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Quotes for
Dude Love (Character)
from WWF Over the Edge (1998) (TV)

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"WWE Raw: Episode #5.36" (1997)
Dude Love: Owww, have mercy! Hunter and especially your finer Chyna, I know what you must be thinking. 'Dude, what are you doing back here, when you should be out there kicking some heavy duty booty all over the garden?' Hunter my man, I do believe it's time we had a little rap, oh-ho. Because you see, falls count anywhere ain't exactly my bag baby. The pinfalls in the hot dog stands, the pinfalls in the street, the chairs, the tables, it's not exactly a Love thing. But I know somebody, baby, who's bag it indeed is. He's my man, he's my main man, you might even say, well daddy, he's a Kind man. A kooky type of cat, let's bring him out right now.
[Mankind's music plays as Mankind walks into the picture]
Dude Love: Mankind, my main mandible- up high big man, down low, owww you're too slow. Mankind, good to have you at the Love Shack.
Mankind: Hey Dude. Thanks for having me here.
Dude Love: The pleasure's all mine.
Mankind: You really are eye candy for the chicks, Dude.
Dude Love: That much I know, Daddy, but first you got to tell me about this wacky match: Falls count anywhere.
Mankind: Dude, as much as I've dreamed about destroying Hunter Hearst Helmsley.
Dude Love: I know you have.
Mankind: As many horrible things as I'd like to do to him.
Dude Love: I know you can.
Mankind: I know someone who dreams about it even more.
Dude Love: Oh no, are you thinking what I think you're thinking?
Mankind: I think I am thinking what you think I think you're thinking
Dude Love: Can you bring him out, Manny? Where is he?
Dude Love: Somebody spank me, I thought he was dead.
Mankind: He's alive.
Cactus Jack: Hunter, it may be the darkest day of your life, but this is Madison Square Garden, and Mrs. Foley's baby boy is finally home! BANG BANG!
Mankind: Have a nice day!
Dude Love: Owww have mercy!