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Janie (Character)
from "Monk" (2002)

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"Monk: Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum (#1.6)" (2002)
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Remember, this is supposed to be a self portrait. How do you feel about yourself? Look deep inside. There's no right or wrong.
[looks over one patient's work]
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Very good. I love those eyes.
Adrian Monk: Excuse me, Doctor. Is there a sink nearby?
[Janie sighs]
Adrian Monk: I-I-I need to wash up.
Janie: Will you shut him up! He has been whining since he walked in here. It's too hot. It's too cold. I have charcoal on my hands!
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Jane, what did we talk about yesterday?
Janie: Controlling the urge to lash out.
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Do you have something you wanna say to Mr. Monk?
Janie: [sighs] Sorry.
Adrian Monk: That's okay. I do have a little charcoal on my hands.
Manny: Dr. Lancaster, guess what I'm painting!
Everyone: Santa Claus!
Dr. Moris Lancaster: All right, all right.
[He looks at Manny's work]
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Huh. Well, you know this is supposed to be a self-portrait.
[We see that Manny has painted a HUGE Santa Claus, with a tiny boy at his feet]
Manny: [points to the little boy] That's me.
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Hmm. Why are you so small?
Manny: Everybody's small compared to Santa.
[Janie turns to Monk]
Janie: He actually sits up every night and waits for him.
Manny: I have a feeling he's on his way. It's definitely getting colder outside.
Janie: It's August, whackjob!
Dr. Moris Lancaster: It's all right. Back to work. Come on. Come on. Go ahead. Go ahead.

Dr. Moris Lancaster: [scolding Monk in his office] Now, listen to me, Mr. Monk. Not only was Dr. Gould my colleague, he was my best friend. And I do not appreciate you joking about it.
Adrian Monk: I wasn't joking.
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Mm-hmm.
[takes back the newspaper clipping about Dr. Gould's murder]
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Do you know what delusion is? It's a false belief sustained despite clear evidence to the contrary.
Adrian Monk: [turns his attention to the fishing rod] The fishing line.
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Pardon me? What?
Adrian Monk: There was a fishing line in this rod. Where did it go?
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Well, what do you think happened to it? You think I used it to strangle somebody on the ward?
[Jane barges in]
Janie: Dr. Lancaster! I'm sorry to interrupt, but I heard he was in here.
[She confronts Monk]
Janie: Where is it?
Adrian Monk: What?
Janie: You know what! My necklace, the one you said reminded you of your wife. He stole it. I know he did.
Adrian Monk: This is ridiculous!
Janie: I took it off in the infirmary. That's the last time I had it. You were in there!
Dr. Moris Lancaster: Well, there's a simple way to solve this. Adrian, empty your pockets.
[Monk empties his pockets and the necklace is there]
Adrian Monk: Oh my god.
Janie: Thank you.
[snatches it]
Adrian Monk: How did that get there? I swear I... don't remember taking it.
Dr. Moris Lancaster: I know you don't. I know.