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Rev Norman Grigor (Character)
from "Midsomer Murders" (1997)

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"Midsomer Murders: The Night of the Stag (#14.6)" (2011)
[Reverend Grigor has gatecrashed a Cider Festival at the local brewery and is preaching fervently about the evils of alcohol. He even accuses the vicar of being a fornicator]
Samuel Quested: Tell me, Norman. If "the other" is so wrong, how come you've got six children of your own?
[crowd laughs]
Samuel Quested: Six we know of, that is.
[more laughter]
Rev Norman Grigor: I can assure you, Samuel Quested, that I made those children to glorify the Lord. The act itself gave me no pleasure.
Chloe Baker: I'm sure your wife would say the same.
[uproarious laughter]