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Milo De Venus (Character)
from "Galaxy High School" (1986)

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"Galaxy High School: Welcome to Galaxy High (#1.1)" (1986)
Milo De Venus: Hi. I'm Milo De Venus, your class president.

Milo De Venus: You'll have to excuse Sludge. He loves Earthlings. If they're properly salted, that is.

Doyle Cleverlobe: Why is it so cold in here?
Milo De Venus: Professor Icenstein comes from the planet Frostor. He has to keep his classroom cold, or he'll melt.

Doyle Cleverlobe: Zuggle ball?
Milo De Venus: I think on Earth you call it 'hookey'.
Doyle Cleverlobe: That's 'hockey'.
Milo De Venus: Yes, only the puck is alive.

"Galaxy High School: Where's Milo? (#1.4)" (1986)
Aimee Brightower, Wendy Garbo: [Milo has accidentally caused a flood while fixing the soap machine] My dress!
Coach Katrina: My back!
Ms. Biddy McBrain: My school!
Milo De Venus: My gosh!

Milo De Venus: That's a strange looking camera
[it looks like a gun]
Al Gatori: Made on Earth!

"Galaxy High School: The Beef Who Would Be King (#1.3)" (1986)
Milo De Venus: [Doyle has just swatted a fly] That wasn't a fly, it was a student. Harold Horsefly.
Doyle Cleverlobe: You're kidding? What have I done? When will I ever get used to this school?

Aimee Brightower: Isn't anyone gonna lend a hand, huh?
Milo De Venus: I suppose I could lend one...
[Milo has six arms]

"Galaxy High School: Founder's Day (#1.11)" (1986)
Luigi La Bounci: Say, what is-a this-a place-a?
Milo De Venus: It's Flutor. Erm, aren't you here to discover it?
Ms. Biddy McBrain: Haha! veepers no, we're on our way to the, eh, Bagoblah system. Luigi's opening the first intergalactic House of Pancakes there. And I'm his star waitress!

"Galaxy High School: The Brain Blaster (#1.9)" (1986)
Doyle Cleverlobe: I could have really messed up my life with that Brain Blaster. I could have ruined my brain for good!
Booey Bubblehead: Really? I tried it once but nothing happened.
Milo De Venus: First you gotta have a brain.