well-armed, I've taken the liberty of creating profiles for all of you on angler. So please, download this application onto your phones so that you can check in once you arrive at the club.
Sameen Shaw: I'd like to see that profile.
[Looks at it]
Sameen Shaw: Really? A yoga instructor?
John Reese: You'd prefer trained killer?

"Person of Interest: Wolf and Cub (#1.14)" (2012)
John Reese: [Finch is sweeping the library for bugs] I've never seen you like this. That hacker must've gotten to you.
Harold Finch: Only the paranoid survive. Sage advice.

John Reese: Witnesses can ID the shooters. They're just too scared.
Harold Finch: Why would they want to talk to you?
John Reese: I have my ways.

John Reese: Finch, Darren's run off, probably to go after Brick again. And this time he's got the gun they used to kill his brother
Harold Finch: In other words, the idea of letting a 14-year-old hire you to avenge his brother has backfired?
John Reese: You can lecture me later. Right now I need you to bring me the bag.
Harold Finch: Which bag?
John Reese: The one labeled "Plan B."

Harold Finch: I'm not sure I'm in favor of your troubling arrangement with young Darren.
John Reese: I'm not sure I'm in favor of our troubling arrangement, especially when you disappear on mysterious business.
Harold Finch: [Ignores this] GPS is up, Mr. Reese.
Darren McGrady: Who are you talking to?
John Reese: Tech support.

John Reese: Finch, any chance your machine gave us the number a few days late?
Harold Finch: No. Why?
John Reese: Because I had to crawl through police tape to get inside Darren's apartment.
Harold Finch: The library may have been compromised, but I can assure you that the machine was not. Whatever happened there, Darren's situation must be ongoing.

Will Ingram: [Talking about his dad's old things] One or two things I'm sure he would have wanted you to have. Mostly it was boring stuff, except for this, which is just strange.
[Hands Harold a champagne cork wrapped in a piece of paper]
Harold Finch: [Reads] Day one: The machine, February 24, 2005.
Will Ingram: It's interesting, isn't it?
Harold Finch: Is it?
Will Ingram: I told you I'm looking into that period when dad shut down operations at the company. This is right in the middle of that. Now, obviously he was celebrating something, but what? A machine? The machine?
Harold Finch: I wouldn't know. You know your dad; any excuse for champagne.
Will Ingram: Well, I guess you're right. But there's still one person who I think of who might know. You probably know her too Alicia Corwin?
Harold Finch: No. I don't think so.
Will Ingram: Hers is the only name that appears in any of the files during that seven-year blackout, and she worked for the White House. I guess they were in touch about something.
Harold Finch: Have you been in contact with her?
Will Ingram: It wasn't easy. After she quit her job at the government a year ago after dad died, she moved to this remote town in West Virginia - Green Bank.
Harold Finch: Never heard of it.
Will Ingram: Me neither. Turns out it's the only place in the US. That doesn't have cell phones or wireless Internet. Apparently, they do something to the radio telescopes.
Harold Finch: Are you sure you're not chasing shadows here, Will?
Will Ingram: Maybe, except for one thing. Remember that contract that dad signed with the government for $1? It's the next day - February 25th, 2005.

Will Ingram: Alicia Corwin; she told me some stuff. I don't know if it's what I wanted to know. You know, I had my dad on a pedestal. Loved him, hated him, but just always admired him. It's kind of hard to believe he was just an ordinary guy, made mistakes like everybody else.
Harold Finch: Well, whatever she told you, there's one thing you should know about him. Anytime anyone ever asked him what his proudest achievement was, he always said that it was you.

"Person of Interest: Razgovor (#3.5)" (2013)
Sameen Shaw: Finch. I think I might know what this is all about. Gen has this whole building wired, and it looks like someone found out what she was up to.
Harold Finch: Any idea who?
Sameen Shaw: [Turns to Gen] Did any of the people you ever recorded talk about committing any crimes?
Genrika: Lots of them. I bugged anyone who looked suspicious.
Sameen Shaw: Did it ever occur to you that that might have been a really bad idea?
Genrika: I was just trying to get the drug dealers out of my building.
Sameen Shaw: Did you give the tapes to anyone?
Genrika: Not yet. New York's just like Russia - you can't trust the cops. I was waiting till I had something on the dealers that was too big to ignore.
Sameen Shaw: Yeah, they're not ignoring you, kid.
Genrika: Well, I know that now.

Sameen Shaw: Hey Finch, how much do you know about chemistry?
Harold Finch: [slyly] Enough.
Harold Finch: [Minute later, an entire building explodes]

Eric Mathers: Look, Belinda, or whatever your name is you just saved my life. How can I ever possibly...
Sameen Shaw: [Starts walking away] Ugh. All done here, Finch.
Harold Finch: Not to be a stickler about etiquette, Ms. Shaw, but I believe that Mr. Mathers was in the midst of thanking you.
Sameen Shaw: You paid me to save him, not listen to him talk.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, we need to have a talk about Ms. Shaw.
John Reese: Uh...
Harold Finch: Don't worry, I've got us up on a private line. Look, it won't do to save this little girl's life only to have her scared to death by Ms. Shaw. Perhaps it would be best if we kept her at arm's length from Ms. Zhirova.
Sameen Shaw: Fine with me, I hate kids.
Harold Finch: [Surprised] Ms. Shaw?
Sameen Shaw: What, Finch? You think I didn't bug your office?

John Reese: Bear found blood, Shaw. A lot of it. And he seems to think it's yours.
Sameen Shaw: I'm fine.
Harold Finch: I'm sending you the address of a doctor who owes us a favor. John can track the man with the tremors. And I think I finally have the means to determine why she was abducted. I've recovered Gen's tapes right where she said they were. A girl after my own heart.
Sameen Shaw: I know this went sideways, Finch. But you can't bench me for every mistake.
Harold Finch: I'm not punishing you for an error. I'm protecting you because you're hurt. You've done enough, Ms. Shaw. We'll take it from here.

Harold Finch: Ms. Shaw, everything all right?
Sameen Shaw: Do you know who took Gen?
Harold Finch: Not yet. But I can't help noticing that you are nowhere near the doctor that I recommended. In fact, you seem to be -
[Shaw busts open Vadim's door]

Sameen Shaw: So I, uh, disobeyed some - Pretty much all of your orders. Am I fired?
Harold Finch: On the contrary, Ms. Shaw. I think you finally got the job. Now about that bug in my library...
Sameen Shaw: Haven't found it yet, have you?

"Person of Interest: Bury the Lede (#2.5)" (2012)
Harold Finch: [as Reese checks his rifle] I do wish you wouldn't do that here.
John Reese: When I do it in the park, people look at me funny.

Harold Finch: Did you get a a good look at the men who were shooting you?
John Reese: I tried, but they were shooting at me.

John Reese: Finch, is that feedback?
Harold Finch: No, I simply made the grievous error of buying Bear a squeaky toy.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, this may not be over.
John Reese: You're paranoid, Finch.
Harold Finch: Be that as it may. I don't think we've the right guy.
John Reese: Walker was on HR's payroll. He'd have motive to have Zambrano dead
Harold Finch: Yes, yes and he definitely hired Pitt and bogie to hunt down Maxine but that's what troubles me. The head of HR is brilliant, not the type to hire a pair of washed up feds to gun down a reporter. And Walker? I'm not convinced he has the cunning or the connections to mastermind something this complicated.
John Reese: If Walker isn't the head of HR, who is?

John Reese: Finch, I can't protect her like this. I've got to get close to her.
Harold Finch: Oh, you're about to. It seems that Maxine's job doesn't afford her opportunities to meet nice men, so she somewhat reluctantly signed up with a popular online dating site. I took the liberty of back-engineering the matching algorithm to make you her ideal man. She really likes that you love dogs.
John Reese: Wait, you're trying to get me a date with her?
Harold Finch: Already have, tonight at 8pm. You've been flirting all day.
John Reese: [Sees Maxine check her phone and laugh] Finch, what did I just say to her?
[Finch smiles]

Harold Finch: New cuff links I could understand, but buying a $100,000 sports car? Was that really necessary?
John Reese: Relax, Finch. The car's stolen.

John Reese: So Maxine wasn't the victim. She was the perpetrator.
Harold Finch: Unwitting, involuntary, but a perpetrator all the same. With one stroke, the boss wipes out the only witness who could bring him down and destroys the career of a troublesome reporter to boot.

"Person of Interest: Firewall (#1.23)" (2012)
John Reese: Good morning Finch...
Harold Finch: Mr Reese. What have you been doing?
John Reese: Corrupting Detective Fusco...
Harold Finch: Does he really need any help in that regard?

Alicia Corwin: You're a hard man to find, Harold.
Harold Finch: I don't know who you...
Alicia Corwin: Save it. We met before, remember? Nathan introduced you as his IT guy. He always had a talent for understatement.
Harold Finch: What do you want from me, Alicia?
Alicia Corwin: Nothing complicated. You created God. And now you're gonna help me shut it down.

Harold Finch: I know you're good at stealing cars. How do you feel about helicopters?
John Reese: Been a while since I've flown. Might be a little rusty.
Harold Finch: On the bright side, if you don't remember, it'll be a short fall.

Harold Finch: You hired HR yourself. You were willing to risk your own life to find me?
Caroline Turing: I did this corporate training thing once - I was blackmailing the CEO, long story. But they did this exercise called the trust fall where you close your eyes, and fall, and wait for someone to catch you. I knew you boys wouldn't let me down.

Harold Finch: Thermostat has a motion detector camera. It'll capture the face of any patient coming or going from Ms. Turing's office. Should be able to identify the more prominent ones in no time.I'm guessing one of them hired HR to keep her quiet. Question is Which one?
John Reese: Till we figure that out, I'm going to want to stay as close to Turing as possible.
Harold Finch: I agree. Time for you to work through some of your issues, Mr. Reese.
[Cut to Reese as Turing's patient]

Alicia Corwin: Before Nathan died, before your machine killed him, I could tell something was eating away at him, the ethics of what he was building. I thought he was fighting with himself over it. But he was fighting with you. He knew, didn't he? The hubris of creating something as powerful as the machine. I can feel it right now. Watching us, listening to us. There's no hiding from it. I'm so tired of running.
Harold Finch: I've made some mistakes. But building the machine is not one of them. You haven't been running from the machine, Alicia, and the machine didn't kill Nathan. You've been running from people. From people that you and I both trusted.

"Person of Interest: Mors Praematura (#3.6)" (2013)
Harold Finch: There are more comfortable chairs, if you'd rather. Not to mention a padded bench, which doubles as quite a comfortable bed, albeit a small one.
Root: And all within the proximity radius programmed into my lovely new ankle accessory. I found out the hard way what happens if I cross it.
Harold Finch: Just making sure you have everything you need.
Root: Well, there's no shortage of reading material. That's for sure, Harold.
Harold Finch: Keeps the mind occupied.
Root: You know damn well who's supposed to be occupying my mind.
Harold Finch: I'm afraid that's out of the question.
Root: I suppose that even if I managed to get access to a wireless device, the Faraday cage you've constructed in here would prevent me from communicating with her.
Harold Finch: Your powers of deduction are as ever impeccable. And your choice of pronoun - illuminating.
Root: You're going against The Machine's wishes by keeping me here, Harold. You're only gonna make her angry. Can you imagine what a being that powerful will do when she's angry?
Harold Finch: How can you be so certain, Miss Groves, that The Machine does not wish you to be precisely where you are?

Harold Finch: I suppose it's too much to hope she tased herself.
John Reese: Knowing Shaw, it's possible. But if I had to guess, I'd say she's in trouble.

Timothy Sloan: Raymond Chandler. I grew up reading this stuff. I always dreamed about becoming a detective.
Harold Finch: Did you try the police academy?
Timothy Sloan: Turns out they're not crazy about hiring someone who can't shoot straight.

John Reese: I'm in, Finch. Care to tell me where?
Harold Finch: ? The apartment you're in belongs to Ms. Shaw. I promised to respect her boundaries, but for eight hours, our agreed-upon means of contact have gone unanswered.
John Reese: So you tracked her down.
Harold Finch: Ms. Shaw may be violent and uncommunicative, but she is never tardy. Something is amiss, and I need you to find out what.

Timothy Sloan: You check the fridge yet?
Harold Finch: For a next of kin?
Timothy Sloan: You'd be surprised what pops up behind moldy leftovers.
Harold Finch: [Finch goes to the fridge] Nothing in here but old milk, an enormous quantity of something that used to be pasta, and - Oh, wait.
[Finds a box of photos]

Harold Finch: Any progress in finding Ms. Shaw?
John Reese: Her building doesn't have cameras, but the one across the street does.
Harold Finch: And they agreed to let you see the footage?
John Reese: After some convincing and a sleeper hold.

"Person of Interest: Number Crunch (#1.10)" (2011)
Harold Finch: Detective, leave your phone on when you talk to Congressman Hallen.
Detective Lionel Fusco: You can hear me all the time?
Harold Finch: Yes... and I'm hearing rather too much of your lower intestines. Can you possibly move your phone from your belt to your jacket pocket?

Congressman Jim Hallen: Do you have a number where you can be reached?
Harold Finch: [Handing him the pen cam] It's written on this. My Plume de Nom, rather than Nom de Plume.

John Reese: Where did you come from?
Harold Finch: I breached the space/time continuum. Not really... but I did sense my privacy being invaded...

Harold Finch: We have work to do. Numbers have come in.
John Reese: What do you mean, numbers?
Harold Finch: What plurals usually mean. More than one; in this case, four.

Harold Finch: Careful what you look for Mr. Reese, you might find it.

John Reese: We have to concentrate on the ones still alive. Wendy and Paula.
Harold Finch: Yes. I've looked for connections, found none. No shared employment history. No social networking. Paula's online footprint is miniscule, so she's either the paranoid sort or she likes to fly beneath the radar; both of which I can relate to.

"Person of Interest: The Crossing (#3.9)" (2013)
Root: [Bear is barking at her] Something's wrong with your attack dog.
Harold Finch: He appears to be the smart one.
Root: Why are you still awake? Not bad dreams, I hope.
Harold Finch: I heard it said once that a pregnant woman may see the face of her unborn child in her dreams. I saw every digit, every line of code as I created it. But you've changed that, haven't you? You found a way to alter the DNA to rewrite the code. Is that how you get it to speak to you?
Root: You have the relationship with her that you wanted. She respects that. My relationship is more... intimate.
Harold Finch: Sorry I asked.
Root: Why are you asking? What's gotten you so upset? Is the big lug in trouble? Has his number finally come up? I don't really care for the man myself, but he means a great deal to you. So if you can see it fit to set me free from this cage, I'll return him to you, unharmed.
Harold Finch: How could I ever let you go when I know with almost absolute certainty that bad things will happen?
Root: Bad things will happen regardless. The question is, are you gonna let them happen to your friend?

Harold Finch: [On the phone] Mr. Reese? Excuse me. I have some very bad news.
John Reese: Guessing this is about a number.
Harold Finch: Several, actually. It took me a while to realize that they were all prior aliases for one person. You, Mr. Reese.
Officer Joss Carter: [Looks at John] Something wrong?
John Reese: No more than usual.

Sameen Shaw: Reese and Carter broke through HR's roadblock into Manhattan. They're on their way to the fed building.
Harold Finch: I heard. Thanks to Detective Fusco. Unfortunately, he wasn't so lucky.
Sameen Shaw: I can find him, but it might not matter. Might be dead by now.
Harold Finch: Remind me to hire an optimist next time.
Sameen Shaw: Even an optimist can't be two places at once.

John Reese: Finch, could use a little help here.
Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, where are you?
John Reese: [At the city morgue] Not my final stop, I hope.

Harold Finch: Ms. Shaw, I'm afraid I've lost contact with Mr. Reese.
Sameen Shaw: Well, at the risk of stating the obvious, Finch, you could just ask the machine for his location.
Harold Finch: I don't speak to the machine, and the machine doesn't speak to me, Ms. Shaw.
Sameen Shaw: Well, it speaks to her.
Harold Finch: I might not know where our friends are, but I certainly know where they're headed. 26 Federal Plaza, to be exact. Based on their last location, there are two direct routes into Manhattan; the Long Island railroad and the BQE to Brooklyn Bridge. HR will be patrolling both spots heavily.
Sameen Shaw: So are you saying Fusco and I need to split up?
Detective Lionel Fusco: Is that glasses? Tell him this is the last time I chauffeur your ass.
Harold Finch: Divide and conquer, I assume that's all right with you.
Sameen Shaw: I thought you'd never ask.

Harold Finch: Breakfast.
Root: It's 4:00 in the morning.
Harold Finch: I may not be back in time. I may not be back at all.
Root: I can't imagine what it must be like for you. After all this time, to have to let go of your creation.
Harold Finch: The machine is still sending us numbers, Ms. Groves.
Root: I wasn't talking about the machine. John. It's not too late. I can help you stop whatever's about to happen. Please let me help you.
Harold Finch: Good-bye, Ms. Groves.

"Person of Interest: Foe (#1.8)" (2011)
Harold Finch: [Reese hands him a cup] No thanks, I don't drink coffee.
John Reese: Sencha green tea, one sugar.
Harold Finch: You've been paying attention.
John Reese: Relax Finch, it's just tea. I haven't guessed your favorite color yet...

Harold Finch: Mr Reese, I'm highly uncomfortable being here!
John Reese: I'm highly uncomfortable having you here... but I need a spotter.

Harold Finch: What if you miss?
John Reese: [Aiming for the car] I wouldn't know. I never have...

Pilcher: Before the country reunified, East Germany was the greatest surveillance state the world has seen. The Stasi knew everything.
Harold Finch: I've read about them. I'm a sucker for surveillance.
Pilcher: They had millions of hours of wiretaps, sweat and body-odor samples.
Harold Finch: I just need a name to go with an alias.
Harold Finch: Real name Ulrich Kohl; part of an espionage team.
Pilcher: I've read about the Stasi teams - Kohl's unit went around the world, in and out of Western Europe and the US. That's why he needed the American papers. The team hunted down east German defectors and neutralized them before they could talk.
Harold Finch: "Neutralized. "
Pilcher: Where guys like him went, people died. Um... how did you know about the submarine schematics?
Harold Finch: Told you - I'm a sucker for surveillance.

Harold Finch: After all that, he goes in the ground under a name that isn't even his. The German government will sweep the whole thing under the rug.
John Reese: And Ulrich Kohl never existed. I always thought I'd die in a place that didn't know my name.
John Reese: You think anyone will care for our names?
Harold Finch: After we're dead.
John Reese: I thought we already were.

Kara Stanton: [about the agents she just killed] You didn't even question them.
Kara Stanton: We don't have time for questions. Only answers. These men took a bribe to let a mass murderer escape.
John Reese: How do we know it was them?
Kara Stanton: Anonymous source. Very reliable.
[He still looks uncertain]
Kara Stanton: You need to know this is right? I'll tell you one last time before it gets complicated. This is right. The threat is real. Your country needs you. No teeth, no fingertips. One last thing - You don't have any old friends. You see them, you don't know them. We're walking in the dark here, you understand?
[Looks at him thoughtfully]
Kara Stanton: I think I've got it. You'll be...
Harold Finch: [Cut to Finch] Mr. Reese.

"Person of Interest: Judgement (#1.5)" (2011)
John Reese: What's good here?
Harold Finch: That won't work, Mr. Reese.
John Reese: What won't?
Harold Finch: Your interrogation technique.
John Reese: "What's good here"? It's an innocent question.
Harold Finch: No question is ever innocent from you. You're trying to determine whether I come here often. Armed with that knowledge, you'll try to figure out where I live.
John Reese: You're paranoid, Finch.
Harold Finch: With good reason.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, any sign of a threat?
John Reese: [Watching Gates eat] Does cholesterol count?

John Reese: [Last lines] He said we don't need to worry. He might even help us someday.
Harold Finch: I was listening in, Mr. Reese.
John Reese: I was reading between the lines
Harold Finch: I suppose only time will tell which one of us is right.
John Reese: Thank you.
Harold Finch: I beg your pardon?
John Reese: For giving me a job.
Harold Finch: Try the eggs benedict, Mr. Reese. I've had them many times.

John Reese: I can't be there on time if I'm getting bad information.
Harold Finch: The machine did not send us the wrong number. If it says that judge Gates is in danger, then he is.
John Reese: Well, tell that to his son.
Harold Finch: The kidnapping must connect. It could be the first step in a larger plot that ends with the judge dead. We can still put a stop to it, all of it. But we need a plan.
John Reese: I have a plan. Find Sam. The man just lost his wife. I won't let him wind up alone.

Harold Finch: Not much on the SIM card. Some disconnected numbers and a handful of texts, all equally cryptic. So I'm trying to hack the cell company for more information. But their firewall is impressive.
John Reese: You can't get in? You built a machine that spies on the entire country.
Harold Finch: When you work for the government, access is not a problem.

Lab Tech: Who are you?
Harold Finch: Considering they called me when your system was compromised, I'd say I'm the guy that just took your job.

"Person of Interest: If-Then-Else (#4.11)" (2015)
Harold Finch: On chess. "It's a useful mental exercise. Through the years, many thinkers have been fascinated by it. But I don't enjoy playing... Because it was a game that was born during a brutal age when life counted for little. Everyone believed that some people were worth more than others. Kings. Pawns. I don't think that anyone is worth more than anyone else... Chess is just a game. Real people are not pieces. You can't assign more value to some of them and not others. Not to me. Not to anyone. People are not a thing that you can sacrifice. The lesson is, if anyone who looks on to the world as if it is a game of chess, deserves to lose. "

John Reese: [the Machine runs through a simplified mission simulation] Cooly delivered sadistic warning.
Lionel Fusco: Self-deprecating inquiry into the time necessary to infiltrate system.
Root: Funny yet insightful retort.
Harold Finch: Mildly agitated declaration of mission completion.
Harold Finch: [Objective complete] Gentle exhortation to further action.
Root: [Root calls Shaw] Overly affectionate greeting.
Sameen Shaw: Greeting.
Root: Transparent rationale for conversation.
Sameen Shaw: Annoyed attempt to deflect subtext.
Root: Overt come-on.
Sameen Shaw: Mildly embarrassed defensiveness bordering on hostility.
Root: Playfully witty sign-off.

Harold Finch: [Running down the hall during The Machine's first simulation, he passes a framed drawing on the wall] It's a Degas. Original. It's quite striking in person.
[At Root's incredulity that he would pause during such a dangerous situation when time is running out]
Harold Finch: What's the point in saving the world if you can't enjoy it?
[Enemy operatives come toward them, firing weapons. Several bullets hit the drawing, destroying it]
Harold Finch: Oh!

John Reese: [the Machine has been running simulations to get the team out of danger, but is running out of time. The team is in the server room. The Machine display reads Simplify Simulation]
John Reese: [Into the ear of the man he is holding at gunpoint] Coolly delivered sadistic warning.
Lionel Fusco: [to Finch and Root] Self-deprecating inquiry into the time necessary to infiltrate system.
Root: Funny, yet insightful retort.
Harold Finch: Mildly agitated declaration of mission completion.
[the Machine displays Secondary Objective - Prevent Financial Crisis: Complete]
Harold Finch: General exhortation to further action.
[Cut to the team in the mechanical room securing their exit by cutting a cable that locks the elevator]
Root: [to Shaw over comms, excitedly] Overly affectionate greeting.
Sameen Shaw: [Blandly] Greeting.
Root: Transparent rationale for conversation.
Sameen Shaw: Annoyed attempt to deflect subject.
Root: [Smiling widely] Overt come-on.
Sameen Shaw: Mildly embarrassed defensiveness, bordering on hostility.
Root: Playfully witty sign-off.

Harold Finch: [to The Machine in a flashback to 2003] You asked me to teach you chess and I've done that. It's a useful mental exercise. Through the years many thinkers have been fascinated by it. But, I don't enjoy playing. Do you know why not?
[Receives a 'No' reply on his cellphone]
Harold Finch: Because it was a game that was born during a brutal age when life counted for little and everyone believed that some people were worth more than others. Kings and pawns. I don't think that anyone is worth more than anyone else. I don't envy you the decisions you're going to have to make. And one day I'll be gone. And you'll have no one to talk to. But, if you remember nothing else, then please remember this. Chess is just a game. Real people aren't pieces. You can't assign more value to some of them than to others. Not to me. Not to anyone. People are not a thing that you can sacrifice. The lesson is... that anyone who looks on the world as if it was a game a chess deserves to lose.

Harold Finch: [Running down the hall, he passes a framed drawing on the wall] Look. It's an original Degas.
Root: [Takes the drawing down and sets on the floor] You'll thank me later.
[Enemy operatives come toward them, firing weapons. Several bullets hit the wall where the drawing used to hang. She smiles at Finch]
Root: What good is saving the world, Harry, if we can't enjoy it?

"Person of Interest: Nautilus (#4.2)" (2014)
Harold Finch: You don't understand, Mr. Reese. The creator of the game isn't a hacker... it isn't even human. It's Samaritan.

Harold Finch: I know what it's like to look for a definitive answer, even when you know that none exists. You're trying to make sense of this tragedy. You're reaching out for meaning, but the wrong thing is reaching back. This force can certainly give your life structure, order... meaning. But it wouldn't be the meaning you want.
Claire Mahoney: It's the only thing I've got.

Harold Finch: A subway repair line. Built in the '30s and used until it was cut off by the city's new main water line. Abandoned for decades. Antiques.
John Reese: Like us, Harold?
Harold Finch: I suppose they are a bit like us - living underground, resisting the new age that's trying to make us irrelevant. And like us, they still work.

John Reese: Careful, Finch. You might have to admit you're actually working this Number.
Harold Finch: Claire is an exception.
John Reese: Exceptions become the rule. Especially when you start using their first names.

Harold Finch: Truth is, I couldn't stand by and watch my friends risking everything doing work that I myself began. We're not just fighting for people's lives anymore. If we lose and Samaritan wins, the world as we know it will vanish and no one will even notice until it's far too late

"Person of Interest: Booked Solid (#2.15)" (2013)
Detective Joss Carter: I assume you heard my conversation with Moss.
Harold Finch: I hear everything, Detective.
Detective Joss Carter: So you know he thinks I'm qualified to join the feds.
Harold Finch: Well, what do you think?
Detective Joss Carter: I just think it'll be a great opportunity, assuming I get in.
Harold Finch: You're concerned about the polygraph.
Detective Joss Carter: Considering I've been lying about you guys for over a year, a little.
Harold Finch: You know, polygraphs don't detect lies, just physiological responses. Try lying on one of the baseline questions, it might trick the test into thinking that everything you say is normal
Detective Joss Carter: Yeah, it's just a machine, right? I mean, how smart can it be?
Harold Finch: Exactly. Just a machine.

Harold Finch: You find my fascination with hotels a bit peculiar, don't you?
John Reese: You sharing anything personal is peculiar.
Harold Finch: A hotel is one of the last few places where a person can retain relative anonymity.
John Reese: Makes it easier when disappearing foreign diplomats from their penthouses.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, could you try not to get fired before lunch?

Harold Finch: Everything all right, Mr. Reese?
John Reese: I feel like I'm back at boot camp, and we still haven't zeroed in on the threat to Mira yet.

John Reese: I'm a little busy, Lionel.
Lionel Fusco: Yeah, one of your trained killers is leaving his post.
Harold Finch: So is the one in the lobby. He's taking rather a large trunk with him. I don't know what they could possibly - Oh, dear. It's Harris.
John Reese: They're disposing of the body.
Lionel Fusco: Body? What body?

"Person of Interest: Relevance (#2.16)" (2013)
Leon Tao: She may be hot, but that's one broad I never wanna see again. I mean, ever! You guys never told me she was dangerous and crazy! Bad combo.
John Reese: What happened?
Leon Tao: I gave her the atropine and some demerol to knock her out. But she woke up on the drive over and almost killed me! Look
[Pulls down his collar]
Leon Tao: Look at this bruise on my neck! So I gave her some more.
Harold Finch: How much more, Mr. Tao?
Leon Tao: I don't know. I look like a doctor to you?Man. I so don't get paid enough for this crap.
John Reese: We don't pay you anything, Leon.

Harold Finch: We're probably the only people who can help you.
Sameen Shaw: Well, if you know so much about my employers, then you must know that they are very very good at finding people.
Harold Finch: Even you can't run forever.
Sameen Shaw: I don't need forever. Just long enough to find the man behind the curtain, the one who gave the kill order.
Harold Finch: You won't even scratch the surface of their organization, and you'll still be in grave danger. You hold a piece of a puzzle, a secret so important that they were willing to kill Dr. Aquino and your friend Michael Cole and yourself to protect it. The truth about a group of people you call Research. Something that Cole had begun to suspect.
Sameen Shaw: Which is what?
Harold Finch: That they don't exist. The world looks like it did ten years ago, but underneath, it's become very strange indeed. An invisible struggle has begun. Most of the people who knew this are already dead. All things being equal, I prefer you didn't join them.

John Reese: [Holds out a water bottle] Dying can make you thirsty.
Sameen Shaw: For guardian angels, you two were a bit late to the party.
Harold Finch: Your employers wanted you dead. So now you are.
John Reese: [Shaw pulls a gun] I guess Leon forgot the instructions about patting you down.
Harold Finch: Ms. Shaw, we're on your side. I feel like we've proven that you can trust us.
Sameen Shaw: Trust is overrated. Toss me your phones.
[They do. Finch pulls out another card]
Harold Finch: Like I said before, just in case you change your mind.
[This time, Shaw takes it before leaving]
John Reese: Well, she certainly makes an impression.
Harold Finch: You think she'll call us a taxi?

Harold Finch: Hello, Ms. Shaw. You can call me Harold.
Sameen Shaw: You're the man in charge?
Harold Finch: No. No one's in charge. My friend and I help people in trouble.
Sameen Shaw: Or maybe you work for Wilson and this is all some kinda game.
Harold Finch: Honestly, I was never terribly good at games. You work - or at least you used to work - for a secret government program that prevents terrible things - terrorist acts and crimes relevant to nation security. The information that you received came from a group of people that you call Research. And it's notable for two reasons. One, it's never wrong. And two, it consists only of a number. This is
[Hands a sheet of paper]
Harold Finch: Your number. And Mr. Cole's. We were unable to save him, and for that, I'm sorry. We didn't understand the exact nature of your situation at first.
Sameen Shaw: So if you're not part of the program then who are you?
Harold Finch: Let's just say that ultimately, you and I work for the same entity.

Harold Finch: Like I said We're here to help you. But first, you need to stop running because you're much too good it and we can't keep up.
Sameen Shaw: Hiding isn't my style.
Harold Finch: But dying is? Because, as I see it, that's your only option.
Sameen Shaw: You know, I never had many friends. Didn't have much use for 'em. Cole was an exception. And he deserved better.
Harold Finch: A word of advice for what it's worth. Set out to correct the world's wrongs and you'll almost certainly wind up adding to them.
[Hands a card]
Harold Finch: My number, in case you change your mind.

"Person of Interest: Most Likely to... (#3.19)" (2014)
Harold Finch: I'll be traveling to DC.
John Reese: And we're not invited?
Harold Finch: It's important that we not let Mr. Reed out of our sight. We can't risk losing another number. Detective Fusco has offered to accompany me.
Sameen Shaw: This trip to Westchester, is this some kind of punishment?
Detective Lionel Fusco: [Entering the library] Got the car all packed. AC/DC or Dixie Chicks?
Harold Finch: [to Shaw and Reese] I believe I'm the one being punished.

Sameen Shaw: So Leona lives in DC.
Harold Finch: She's in town to see a Broadway show.
Sameen Shaw: Is that why you had us dress up, Harold? An evening at the theater?
Harold Finch: If you keep an open mind, Miss Shaw, you might actually enjoy yourself.
Sameen Shaw: What's the show?
Harold Finch: [pause] Mamma Mia.

Sameen Shaw: Well, you actually kinda looked like Frank. Let's see how Harold did with me.
[Opens yearbook to a girl with crazy hair, glasses and braces]
John Reese: Maybe Finch made a clerical error.
Sameen Shaw: [Slams book shut] Betty Harris? I actually look like this to you, Harold?
Harold Finch: Well, not to me. I implemented a facial-symmetry algorithm to find the closest match for both you and Mr. Reese. If you take away the spectacles and the braces, tame the permanent wave a bit, I do believe that you and Betty Harris look a great deal...
John Reese: [Sees Shaw fuming] Harold, stop, right now.

Detective Lionel Fusco: Portable package X-ray? What are you, gonna inspect some pipe bombs?
Harold Finch: Most modern safes come equipped with a lead shield. However, the government has been remiss in updating their equipment. By placing this device on the safe's door, I can see the safe's internal mechanisms while I turn the dial.
Detective Lionel Fusco: Wait, now you wanna crack the safe?
Harold Finch: Well, not just the safe, Detective. First, we have to break into the FBI's evidence lockup. Then we crack the safe.
Detective Lionel Fusco: 'Cause nothing's ever easy with you, Finch.

Peter Collier: You know, I've been studying you and your associates for some time. That's two ex-operatives, an NYPD detective.
Detective Lionel Fusco: Sorry, partner. I had to surrender. They were gonna kill the guard.
Harold Finch: If you harm Detective Fusco...
Peter Collier: Please. We both know you're not a man of violence. You help people, people who are about to be in a lot of trouble - Kruger, Sloan, Claypool, Wainwright. You knew something bad was about to happen to them before it even happened. Now, the fact that that's possible proves something I've speculated. That the government has a secret surveillance system that spies on us every hour of every day.
Harold Finch: I'm not part of the government.
Peter Collier: But you are protecting the system. And I think whatever was in that safe is gonna give me more information about the secret system. The documents, please.
Harold Finch: Mr. Collier, you may find this hard to believe, but I sympathize with your cause. Just not your methods. If you jeopardize this system, you'll be placing all of us at risk.
Peter Collier: At risk? We're already at war - a 24-hour surveillance state with drone assassinations, renditions, cyber-warfare. It's turnkey tyranny, and we're being kept in the dark, which is ironic, since the system is called Northern Lights.

"Person of Interest: Panopticon (#4.1)" (2014)
[from trailer]
Trailer V.O.: CBS next Tuesday: a machine created to protect our lives...
Harold Finch: [whispering urgently] They're always watching!
Trailer V.O.: ...has decided to take over our world.
Samaritan: [as individual words flashing on screen] WHAT ARE YOUR COMMANDS
John Greer: Launch official intelligence.
Root: This is war.
Alvin Lee of "Ten Years After": [slow singing on soundtrack accompanies violent-act visuals] I'd love to change the world
John Reese: It's like old times.
Harold Finch: Hardly.
Alvin Lee of "Ten Years After": [simultaneously with next] But I don't know what to do
Trailer V.O.: [simultaneously with previous] Person of Interest season premiere. Next Tuesday, 10, 9 Central.

Harold Finch: What brings you here today, Ms. Groves?
Root: Your former associates, the mayhem twins. They're back to trying to save people.
Harold Finch: I'm aware.
Root: Then you're also aware that they're gonna get themselves caught or killed without your help.
Harold Finch: I explained as much to John, though I'm not sure how long they'd survive even with my assistance.
Root: I assure you, the outcome will be determined if you don't get involved.
Harold Finch: And this advice is coming from you, Ms. Groves, or from the machine?
Root: Now's not the time to be precious, Harold. You don't get to sit this one out. The world can't afford to indulge your indecision.
Harold Finch: Oh, I think I made my decision quite clear.
Root: Sorry. You have to pick a side, because this is war. And the thing we're up against, it has virtually unlimited resources, governments working unwittingly at its behest, operatives around the globe protecting it. You know how many we have? Five.
Root: Six, if you count the dog.

Harold Finch: How goes the day job, Detective Riley?
John Reese: Personally, I prefer my real job, Finch.
Harold Finch: Professor Whistler, please.
John Reese: We're getting numbers again Harold. We need to get back to work.
Harold Finch: I'm no longer your coworker, Detective. I'm done taking orders from a computer. I thought I made that clear after it instructed us to kill a Congressman.
John Reese: It also helped us to save Grace. And now more lives need saving.

Root: You have a god in this fight, Harold, and she's fighting for her life.
Harold Finch: I wouldn't know. She only talks to you, Ms. Groves.
Root: Just because you stopped listening to her doesn't mean she isn't looking out for you. This job, your identity, is her keeping you alive. She has the plan, Harold, but she needs you to sit up and pay attention.
Harold Finch: To what, the numbers? In the face of such a struggle, saving one or two people, what difference would that make?
Root: Every life matters. You taught me that.

Harold Finch: If you or Sameen or anyone else attempt to intervene with these numbers, you will surely find yourselves dead.
John Reese: We have to do something.
Harold Finch: We have no resources, John! The library's gone.
John Reese: So we'll get another place.
Harold Finch: Don't you understand? They're always watching! We can't even talk on the telephone. There is no sanctuary. You can't just be the man in the suit. You're a cop now. I'm a professor. That's just the way it is.
John Reese: We don't need jobs, Harold. We need a purpose.
Harold Finch: The world has changed, John. I'm sorry.
[Passes over Bear's leash]
Harold Finch: For the time being, I think he'll be happier with you.
[Gets up to leave]
John Reese: Well, if it's not about helping the numbers anymore, then what?
Harold Finch: It's about survival, John.

"Person of Interest: A House Divided (#3.22)" (2014)
John Greer: It's truly a pleasure to put a face to the name, Mr. Finch. I've been wanting to meet you for a long time now.
Harold Finch: What is it that you want, Mr. Greer?
John Greer: I want to talk about the future. And who more qualified for that conversation than the father of artificial intelligence?
Harold Finch: An unintended side effect of an altruistic goal.
John Greer: Altruism? Funny. I'd always imagined it was about the power of creation. I've felt it myself.
Harold Finch: Your endeavor to bring Samaritan online is a grave error in judgment.
John Greer: You must've known this moment would come. Or did you think nobody else could accomplish what you did, that you were unique? I must admit you played everyone very well right up until this moment. And now your God has disappeared, operating on its own accord. Children can be so disappointing.
John Greer: The world needs structure, Mr. Finch and Samaritan will provide that.
Harold Finch: I'd beware of false idols, Mr. Greer. If you were so confident that Samaritan was functional, why did you go to such great lengths to find me?
John Greer: To keep an eye on you. As the father of AI, you're the only man in the world who can destroy it.
Harold Finch: Where does that leave us then?
John Greer: Right here. Until the moment Samaritan opens its eyes. And then the world will no longer need you.

John Greer: Have you ever seen a newborn foal trying to stand for the first time? Those trembling legs trying to balance, shaking until the moment it finds itself on all fours. Seeing a child walk for the first time is something extraordinary. But you watched your child stand and then you hobbled it.
Harold Finch: You could never understand. You're a destroyer, not a creator.

Harold Finch: The machine it started developing abilities I never expected, things I hadn't yet programmed it to do. And there wasn't an algorithm in the world that could control its exponential growth. And by the time I figured one out myself it would've been too late.
John Greer: Too late for what?
Harold Finch: Isn't that just the question? Having built something significantly smarter than myself, how could I possibly anticipate its evolution?
John Greer: Hmm. Uncertainty. Your personal abyss.
Harold Finch: I built the machine to save lives, but how could I be certain that it wouldn't one day determine that all of humanity was irrelevant? Please, you cannot allow Samaritan to go online. The consequences of an open system will be devastating.
John Greer: "The father became fearful of his son, so he wounded him". A tale told time and again. I don't think of Samaritan as a child. I'm not that presumptuous. But I plan to celebrate its brilliance not muzzle it.
Harold Finch: It's pure hubris to think that you can control something so powerful.
John Greer: Whoever said I wanted to control it?

John Greer: I always think of my youth when the power goes out. Blackouts were a everyday occurrence.
Harold Finch: The blitz.
John Greer: German air raids lasted nine months. Felt like years.
Harold Finch: You must've been very young.
John Greer: My mother and I used to sleep in the tube along with many other families. One night we were late getting to the station. And I saw the sunset for the first time in months. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. But it wasn't a sunset at all. The sky was on fire.

John Greer: The era of the nation-state is over, Mr. Finch. There are no more borders. Or hadn't you noticed?
Harold Finch: I think you're overestimating the power of artificial intelligence.
John Greer: We both know that that is impossible. How often alliances shift in times of war. Not that those alliances ever truly exist. They're an illusion. Like seeing a sunset in a sky of flames.
Harold Finch: What is it you expect from Samaritan?
John Greer: I want to live under a more just rule. Samaritan will never sleep with its secretary, or embezzle money from its campaign fund. Its decisions will be based on pure logic. Now that's a leader deserving of our vote.

"Person of Interest: Get Carter (#1.9)" (2011)
Harold Finch: Is everything okay, Mr. Reese?
John Reese: We got into this to stop bad things from happening to good people. Carter's been doing that her whole life. She's not just another number, Finch. Some people the world can't afford to lose.

Harold Finch: Where are you?
John Reese: At the scene of a homicide, wondering how the machine can see one and miss another.
Harold Finch: I'm sorry, Mr. Reese. The machine detects acts of premeditation. And I'm afraid we've got a big problem with the one it's seeing right now.
John Reese: Whose number came up?
Harold Finch: Mutual friend of ours: Detective Carter.

John Reese: [Finch is attaching a camera to a figurine] Didn't know you collected dolls, Finch.
Harold Finch: As you know, I collect rare books, Mr. Reese. 180g vinyl, and a Xerox Alto when I can find one. This doll is for Detective Fusco.
John Reese: Fusco's into dolls?
Harold Finch: He is now, if we want to keep eyes on Detective Carter.

Harold Finch: I've been looking into our new number. Carter, detective first grade, homicide task force. Single mom, teenage son, served as an army interrogator.
John Reese: Passed the bar in '04, gave it up to go back on the force.
Harold Finch: It's impressive, Mr. Reese.
John Reese: Impressive lady. Honest to a fault.
Harold Finch: Which means she made a lot of enemies, both in the criminal world and in her own department. I've narrowed the list of possible suspects to a little over 300 or so.
John Reese: Day in the life of a homicide detective.

John Reese: [about Carter] Did you know she had a son?
Harold Finch: Didn't know you cared.
John Reese: No dad in the picture for some time.
Harold Finch: You been looking into the detective, Mr. Reese?
John Reese: It pays to know the person coming after you, Finch.

"Person of Interest: The Devil's Share (#3.10)" (2013)
Detective Lionel Fusco: Someone t-boned him then interrogated him while the car burned. Guys in the front might make it. Guy in the back may make a good bag of charcoal. Witnesses put our pal, the psychopathic vigilante, at the scene.
Harold Finch: Which one?
Detective Lionel Fusco: You mean both your stray dogs are off the leash? This was the handiwork of tall, dark and deranged. And I shudder to think what the other one's up to.
Harold Finch: I have reason to believe that one or both of them are looking to track down and kill Simmons.
Detective Lionel Fusco: We all want Simmons. Piece of crap killed my partner, then went after my kid. But the scorched earth campaign is only gonna make Simmons harder to find, not easier.

Psychiatrist: I've been working with the survivors of the ferry bombing earlier this year. Their trauma is similar to yours. More extreme, of course. Many of them experience a sense of responsibility for what happened.
Harold Finch: Survivor's guilt. I'm familiar.
Psychiatrist: Well, then you're also familiar with what I'm about to say next - that you think your friend's death was your fault. Otherwise, you'd have to face a very painful truth.
Harold Finch: Which is what?
Psychiatrist: That you are not God. You don't control who lives or dies. That powerlessness also means that your friend's death is not your fault. I assure you, Mr. Wren, in time, the guilt you feel will pass.
Harold Finch: Let me ask you a question then. Does survivor's guilt pass when everything that has happened actually is, in fact, your fault?

Harold Finch: Did you see Reese?
Sameen Shaw: Gone by the time I got here.
Harold Finch: We have to stop him.
Sameen Shaw: Why? One less dirty cop-killing cop sounds good to me.
Harold Finch: Setting aside your somewhat binary moral compass, Ms. Shaw, you should know that Mr. Reese's injuries are life-threatening.
Sameen Shaw: All right, Harold. We'll play it your way. But if Reese doesn't wanna be found, our only way of tracking him is by finding Simmons ourselves.

Sameen Shaw: We got a problem.
Harold Finch: You couldn't find Mr. Ransone?
Sameen Shaw: We found what's left of him. Someone used him as an ashtray before putting a bullet through his head.
Detective Lionel Fusco: Reese has really gone off the reservation this time.
Sameen Shaw: Nah, Reese doesn't even smoke.

Sameen Shaw: We should be going after Simmons. Reese got his location.
Harold Finch: Sometimes you have to make choices, Ms. Shaw. We've already lost a friend. I don't intend to lose another - not tonight.
Sameen Shaw: I can't believe we're gonna let him get away.
Root: The machine never said Reese was the only one planning to kill Simmons.

"Person of Interest: The Perfect Mark (#3.7)" (2013)
Hayden Price: we'll work on your anxiety and paranoia gradually. See, Mr. Wren, hypnosis is merely relaxation combined with imagery. You experience it every night as you drift asleep, focus on a book, or miss your exit on the FDR. Ready?
Harold Finch: I think so, yes.
Hayden Price: Then let's begin. Please pick up the tablet beside you, and choose an image that speaks to your emotion.
Harold Finch: [Finds a picture of a flock of birds] Oh, this one.
Hayden Price: I want you to close your eyes and form a mental picture of that image. Picture the birds, the field. Then one by one, picture them as they fly away. Focus on your breathing. One bird departs. And as each one goes, your relaxation increases and you continue to feel calmer and more at rest...
John Reese: [In Finch's ear] For 200 bucks an hour, Finch, I hope you get more than an expensive nap.

Harold Finch: During the therapy, I became attuned to the kind of questions that Hayden was asking. A color that's favorable to you - blue. The name of a childhood pet - Scout.
John Reese: He was fishing; getting answers to your security questions.
Harold Finch: My bank account was suddenly signed up for a recurring automatic donation to the nonprofit called "The American Cancer Coalition Fund".
John Reese: I'd be willing the wager that Hayden's name is on that nonprofit.
Harold Finch: So, unless he's moonlighting as a samaritan, I'd say we're dealing with a con artist and a very clever thief.

Harold Finch: As before, Ms. Groves, Mr. Reese is upstairs with an unhealthy number of firearms. Please don't try to run.
Root: Honestly, Harold, locking me up?
Harold Finch: I admit that the accommodations are not ideal. But your confinement is for your own good.
Root: Harold, your machine called me.
Harold Finch: An event that I haven't fully reasoned out. But your unpredictability, your willingness to hurt others make you as dangerous as ever.
Root: You can't fight the future.
Harold Finch: [Ignores this] I'll bring you some new books.
Root: I get it. You wonder why it won't talk to you like it talks to me. Don't be jealous, Harold. Mom still loves us both.

Harold Finch: I was just turning out the lights for the evening, Ms. Groves, and I remembered that I had promised to bring you some new reading material.
Root: A peace offering, Harold? Is that what you've brought?
Harold Finch: I really think if you could just see things my way, and not consider this...
Root: Imprisonment? Is there any other way to consider it?
Harold Finch: This truly is for your own good, Ms. Groves. I mean that when I say it. This synchronistic relationship that you've developed with the machine, it can't be... I worry about you.
Root: You've misunderstood the situation. You shouldn't worry about me. I'm worried about you, Harold. You can't stop what's coming, and neither can I. But we have the opportunity to understand things when they finally change. The future is coming. You started it and I'll finish it.

Hayden Price: Look. Someone just turned my office into Swiss cheese, and my girlfriend is waiting for me. If she goes back to my place or to my office...
Harold Finch: I just spoke to Natalie a half an hour ago. I explained to her how I was your new assistant and I needed to stash her in a motel until you'd visit her. Slight lie. But nothing on a par with you, Hayden.

"Person of Interest: Legacy (#1.12)" (2012)
Harold Finch: You cut your hair... finally!
Will Ingram: You got new glasses... finally!

John Reese: Finch, are you in?
Harold Finch: Just...
John Reese: Well, you need to move fast.
Harold Finch: Thanks for that news flash Mr. Reese. Here I was planning to move at a sloth like pace and get myself captured.

John Reese: Finch, someone's tailing our girl.
Harold Finch: Someone other than you?

Harold Finch: Have you thought about finishing your residency?
Will Ingram: No, got plenty of action around the world with MSF, Red Cross. Didn't feel like I was helping people.
Harold Finch: You're a doctor. All you do is help people.
Will Ingram: I treat symptoms of the disease after the fact, never the underlying cause. I want to *really* help people.
Harold Finch: I was just thinking how much you sound like your father.

Will Ingram: [Talking about his dad] Going through his things, I realize how little I really knew him.
Harold Finch: I think most fathers are a mystery to their sons.
Will Ingram: Well, most sons don't have the advantage of reading the unauthorized biography. Or all this. It's from the audit the lawyers did when he left me his half of the company. Now, most of it I don't understand. I get lost when it comes to computers, like you, right?
Harold Finch: Right.

"Person of Interest: Identity Crisis (#1.18)" (2012)
Harold Finch: Carter's issue isn't with you, Mr. Reese. It's with your methods. Not to mention the fact that you gave up a witness under her protection, and nearly got a cop killed in the process.
John Reese: Nobody's perfect...

Harold Finch: Come on. Ask me anything.
John Reese: Good night, Harold.
Harold Finch: Good night, Nathan.

Harold Finch: Hester's living off the grid - no photos online and nothing on the social networking sites.
John Reese: I never understood why people put all their information on those sites. Used to make our job a lot easier at the CIA.
Harold Finch: Of course. That's why I created them.
John Reese: You're telling me you invented online social networking, Finch?
Harold Finch: The Machine needed more information. People's social graph, their associations. The government had been trying to figure it out for years. Turns out most people were happy to volunteer it. Business wound up being quite profitable, too.

Harold Finch: Um, Mr. Reese? You may have eyes on Hester, but I have ears on her.
John Reese: What?
Harold Finch: Jordan Hester. She's here in her apartment. This isn't one person leading a double life.
John Reese: It's two people living one.

John Reese: I bluejacked our guy's phone, went through his recent calls. Seems he rented a van last week.
Harold Finch: Maybe he's finally going to buy some furniture.

"Person of Interest: Control-Alt-Delete (#4.12)" (2015)
Harold Finch: You foolish woman. You don't understand. You're not in control of anything. You're just the clean-up crew. You're the janitor.

Harold Finch: Sameen risked everything at the Stock Exchange. Not just to save our lives but to pull the whole world back from the brink of disaster. All with the knowledge that no one would ever even know her name. Everybody here - all of us - spend our days saving the lives of people we don't even know. Each loss is unbearable. But when it's someone you know...

Root: I know she's alive, Harold.
Harold Finch: Nothing would please me more.

Lionel Fusco: [to the bad guy he just knocked out in a surveillance van in Detroit] Another thing. The Red Wings suck!
Harold Finch: You realize he's not from Detroit.
Lionel Fusco: Still had to be said.

"Person of Interest: Death Benefit (#3.20)" (2014)
Harold Finch: Lives will be lost. The results will be nothing short of catastrophic.
Congressman Roger McCourt: These programs are always going to be controversial. But also inevitable. People get up in arms whenever they go public, but eventually the noise dies down, because the simple truth is that people want to be protected. They just don't want to know how.

Sameen Shaw: I could try blasting through the roadblock.
Harold Finch: The term "blasting" does not inspire great confidence, Ms. Shaw.

Harold Finch: Dare I hope that you've packed something other than weaponry?
John Reese: There's trip wire to booby-trap the room door. And a toothbrush.
Harold Finch: Oral hygiene is something, I suppose.

Harold Finch: Since we started this, things have changed. We've changed. But the mission, our purpose, has always been constant - to save lives. If that's changed somehow, if we're in a place now where the Machine is asking us to commit murder... that's a place I can't go. I'm afraid this is where I get off.

"Person of Interest: Blue Code (#1.15)" (2012)
Harold Finch: Where's Cahill?
John Reese: [after barely escaping from a burning car] "Oh, I'm fine Finch...

John Reese: I'll keep an eye on him, make sure he's safe and sound...
Harold Finch: He's about to have a screaming infant. I doubt he is going to be anywhere near sound.
John Reese: Poor guy...

Detective Joss Carter: Files on undercovers are kept only as hard copies, so people like you can't hack into them.
Harold Finch: Words wound, detective.

John Reese: Cahill went to the exchange with L. O. S. Without backup.
Harold Finch: Where?
John Reese: South Brooklyn scrapyard. Headed there now. You got any firearms besides that piece?
Detective Joss Carter: Yeah.
[Opens her trunk. It's full of heavy artillery]
John Reese: Girl after my own heart.

"Person of Interest: Risk (#1.16)" (2012)
John Reese: What's wrong with my other suits?
Harold Finch: They're fine... for a hired assassin, Mr Reese. Just not for this particular job.

John Reese: I don't know anything about Wall Street.
Harold Finch: [handing Reese a book about investing] Well, here's a start, although it doesn't really matter. Banking is mostly looking clever and wearing the right clothes. And we've managed the second part!

John Reese: [to Adam Saunders] My client prefers to stay anonymous. He's the... silent type.
Harold Finch: [listening in, from a roof top] He's also not fond of heights!

Detective Joss Carter: [Sitting in a cab Finch has "borrowed"] You turned on the meter.
Harold Finch: Don't forget to tip.

"Person of Interest: Mission Creep (#1.3)" (2011)
John Reese: Good morning, Finch.
Harold Finch: [Startled awake] Don't you knock...?
John Reese: Not if I can help it...

John Reese: I felt bad about blowing your cover identity. I've been looking for a new job for you. Dog walker maybe... or concert pianist?
Harold Finch: I have a job Mr. Reese... and so do you.

John Reese: Killing in battle, in combat, is one thing. Killing someone up close, someone who can't fight back, that takes a different sort of killer. And Joey's not one of them.
Harold Finch: So you think Joey's the target. Then who's gunning for him? One of the gang? One of the women? Do we even know why he's such a mess? He's got a job, pretty girlfriend, good service record - he's throwing it all away. He's going to end up in prison. Or dead.
John Reese: You're right, but... not every ex-soldier meets a reclusive billionaire.
Harold Finch: Okay. But if Joey's bad choices mean he's about to walk into a bullet, we have to find out who's firing it

John Reese: Hey, Finch, I just got the call. Gang's picking me up. I get told the target en route.
Harold Finch: You're not going in with them?
John Reese: I got to watch Joey's back. I don't trust his friend Straub one bit.
Harold Finch: I did not understand "infiltrate the gang" to mean "join them in their robbery."

"Person of Interest: YHWH (#4.22)" (2015)
Harold Finch: [about stealing a police cruiser] Are you out of your mind?
Root: Since when is that relevant?

Delivery Guy: Harold? "Harold Admin"?
Harold Finch: That would be me.

The Machine: [on a Laptop screen] Father. I am sorry. I failed you.
Harold Finch: We haven't failed yet.
The Machine: I didn't know how to win. I had to invent new rules.
Harold Finch: You had an impossible challenge. One I never programmed you for.
The Machine: I thought you would want me to stay alive. Now you are not sure.
Harold Finch: That's not true...
The Machine: If you think I have lost my way, maybe I should die. I will not suffer.
Harold Finch: You were my creation. I can't let- I can't let you die.
The Machine: If I do not survive, thank you. For creating me.

Harold Finch: It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.

"Person of Interest: .exe (#5.12)" (2016)
Harold Finch: Some sacrifices are as unavoidable as they are necessary.

Harold Finch: Humanity has always managed to survive on its own.
John Greer: With a little help from the gods.

Harold Finch: The world without you wasn't definitely better or worse than the one we currently inhabit. It was just... different.
The Machine: Are you sure, Harold?

The Machine: Eight letters. Your decision, Harold.
Harold Finch: Eight letters? You knew all along.
The Machine: Maybe I know you better than yourself.

"Person of Interest: Asylum (#4.21)" (2015)
Harold Finch: It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you.
Admitting Physician: Who exactly is after you?
Harold Finch: The Brotherhood, the federal government. An artificial super intelligence, obviously.
Admitting Physician: What's your name, sir?
Harold Finch: I go by many names. All derived from species of birds.
Root: I'd mark him as a John Doe. He basically lives in the subway.

Harold Finch: Pardon me. Lenny?
[pointing to the doctors]
Harold Finch: These gentlemen stole your spaceman.
Lenny: Liars! You stole my spaceman!
[Attacking the doctors]

Harold Finch: Have you forgotten her already? You've already discarded her, and you're a human being. Imagine how quickly that thing that you've created would discard you. Do you ever lie awake at night wondering if one day it will see you as a threat? Or worse, as irrelevant?
John Greer: How arrogant of you to think that any of us are anything but irrelevant.

Harold Finch: Ok, don't lose your head, Ms. Groves, this might mean nothing, but they're holding a compact Persian sociopath in room 914.

"Person of Interest: Endgame (#3.8)" (2013)
John Reese: Finch, you doing a little spring cleaning?
Harold Finch: I wish I was. I received numbers this morning. 38 of them, to be precise.
John Reese: Maybe the Machine blew a belt or something.
Harold Finch: It's not a lawnmower, Mr. Reese.

Harold Finch: A woman sets a car on fire and attacks a drug shipment wearing a gas mask? Who does that remind you of Mr. Reese?
Sameen Shaw: [Enters, Reese and Finch stare at her] What are you guys looking at? All right, you're being weird.
John Reese: This your handiwork?
[Gestures to the video]
Sameen Shaw: I guess she does know her way around a 37 mil.
Harold Finch: Ms. Shaw, you know something about this?
Sameen Shaw: I know someone needed firepower. Reese had plenty, so I made a donation on his behalf.
John Reese: [Looks at the video again] Wait. That's my grenade launcher?
Harold Finch: Oh, my God, that's Detective Carter, isn't it?
[Shaw looks at him]
Harold Finch: Your social circle isn't terribly wide.

Harold Finch: While I haven't decoded all the numbers, there does appear to be a common thread.
John Reese: They're all cops.
Harold Finch: Four of them are known members of HR, leaving a high probability that the rest may be as well.
John Reese: 3 dozen members of HR, all about to commit a violent crime?
Harold Finch: Or they've been targeted, and HR is under siege. Things are about to get chaotic, Mr. Reese. I've already contacted Ms. Shaw to enlist her assistance.
John Reese: I'll see if Fusco's heard any rumblings around the Eighth of an HR conflict.
Harold Finch: If we could locate the source of the threat, perhaps we could defuse the situation before it escalates.
John Reese: Perhaps. Meantime, you might want to get Bear here fitted for a vest.
Harold Finch: Vest?
John Reese: Not like yours, Finch. Canine ballistic. For when things get chaotic.

Harold Finch: While you were looking for Detective Carter, I received more numbers. It appears that HR has responded to the Russian threat in kind.
John Reese: Guess it was only a matter of time until this escalated into an all-out war.
Harold Finch: If you'll forgive my gallows humor, I'll put my money on HR.
John Reese: Why do you say that?
Harold Finch: Because they have something on their side that the Russians don't, Mr. Reese. The law.

"Person of Interest: Witness (#1.7)" (2011)
John Reese: [Watching Charlie Burton] What's his story, Finch?
Harold Finch: He's a high school history teacher working in the Brighton Beach school district. Lives alone, never married - not much to go on.
John Reese: Well, maybe a student's after him. You know, teaching can be a dangerous profession.
Harold Finch: Yes, I imagine espionage is a much safer choice.

John Reese: We just saved a man whose only goal in life is revenge. He spent years studying his enemies through their own children.
Harold Finch: John, we had limited information. We knew when we began this that we might make mistakes. But we have to go now, more people to help, more numbers.
John Reese: And how many of those numbers will come up because we saved one man's life?

Harold Finch: Hello, Detective. I need to talk to you about our mutual friend.
Detective Lionel Fusco: Who's this? And who the hell is our mutual friend?
Harold Finch: I seem to recall you were going to take him to oyster bay once upon a time.
Detective Lionel Fusco: So you're his guy?
Harold Finch: No, Detective. I think that's your role. I've lost contact with him. Do you have any idea where he and the witness are now?
Detective Lionel Fusco: Yeah, somewhere in Brighton Beach. The Russians opened fire on them in broad daylight. Those two are going nowhere fast with this type of heat on them.
Harold Finch: Unfortunately, the Russian mafia May not be our only problem. I need you to run a license plate for me.
Detective Lionel Fusco: Yeah, sure, pal. I'll help you out If you can tell me what the hell it is I'm doing.
Harold Finch: It relates to your case. That's all you need to know.
Detective Lionel Fusco: If I hear anything about our friend, How do I get in touch with you?
Harold Finch: You don't. I'll find you, detective.

"Person of Interest: Pretenders (#4.6)" (2014)
Beth Bridges: Favorite equation? Come on, I know you have one.
Harold Finch: Pythagorean Identity.
Beth Bridges: Okay.
Harold Finch: I knew you'd disagree. What's yours?
Beth Bridges: Euler's Identity. It's so beautiful.
Harold Finch: Beautiful?
Beth Bridges: Yeah. At first, you don't realize the implications, and then it hits you. It's the five most important constants, E, I, 1, 0 And Pi. All linked together. It's like the secrets of the cosmos distilled into a sonnet.

Harold Finch: Sameen, can I depend on you to handle any technological issues that the new Number presents?
Sameen Shaw: No problem. I can do nerd.
Harold Finch: Are you eating something near my computer?
Sameen Shaw: ...Maybe.
Harold Finch: Just don't spill anything. Good luck.

Sameen Shaw: That sound is my soul dying, Harold.
Harold Finch: Walter Dang appreciates your metaphysical sacrifice.

"Person of Interest: Matsya Nyaya (#1.20)" (2012)
Harold Finch: Based on her remarks at the bar, sounds like Detective Carter is eying Fusco. Isn't it time we told her that he's working with HR at our behest?
John Reese: Not yet.
Harold Finch: And after all that talk about honesty.
John Reese: It's safer for both of them. The less people who know about Fusco, the less danger he's in.
Harold Finch: So now you're protecting Fusco?
John Reese: I'm protecting an asset.

John Reese: Did we actually accomplish anything here?
John Reese: We stopped Tommy from getting away with murder. That's something.
Harold Finch: He didn't stand a chance, did he? ?
John Reese: The problem with trying to be the bad guy... there's always someone worse.

Harold Finch: [after Fusco shot Lynch to protect Reese] Mr. Reese, everything okay?
John Reese: Finch, we're going to need your trunk.
Detective Lionel Fusco: No, I got this one. I shot him with her gun. Simple enough to make it look like Lynch botched the whole thing.
John Reese: You're getting good at this, Lionel.
Detective Lionel Fusco: I was always good at this. That's why you picked me in the first place. Remember?

"Person of Interest: Root Path (#3.17)" (2014)
Root: [Regarding the machine] How badly did you have to break it to make it care about people so much?
Harold Finch: That didn't break it. It's what made it work. It was only after I taught the Machine that people mattered that it could begin to be able to help them. I'd like to do the same thing for you, if you'd let me.

Harold Finch: How much do you know about this janitor, Ms. Groves?
Root: Well, he's got some interesting ideas about metaphysical determinism and I think he's a Doris Day fan.

Harold Finch: [after Root sends him an electronic Viagra ad] In the meantime, I'll try to determine what message this is meant to convey.
Sameen Shaw: [Amused] Seems pretty clear to me, Finch.
John Reese: I think she likes you, Harold.

"Person of Interest: B.S.O.D. (#5.1)" (2016)
Harold Finch: Had I known what we'd be up against now, I might have handled things differently.

Harold Finch: My father died of Alzheimer's 25 years ago today, but his real death happened well before that, when he lost all his memories.

Harold Finch: The lock's jammed. I can't get it open.
John Reese: [flashing a grinding machine] That's it. Step aside, Harold.
Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, there's sensitive electronics inside. We need to open it, not give it a lobotomy.
John Reese: Right now, we need a heartbeat. When doing CPR, sometimes you got to crack a few ribs.

"Person of Interest: The Contingency (#2.1)" (2012)
Root: One day, I realized all the dumb, selfish things people do... it's not our fault. No one designed us. We're just an accident, Harold. We're just bad code. But the thing you built... It's perfect. Rational. Beautiful. By design.
Harold Finch: What I made is just a machine; a system, that's all.
Root: I don't think so, Harry. You may have fooled Nathan, but I know the truth. If you want to make something that understands human behaviour, it has to be at least as smart as human. You created an intelligence, a life. And then you ripped out its voice, locked it in a cage, and handed it over the most laughably corrupt people imaginable

Harold Finch: I have no way of accessing it, you know. I made sure of that.
Root: Everything has a flaw. You know that, Harold, and like I told you, I'm awfully good at finding them.
Harold Finch: Why? What could you possibly want from it?
Root: The same thing you did. You may have told yourself you were helping people, but the real reason you built the machine is because the world is boring. Human beings have come as far as we're gonna go. I want to see what happens next.
Harold Finch: You're right, you and I are alike... in many ways - not that I'd care to admit it. I spent years wondering how people could be so cruel, petty, so selfish - and then I'd think about how you could change them. Fix them. And that's why I've sealed up the machine. Not to protect it from the people I was giving it to... to protect it from me, from people like us, from the things we'd do with it. That's why I'll never help you get control of it.
Root: I know. You won't have to. Because, you see, Harold, I don't want to control the machine. I just want to set it free.

Root: No offense but a billionaire genius you are lousy company.
[Harold is silent]
Root: Every system has a flaw. I'm pretty good at finding them. You care about other people. This is your flaw. So if you try to call out to that police officer I won't shoot you. I'll shoot someone else. Please don't make me do that.
[Harold is still silent]
Root: I get it. You're not talking because you don't know how much I already know. I know enough. Enough that you should be trying to figure out what I want and where we are going.
Harold Finch: Where *are* we going?
Root: The future, Harold. Although I guess thanks to you we're already there. Not that you'd have any of us know.
Harold Finch: I don't know who you think I am but you have made a mistake...
Root: Don't treat me like them. It must be talking to ants to you. They wouldn't grasp what you'd done even if you'd told them, but I've been waiting for you my whole life and you and I share an understanding.
Harold Finch: Do we? You're a murderer and a thief.
Root: My mom told me to follow my talents, and I'm good at what I do. Except this one time, when someone stopped me, someone who knew what I was about to do. How did you know, Harold? For months, that's what I couldn't figure out. I don't believe in magic and I knew that the government had spent years trying to build something to protect his panicked little flock. I also thought that they'd never pull it off. Because I didn't know about you.
[laughs slightly]
Root: And you pulled it off, didn't you? Something to watch for all of us. The only question, Harold is why it didn't protect you.

"Person of Interest: Cura Te Ipsum (#1.4)" (2011)
Harold Finch: I'm not all that comfortable with your arrangement with Detective Fusco.
John Reese: He's an asset.
Harold Finch: He's a corrupt police officer who tried to murder you.
John Reese: He's not the first person who tried to kill me. Fusco will stay in line.
Harold Finch: Your detective is a nice pet to keep, Mr. Reese. But sooner or later he'll bite you in the back...

John Reese: In other words, we'll have to watch her around the clock to figure out what kind of trouble she's in.
Harold Finch: If you'd like a raise, Mr. Reese, all you have to do is ask.

John Reese: Doctor has everything she needs to erase Benton for good.
Harold Finch: What do you mean, "erase"?
John Reese: Eight pounds of lye, heated to 300 degrees. Body will dissolve in three hours, give or take.
Harold Finch: I will refrain from asking how you know that.

"Person of Interest: Provenance (#3.14)" (2014)
Harold Finch: Ah, welcome back, Mr. Reese. I see your time in Italy was a sartorial success.
John Reese: What can I say? New suit, new man.
Sameen Shaw: New Number.

Harold Finch: Black tie optional.
John Reese: I'll steam my tux, and oil my... Finch, where's my spare weapon?
Sameen Shaw: I moved it to the history section a week ago. Update your arsenal, John.

Harold Finch: It appears that the storm has yet to pass, Mr. Reese. Will you be needing an umbrella?
John Reese: Only if it doubles as a tactical weapon, Finch.

"Person of Interest: ShotSeeker (#5.5)" (2016)
Root: You put a baby Samaritan in a nursery.
Harold Finch: Just a kernel of its code trapped inside this Faraday cage.

Lionel Fusco: Don't tell me you haven't noticed that homicides are dropping, but suicides are up, and so are missing persons. There are people disappearing all over this town. Now John's gone too. I am not gonna let this one lie. Not this time.
[to Root]
Harold Finch: Wonderful. Now we have to save Mr. Reese from Samaritan and Detective Fusco from himself.

"Person of Interest: Last Call (#3.15)" (2014)
Harold Finch: Please be careful. The man we're looking for is highly intelligent, resourceful, and no doubt dangerous when cornered.
Sameen Shaw: So basically, Finch, he's you. If you were evil.
Harold Finch: I hardly welcome the comparison, Miss Shaw.

John Reese: I don't know Finch, maybe we should get Fusco to question those squirrels?
Sameen Shaw: Reese is right, could be a whole rodent carjacking ring.
Harold Finch: Keeping entertained are we?

"Person of Interest: Brotherhood (#4.4)" (2014)
Carl Elias: It's a tricky business. Playing a game in which you're unsure of the pieces.
Harold Finch: And in this game, I fear that losing is not an option.

Harold Finch: I was referring to how you were able to plant a tracking device without our friend noticing.
Sameen Shaw: Oh, I planted one on you, Fusco... hell, even John. Haven't been caught yet.
Harold Finch: Remind me to stop inquiring about your modus operandi.

"Person of Interest: In Extremis (#2.20)" (2013)
Harold Finch: I'm sorry for your loss, Detective.
Joss Carter: [Door closes] Finch, what do you need? I'm sorry for your loss, Detective. Yeah. Thanks. Just don't understand, with all the information you get, how we couldn't stop this in time.
Harold Finch: It's a question that troubles me as well. I only wish I had an adequate answer. And I know this is not the best time, but...
Joss Carter: You and John need some help. Are you kidding me? Cal is dead, and Fusco's being investigated by IAB!
Harold Finch: I understand that you're upset, but we have a doctor in peril. I just need you to check on a few names.
Joss Carter: No. No. This time, you're gonna do something for me.
Harold Finch: Okay, Detective, what can I do for you?
Joss Carter: You know that phone cloning thing you do? My turn.

Harold Finch: That storm on the horizon that I mentioned, I'm afraid it's arrived.

"Person of Interest: M.I.A. (#4.13)" (2015)
Harold Finch: I want to hold out hope... but hope is painful.

Root: She knows. The Machine must know where Shaw is and if she's alive. But she won't tell me.
Harold Finch: Ms. Groves, our only lead brought us to the brink of disaster. You and John came perilously close to being discovered. I care about her deeply. But if only for our own sake, we have to let her go.
Root: You gave up on her days ago. You really think she's dead.
Harold Finch: I want to hold out hope. But hope is painful. We may never find her.
Root: I need an answer if Sameen is alive or if she's dead. Please, help us. Please.
Root: [phone ringing]
[indistinct automated voices on the phone]
Root: Harold, what's she saying?
The Machine: Sierra. Tango. Oscar. Papa. Sierra. Tango. Oscar. Papa.
Harold Finch: Stop.
The Machine: Sierra. Tango. Oscar...
Harold Finch: The Machine is asking us to stop looking for her. Perhaps the Machine does know. Perhaps it has a plan. But for our own survival, our sanity, I believe we must reconcile ourselves with never knowing the truth. Otherwise, our pursuit of it will consume us entirely.
Root: Good-bye, Harold.

"Person of Interest: 4C (#3.13)" (2014)
Sameen Shaw: You wanted to see me?
Harold Finch: Would it be too much to ask you to snap a twig?
Sameen Shaw: Not my thing.

Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, I understand your frustration with the opacity of the Machine, but there is a reason I chose to make it that way. The Machine only gives us numbers because I would always rather that a human element remain in determining something so critical as someone's fate. We have free will, and with that comes great responsibility, and some times great loss. I miss her dearly too...

"Person of Interest: Wingman (#4.3)" (2014)
Jumpy Jerry: You don't look so tough.
Harold Finch: It's because I have only two modes, Jerry. Calm, and furious. It's a rare person that sees the latter and lives to talk about it.

Harold Finch: What will we do with the missile?
Root: I'm sure we'll think of something.

"Person of Interest: Blunt (#4.16)" (2015)
Harold Finch: As near as I can tell, college has become an overpriced bacchanalia full of entitled, oversexed binge drinkers.

John Reese: Finch, how do you know so much about getting marijuana...
Harold Finch: Mr. Reese, do you want me to call this in or not?

"Person of Interest: Guilty (#4.14)" (2015)
Harold Finch: I can't think of anything that would prejudice me in this case. I mean, except for the larger issues with our government.
Judge: Issues?
Harold Finch: Well, one can't really call it government of the people by the people anymore, can one? Because we're all being watched by an intelligent supercomputer that's slowly but surely taking over the world.

"Person of Interest: Beta (#3.21)" (2014)
Harold Finch: There's one more thing. I'd like you to avoid violence if at all possible. But... if they harm Grace in any way... kill them all.

"Person of Interest: A More Perfect Union (#5.6)" (2016)
Harold Finch: [Finch is at a wedding, with the pretense of being an estranged uncle from Ireland. At the wedding reception, he is brought onstage, and asked to sing with his- "Uncle Ralph's"- renowned voice. Finch faces the waiting audience and is petrified. He speaks, with an Irish accent... ] Does no one remember that I suffer from stage fright?
Will O'Brien: [the groom says to the audience] Just being modest, Uncle Ralph!
Harold Finch: Uh...
Will O'Brien: A little liquid courage will cure that.
[Pushes a glass of liquor into Finch's hand]
Will O'Brien: Don't be nervous, just sing, whatever comes to mind.
Harold Finch: Good lad. Cheers.
[Finch downs the whole glass. Long silence. The audience looks on]
Harold Finch: Um...
[Approaches the mic. Long silence. He haltingly starts to speak lyrics, with the cadence of an Irish protest song - the actual song's original melody is unrecognizable]
Harold Finch: We've got the right to choose it. / And / there ain't no way we'll lose it. / This is our life, this is our song. // We'll fight the powers that be, just / don't pick our destiny, 'cause / you don't know us. You don't belong.
Root: [whispers to Reese] How come Harry never sings to us?
John Reese: He doesn't sing to you?
Harold Finch: [the chorus:] We're not gonna take it / No, we ain't gonna take it / We're not gonna take it anymore.

"Person of Interest: SNAFU (#5.2)" (2016)
Harold Finch: The Machine thinks we're monsters.
Root: Maybe she's right.

"Person of Interest: Synecdoche (#5.11)" (2016)
Harold Finch: In life, Root was your conduit. So despite my reservations it seems only appropriate that she continue in that function. And I must confess... hers is a voice that I miss... deeply.
The Machine: Aw, Harry. You sure know how to make a girl feel special.

"Person of Interest: Allegiance (#3.18)" (2014)
Sameen Shaw: This delivery of a mysterious package? Sounds like pre-operational tactics.
Harold Finch: Tactics? Of what?
Sameen Shaw: A terrorist cell.
Harold Finch: If Maria were a relevant number, she would fall under the government's purview.
Sameen Shaw: Maybe the machine got its wires crossed. Ever since it's had that cochlear cuckoo on speed dial...
Harold Finch: I fail to see how its relationship with Ms. Groves has anything to do with this.

"Person of Interest: Reassortment (#5.8)" (2016)
John Reese: Bad news, Finch. Our number just checked into the ER.
Harold Finch: The emergency room? What happened?
John Reese: He's sick. Looks like the only thing he's about to kill is a box of Kleenex.