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Dottie Richards (Character)
from "Mary Tyler Moore" (1970)

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"Mary Tyler Moore: You've Got a Friend (#3.11)" (1972)
Dottie Richards: [Mary's mother, Dottie, is heading out of Mary's apartment, to leave Mary and her father, so they can spend some time together] Well, guess I just better be going.
[She starts heading to Mary's front door, and passes her husband, who's got a quizzical look on his face]
Dottie Richards: Have a nice time, you two.
Mary Richards: You too, mom.
Dottie Richards: Right.
Walter Richards: [Kisses his wife, Dottie] Night, Dottie.
[He looks at Mary, not knowing what's going on]
Dottie Richards: [Nervously speaks] Goodbye, dear.
Walter Richards: [Confused] Aren't you gonna stay?
Dottie Richards: [Whispers conspiratorially] She won't let me!
[With that, Dottie heads towards the front door]
Dottie Richards: Don't forget to take your pill.
[Dottie announces, loudly]
Mary Richards, Walter Richards: [Simultaneously] I won't.
[Walter looks towards Mary, with a surprised look, and Mary just blankly stares into space]