Dr. Reingold
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Dr. Reingold (Character)
from Paulie (1998)

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Paulie (1998)
Dr. Reingold: [to Misha] Now don't you think if we had an animal with that kind of intelligence somebody here would have noticed.

Dr. Reingold: Speak. Speak.
Misha: No, please listen, Sir. Maybe if I explain better.
[to Paulie]
Misha: You are lonely I think. I am lonely. In Russia, I was teacher of literature. In America, I'm cleaner of bird crap. I miss words, I miss my language. I just would like someone to talk to.
Paulie: Join the club.
Misha: What?
Paulie: I said join the club.
Misha: So I'm not crazy. You CAN talk.
Paulie: Of course I can talk.
Misha: Then why are you not?
Paulie: Because talking just gets you into a lot of trouble.
Misha: Trouble? Why you say that?

Misha: I come to tell you in great amazement, he can talk.
Dr. Reingold: He mimics.
Misha: Mimics? What is mimics?
Dr. Reingold: He repeats what he hears. It is not talk.
Misha: No, you don't understand. He's intelligent, Doctor.