Principal Carol Newman
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Principal Carol Newman (Character)
from The Santa Clause 2 (2002)

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The Santa Clause 2 (2002)
Principal Carol Newman: Well, maybe if you spent more time with your son, there would be fewer problems.
Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: Maybe, but then I wouldn't get to spend more time with you. It's always such a pleasure.
Principal Carol Newman: Oh, a battle of wits. It's a shame that you come unarmed.

Picardo: Good morning, Principal Newman.
Principal Carol Newman: Mr. Picardo, I want you to look into my eyes. What do you see?
Picardo: It's dark... and it's cold.
Principal Carol Newman: It's your future, Mr. Picardo. Keep this up, and you will spend the rest of your life stabbing trash by the highway. Do I make myself clear?
Picardo: Yes.
Principal Carol Newman: So what are you gonna do?
Picardo: I'm going straight to third-period geometry.
Principal Carol Newman: Have a nice trip.

Principal Carol Newman: I want you to look into my eyes. What do you see?
Skateboarding Student: It's dark... and cold.

Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: Hey party animal, you wanna play?
Principal Carol Newman: [wondering how toys like Toss Across have magically appeared] I just can't figure it out.
Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: It's tic-tac-toe with beanbags.
Principal Carol Newman: No, I mean the Secret Santa thing. Someone tracked down and bought all those wonderful antique toys.
Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: Probably someone that knows his way around eBay.

Principal Carol Newman: I owe you one.
Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: It's a great party. Look. That guy moved.

Bernard: OK, Chet. This is it. You ready to rock and roll?
Principal Carol Newman: Chet?
Bernard: Yeah. He's still in training.
Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: How much flight time has he had?
Bernard: About a minute and a half.
Curtis, the Experimental Elf: Yeah but he's had a lotta crash time.
Scott Calvin/Santa Claus: Curtis.
Curtis, the Experimental Elf: He's just a baby.