Edgar Rice Burroughs
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Edgar Rice Burroughs (Character)
from John Carter (2012)

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John Carter (2012)
Dalton: [after receiving Carter's telegraph, his nephew Edgar Rice Burroughs arrives at his estate to find out that Carter had died] His death came as a shock to all of us, he was a model of health and vigor. He just dropped dead in his study, not five minutes after sending word for me and the doctor. When I arrived he was already gone.
Dalton: [Burroughs looks around at Carter's office in awe as he sees all the strange and exotic findings from all over the world] The man never stopped digging. All over the world. No sooner he started digging one hole then he was off to Jaava or the Orkney Islands digging another. He said it was pure research, but it always seemed to me like he was looking for something. Well, God granting, he's found it now.
Dalton: [Burroughs picks up a photo of Carter and looks at it] Every inch a Cavalry man, to the very end.
Edgar Rice Burroughs: My mother always said that Jack never really came back from the war. That it was only his body that went West. He used to tell me the most wondrous stories.
[he turns to Dalton]
Dalton: I'd like to pay my respects.

Dalton: [back at Carter's estate, Dalton reads from Carter's will] And lastly, I hereby direct, that my estate shall be held in trust for twenty five years. The income to benefit my beloved nephew, Edgar Rice Burroughs. At the end of which term, the principal will revert to him, in full.
Edgar Rice Burroughs: [Burroughs looks shocked] Of course, I always adored him, but it's been so long. Why me?
Dalton: He never offered an explanation, I never asked him for one.
[Dalton passes an old looking journal to Burroughs]
Dalton: It was his private journal. He was most explicit that you, and only you, would read its contents. You might possibly find some kind of explanation in here. I'll leave you now.
[Dalton stands and offers his hand to Burroughs]
Dalton: Again, my condolences.
[Dalton turns and leaves]

Edgar Rice Burroughs: I am the key. I am the key! I, Edgar.
[he looks for clues on the mausoleum door]
Edgar Rice Burroughs: Ed! E... D!
[he presses the letters E-D in 'Inter Mundos' engraved on the mausoleum door, but nothing happens, frustrated Burroughs takes out the telegraph Carter had sent him and reads]
Edgar Rice Burroughs: 'Dear, Ned'. He never called me Edgar. He called me Ned!
[he presses the letters N-E-D in the 'Inter Mundos' engraved on the mausoleum door and the door opens, Ned is shocked to discover his uncle's body is missing, Matai Shang appears behind him, about to kill him, but Carter appears and shoots him]
John Carter: Hello, Ned.

John Carter: Toxin, derived from a puffer fish, simulates death.
[Carter finds the medallion on Matai Shang's body]
Edgar Rice Burroughs: You never found the medallion?
John Carter: No. That's why I'm so grateful to you for bringing me one.
Edgar Rice Burroughs: I... I was just bait?
John Carter: No. You're far more than that. I really do need a protector. That is, if you're willing.
[Ned agrees and hugs Carter]
John Carter: Goodbye, Ned.
John Carter: [Carter turns to go into the mausoleum] Oh, and Ned. Take up a cause, fall in love, write a book.
John Carter: [about to close the mausoleum] It's time I went home.
John Carter: [he shuts the door, lays down on the body slab, and says the phrase that will return him to Barsoom] Ak Ohum Oktay Weez...
John Carter: [he sees Dejah saying 'Barsoom' and smiles before repeating the word] Barsoom.