Jackson Whittemore
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Jackson Whittemore (Character)
from "Teen Wolf" (2011)

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"Teen Wolf: Omega (#2.1)" (2012)
Jackson: If Lydia's turning, she's not the one that's gonna need help.
Scott McCall: What do you mean?
Jackson: God, you've got it all backwards, McCall. When I was with Lydia you should have seen the scratch marks she left on me. What do you think she's gonna do with a set of real claws?

Jackson: If Lydia wants to take a naked hike in the woods, why should I care?
Scott McCall: Because we have a pretty good idea that she might be - you know, turning.
Jackson: Turning?
Scott McCall: Yeah... Turning.
Jackson: Into what?
Stiles: A unicorn. What do you think, dumbass?

Homeless Man: Nice car.
Jackson: Here's a dollar. Go find another parking lot to die in. Security!

Derek Hale: If something's wrong, I need to know. You're with me now.
Jackson: Wait - With you? Me with - With you? What am I, your little pet? I mean, just because you gave me "the bite" doesn't mean I'm part of your little wolf pack. Sorry, but to be honest, you don't exactly show outstanding leadership qualities.
Derek Hale: Is that so?
Jackson: Look, I've got my own agenda. Which doesn't involve running around the woods at night, howling at the moon with you and McCall, okay? So why don't you just back the fu -
[starts leaking blood]
Jackson: What is it? What's happening?
Derek Hale: Body's fighting the bite.
Jackson: Why?
Derek Hale: I don't know.

"Teen Wolf: Pack Mentality (#1.3)" (2011)
Danny: They're saying it's some type of animal attack, probably a cougar.
Jackson: I heard mountain lion.
Lydia Martin: A cougar is a mountain lion.

Jackson: [to Scott] I don't hate you, I just don't believe you. Y'know, you've got everyone thinking everything's fine and normal about you, but I know something's off.

Lydia Martin: I am not sitting home again watching lacrosse videos, so if the four of us are hanging out, we are doing something fun...
Jackson: You know what else sounds fun? Stabbing myself in the face with this fork.

"Teen Wolf: Night School (#1.7)" (2011)
Jackson: Stay here.
Lydia Martin: I'm not staying in the car.
Jackson: Just stay...
Lydia Martin: Do NOT leave me alone in the car!
Jackson: Fine. Don't have a meltdown.

Jackson: Call the cops.
Stiles: No.
Jackson: What do you mean, "no"?
Stiles: I mean no. You wanna hear it in Spanish?
[Spanish accent]
Stiles: No!

Jackson: Do you see that?
Lydia Martin: See what?
Jackson: The hood on that piece of crap jeep looks crappier than usual.

"Teen Wolf: Frenemy (#2.6)" (2012)
Jackson: Scales. Like a fish?
Stiles: No. More like a reptile. And your claws have this liquid that paralyzes people. And you have a tail.
Jackson: I have a tail?
Stiles: Yeah, you do.
Jackson: Does it do anything?
Stiles: Not that I know of.
Jackson: Can I use it to strangle you?

Stiles: Oh my God! Oh my God! Could this get any worse?"
Jackson: [Mostly unconscious] Mmmmmmm...
Stiles: That was rhetorical!

Jackson: [chained in the prisoner transfer van] LET ME OUT! NOW!
Stiles: You know, I put those pants on you. Alright, buddy? One leg at a time. Being all up close and personal with your junk wasn't exactly a highlight of my day. So don't think this is fun for me, either. You know, we are actually doing you a favor.
Jackson: [Holds up his cuffed hands] So, this is doing me a favor?
Stiles: Yes! You're killing people... to death! Yeah! And until we figure out how to stop you, you gonna stay in here. Sorry.
[Holds up two sandwiches]
Stiles: Now, you want the ham and cheese or the turkey club?

"Teen Wolf: Wolf Moon (#1.1)" (2011)
Jackson: Where are you getting your juice?
Scott McCall: [Confused] My mom does all the grocery shopping.

Jackson Whittemore: Alright little man, how about you tell me where you're getting your juice?
Scott McCall: What?
Jackson Whittemore: Where are you getting your juice?
Scott McCall: My mom does all the grocery shopping.
Jackson Whittemore: Now listen, McCall, you're going to tell me exactly what it is and who you're buying it from because there's no way in hell you're out there eon the field kicking ass like that without some sort of chemical boost.
Scott McCall: Oh, you mean steroids! Are you on steroids?
Jackson Whittemore: What the hell is going on with you, McCall?
Scott McCall: What's going on with me?
[Jackson nods]
Scott McCall: You really wanna know? Well so would I because I can see, hear, and smell things I shouldn't be able to see, hear and smell! I do things that should be impossible. I'm sleepwalking three miles into the middle of the woods and I'm pretty much convinced that I'm totally out of my freaking mind!
Jackson Whittemore: You think you're funny, don't you McCall? I know you're hiding something. I'm going to find out what it is. I don't care how long it takes.

"Teen Wolf: Shape Shifted (#2.2)" (2012)
Sheriff Stilinski: You're telling me that you knew Isaac's father was hitting him?
Jackson: Hitting him? He was kicking the crap out of him.
Sheriff Stilinski: Did you ever say anything to anyone? A teacher, parents, anyone?
Jackson: Nope. It's not my problem.
Sheriff Stilinski: No, no, of course not. You know, it's funny that the kids getting beaten up are always the ones who least deserve it.

"Teen Wolf: Co-Captain (#1.10)" (2011)
Scott McCall: [about becoming a werewolf] Just trust me. All it does is make things worse.
Jackson: Oh, yeah, really? You can hear anything you want and run faster than humanly possible. Sounds like a real hardship, McCall.
Scott McCall: Yeah, I can run really fast now - Except half the time, I'm running away from people trying to kill me! And I can hear things like - like my girlfriend telling people that she doesn't trust me anymore right before breaking up with me. I'm not lying to you! It - ruins your life.
Jackson: It ruined *your* life. You had all the power in the world, and you didn't know what to do with it. You know what it's actually like? It's like you turned 16 and someone bought you a Porsche when they should have started you out with a nice little Honda. Me? I drive a Porsche.

"Teen Wolf: The Tell (#1.5)" (2011)
Jackson: Hoosiers is not only the best basketball movie ever. It is the best sports movie ever made.
Lydia Martin: No.
Jackson: It's got Gene Hackman and Dennis Hopper.
Lydia Martin: No.
Jackson: Lydia, I swear to God you're gonna like it.
Lydia Martin: No.
Jackson: I am not watching The Notebook again.
Jackson: [Enters the video store] Can somebody help me find The Notebook?

"Teen Wolf: Abomination (#2.4)" (2012)
Danny: [Jackson asks him to check his video] I'm supposed to watch you in bed? You remember all the times I told you you're not my type?
Jackson: Just do it. Oh, and FYI: I'm everyone's type.

"Teen Wolf: Wolf's Bane (#1.9)" (2011)
Lydia Martin: Jackson! This little text-not funny!
Jackson: No, I wasn't trying to be funny. I would have put a "ha ha" at the end of it. And, see, there's no "ha ha."

"Teen Wolf: Formality (#1.11)" (2011)
Scott McCall: You're her friend, too. You are. All that time you spent with her to get to me, you can't tell me that you didn't get to know her, and like her. It's Allison. It's impossible not to like her. You can't tell me that you don't care if she gets hurt.
Jackson: What if I get hurt?
Scott McCall: Then it's worth it.
Jackson: Not to me.

"Teen Wolf: Restraint (#2.7)" (2012)
Jackson: I can't have detention with these tools. I have a restraining order against them.
Mr. Harris: All these tools?
Stiles: No, just us tools.