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Quotes for
Chu (Character)
from Cop & ½ (1993)

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Cop & ½ (1993)
Nick: [chasing some bad guys with his car] I told you, I'm not getting out of this car. I hate to run!
Chu: [slips and falls down]
Nick: [comes right after him with his car]
Chu: What are you a nut? Oh! Oh!
Nick: I warned you!
[smacks him with car door]
Raymond Sanchez: [seeing this] Do all cops do that?
Devon: [grinning] Only the best.
Nick: [now going after Quintero] Quintero! Who do you think is going to run out of gas first?

[Rudy and Chu are carrying a kicking and screaming Devon]
Devon: Put me down Piggy!
[later after Devon tried calling the police, the two take him to Mr. Fountain in the drug area]
Devon: I knew it was drugs!
Vinnie Fountain: I'm sure... I'm sure that I told you to keep him in the office.
Chu: He was a bad boy boss.
Rudy: He called me Piggy.
Vinnie Fountain: I like that.

Rio: [Surprising Devon] How's it goin, fart head?
McNally: Mister big shot with the Cops, huh?
Devon: Don't You morons have anything else better to do?
Devon: [Rio throws jacket on the ground] What'd You that for?
Rio: Cause You called Me a moron!
Devon: So throwing your jacket on the ground makes You smarter?
Rio: This Kid's driving Me nuts!
Devon: [Looking at Vinnies Car, then giving the two Bullies a serious look] You know guys, I can't kid around anymore, I gotta watch over My Grandmas Car...
McNally: Ohhh, so you're Here with Grandma?
Rio: Ah, so this is Grandmammys Car?
Devon: Guys, please, bust Me up, but not the Car, please!
Rio: You mean... don't do this?
[Smashes a pair of headlights]
Devon: [Backing up a step] That's exactly what I mean!
Rio: ...or this?
[Smashes the other pair of headlights, and denting the side]
Rio: [Devon starts backing up more and hides behind a Telephone Pole across the Street]
McNally: [Takes the Bat] My turn... this is your kiss...
[kisses the windshield]
McNally: ... goodbye!
[smashes the windshield, and and adds more dents to the side]
Chu: [Seeing the two Boys smashing up their Car] Hey, whoa, what do You think you're doin?
Rudy: Yeah, what do You think you're doin, huh?
[Chu kicks one of the two bullies who run off in fear]
Rudy: ...and if we ever find out where ya live we'll break your stupid necks!
Chu: [Looking at the broken windshield] Look at this... LOOK at this, oh, these punks got no respect nowadays, c'mon, get in the car!

Quintero: [Upon meeting Vinnie for the first time, as Vinnie makes an entrance singing a 50's Song] I'm so happy to meet You, I love your singing, do You have an album out?
Vinnie Fountain: You wouldn't be saying that just to butter Me up, would ya, cause I detest... hypocrisy!
Quintero: [Nodding] No, of course, not...
Vinnie Fountain: [Sniffing] Whoa, Chu, smell a fish here, get rid of it.
Chu: [Tying and cuffing Quintero to his chair] You got it, Boss!
Quintero: Wait, what are ya doing, HEY, TURN LOOSE OF ME!
Vinnie Fountain: You know, in a fit of Nostalgia, I was gonna shoot You Myself, but I hate being so "hands on", and I hate Stoolies even more...

Chu: Well, sir, they got a witness.
Vinnie Fountain: And what did this witness *witness*?
Chu: It's just some kid. But we know where he lives.
Rudy: How much could a little kid see?
Chu, Rudy, Waldo: [they all start to laugh]
Vinnie Fountain: [not amused] I was a little kid once myself and I saw EVERYTHING.