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Gunmajin (Character)
from "Chouriki Sentai Ohranger" (1995)

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Chôriki sentai Ohranger Vs Kakuranger (1996)
Gunmajin: No, no. You two should not be fighting. You should get along. What are you fighting over? Is it money? Or is it a woman? Or is it food? Please tell me so that I may understand.
Yuuji Mita: No! It's useless to try to be a mediator in their fight!
Bara Gear: Shut up, go away! You're bothering us!
Gunmajin: This is not good! What ungratefulness! Don't you have any words of gratitude for your mediator?
Bara Gear: You've been blabbering way too long!
Onbu-Obake: You're killing the mood! Get lost!
Gunmajin: What? A ghost!
Gorou Hoshino: Gunmajin! What's wrong?
Gunmajin: Sorry! Ghosts are my biggest fear! Farewell!