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Quotes for
Kenny (Character)
from "The Cosby Show" (1984)

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"The Cosby Show: Particles in Motion (#8.3)" (1991)
Kenny: Good afternoon. Stanley, isn't it?
Stanley: Yeah. Is Rudy home?
Kenny: Yeah. Is she expecting you?
Stanley: You Rudy's brother?
Kenny: You could say that.
Stanley: OK, you're Rudy's brother!

Kenny: Come in. Sit down. Let's chat.
[both sit on couch]
Kenny: Stanley, you got big plans for the evening?
Stanley: Maybe we do. Maybe we don't. You got a problem with that?
Kenny: You know, it's awfully close to dinner time to be calling on Rudy.
Stanley: Hey, I don't know what time you guys eat around here.
Kenny: Maybe you should check next time.
Stanley: I don't smell nothin' cookin'!
Kenny: It's frozen!

"The Cosby Show: And So, We Commence (#8.24)" (1992)
Kenny: [touches the door bell] Dang! Your father still working on the door bell, huh?
Theo: Yes, I guess he is. Come in, Kenny.
Kenny: [gives him a present] Happy graduation.
Theo: What is it?
Kenny: Open it.
Theo: [sits down on the sofa and opens it] Kenny, these are tube socks. They come in six pairs.
Kenny: Actually, five.
[shows his sox]
Kenny: I'll go get some tape to fix that door bell. We don't want our guests getting possessed. Walks out the door and closes it behind him.
Theo: Okay.
Theo: Dad, you invited Kenny? I told you there are no more tickets.
Cliff: Aw, come on, Theo. Kenny is like a mother or sister... he's like the brother you never had.
Theo: There's too much people and there's not enough tickets.
Cliff: If there's not enough, then uninvite him.
Theo: But the boy gave me tube socks.
Cliff: Well, then give him a ticket.