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Lord Darnley (Character)
from Mary of Scotland (1936)

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Gunpowder, Treason & Plot (2004) (TV)
Bothwell: Forgive me.
Mary, Queen of Scots: How's your head?
Bothwell: Sore.
Mary, Queen of Scots: I could remove it for you.
Bothwell: Well, that would do the trick, aye.
Mary, Queen of Scots: You caused Lord Darnley great offense, you called Lord Darnley a long streak of English piss!
Bothwell: Then I must apologize.
Lord Darnley: I thank you.
Bothwell: 'Twas English *pish*.
Lord Darnley: [pause] Banishment, I think.
Bothwell: Anywhere but France.

Bothwell: Your lord?
Lord Darnley: Your majesty!
Bothwell: Your majesty, will I tell the groom to put away your horse or will you be going back to the tavern?
Lord Darnley: I am one of the finest swordsmen in England, Bothwell.
Bothwell: Well, you're in Scotland now *your majesty*!
Lord Darnley: Then sleep with one eye open.

Mary of Scotland (1936)
Darnley: You never can count on a woman. Marry her, and she turns to ice.