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Quotes for
Karen (Character)
from Abduction (2011/I)

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Abduction (2011/I)
[last lines]
Karen: Hmmm... So I had to wait four years for you to ask me out?
Nathan: [laughs] Yeah... but you gotta admit, it was one pretty exciting first date.
Karen: [giggles] Definitely.

Karen: Are we gonna die, Nathan?
Nathan: No... I won't let that happen.

[they kiss]
Karen: W-w-wow.
Nathan: What?
Karen: That's better than middle school.
[they kiss again]
Nathan: That's 'cause I know what I'm doing now.
[they kiss and embrace]
Karen: Ha... and no braces either.
[she giggles; they kiss; the train lurches; she giggles again; they kiss; he removes his jacket; they kiss more passionately; he lifts her up for her to straddle him as he sits; they kiss some more]
Karen: Ah... We should get some food.
Nathan: [breathy] Yeah... I'm starving.