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Quotes for
Cindy (Character)
from "How I Met Your Mother" (2005)

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"How I Met Your Mother: How Your Mother Met Me (#9.16)" (2014)
The Mother: What's wrong? Are you okay?
Cindy: We broke up.
The Mother: Oh well, I never liked him, and I never thought he deserved you, and I am sorry, I didn't know you were dating someone. Who was this?
Cindy: He was the architecture professor. The one who taught Econ 305 by accident.
The Mother: Oh. That guy? Why did you break up?
Cindy: He's got a thing for you.
The Mother: What? Yeah, what? He's what? How um, how could he have a thing for me? He's never even met me.
Cindy: He didn't have to. Everything he saw of yours, he went crazy for.
The Mother: You should've brought him to my room. Okay? He would've run screaming once he saw my calligraphy set, my coin collection, my chain-mail corset from the Renaissance Faire. No, that's pretty cool.

The Mother: Come live with me. My roommate just moved out.
Cindy: Are you sure? You just met me. I could be a serial killer.
The Mother: I like to believe in people. Plus, what are the chances that we're both serial killers?

"How I Met Your Mother: Girls vs. Suits (#5.12)" (2010)
Cindy: [Ted just got a pretty girl away from being invited to a drinking party by three frat guys] I swear, every week, I get invited by some frat guy to a kegger, and I say, "I'm a PhD candidate, and I'm writing a dissertation titled Foreign Direct Investment and Inter-generational Linkages in Consumption Behavior."
Ted Mosby: And what does frat guy say to that?
Cindy: [Drawls] 'That's hot.'
Ted Mosby: [laughs] ... Actually, that is kinda hot.
Cindy: Ted, I have a confession - I recognize you. Do you remember your first class last semester? Econ 305.
Narrator: Kids, you remember the wrong classroom story. I thought it was Architecture 101, but it was Econ 305. Of course, I didn't know that your mother was in that class... and she thought I was a complete idiot.
Cindy: I thought you were a complete idiot - but a very cute idiot.
Ted Mosby: So um, do you ever date cute idiots?
Cindy: Almost exclusively.

"How I Met Your Mother: The Goat (#3.17)" (2008)
Barney: Ted's probably broken this thing himself, right? If he's broken the Bro Code, then I'm off the hook!
Marshall Eriksen: I thought about that, and I gotta say Ted has uphold this thing time and time again. For example, article 87. "A bro shall at all times say yes."
Cindy: So he saved you from an avalanche?
Ted: Yes.
Cindy: And he carried you almost six miles to safety on his broken leg?
Ted: Yes.
Cindy: And you're a pre-op transsexual nightclub singer who used to be a member of the Russian mob?
[Ted looks at Barney with fury on his face before turning to the woman again]
Ted: Da.
[takes a huge zip of his beer]

"How I Met Your Mother: Band or DJ? (#8.13)" (2013)
Narrator: [Talking about Robin] I made a pretty strong case that night, but in the end, she didn't want a DJ, she wanted a band. And guess what happened?
[Cut to four months later]
Ted Mosby: ...That's right, the band cancelled at the last minute, just like I said they would. The wedding is in a week and no bands. When will people realize I always know what's what?
Cindy: He says to the lesbian he dated for a month.
Ted Mosby: That's a fair point. Anyways, you guys wouldn't happen to know of any good wedding bands available at the last minute, would you?
Casey: Ted, do you believe in destiny?
Ted Mosby: You really don't know me, do you?
Cindy: We just had brunch with my ex-roommate.
Ted Mosby: The bass player?
Cindy: No, she's not just a bass player, she's a bass player in the best wedding band in the Tri-state area. They had a gig lined up for this weekend, but it just fell through this morning.
Casey: You, my friend, are gonna save that wedding.
Ted Mosby: Do you know any DJs?
Cindy: Dude! Come on!
Casey: Let it go bro, just let it go.
Ted Mosby: All right, all right, all right. Well, I guess it's a lucky thing I ran into you guys.
Narrator: And kids, "lucky" doesn't even begin to describe it, because if Robin and Barney had taken my stupid advice and hired a DJ, I never would have met your mother.