Abu Nazir
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Abu Nazir (Character)
from "Homeland" (2011)

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"Homeland: Broken Hearts (#2.10)" (2012)
Carrie Mathison: You're never going to leave this country alive.
Abu Nazir: I know. And I don't care.

Carrie Mathison: We fight with what we have.
Carrie Mathison: You pervert the teachings of the Prophet and call it a cause. You turn teenagers into suicide bombers.
Abu Nazir: Generation after generation must suffer and die. We are prepared for that. Are you?
Carrie Mathison: Whatever it takes.
Abu Nazir: Really? With your pension plans and organic foods, your beach houses and sports clubs? Do you have the perseverance, the tenacity, the faith? Because we do. You can bomb us, starve us, occupy our holy places, but we will never lose our faith. We carry God in our hearts, our souls. To die is to join him. It may take a century, two centuries, three centuries, but we will exterminate you.
Carrie Mathison: Like I said... you're a terrorist.

"Homeland: Crossfire (#1.9)" (2011)
Nicholas Brody: You trusted me with Issa. Why?
Abu Nazir: Why not trust a man who would rather die than give information to his enemy?
Nicholas Brody: You got your enemy to teach your own son.
Abu Nazir: No, we only began as enemies, because that's what the others told us to be.

"Homeland: Marine One (#1.12)" (2011)
Abu Nazir: Why kill a man when you can kill an idea?