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Quotes for
Irene (Character)
from Drive (2011/I)

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Drive (2011/I)
Irene: [referring to a photo] That's Benicio's father
Driver: Where is he?
Irene: He's in prison.
Driver: Oh.

Driver: I don't have wheels on my car.
Irene: [laughing] Okay.
Driver: It's one thing you should know about me.

Irene: What do you do?
Driver: I drive.
Irene: Like a limo driver?
Driver: No, like, for movies.
Irene: Oh. You mean all the car chases and stuff?
Driver: Yeah.
Irene: Isn't that dangerous?
Driver: It's only part-time. Mostly I work at a garage.

Shannon: You two know each other?
Driver: [smiling while walking by] Don't.
Shannon: [excited] Oh, look at that!
Irene: We're neighbors.
Shannon: Neighbors? Very good. Well, we'll try to be neighborly too.

Shannon: [about Driver] You know, he walked into my shop here about five or six years ago. Right out of the blue. Asking for a job. So I put him to the test to see what he could do. The kid's amazing.
Irene: Yeah.
Shannon: So I hired him on the spot. Boom.
[snaps fingers]
Shannon: At about half the wages I normally pay. He didn't blink an eye.
[to Driver]
Shannon: Hey kid, come over here for a second, will you?
[back to Irene]
Shannon: And I have been exploiting him ever since.
[Shannon laughs]
Shannon: Don't tell him.

Irene: [as music blares from her apartment] Sorry about the noise.
Driver: I was going to call the cops.
Irene: I wish you would.

Standard: Do you want to hear how mommy and me met?
Benicio: Yeah.
Standard: Yeah? Okay. We were at a party. And she was nineteen years old.
Irene: Seventeen.
Standard: You weren't seventeen.
Irene: I was.
Standard: Wow. So it was illegal.
Standard: All right. So I illegally walked over to a seventeen year old girl. And I walk up and I say, "Hello, Miss. What is your name?" And she didn't say anything. And then I said, "Well my name is Standard Gabriel." Then what did you say?
Irene: I said, "Where's the deluxe version?"