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Gi (Character)
from "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" (1990)

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"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Predator (#2.5)" (1991)
[first lines]
Ma-Ti: [a shark pursues him snorkeling, he leaps out of the water onto their raft, breathing heavily] Heart!... Gi - you must get out of there!
[jumps as she surfaces]
Ma-Ti: AAHH! You scared me!
Gi: What's wrong, Ma-Ti?
Ma-Ti: [points as it approaches from behind] SHARK!
Gi: [it swims next to her and she touches it] Oh, Ma-Ti, it's just a basking shark. It only eats plankton.
Ma-Ti: [it leaves, she finishes the swim toward the raft] But it was following me!
Gi: [tosses her scuba to him] It was probably just curious.
[climbing onto the raft]
Gi: It wouldn't attack you unless you were about - *this* big.
[makes a gesture between her thumb and finger]
Ma-Ti: That is how small I feel.

Gi: Ma-Ti, why didn't you just use your Heartpower to send the shark away?
Ma-Ti: I do not know. I guess I was too scared to think straight.
Gi: [amused] Are you too scared to finish breakfast?
Ma-Ti: Gi - I thought I *was* breakfast. It is not every day I run into a 40-foot shark.
[a nearby patron gasps and runs to tell another]
Ma-Ti: ...even if it was not a man-eater.

Gi: Funny thing is, you're about ten times more likely to get killed by a falling airplane-part than by a shark.

Gi: You can't turn Bleak loose on that basking shark! It's harmless!
Ma-Ti: And sharks have a place in nature.
Argos Bleak: [jumps from his boat to the dock laughing] Sharks have a place, all right - over my mantlepiece, stuffed and mounted!

Gi: [after the crowd kicks her out for opposing Bleak, stands on a dock post] You can't wipe out sharks or any other animal without messing up the balance of nature!
Argos Bleak: [strides over] I'll mess up *your* balance, shark-lover!
[shoves her, she falls into the water]

Argos Bleak: [seeking the creature first reported] Nothing. Maybe those yokels made it up. Maybe there is no giant killer shark.
Ma-Ti: [whispering in the covered lifeboat in the back of the boat] Maybe Bleak will give up the hunt.
Gi: Right. And maybe nuclear waste will be good for your health.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Ark (#2.6)" (1991)
Hoggish Greedly: You're lookin' at the future cite of Hog Heaven Golf Resort - sweetest little pork-barrel project you ever saw.
Wheeler: In a pig's eye!
Hoggish Greedly: Outta the way, smart-aleck! We're playin' through! Fore!
[revs up the golf-cart]
Gi: Sorry. *This* hole has a nasty habit. Water!
[draws water from a pond to spray them, Greedly topples into the rear]
MAL: This situation calls for a driver.
Gi: I'll mow 'em down, MAL, baby.
[gets into the driver's seat and takes off, Kwame dives aside from it and finds himself in its path again after it U-turns]
Kwame: I can see *this* hole. Earth!
[creates an earthquake to cause a divide]

Gi: What happened to the Ecocopter?
Wheeler: It's like it vanished into thin air!
[runs into something invisible]
Kwame: [touches it] This is more like *thick* air.

Gi: [part of the "sky" is burned away by Wheeler's ring to reveal a creature on the other side] A saber-... toothed... tiger?
[it leaps through the hole toward them]
Kwame: It can't be. They died out thousands of years ago!
Wheeler: D-don't tell me - tell him!

Collector: [seeing the specimens long since extinct on Earth] Hey, you got any dinosaurs?
Wheeler: A few million years before my time. Wait a minute - how old do I look? I'm only 70,000, you know!
Gi: You don't look a day over 40,000.

[last lines]
Gaia: Thanks for bringing back my Planeteers, Collector.
Collector: [with two unidentifiable creatures] It's a rare pleasure, Gaia. Most of my creatures no longer have homes to return to.
Gaia: Just one other thing - I'd rather you left *those* two behind as well.
[gestures to Greedly and Blight, in one of Collector's matrices ready to be transported, Collector releases them]
Collector: Now behave yourselves.
Hoggish Greedly: Oh, y-y-y-y-yes, yes, sir, uh, uh, uh, ma'am, uh, it.
Dr. Blight: ...Whatever you say!
[they hustle off]
Collector: You know, Gaia, I didn't think anyone would miss those two.
Gaia: No one would. It's just that I can't bear to have the rest of the galaxy think *they* represent humanity.
Gaia: It *would* be a shame. Wouldn't it?
Linka, Wheeler, Gi, Kwame, Ma-Ti: YES!
Collector: And now, I must return to the Space Ark. Keep up your good work, Planeteers.
[speaks in his native language, Gaia says something back, and with a last word he enters a pipe into space and vanishes]
Wheeler: Hey, I didn't know you could speak his language. What'd he say?
Gaia: Collector says that no matter where you're from or what language you speak, we're all in this together.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Scorched Earth (#2.22)" (1992)
Ma-Ti: [the dugant takes off after something underwater activates] What was that?
Gi: [sighs] Someone started up an oil-rig. Let's make like dugants and find a quieter place.
Wheeler: [they surface to the raft and see the machine activating above] Looks like there *is* no quieter place.
Kwame: Unfortunately, soon there will be even *more* drilling-rigs here.
Wheeler: Huh?
[turns at a noise, it is a crowd on the beach chanting 'NO MORE DRILLING, NO MORE SPILLING"]
Wheeler: You sure about that?

Baz: I demand to know, who is the ringleader of this protest?
Gi: *We* demand to know how you can commit this crime against the Earth!
Wheeler: You tell 'im, Gi!
Baz: Commander Morgar was right! He warned me outsiders were undermining the...
Beta: The environmental movement is totally homegrown, Baz. And *I* am its leader.
Baz: Beta! Be quiet and leave Pasiva now. Morgar will not stop until someone turns you in.
Beta: I will not abandon my work.
Baz: A rebellious fool, just like your father!
Ma-Ti: I am surprised he did not arrest you.
Beta: I am his sister.

Beta: Pasiva Forest - the last area of cedar in this part of the world. My job as forestry-expert is to watch over it like my father before me.
Gi: I can't understand how anyone who grew up in such natural beauty could do what your brother did.
Beta: In a way, this part *is* the reason. It happened thirty years ago. The forest was much bigger then. One day, the government ordered that half of it be flooded to build an unneeded dam. When reasoning did not work, Father did the only thing he could: he was ready to go to prison for his beliefs! But Baz was too young to understand.
Baz: [in a flashback] You risk your life for a bunch of cedar trees, but what about us? We need you, too!
Beta: [voiceover] Baz did not understand that our father was doing this for us, and our country.
Baz: [after being shoved away from their chained father by soldiers and watching him taken off in a van, to Beta] I hate Pasiva Forest! And I hate you!
Beta: That was the last time I saw my father, or Baz. They built the dam anyway! Years later, I heard my brother had joined the army. Now Morgar has made him a general.
Gi: And turned him against nature - against everything his father stood for. How sad.

Zarm: [his followern chain the Planeteers in a flooding cell, except Gi who is in a cell above them] Look how they do my bidding, eh? They follow me because, deep down, humans *love* destruction.
Gi: You're wrong!
Ma-Ti: Well, if I am, you tell me where that ring is. Otherwise, you can watch the demise of your friends.
Ma-Ti: Do not tell him, Gi!
Zarm: How ironic that the first to slip under the water will be little Ma-Ti.

Baz: You would do better to do Morgar's bidding. Give in. You cannot fight his power.
Gi: *You* give him power. What you see is Morgar, but he's just a shell inhabited by Zarm the Spirit of Destruction. He needs *people* to do his dirty work. And you're not like him, or you wouldn't be upset about my friends. I'm going to trust you. I'll tell *you* where the ring is.
Kwame: No, Gi! Do not trust him!
Linka: I hope you are right about him, Gi...!
Gi: You can give it to Zarm and let him *destroy* Earth, or let me use it to help me save my friends.
Baz: It would mean my death if I were caught.
[walks off]
Gi: You've risked death for your country. Is the *world* less important?

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Losing Game (#2.19)" (1992)
Wheeler: Steers don't grow *that* big. Not even in Texas.
Gi: [flying over] I'm gonna scare 'em off.
Wheeler: Uhh, Gi - I think you just made 'em mad. But if it's any consolation, I-*I'm* scared.

Ma-Ti: Look! Zebras ahead!
Linka: Elephants. How beautiful!
Mabutu: Welcome to my game ranch, Planeteers.
Gi: Oh, look at the giraffe!
Mabutu: We also have gazelles, wildebeest, and elands. They're game animals we harvest for food. We are not the only ones who feed on these animals, but when nature is in balance, there is enough for lions and humans alike.
Wheeler: Feed? You mean you eat these animals?
Mabutu: Yes. It is a game ranch, Wheeler.
Wheeler: But - they're wild.
Mabutu: They have helped feed my people for thousands of years. There are not as many predators as there once were. So if we did not harvest these animals, there would be too many for the land to support.
Ma-Ti: Wheeler, you saw what happened to the land where cattle are being raised.
Wheeler: Yeah, but gazelle-burgers? Yuck.

Mabutu: [of the gazelle meat] What did you think?
Gi: Very good.
Linka: Mm, just like venison.
Wheeler: *Pass.* Give me a good old hamburger any day.
Mabutu: If you knew how many chemicals went into most beef, you might change your mind.

Wheeler: [seeing enlarged and some mutated cows' rampages] It's a zoo out there!
Gi: A very bizarre zoo.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: An Inside Job (#2.10)" (1991)
Gi: Cheer up, Sludge. You'll have plenty of time to read up on waste-water treatment, in jail.
Sly Sludge: That's so funny I forgot to laugh.

Linka: If my calculations are correct, we are now in Kwame's intestines!
Ma-Ti: Let us try the forward spotlight.
[flicks a switch, a beam shows bacteria ahead]
Gi: Oh, no! Water-borne parasites! They came from the polluted water!
Wheeler: [they approach] Maybe you should've left the lights *off*, Ma-Ti.
Linka: Bosha moy! They are attacking the Ecosub!
Sly Sludge: [moans] They're gonna open us like a can of sardines! Get me out of here, you stupid eco-geeks!
Linka: [strides over to him] Do not call us stupid! *You* are the one who polluted the water!

Dr. Blight: [MAL struggles to release Dr. Blight as Kwame writhes on the floor] Take your time, MAL. It looks like those parasites are attacking that Planet brat's brain!
[the Planeteers experience it at a booming volume within Kwame's right ear]
Gi: Oh, no! Did you hear that?
Wheeler: [clutching his ears] Ahh! I don't think I'll hear anything else for a week!
Linka: I told you to stay in the main artery, but, nyet, you had to take shortcut.

Wheeler: Hey, Sludge! Come back here, you ponytailed parasite!
Linka: We will never catch him!
Ma-Ti: Stealing our sub? He's got a nerve!
Gi: Not only that, but he's *in* one! The Vagus nerve, which leads right to the lungs!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Send in the Clones (#2.4)" (1991)
Leela: [falls into mud attempting to capture the goat, sobs] Oh, look at me!
Kwame: [extends his arm to help her up] All right. I will.
Leela: Who are you?
Kwame: My name is Kwame. And even muddy, I think you look just fine.
Leela: [washing herself off in the creek] I'm Leela. I really wasn't crying about the mud. It's my parents. They don't want me to become an ecologist.
Gi: But that's a super-important job.
Linka: They should be proud of such a daughter.
Leela: In Moghal, daughters get married off. Only sons get to finish their education.
Kwame: But a woman can do the same job as a man.

Leela: Vico's major in school is getting into trouble.
Vico: It wasn't my fault. They were chasing a locust but they caught me instead.
Leela: A locust?
Gi: I'm worried about that ray's effects. What was it supposed to do?
Vico: [as his stomach growls loudly] I think it made me hungry.
Wheeler: [grinning] If his appetite is any indication, the kid's fine.

Vico: [encountering his clone] Wow! I always wanted a brother.
Vico: Wait a minute - *you're* the brother.
Father: [standing] What has happened to my son? Which one is the real Vico?
Gi: I think they both are!

Looten Plunder: Half the island is covered with Vicos. Before they split again, *we* better split.
Dr. Blight: I'll get the clone-ray, you keep an eye on the door.
[the Planeteers leap through the window]
Wheeler: We thought we'd drop by and see what you were up to.
Gi: Looks like you're up to your eyeballs in clones.
Dr. Blight: [enraged] Looten...!
Looten Plunder: [retreating, gesturing at but not facing the entrance] Well, you said to watch the *door*...
[Kwame and Leela burst in through it]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Dream Machine (#3.5)" (1992)
Gi: What is that thing?
Carlos: [it causes a motorcycle to appear before him] Yes! That's exactly what I wanted!
Kwame: Apparently, it is Aladdin's lamp.
Linka: Yes. Except, this one appears to be plugged in.
Gi: [sees one of its tubes burrow through the ground many times before settling in the water before the contents of what it starts to take drip mearby] Aladdin's Lamp uses a lot of oil.

Gi: The Dream Machine is using microbots.
Wheeler: Oh, that explains it. What are microbots?

Gi: This isn't a dream-machine; it's a nightmare!

Gi: Any technology has a price. You have to decide if what you give, is worth what you get.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Rain of Terror (#1.2)" (1990)
Gi: [running toward a climbing wall] We have to make it over the mud hole first.
Kwame: But there is no...
Gi: Water!
[her ring causes the dirt pit ahead to moisten]
Kwame: Mud! WHOA!
[as she jumps over it, he ends up stepping into it and flounders to get out as she climbs]
Gi: [laughs] I'm going to win!
Kwame: I - don't think so, Gi. Earth!
[his ring causes the ground beneath to wall to shake, Gi has reached the top but now falls off, he catches her]
Gi: Nice catch, Kwame.
[stands, laughing]
Gi: Tag - you're it! Bet you can't catch me again!
[runs at the wall again]

Gi: [the others laugh at his falling into the mudhole] Hey, Ma-Ti, with a cherry and some whipped cream, you'd look just like a hot-fudge sundae!

Kwame: [running from Skumm's toxin-shooting followers] Well, we succeeded in getting their attention.
Gi: Now, we must keep them busy so Linka can stop their coal-burning operation.
Wheeler: That brusky babe gets all the easy jobs!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: A Hero for Earth (#1.1)" (1990)
Wheeler: [seeing Wind and Earth are two powers] Hey, what's my element? Water? Fire?
[his ring shoots a blast of fire, setting alight the wood floor]
Wheeler: Yow! Sorry. You got an extinguisher?
Gaia: Better than that. Gi, your power is Water.
Gi: All right. Here it goes - Water!
[causes a column of it to arise from the river which sweeps over the hut and the Planeteers, who yell out]
Wheeler: Nice job, toots. I'm all wet.
Linka: You certainly are. At least the fire is out.
Wheeler: Oh, yeah.

Wheeler: Hey, how come *you* get to fly this thing?
Gi: Do *you* have a driver's license?
Wheeler: Well, no.
Gi: [amused] That's why.

Kwame: And if we encounter a situation which we cannot handle?
Gaia: Well, just put your powers together. Then you'll *really* be surprised.
Wheeler: [stands] Wait a minute! What's *that* supposed to mean?
Gi: Sit down, Yankee.
Linka: And fasten the seat-belt for your safety.
Wheeler: [amused] Didn't know you cared.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Fare Thee Whale (#2.25)" (1992)
Kwame: [after Gi blasts him off his raft with Water] It is a good thing my camera is waterproof.
Gi: It's a good thing you weren't hurt, getting as close to the whales as you did!
Kwame: They are huge.
Gaia: [appears] Doing some underwater photography, Kwame?
Kwame: Not intentionally, Gaia.

Gaia: Unfortunately, the International Whaling Treaty has some loopholes. Some people still kill whales, in the name of scientific research.
Gi: Research? But that's killing! That's - that's...
Gaia: [grips her shoulders] Cruel, dishonest, inhumane, and in this case illegal. That's why I want you to put a stop to it.
Gi: You don't have to ask twice! Let's go!
[the five run off]
Gaia: If the rest of the world were like them, I could take a permanent vacation.

Captain Planet: Gi - deploy the grappling arm!
Gi: Aye, aye, Captain!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: If It's Doomsday, This Must Be Belfast (#3.12)" (1992)
Gi: Did you know that whales may be as smart as humans?
Wheeler: [grinning] Then why haven't they invented anything?
Gaia: You mean like weapons that could end all life on Earth?

Gaia: If an atomic bomb goes off, even Captain Planet couldn't save you.
Kwame: [running to stand before her with the others] Gaia, we must go!
Gi: Yeah; right!
Wheeler: Right, you gotta let us try!
Linka: Dah!
Gaia: [grinning] And Skumm said there's no hope for humanity.

[last lines]
Linka: Gaia, six people have learned to forgive. But millions more have not.
Gi: We have not ended anything.
Gaia: No. But you've made a beautiful beginning.
[the others agree]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Domes of Doom (#2.3)" (1991)
Linka: The smog in the city could not be any worse.
Gi: The scary thing is, it could.

Gi: [laughs seeing Plunder disguised as Giftus on Planet Vision after Ma-Ti's fight with him] It looks like his beard is on crooked.

Kwame: For now, Wheeler is probably OK.
Gi: [buries her face in her hands] If you call being stuck under a giant salad-bowl OK!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: A World Below Us (#1.12)" (1991)
Gi: [after awakening from a dream] You - you are not a sea creature!
Pontus: [laughs] Well, in a way I am, since I live under the sea.

Gi: [of Oceanus] I used to dream about a place like this. It is paradise.
Pontus: Yes, it is, but soon it may be nothing *more* than a dream.

Pontus: What's so bad about staying in this paradise, Gi? I'm not bad company.
Gi: [sighs] It's not *you*, Pontus. I have my duties as a Planeteer. Besides, this paradise may not last.
Pontus: Don't worry. My people have always solved their problems by themselves.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Dead Seas (#1.8)" (1990)
Kwame: Hold on. I know how much you love our sea friends, but at least we should talk to Gaia.
Gi: Gaia would just send us to stop that pig Greedly. And - and - and if you won't come, I'll go alone!

Kwame: [Rigger accidentally caused their prison to fall onto a fish-cutting conveyer-belt] We are going to be fish-meal!
Wheeler: Yeah - real fun time.
Gi: Meanwhile, Greedly's gonna fish the oceans dry.
Kwame: [she pounds the wall angrily, everyone cries out as the structure sways] Hey!
Linka: Bozhe moy! Gi, you're rocking the whole bathysphere!
Wheeler: Hey - maybe that's how we get off this ride!
Linka: Oh, no, not more American cowboy tricks!
Wheeler: Let's rock - and roll!
[starts hammering part of the ceiling, the others do the same]
Wheeler: Keep it up! It's working!
Linka: If only I had my Windpower.
Ma-Ti: Come on! Work together. Hurry - we do not have much time!
Wheeler: [they continue to sway, the bathysphere topples off the conveyer-belt near the end to the dock and he sticks his head out the now-open door] Rad! This *is* a fun time!

Gi: I was worried when we lost our rings.
Captain Planet: [puts his hand on her shoulder] But look how well you did without your rings. Remember - it's not your *rings* that give you the power. The real power comes from in here, inside you.
[touches his chest]
Gi: Well, I know I've learned *one* thing: saving our planet is a job that needs *everyone* to work together.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: In Zarm's Way (#5.9)" (1995)
[first lines]
Linka: Bosha moy. The problem with the world is that no one gives a hoot. No matter how hard we try we cannot make a difference.
Gi: How can you say that, Linka? Most people care.

Linka: Look at my homeland. Poverty. Fighting. Pollution.
Gi: But no one is born greedy and uncaring.
Linka: Then how come there are wars, starvation, and environmental disasters; you tell me that.
Gi: All I'm saying is the world would be different if it were in the hands of children, before hatred and prejudice mess up their minds.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Mission to Save Earth: Part 2 (#1.23)" (1991)
Ma-Ti: Wow, are we glad to see you!
Gi: But what are you doing here? Did that crazy soldier capture you, too?
Commander Clash: [from behind] No. He did not. The "crazy soldier" is letting you all go.

Gi: At least Clash gave us tools to repair the Geocruiser.
Ma-Ti: Yes. But it is too bad he lacks the courage to come with us.
Wheeler: What're you talking about? Clash is just about the bravest guy I ever met!
Ma-Ti: To fight an enemy, yes. But to face a new world - no.
Kwame: Ma-Ti is right. The greatest courage is the courage to change. And I fear the Commander may not find that courage.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Last of Her Kind (#1.7)" (1990)
Wheeler: Yo, Ma-Ti - this going to Africa gives me an awesome idea for Linka's present.
Ma-Ti: Worry about a job we must do, not about impressing babes.
Wheeler: Who's worried? She'll be impressed. What chick wouldn't flip for an ivory necklace?
Kwame: [overhearing] Are you *crazy*, Wheeler?
Wheeler: Yeah, like a fox. Everyone knows Africa's the best place to get ivory real cheap.
Kwame: Cheap? Are you kidding?
[everyone yells as the Geocruiser suddenly plunges]
Gi: Hang on. I'm taking us down. I've just spotted two of Looten Plunder's henchmen attacking a herd of elephants.
Kwame: Wheeler, you are about to find out how much ivory *really* costs.

Belo: I will take the little elephant with me.
Kwame: Why, my brother? Why must you kill the elephants? Why can't you leave them be?
Belo: My people are poor. I need Looten Plunder's money, or my family will perish.
[sticks Sneezer with a cattle-prod]
Linka: But soon there will be no elephants left! What then?
Belo: [flustered] ... I do not know!
Kwame: We can teach you, my brother. Show you other ways to survive!
Belo: I have already wasted too much time in foolish talk! Move, elephant!
Kwame: No! I will not let you! You cannot take Sneezer!
[runs forth]
Gi: Kwame, no! We've given our powers to Captain Planet!
Belo: [jabs him in the chest with the prod, sending him sprawling back] Save your pretty words! I have no choice.
[heads off]
Kwame: Belo, my brother, there *is* a choice! Listen to your heart!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Big Clam-Up (#2.9)" (1991)
Mr. Sung: [of the fireworks going off] What is going on?
Gi: A combination of Chinese New Year and the Fourth of July!

Wheeler: Gi and I will turn us onto a side street. Fire!
[heats the cable to melt it and bend it]
Gi: Water!
[uses the source from a hydrant to cool it so it bends; the car turns and now shoots down a steep zig-zagging road]
Gi: Oh, no! The side street was *Lombard* Street!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: A Creep from the Deep (#3.2)" (1992)
Gi: [in the Ecosub, trapped inside a giant clam] I can't believe I hit that boat!
Ma-Ti: Biut you also cracked the case! Did anybody else notice who was on that barge? Sludge and Ooze!
Linka: Bozhe moy! We must stop them!
Wheeler: Is that before or after we get out of this clam?

Wheeler: Give me a break. We're gonna try to tickle the clam open? Is that the best you can do?
Gi: [connecting wires] Yes. It's the best shot we've got. Matter of fact, it's the only shot we've got.
Wheeler: Shouldn't we think about this a little more?
Linka: Clam up, Wheeler.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Ozone Hole (#1.19)" (1991)
Gi: Avelanche! Linka - get us out of here!
Linka: That thought occurs to me.

Linka: [bitterly, as Nukem revels in radioactivity] Well, at least *someone* is in a good mood.
Gi: I would not like to see him in a *bad* mood.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Hate Canal (#2.23)" (1992)
Kwame: I read that the Doge's Palace has not changed in a thousand years.
Gi: Well, the way it's going, it won't last another ten.
Kwame: [a piece of stone falls from the roof] Look out!
[shoves Ma-Ti and Gi ahead but trips on an uneven piece of pavement himself]
Gi: Kwame! Water!
[draws a column of it from the canal to blast the rock away from him]
Kwame: [stands] Thanks, Gi. When you said Venice was falling apart, I did not think you meant so soon.

Gi: Water!
[the filthy canal-water on it prevents her ring from activating a hose]
Gi: Huh? Darn! What do we...
Ma-Ti: [runs over and turns on the nozzle] Ha ha ha! Water!
Gi: [grinning, embarrassed and relieved] Oh. Yeah.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: A Twist of Fate (#2.20)" (1992)
[first lines]
Gi: Finally, a vacation! First thing I want to do is go shopping.
Wheeler: I hear stuff is dirt-cheap here.
Linka: [sighs] Trust Wheeler to go straight to the bottom line.

Gi: [afer he bursts back onto the Ecocopter] Did you get anything?
Wheeler: Yeah, I got the creeps! I never saw so many poor people in my life! Why don't they get real jobs and get off the street?
Kwame: There is not enough work in the city for everyone.
Ma-Ti: Do not be so quick to judge them, Wheeler. You have never been poor.
Gaia: [appears] Ma-Ti is right, Wheeler. Except for a twist of fate, you might be in the shoes of that man you stumbled over.
Wheeler: Aw, c'mon. I'd never let myself sink *that* low, Gaia.
[everyone yells as the ground rumbles, he falls back with Ma-Ti and Kwame]
Wheeler: OK, OK. You don't have to get mad.
Gaia: When I *do* get mad, you'll know it. But that wasn't me.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Off Road Hog (#2.12)" (1991)
Kwame: [Greedly and Rigger drive around Ma-Ti and Josh, creating a cloud] Looka like a dust-devil down there.
Gi: [seeing the road-hogs] Yes - a devil named Greedly.

Pete: Man, I never saw so much sand blowing in my life!
Gi: Well, your dirt-bike tore up quite a bit of it. What did Gaia say - for each mile, three-quarters of a ton?
Wheeler: I got that much in my shoe!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Two Futures: Part 1 (#1.24)" (1991)
Gi: Even mad scientists call her crazy.

Kwame: [of the sonic boom box] Her weapon uses sound-waves.
Gi: That's what I call noise-pollution!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Two Futures: Part 2 (#1.25)" (1991)
Wheeler: [running over to her] Gi! Gi! You're older.
Gi: I am told I look pretty good for over fifty. Now who are *you*, young man? And how did you get on my island?
Wheeler: "Young man"? But it's me, Wheeler. Boy, I've missed you!
Gi: I don't recognize you...
Wheeler: [thinking] Of *course* she doesn't. I changed history so - we never met!
Wheeler: I guess you remind me of someone I once knew. Someone who cared a great deal about the planet.
Gi: Long ago, I was given this ring. I use it to help whenever I can - like saving *this* creature. One of the last dolphins or Earth.
[kneels and starts untying the netted dolphin on the beach]
Wheeler: "Last dolphins"? But there must be millions of them!
Gi: Right. Maybe thirty years ago. Now they are one of the few species that are not yet extinct. Water!
[her ring causes a wave to come ashore and the dolphin swims out]
Wheeler: Extinct? How?
Gi: Overfishing, pollution. You name it.
Wheeler: Then why are you living here like a hermit? You could be out using your power to change the world!
Gi: [as thunder sounds and rain begins to fall] Oh, sure, change the world! When I was young I tried joining a group called the Planeteers, but not enough people came.
Wheeler: [knowing that he was the only one needed who did not arrive] "Not enough people"?
Gi: Thas's why I don't miss people. Now you had better find shelter. The eye of the storm is passing.
Wheeler: Gi, wait! It's not too late! You and I can *still* be Planeteers!
Gi: Wake up and smell the carbon dioxide. It's too late for this world. It's all I can do to save a few dolphins.

Wheeler: Gi! You're young again!
Gi: Try tunneling for a couple hours and see how young *you* feel!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Conqueror (#1.6)" (1990)
Kwame: Zarm - what we Planeteers *want* is to save the Earth.
Zarm: Is not war the worst threat to Earth?
Kwame: I suppose that is true.
Zarm: [infecting them with his gaze] Well, I can show you how to eliminate all nuclear missiles.
Linka: How?
Zarm: Destroy them yourselves. You can begin with an army base on the mainland.
[shows a vision of it]
Gi: But do we have the right to destroy something like that?
Zarm: Right? Ha! Might makes right; you must either conquer or be conquered.
Gi: I do not want to be conquered...

Ma-Ti: I wonder... If visitors ever arrive from other worlds, will they be like Zarm?
Wheeler: I doubt it. If they can't learn how to live in peace, they'll blow themselves up *before* they get here.
Gi: The important thing is, we should learn to live in peace on our *own* planet. That way, if travelers ever *do* come from space, they'll have a nice place to visit.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Heat Wave (#1.26)" (1991)
Wheeler: I can't believe it got hot so fast!
Gi: A quick dip will cool us off.
[they dive into the sea before surfacing]
Wheeler: No, it won't. This ocean is as warm as bathwater.
Gi: Wheeler, something is really wrong.
Gaia: [appearing] That's an understatement, Gi.

Gi: [Linka turns a nozzle to drop oil on the deck so Dr. Blight slips and goes overboard] That must be the first oil-spill that ever *helped* the environment.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Summit to Save Earth: Part 2 (#2.18)" (1992)
Zarm: *Try* to do something original.
Gi: We aim to please.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Fine Print (#2.11)" (1991)
Gi: You'll never get away with this!
Looten Plunder: How come the good guys *always* say *that*?

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Great Tree Heist (#2.21)" (1992)
Captain Planet: [heard after being caught in the tree-grinder] AAAUUUUGGGGHHH!
Gi: Captain Planet!
Ma-Ti: [clutching his head] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Gi: Ma-Ti, what is it?
Ma-Ti: The pain. So much pain...!
Gi: [sees it glowing with restored power] Look! My ring!
Linka: We must bring Captain Planet back!
Kwame: Let our powers combine! Earth!
Wheeler: Fire!
Linka: Wind!
Gi: Water!
Ma-Ti: [strained] Heart...!
[their beams form an area of light in the air, which fades after a second with nothing having happened]
Ma-Ti: Does this mean...?
Gi: Is he... gone?
Wheeler: No way. Cap's OK. He's... gotta be.
Linka: [cries then stops, her expression hardens] This is no time for tears. We must shut down Greedly's operation.
Wheeler: Yeah. Let's do it for Cap.
Kwame: He would... want it that way.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Coral Killer (#2.8)" (1991)
Gi: [after shooting out of the torpedo hatch] Not a bad entrance, huh?
Kwame: I know someone who will *really* make an entrance. Let our powers combine!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Talkin' Trash (#4.10)" (1993)
[first lines]
Linka: Bosha moy. I cannot think of anything that would push a person to burn down their own neighborhood. Think of all the people that will be left homeless.
Kwame: And animals.
Gi: Look at those fires. The ash will pollute the oceans.
Ma-Ti: This is what happens when people lose heart.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Ultimate Pollution (#1.20)" (1991)
Abu: You have saved our lives. Thank you.
Linka: You could best thank us by stopping this war.
Abu: I cannot. Yosef attacked our people without warning. Come to our village. Then you will understand.
Gi: Let's hurry while that tank's still topsy-turvey.
Kahlil: [walking off] Papa... these people are right. You must stop this fighting.
Abu: You are only a child, Affirmi. You do not understand.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Beast of the Temple (#1.3)" (1990)
Gi: Nice job, Gi. Those slobs could use a bath.
[both gasp as the flood sweeps them off, Greedly is shown gripping the chamber door's edge when Rigger grips his arm as he is being swept by]
Rigger: Save me, Mr. Greedly! Save me!
Hoggish Greedly: Go soak your head. I'm saving myself.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Radiant Amazon (#2.24)" (1992)
Kwame: I hope Wheeler does not push Nukem too far.
Gi: Ha. Count on it.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Planeteers Under Glass (#4.19)" (1994)
Gi: [with her arms around the simulated hybrid animal which mutated because of the contaminated water, as it "dies"] Oh, is this what is to become of Earth's beautiful creatures?

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Dirty Politics (#6.7)" (1995)
Gi: One more bad storm could push her over the edge.
Wheeler: Forget one more. *This* storm's gonna do it.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Garbage Strikes (#2.2)" (1991)
Gi: [runs through an area free of trash the creature is less likely to go through] Come on - coast is clean.
Linka: Do you not mean "clear"?

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Don't Drink the Water (#1.17)" (1991)
Gi: [pouring her sample in the lock] Maybe for once a little toxic waste will come in handy.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Smog Hog (#1.15)" (1991)
Gi: [sweeps up in a major wave on the Goodair vehicle used to hunt the underground drain for Linka's ring] And I thought surfing was exciting!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Polluting by Computer (#1.16)" (1991)
Kwame: [approaches the EA building] It is hopeless. We do not even know where to *begin* looking for them.
Gi: [hit on the head by a nut] Ouch!
[looks up to see Linka and Wheeler in a tree]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Greenhouse Planet (#3.1)" (1992)
Gi: [barely awake due to carbon dioxide] Look! It's Captain Planet! He's got... a crowbar?
Captain Planet: [chuckling] Let's just say I need to conserve strength.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Skumm Lord (#1.4)" (1990)
Wheeler: C'mon, guys, let's put that wretched rodent out of business!
Gi: Don't you think we should... make a plan?
[Wheeler runs off]
Linka: [groaning] Wheeler...

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Volcano's Wrath (#1.10)" (1990)
Kwame: Our friends could not have just vanished.
Gi: Maybe they were shrunk... Forget I said that.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Mission to Save Earth: Part 1 (#1.22)" (1991)
Gi: Just another typical Planeteer day. First a burning barge and now a distress call...

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Kwame's Crisis (#1.18)" (1991)
Kwame: I was wrong. And Sludge was right; people just do not care.
Ma-Ti: You must not say that. Captain Planet will deal with Sludge.
Kwame: [sighs; morosely] Very well, Ma-Ti. Let out powers combine. Earth...
[his ring glows and hums weakly then dies down and emits smoke, he cries as the others stare in shock]
Gi: Kwame, what's wrong?
Kwame: I will *tell* you what is wrong! This problem is too big for even Captain Planet! It is hopeless.
Gaia: [appearing] Kwame, you must not give up hope. That is the source of your root of powr.
Kwame: Then it is too late, Gaia. How I can believe in people when they turn their own world into a trash-dump?
[removes his ring]
Kwame: You must give this to someone else. It does not work for me anymore.
[tosses it in the air, it vanishes with a flash that briefly blocks Gaia's image before she is seen again, looking pained]