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Hadley Martin (Character)
from "Over the Top" (1997)

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"Over the Top: I'm Bonnie, I'm Clyde (#1.1)" (1997)
Hadley Martin: You look pretty good yourself.
Simon Ferguson: Well, thank you.
Hadley Martin: But then I shouldn't be surprised, alcohol is a preservative.

Hadley Martin: Danny, you remember, I told you about Mr. Ferguson, we used to be married.
Daniel Martin: Oh yeah, he's the guy you call mistake number one!

Hadley Martin: You read my diary?
Simon Ferguson: Well you told me to.
Hadley Martin: I did not.
Simon Ferguson: Well, you don't call taping the key to your journal under your office desk 'telling me'?
Robert McSwain: I have the feeling I just walked into the middle of something that's not quite PG13...

Hadley Martin: [Simon is sobbing] Oh please, taking advice from a seven year old. How pathetic.

Yorgo Galfanikos: Please tell me you ejected moments before the crash. PLEASE!
Simon Ferguson: Well, Yorgo, I would love to, but the truth is...
Hadley Martin: The truth is Mr. Ferguson will be taking a brief hiatus from the soap. He's decidesd to stay with us for a while.
Yorgo Galfanikos: Stay...
Yorgo Galfanikos: ... really.
[grabs Simon's suitcases]
Yorgo Galfanikos: I am hearing the music of the night!

"Over the Top: The Southern Story (#1.10)" (????)
Simon Ferguson: My God, my old photo's do not do me justice.
Hadley Martin: It's amazing how your love for you has never faded.

Hadley Martin: [to her mother] You always look so pretty when you get married. Why, you were five of the most beautiful brides I've ever seen.

Gwen Martin: Mom, Rose and Yorgo are not well.
Hadley Martin: Rose, Yorgo?
Yorgo Galfanikos: I have no idea. We've had some wonderful quality time together. Right?
Rose: Yes. Quality up the wazoo!

"Over the Top: Fight Night at the Metropolitan (#1.11)" (????)
Hadley Martin: Now you weren't really all that upset about what happened last Sunday, were you?
Simon Ferguson: I've been avoiding Daniel all week. I haven't been able to look at myself in the mirror. For me, that's Hell.

Hadley Martin: Rose, If you want closure on this thing, you gotta talk it out.
Rose: Where I come from, you only get closure when they're six feet under.
Hadley Martin: Rose, you're from Ford Lauderdale.
Rose: Down town!

"Over the Top: It's Gwen's Party and Hadley'll Cry If She Wants To (#1.7)" (????)
Hadley Martin: You're right, Simon, I'll never change. I'm doomed to a lifetime of bad choices and loser men. Basically, I'm Cher.

"Over the Top: The Nemesis (#1.3)" (1997)
Simon Ferguson: I need a dress.
Hadley Martin: Take one of mine.
Simon Ferguson: Well what will I wear on my other leg?

"Over the Top: Simon, We Hardly Knew Ye (#1.6)" (????)
Hadley Martin: Now, Daniel, I know how much you love Robert's company, but the time has come for you to put him back on Wall Street where you got him.

"Over the Top: The Bee Story (#1.8)" (????)
Hadley Martin: Just go over and talk to her like a normal person.
Yorgo Galfanikos: But it's so hard. I am not like you. You're many, many, many, many marriages have made you an expert in romance.

"Over the Top: The Kernel (#1.2)" (1997)
Simon Ferguson: I heard that.
Hadley Martin: That's because I said it real loud, right at ya.