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Quotes for
Marnie (Character)
from "Misfits" (2009)

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"Misfits: Christmas Special (#2.7)" (2010)
Nathan Young: We should probably go for a drink.
Marnie: Swap some funny stories.
Nathan Young: See if we have similar tastes, and interests.
Marnie: Overcome some emotional hurdles.
Nathan Young: Have a few huge rows!
Marnie: [shouting] What did you do, you stupid prick!
Nathan Young: I-I'm sorry baby. I-I-I didn't know we where exclusive, and she had massive tits. It will never happen again!
Marnie: We'll make up, and before you know it, I have trapped you in a serious relationship.
Nathan Young: [laughing] That would be the conventional way to do it.
Marnie: There is just one problem.
[glancing at her stomach]
Marnie: I can't drink.
Nathan Young: So... I guess we should skip all that other stuff, and get straight down to the shagging.

[Marnie is in labor]
Nathan Young: How does it feel baby?
Marnie: It feels like my cunt is being ripped apart!
Nathan Young: I'm no expert but that sounds normal.