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Quotes for
Billy Roy Hackett (Character)
from Charro! (1969)

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Charro! (1969)
Jess Wade: He'll be a lot quieter when that swelling goes down.
Billy Roy Hackett: Swelling from WHAT?
Jess Wade: That bump on your head.
Billy Roy Hackett: [feeling his head] I ain't got no bump on my head.
Jess Wade: [smacking Billy Roy's head into one of the bars] You have now!

Billy Roy Hackett: If a woman's eyes are blue, she'll be sweet and true to you. But if a woman's eyes are green, she'll turn hot, or cold, or mean!

Billy Roy Hackett: You lost your chance at me, Marcie. Girlie, I take what's warm and close.

Gunner: [clicks his rifle and points it at Jess Wade as he steps out of the tavern] Where are you going? Mr. Go-Straight Wade!
Vince Hackett: Hey, Jess! Now you should've never left me, Jess! We miss you, couldn't you tell?
Jess Wade: [slowly responding] I figured.
Vince Hackett: All right, Billy, see what he's got on him.
Billy Roy Hackett: [looking and walking around Jess, laughing as he speaks] I'd say he's got on him uh... boots... pants... some kind of shirt... some kind of hat! That's what I'd say he's got on him, Vince.
Vince Hackett: [Vince slaps Billy down] Take out his wallet, idiot!
Billy Roy Hackett: [yelling hysterically] WHAT KIND OF BROTHER ARE YOU, IN FRONT OF HIM?
Vince Hackett: [yelling angrily] WELL DO WHAT I TELL YOU!
Jess Wade: [Jess grabs Billy by his shirt's collar as Billy first attempts to frisk Jess] Do you own work Vince. Don't say I need to do it for you.
Vince Hackett: [clicks his gun and points it at Jess] Look! You've been around us long enough to know that when I bad-mouth my brother I don't want to hear an echo. NOW LET HIM GO!