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Ernie Potts (Character)
from "Hey Arnold!" (1994)

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"Hey Arnold!: Dino Checks Out (#4.17)" (1999)
Mr. Hyunh: The ghost of Dino is angry. We must offer him a big fish to make him not so angry. His stomach will be full and then he will go away.
Ernie Potts: That's the stupidest idea I ever heard. Let's do it.

Hey Arnold! The Movie (2002)
Arnold: Grandma!
Ernie Potts: She's still in jail.
Arnold: I thought they were keeping her one night.
Ernie Potts: Yeah, but she keeps trying to escape. Like she thinks it's a game. Fourth time they've brought her back in.

"Hey Arnold!: On the Lam/Family Man (#5.17)" (2001)
Ernie Potts: I'm telling you, we could pull this off.
Suzie Kokoshka: I suppose I could be Mrs. Hyunh for just one night.
Ernie Potts: And I'll be his brother, Edwin. Arnold will be his son, Grandpa will be his father.
Grandma: [coming in from the kitchen] And I'll be Mary, Queen of Scots!
Grandpa: Pookie, you just stay out of the way.