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Howard Gordon (Character)
from "Mary Tyler Moore" (1970)

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"Mary Tyler Moore: It's Whether You Win or Lose (#3.5)" (1972)
Ted Baxter: Does three of a kind beat a flush?
Gordy Howard: No, Ted.
Ted Baxter: But it does beat two of a kind.
Gordy Howard: Yes.
Ted Baxter: What's a "kind"?

"Mary Tyler Moore: The Good-Time News (#3.1)" (1972)
Gordy Howard: [Mar's 'happy talk' revamping of the 6 O'Clock News is a disaster, as Ted s trying to be funny, and show he has 'personality'] And now, speaking for the management of WJM-TV, Mary Richards. And I'm sure after you see her, you'll understand why I say; 'Mary, I don't know what it is your for, or against, but, whatever it is, I'm with you.
Mary Richards: [Smiling] Thank you, Gordy. We'd like to speak out tonight for population control . Between the years 1932 and 1978, the population of the world will have doubled.
Ted Baxter: [Interrupting Mary] that should do something for our ratings, hey, Mary?
Mary Richards: [Nervously smiling] population experts agree that if growth continues at this rate, world population will reach 7 billion by the year 2000.
Ted Baxter: [Interrupting Mary, again] Hey, I think I'll go into the diaper business.
Mary Richards: [Beginning to stutter] Which points to a disaster of global importance.
Ted Baxter: Oh come on, Mare, don't be such a gloomy Gus.
Mary Richards: The management of WJM feels that television can play a critical role in the control the population growth...
Ted Baxter: [Interrupting Mary] We sure can. As long as they're watching the old tube, they can't make the population grow, can they?
Mary Richards: Television has a responsibility...
Ted Baxter: Get it, Mare?
Mary Richards: [Turning to Ted, off camera] Will you shut up, Ted?
[Ted - off-camera - looks at Mary with disbelief. Mary, turns to face the camera. We see her on a monitor - shocked at what she just said. Her mouth open, and eyes wide, she just stares straight ahead]
Lou Grant: [Lou, who's been drinking while watching the broadcast with Murray] Murray, did I just hear right? Did I hear Mary tell Ted to shit-up on the air?
Murray Slaughter: [Drunk] Yeah.
Lou Grant: [Smiles] Good.