Dick Scratcher
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Dick Scratcher (Character)
from Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1973)

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Ghost in the Noonday Sun (1973)
Dick Scratcher: Oh, we'll all be murdered in our graves!

Pierre Rodriguez: The food, Captain. The men have only been given five beans a meal. They want more food or they will mutiny.
Dick Scratcher: Mutiny? What's that?
Pirate: It means we'll stop work.
Dick Scratcher: Stop work? That's mutiny!

Jeremiah: I want to be put ashore! I've been kidnapped!
Pierre Rodriguez: Kidnapped?
Dick Scratcher: But you're only a kid!

[sighting a ship in the distance]
Pierre Rodriguez: She's unarmed.
Dick Scratcher: That doesn't frighten me none.

Pierre Rodriguez: We are peaceful Portuguese fishermen, sir.
Parsley-Freck: I don't see any fish.
Dick Scratcher: Ah, that's 'cause they're all in the sea.
Pierre Rodriguez: And who says we Portuguese fishermen do not have a sense of humor, eh?
Parsley-Freck: Practically everybody, sir.