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Gusto Gummi (Character)
from "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" (1985)

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"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Day of the Beevilweevils (#3.4)" (1987)
Gusto Gummi: You know, if we could plant these by color, we could turn the field into a giant painting!

Gusto Gummi: [of the bollweevils] Uh-oh... uninvited dinner guests.

Gusto Gummi: [swatting with a broom] Chew on this, you - beevil barbarians!
[they gnaw it down to a stick]
Gusto Gummi: Hey, it was only a figure of speech.

Gruffi Gummi: Now, Gusto, do you wanna explain where you're going with this long-range Quick Car?
Gusto Gummi: Oh, uh... uh - no place special. Just thought I'd take a spin and get some air.
Gruffi Gummi: [lifts the cover] And so you wouldn't get hungry, you packed a week's supply of food.
Gusto Gummi: Hey, you know what fresh air can do to a bear's appetite.

Gruffi Gummi: The Quick Tunnels don't run that far. The tracks might not be able to hold the Car.
Gusto Gummi: Hey, Gruff, please. You're gonna kill me with overconfidence.

Gusto Gummi: Heads up! Are we havin' fun yet?

Tummi Gummi: I sure hope this track holds together.
Gusto Gummi: Oh, boy, I wish you hadn't said that!
[Tummi glances behind where he already looks and sees it crumbling]

Gusto Gummi: Come on, Car! Faster!

Gusto Gummi: We're gonna make it! We're gonna make it!
Tummi Gummi: Look!
[pointis to a gap in the track ahead of them]
Gusto Gummi: We're not gonna make it.

Tummi Gummi: At least we didn't crash.
[the track gives way beneath the Car]
[they do]
Gusto Gummi: You know, I'll bet someday, people will pay for a ride like that.

Tummi Gummi: I need some food to settle my stomach.
Gusto Gummi: Well, we're not eating here.
Tummi Gummi: We're not?
Gusto Gummi: Hey, this place is gonna collapse any minute, Tum. We gotta climb out first.
Tummi Gummi: But that could take hours.
Gusto Gummi: [shouldering a pack] Well, the faster we climb, the sooner we eat.
[Tummi mouths "Oh" then grabs a pair of packs and runs up the slope]
Gusto Gummi: Wow. For a big fella, he can really haul paws when he wants to.

Gusto Gummi: I wish I was as fast as you are hungry.

Gusto Gummi: Excuse me, you're taking us to *the* Great Oak looking like that?
Tree #1: Like what, barkless?
Gusto Gummi: It's surprising how you'd let yourselves go.
Tree #1: Whadaya mean?
Gusto Gummi: I mean, look how you let last year's leaves just hang there, all limp and yellow.
[plucks one]
Tree #1: Ouch!
Gusto Gummi: And-and that bird nest you're wearing, is years out of style; now that's a definite glamour don't.
Tree #1: Oh, dear. I-I didn't realize.
Gusto Gummi: Sure. And your tendrils haven't been flopped for ages.

Gusto Gummi: Now let's find some gummiberry bushes.
Tummi Gummi: And hope they don't talk back.

Gusto Gummi: We're bound to find a bush somewhere. As soon as we find a way down.
Tummi Gummi: How do we do that?
[te ground they stand on collapses into the pit]
Tummi Gummi: I'm sorry I asked.

Tummi Gummi: Hey, look. The Gummis and those tree-things used to be pals.
Gusto Gummi: Hm. No accounting for taste.

Gusto Gummi: That was usin' the old noggin, Tummer. And these panels have just the right amount of artistic sophistication.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: My Kingdom for a Pie/The World According to Gusto (#5.4)" (1989)
Gusto Gummi: [after he gets paint stripes on his clothes] Oohh, quite the fashion statement, Gruff. Too bad plaid's the fad.

Gusto Gummi: There's only one rule a Gummi needs, and that is: there are no rules. Following rules is like painting by numbers, like, where's the creativity, right? Throw out the rules, and you get new, new, new! How do you think I paint the way I do?
Gruffi Gummi: [sarcastically] I've always wondered.

Gusto Gummi: Maybe I can teach the kid a thing or two.
Gruffi Gummi: That's what I'm afraid of.
Grammi Gummi: Now, Gruffi, I think it's a fine idea. Besides, you're forgettin' one very important rule.
Gruffi Gummi: And what's that?
Grammi Gummi: Never argue with Grammi!

Cubbi Gummi: Wow. I've never seen anything like that before.
Gusto Gummi: That's the idea. It's one of a kind. Like me.

Gusto Gummi: [chuckling after Artie gets hit with clay] Hey, no need to ruffle your feathers. Besides, it's you, Artie boy. It's you.

Gusto Gummi: Imagine me sounding like Gruffamundo. I better watch it.

Gusto Gummi: [on the edge of the ladder in front of the waterfall] Whoa. This is no place for a Gummi to hang out.

Gusto Gummi: So what if inspiration's finally struck, and I'm all out of paint?

Gusto Gummi: Boy, who would have ever thought that one little Gummi could give me such a big headache? Now I know why I live alone.

Cubbi Gummi: When I grow up, I wanna be just like you.
Gusto Gummi: Well, I guess it hasn't been that bad of a day.

Gusto Gummi: All right, buster. I have somethin' to say to you.
Toadwart: [popping out of a bush] Ogres have something to say too.

Cubbi Gummi: What do we do now?
Gusto Gummi: [laughs nervously] Plead for our lives?

Toadwart: [reading the "cure" horrified] Take three baths a day?
Gad: With soap?
Gusto Gummi: And water.
Zook: Yech.

Gusto Gummi: Remember, stay on the right path, and look before you leap, and brush after every meal.

Gusto Gummi: [last lines: "The World According to Gusto"]
[to Gruffi as he swipes his pancakes]
Gusto Gummi: I mean, we're really not that different. More like two gummiberries on the same branch.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Water Way to Go/Close Encounters of the Gummi Kind (#3.5)" (1987)
Gusto Gummi: And a sea monster, I love it!
Sunni Gummi: But I don't think it loves us!

Sunni Gummi: But what about the sea monster?
Gusto Gummi: Anyone can sketch a sea monster; it's the mermaid I have to sketch.

Gusto Gummi: Aquarianne, I'll hang you above my fireplace. Wait - I don't have a fireplace. Oh, eh, I'll build one!

Gusto Gummi: We can sneak in here without any problems.
Sunni Gummi: [they hang on to the bars in the waterway once getting through] The current's too strong.
Gusto Gummi: Okay - ONE PROBLEM...!

Gusto Gummi: Oh, gosh, Sunni, I didn't mean to ignore you... But I don't wanna ignore those ogres either.

Gusto Gummi: That was close.
Sunni Gummi: Yeah, and getting closer.

Gusto Gummi: Hey, Toader, like to go for a little spin?

Gruffi Gummi: When something works, you don't fix it. Besides, no ogre's gonna get past *my* traps.
Gusto Gummi: Yeah, but what do you do with an ogre once you trap it? Come on, they make terrible pets.

Gusto Gummi: Hey, muttonlips!

Gruffi Gummi: So, how do you bring it back to reset it?
Gusto Gummi: Bring it back.
[chuckles sheepishly]
Gusto Gummi: Whoops.

Gusto Gummi: Whoops again, eh, Gruff?

Gusto Gummi: I think...
Gruffi Gummi: Don't think.

Gruffi Gummi: From now on, just do exactly what I do.
Gusto Gummi: [both leap aside to avoid the dummy and Gruffi is caught in a trap] Uh, *exactly* what you do?
Gruffi Gummi: Very funny, ha ha.

Sir Tuxford: [of the dummy] Some crude scheme of Duke Igthorn's, no doubt.
Gusto Gummi: Did he say crude? That's a work of art!

[last lines]
Gruffi Gummi: I guess you were right, Gruff. The Gummi dummy wasn't a good idea after all.
Gusto Gummi: Well, you just didn't plan things out the way I would have.
Gruffi Gummi: You mean you'll help me?
Gusto Gummi: Well... maybe long enough to get some of the bugs out.
Gruffi Gummi: BUGS! Oh, what an idea! Giant huge bugs to *scare* the ogres! Maybe just more bears with giant wheels, hm? NO! I like bugs!
Gusto Gummi: GUSTOOOO...!

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Rocking Chair Bear (#6.15)" (1991)
Gusto Gummi: Hold the applause.
Gruffi Gummi: Don't worry. We will.

Gusto Gummi: Doesn't it just scream to be immortalized in stone?
Tummi Gummi: Funny. I don't hear anything.

Gusto Gummi: So, Gruffamundo, will you and Tum Tum tag along to the old quarry to help me bring back a suitable chunk of marble?
Gruffi Gummi: Why would you want to ruin a perfectly good piece of stone?
Grammi Gummi: [kneading the dough used in a demo] It's better than ruinin' a perfectly good lump of bread dough.
Tummi Gummi: Good point.

Gusto Gummi: You look as pretty as a picture. No, no. No - more than that. A marble sculpture!

Gusto Gummi: How 'bout ditching these posies and doing a little posing?

Gusto Gummi: Hey, gotta strike while the muse is hot.

Gusto Gummi: Wouldn't want my favorite model getting bags under her eyes.
Sunni Gummi: The way I'm feeling, I'll probably get bags under the bags.

Gusto Gummi: Oh, this is terrible! I mean, humans have no taste in home decor!

Gusto Gummi: Hate to rain on our parade, guys, but if we don't get that hair, it's curtains for Sunni.
Lady Bane: [coming in] Au contraire. It's curtains for you.

Gusto Gummi: [of his unfinished sculpture] I'm calling it "The Once and Future Sunni".

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: There's No Place Like Home/Color Me Gummi (#4.4)" (1988)
Gusto Gummi: Making an indoor waterfall? Hey, nice touch, pal!

Grammi Gummi: Gusto! You almost scared the daylights outta me!
Gusto Gummi: Sorry, Grams, but you have to strike while the inspiration's hot.
[he takes down one of the paintings and tosses it away with the rest of the other paintings which have been part of the glen for years]
Gusto Gummi: And mine's burning up!

Gruffi Gummi: Gusto! Can't you make yourself useful?
Gusto Gummi: Useful... useful... that's it! Gusto, you amaze me!

Gusto Gummi: I-I don't get it. Have a lost my touch? Well, what if I ever *had* any touch in the first place? What if I'm nothing but a self-diluted, no-talent fraud? It's true. Why didn't I see it before? These are childish, amateur, obvious - there's only one thing left to do!

Grammi Gummi: But Gusto, we didn't mean you had to take down *all* your paintings. You can hang up at least *one*.
Gusto Gummi: [exhaustingly but sadly] Sorry Grammi, but the only thing I'm hanging up - is my brush.

Gusto Gummi: [of his painting] You can keep it. Use it as a dartboard or something.

Rotocelli: I promise you, I find out what's goin' on around here. Or I am not the great Rotacelli!
Gusto Gummi: Then you're not!

Cavin: What's wrong, Gusto?
Gusto Gummi: Oh ho ho, nothing that would bother a born artiste like yourself, but - I'm doin' all the work and you're gettin' all the credit.
Cavin: Why shouldn't I? After all, if it wasn't for me, no one in Dunwyn would have ever seen your portrait.
Gusto Gummi: Yeah, but they'll never know it's mine, Cav.
Cavin: That's not what's important.

Gusto Gummi: What in the name of fur?

Gusto Gummi: Oh, Cav, Cav, Cav, that's all water over the falls.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: My Gummi Lies Over the Ocean (#2.8)" (1986)
Gusto Gummi: [his first lines, heard offscreen] AHHHHHHH! Take *that*, you rock-headed reptile!

Gusto Gummi: You make a clam dip and I'll bring the chips!

Gusto Gummi: Ta-da! Pause for applause. I'm Augustus Gummi, artist extraordinaire, but you can call me Gusto.

Gusto Gummi: You may not believe it, but art has a lot of pain, and suffering.
Tummi Gummi: [letting Gusto stand on his shoulders so he can sculpts] I believe it, I believe it.

Gusto Gummi: Posilutely incredible.

Gusto Gummi: Come on, pal, you wren't born tomorrow.

Gusto Gummi: Be inspired, be creative, think outside the box!
Gruffi Gummi: [a blast of flame shoots into the water, causing something to rise] That's it - steam! Gusto, you maniac, you're right!
Gusto Gummi: Huh?
Gruffi Gummi: Cubbi, I love you!

Gusto Gummi: We're not out of the jungle yet.

[last lines]
Gusto Gummi: Gusto, you're incredible. I know that. And thank you very much.

Gusto Gummi: Early to bed and early to rise, and you won't have two bleary eyes.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Gummi's at Sea (#4.10)" (1988)
Gusto Gummi: You're kiddin', right?
Tummi Gummi: No, it'll be fun.
Gusto Gummi: No way, no how, no time, bud. I have just finished a fabuloso painting, and I'm counting on everyone to come and bask in the glow.
Tummi Gummi: Well, count me out. I'm gonna go bask at the beach.

Gusto Gummi: [of his portrait, touching his heart] Kinda hits ya right here, huh?
Tummi Gummi: [touching his stomach] More like here.

Zummi Gummi: We'll be able to share all sorts of history, and knowledge.
Grammi Gummi: And I'll bake them a big batch of my special brussel-nut brownies.
Gusto Gummi: You do, and they'll declare a war.

Gusto Gummi: [of Igthorn] Aw, talk about the one who got away!

Gusto Gummi: We've got a sovereign to save!

Gusto Gummi: Sorry to fluff your fur, pal, but we're the only chance King Gregor's got.
Gruffi Gummi: Then he's got no chance.

Gusto Gummi: He's got guts, Gruff. Kinda like you.
Gruffi Gummi: Like *me*? Huh.

Gusto Gummi: Gummi ho!

Gusto Gummi: Looks like Tummi's gone off to that big bear den in the sky.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: King Igthorn: Part II (#6.13)" (1990)
Gusto Gummi: Looks like we've painted ourselves into a corner, eh, Gruff?

Gruffi Gummi: Too bad that termite doesn't have an appetite for iron.
Gusto Gummi: [chuckles grimly] No kiddin'. This time we bit off even more than he can chew.

Gusto Gummi: Hey, cool your fur, Gruff. We've got visitors.

Gruffi Gummi: We gotta help Ursa and Gritty.
Gusto Gummi: [laughing watching them drag the unconscious ogre] Ixnay, Gruffamundo. Doesn't look like they need it.

Gruffi Gummi: Those Gummi ships will be easy pickings.
Gusto Gummi: [laughs as he sees him flying in on the Great Book] Not if Zummerino gets to 'em first.

Gusto Gummi: [laughs triumphantly] The old Zumster did it! He saved the Great Gummis!
Gruffi Gummi: I just hope he can save himself.

Gusto Gummi: Zummers? Zummerino? Zum Zum? Is he...?
Ursa: [touches his shoulder gently] Sometimes we have to make sacrifices, friend. That's why we must carry on where Zummi left off.

Gusto Gummi: [chuckling as he unleashes the termite on the catapult] Ready, little bucko? Bon appetit.

Gruffi Gummi: Too bad Zummi couldn't be here to see this.
Gusto Gummi: [sniffs] Yeah. Poor Zums. If only he...
[gasps in delight when he sees Zummi and the Great Book being washed ashore]
Gusto Gummi: YA-HOO! Look what the tide brought in!

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Bridge on the River Gummi/Life of the Party (#5.3)" (1989)
Gusto Gummi: Hey, Gruffers, don't you ever get tired of fixing these old Ancient Gummi things?
Gruffi Gummi: Are you kiddin'? They made their stuff to last forever. It's an honor to repair *their* plumbing.

Gruffi Gummi: The Ancient Gummis left us everything we'll ever need.
Artie Deco: [the faucet he's repairing where Artie sits shoots up water, spraying Gusto] Thar she blows!
Gusto Gummi: Uh, did the Ancient Gummis happen to leave a towel?
Gruffi Gummi: Very funny.

Grammi Gummi: What's goin' on here, Gruffi? You're a mess.
Gruffi Gummi: Well, you don't exactly look like you stepped out of a picture book yourself.
Gusto Gummi: I dunno, I kinda like that look.
Artie Deco: Yeah, if you're a scarecrow.

Gusto Gummi: Well, Gruffeangelo, what do you think?
Gruffi Gummi: I think you're a couple o'gummiberries short of a loud, Gusto.

Gusto Gummi: Oh, come on, Gruffarino, that was a great bridge. And you made a big sacrifice by destroying it. The Ancient Gummis would've been proud.

Gusto Gummi: [last lines: "Bridge on the River Gummi] Just picture this: Mount Gummore. Huge Gummi heads, carved in the side of a mountain. One bear could look just like you...
Gruffi Gummi: No thanks, Gusto. My head's not *that* big anymore.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Top Gum (#4.9)" (1988)
Gusto Gummi: There's nothing. Zero. Less than zero.

Gusto Gummi: I'm just waiting for an inspiration.
Artie Deco: Trust me, sooner or later it's gonna hit.
Cubbi Gummi: Gangway!
[runs into him]

Gusto Gummi: Hey, why the long faces, chums? Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, don't tell me - Gruffamundo's on the warpath again, hmm?

Gusto Gummi: So, has the, uh, prisoner been soundly thrashed?
Gruffi Gummi: Very funny, Gusto.

Gusto Gummi: [to the one spinning by the propeller after the crash] Uh, one tiny bit of advice, Gruff - you might wanna work on those landings.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Good Neighbor Gummi/Girl's Knight Out (#4.8)" (1988)
Gusto Gummi: [refusing to accept help, Gruffi trips trying to ascend the step with his broken foot] Poor ol' Gruff doesn't have a leg to stand on!

Gusto Gummi: [listening to the barbarians' singing and pounding the tree they're waiting to stop] Hey, y'know, I love a good party, but this one takes the cake. No more sleepovers for this bear.

Gusto Gummi: Hey, hey, calm down, bear; there's no point in frazzlin' your fur.

Gusto Gummi: We're finally gettin' through to Old Ironsides.

[last lines]
Tummi Gummi: [of the cane he dropped while rising] Let me get that.
Gruffi Gummi: No, *this* I can do for myself.
[steps to get it but loses his balances and slides across the room to where Gusto catches him]
Gusto Gummi: [laughs] You were saying, Mr. Foot-in-the-Mouth?
Gruffi Gummi: Thanks for the help.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: King Igthorn: Part I (#6.12)" (1990)
Gusto Gummi: Looks like you were right, little Cubster! Iggy and his ogres really did fly the coup.

Gusto Gummi: After you, Gruffamundo!
Gruffi Gummi: [sees the termite] No! After *him*!

Gruffi Gummi: Don't tell me we've got more termites!
Gusto Gummi: [seeing the ogres] Nope. Not termites. Just a bunch of big pests!

Gusto Gummi: Hey. What hit me?
Duke Igthorn: [grabs him and Gruffi] I did.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Princess Problems/A Gummi Is a Gummi's Best Friend (#5.6)" (1989)
Gusto Gummi: It's terrifico! Magnifico! On second thought it stinks.
Zummi Gummi: But, Gusto, it looks just like me.
Gusto Gummi: Well, that's the problem. It's got no originality.

Gusto Gummi: Hey, c'mon, stop movin', Zummerino. I'm tryin' to capture you in stone.
Zummi Gummi: Oh, boy, capture is right.

Zummi Gummi: I promised Gruffi I'd help him. And you know how he can get.
Gusto Gummi: Heh! Don't I ever.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Snows Your Old Man/Boggling the Bears (#3.6)" (1987)
Gusto Gummi: Come on, Gummies! It's just a few snowflakes. It'll pass. Gummi Bear honor, the sky is not falling.
[Artie Deco bursts into the room after escaping the cold, pushing Gusto over]
Gusto Gummi: but I could be wrong.

Gusto Gummi: Easy on the gloom and doom, huh?

Gusto Gummi: Everything is back to normal.
Artie Deco: Yeah. If you don't count the flying polar bears.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Music Hath Charms/Dress for Success (#4.2)" (1988)
Gruffi Gummi: Costumes, contests, prizes - all useless.
Sunni Gummi: Oh, yeah? Well, I'll show you!
Gruffi Gummi: Just make sure you're back here by five, or ELSE!
Gusto Gummi: You know, actually, I, uh, kinda like that look.
Gruffi Gummi: You would.

Gusto Gummi: [last lines: "Dress for Success"] I can see it now. "Designed by Sunni: high fashions for the home and the battlefield."
[everyone laughs]

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: The Magnificent Seven Gummies (#4.1)" (1988)
Zummi Gummi: In all my years, I've never seen anything as fantastic as this!
Sunni Gummi: Yeah, look at the costumes!
Gusto Gummi: Look at the dancers!
Tummi Gummi: Look at the food!

[repeated line]
Zummi Gummi, Gruffi Gummi, Grammi Gummi, Gusto Gummi, Tummi Gummi, Sunni Gummi, Cubbi Gummi, Prince Yen-Moon: Inmar bello gummiberry foo, transport us to old Xian-Wu.

"Adventures of the Gummi Bears: The Knights of Gummadoon (#3.7)" (1987)
Gusto Gummi: Hey, I love surprises.
Tummi Gummi: Me, too. And I smell a great one.

Gruffi Gummi: You know, I trained that kid myself.
Gusto Gummi: [Cubbi backs off the fighting platform onto one of the gears and lands in the water trough] Yeah. You know, I *thought* I recognized your technique.