Mr. Hyunh
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Mr. Hyunh (Character)
from "Hey Arnold!" (1994)

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"Hey Arnold!: School Play (#3.19)" (1999)
Arnold: I have to learn so many lines.
Mr. Hyunh: I will help you, Arnold.
Arnold: You, Mr. Hyunh?
Mr. Hyunh: Yes. I am very dramatic!
Arnold's Grandpa: That's a polite word for what you are.

Mr. Hyunh: Now I believe you should be Romeo. And I will be Juliette!

"Hey Arnold!: Mudbowl/Gerald Moves Out (#2.10)" (1997)
Mr Hyunh: This lint is your lint.
[in high pitch voice]
Mr Hyunh: I'm not your Mother!

"Hey Arnold!: Mugged/Roughin' It (#1.9)" (1996)
Mr. Hyunh: How big was this punk?
Arnold: Big.
Mr. Hyunh: Big punk?
Grandpa: Oh, simmer down, you hot-headed loony!

"Hey Arnold!: Heat/Snow (#1.6)" (1996)
[the residents are moaning about the furnace breaking]
Grandpa: You call this cold? You should have been here in the winter of 49!
Mr Hyunh: I don't care, I was in Vietnam in 1949... plus I was not born yet!

"Hey Arnold!: Dino Checks Out (#4.17)" (1999)
Mr. Hyunh: The ghost of Dino is angry. We must offer him a big fish to make him not so angry. His stomach will be full and then he will go away.
Ernie Potts: That's the stupidest idea I ever heard. Let's do it.

"Hey Arnold!: Dangerous Lumber/Mr. Hyunh Goes Country (#3.2)" (1998)
Mr. Hyunh: But you see, Arnold and tall hair boy, I don't want to be famous! I want to live my life simply! I like my banana wallpaper, I like doing my own laundry! Just give me the simple things!