Annabel Cotton
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Annabel Cotton (Character)
from Restless (2011/I)

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Restless (2011/I)
Annabel Cotton: [to Enoch] I am the spirit of this forest. Come with me.

Annabel Cotton: [to Enoch] It is getting pretty complicated.

Enoch Brae: Do I know you?
Annabel Cotton: Does anybody here knows you?

Mabel: Did you look at those school brochures I left on your bed?
Annabel Cotton: No.

Annabel Cotton: He is kind of different.
Elizabeth Cotton: Different could be good.

Enoch Brae: So sorry for your loss.
Annabel Cotton: [Mockingly] So Sorry for your loss.
Enoch Brae: Too formal.

Annabel Cotton: Who is Hiroshi?
Enoch Brae: Sort of a ghost.
Annabel Cotton: Can he fly?
Enoch Brae: He used to. He was a kamikaze.

Hiroshi Takahashi: Why she looks like a boy?
Enoch Brae: He says he thinks you look really nice.
Hiroshi Takahashi: No, I didn't.
Annabel Cotton: Thank you Hiroshi.

Annabel Cotton: About the hospital. I don't work there. I am a patient.

Enoch Brae: How long?
Annabel Cotton: Three months.
Enoch Brae: First thing, you can get a lot done in three months.

Elizabeth Cotton: Your boyfriend's here!
Annabel Cotton: He's not my boyfriend. I'll be right up.

Annabel Cotton: Tell me about the birds.
Enoch Brae: What?
Annabel Cotton: The songbirds. Why do they sing in the morning?
Enoch Brae: They sing because they're happy to be alive another day.
Annabel Cotton: I've sung every morning since I met you.

Annabel Cotton: It's fine. And if it's not fine, it'll be fine.