Carter McMullen
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Carter McMullen (Character)
from Hostel: Part III (2011) (V)

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Hostel: Part III (2011) (V)
[Scott's phone rings]
Scott: It's Amy.
Carter McMullen: Oh, well you probably want to take that don't you since you're practically married already.
Mike Malloy: Guess what I do: When I'm 80 miles away from my wife, I turn off my fucking phone! Then she can't call me, she can't text me, she can't make me send a photo of where I'm at because she's insecure!
Scott: That's why your marriage sucks.
Mike Malloy: Well she put on 30 pounds so...

Carter McMullen: [torturing Scott] When it comes to pussy... I Have NO Friends
Carter McMullen: [showing his tattoo] What it means is members only