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Carrie Wells (Character)
from "Unforgettable" (2011)

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"Unforgettable: Blast from the Past (#4.1)" (2015)
Eddie Martin: I wish I could say it's good to see you, but it's not
Carrie Wells: Right back at you! How did you find me?
Eddie Martin: For a smart girl, that's a pretty dumb question

Grendel: Help you, detectives?
Carrie Wells: Your powers of deductions are very impressive
Grendel: Yeah, I've got a fifth sense for that kind of stuff
Carrie Wells: Sixth!
Grendel: Huh?

Carrie Wells: I'm so so, sorry, who are you?
Delina Michaels: I'm Delina Michaels, the new ME
Carrie Wells: The new ME?
Delina Michaels: Yeah, I'd shake your hand but...
[shows her bloody hands]
Carrie Wells: Yeah, no, that's, that's okay. What, what happened to the old ME? Where's Jo?
Delina Michaels: Oh, you didn't hear? Doctor Webster passed
Carrie Wells: Passed away? What?
Delina Michaels: No, her certification exam. To the Cordon Blue culinary school

Jay Lee: You need something else to weaponize it
Al Burns: What?
Jay Lee: Copolymer transethermite
Eddie Martin: Well, you're gonna have to help me out. I failed science
Carrie Wells: Failed history and PE too
Eddie Martin: Who fails PE?

"Unforgettable: Day of the Jackie (#2.3)" (2013)
Eliot Delson: World peace really packs them in!
Carrie Wells: Yeah, Justin Bieber has got nothing on this guy!

Jay Lee: Got him
Carrie Wells: Got her!
Jay Lee: Wow, it's a woman!
[Carrie looks surprised at Jay]
Jay Lee: What? No, not that a woman can... you know... Okay?...

Eliot Delson: Absolutely not! No!
Al Burns: Eliot, when we signed on here, you pretty much gave us carte blanche to run our own operation
Carrie Wells: You said: we always have you backs, empower to get results, whatever it takes
Eliot Delson: Now that's funny, I don't recall saying that
Carrie Wells: It was July, 22nd, raining outs...
Eliot Delson: Yeah right. Okay.
[Turns to Al]
Eliot Delson: Do you ever, you know,
Eliot Delson: get tired of it?
Al Burns: Yeah, once I did, October 10th, 2012, we were at dinner, it was a Thursday if I'm not mistaken
Eliot Delson: You two should go on Letterman!

Carrie Wells: Jo, you've any unusual deaths in the past 24 hours?
Joanne Webster: Carrie, they're all unusual deaths! We come into the world in the dullest, most inform of ways, but our exists are like, oh, forensic snowflakes
Carrie Wells: Oh, yeah, your students must really eat that up
Joanne Webster: "Poetry of Lab" over registers each year!

"Unforgettable: D.O.A. (#3.13)" (2014)
Haley: Can I ask her, Granddad?
Sen. Thomas Carlyle: You bet, Haley. You tell me everything she is fooling. Go ahead honey
Haley: Okay, June 3rd 2003
Carrie Wells: June 3rd 2003 was a Tuesday. George Bush landed in Egypt. The baseball player Sammy Sosa was thrown out of the game for having cork in his bat and let me guess: you were born!
Haley: You're right! She is right! How do you do that?
Carrie Wells: Well Haley, I have a very special gift: I remember everything.
Al Burns: You might want to remember your job!

Carrie Wells: There is something you want to tell me Jay, just go ahead! What?
Jay Lee: I don't want you to die... 'cause you still owe me that 50 bucks from fantasy football last year!

[In a crowded lunchroom Al and Carrie spot the man they want to arrest]
Al Burns: I think a softer approach is better here
Carrie Wells: Yeah, I complete agree
[takes out her gun]
Carrie Wells: POLICE! DON'T MOVE!

"Unforgettable: Paranoid Android (#4.13)" (2016)
Al Burns: [Walks into a bar] Valerie, right? Yeah, we met at the ski lodge in Vermont, few years back. Still work for Vogue?
Carrie Wells: [laughs] October 24th, 2001 you read an article in Maxim, that told you role-playing spices things up in the bedroom
Al Burns: Well, things must have gotten pretty spicy that night for me to remember so perfectly
Carrie Wells: Except that my name was Victoria and I worked for The Atlantic. You had a giggling fit every time I referred to your chosen name of Chet. And then things got so weird, you started sweating grossly and had a panic attack. Game over. How's that for spicy?
Al Burns: Ah, poor Chat! Don't know what he missed

Carrie Wells: October 20th, 2006 is going to send me over the edge. I have to figure this out!
Al Burns: October 20th, 2006?
Carrie Wells: Yes
Al Burns: No, the, eh, Warrensburg carnival was on May 8 that year
Carrie Wells: No, that's impossible
Al Burns: It's hard to believe, but your memory is wrong

Jay Lee: [Walks into the office] Hey!
Carrie Wells: Hey
Jay Lee: What you're doing here so late?
Carrie Wells: Jay? You're just the guy I need
Jay Lee: [Reads Carrie's screen] "Brian Fenton, ATF. File sealed, top secret, clearance only". Oh, so that's what you're doing so late at night! You're breaking federal law
Carrie Wells: I haven't broken any laws! At least not yet.
[Ask Jay with her eyes]
Jay Lee: No! No way. No, not this time. Not happening. That file says: "Stay away, Jay!" No
Carrie Wells: Something is going in here. And I need your help. You're the only one I trust to do this. Please!
Jay Lee: You know what? Just do me a favor, okay? Promise me you're gonna say nice things at my trial after the feds come drag me out of here. Alright?
[Carrie hugs him]
Jay Lee: Okay, right

"Unforgettable: Incognito (#2.2)" (2013)
Eliot Delson: They've got 5 million in cash from the Four Aces Casino in Toronto, close 8 miljon in German bear bonds from a bank in San Francisco and half a ton of Rhino horns from a wharehouse in Pretoria
Carrie Wells: You know contrary to popular believe Rhino horns are actually NOT an aphrodisiac, in case anyone was wondering
Al Burns: Now I am wondering.

Carrie Wells: Killborn: the Man, the Myth, the Legend!
Al Burns: Mostly the myth since nobody has seen this guy
Carrie Wells: Maybe he is not real, maybe he is a ghost
Cherie Rollins-Murray: Ghosts don't end up at the top of the FBI's Most Wanted list.

Carrie Wells: Al, you are my hero!
Al Burns: I'm gonna put that on a t-shirt.
Joanne Webster: Why exactly the two of you aren't doing it is beyond me.

"Unforgettable: Bad Company (#4.12)" (2016)
Carrie Wells: Last time I checked, hitmen don't generally report their income

Detective Shanna Coates: No one is having contact with AL Burns until the investigations into Burns and Russo are complete. Unless you like to join him, early retirement. Clear?
Carrie Wells: Crystal
Detective Shanna Coates: Good
[turns around and walks away]
Jay Lee: So what you're doing?
Carrie Wells: Join Al in early retirement
Jay Lee: That's what I thought. Have fun

Detective Shanna Coates: It's really nice working with you, detective Wells
Carrie Wells: I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but I'm definitely hoping our paths never cross again
Detective Shanna Coates: Oh, that's fine by me. But if you ever want a friend in Internal Affairs, you know where I am

"Unforgettable: Behind the Beat (#4.3)" (2015)
Al Burns: Looks like you had a rough night
Carrie Wells: Wow, you really know how to make a girl feel good! Thanks, Al

Carrie Wells: I saw that exact logo on a matchbook in David's dorm room! Where's it from?
Jay Lee: [starts typing] I'm on it
Denny Padilla: Oh, God! You're brilliant! I just... I never get tired of watching you work. I don't know
Jay Lee: Thank you
Carrie Wells: He was talking about me
Denny Padilla: [chuckles] I was

"Unforgettable: Breathing Space (#4.8)" (2016)
Carrie Wells: That's exactly how I like it! I need you to convince Russo
Al Burns: Why am I always doing your dirty work?
Carrie Wells: 'Cause I love it when you talk dirty
Al Burns: Don't be cute!

Al Burns: Admit it. You want to be in zero gravity with me
Al Burns: Number 7 on my bucket list
Carrie Wells: Number 7? What's number 1?
Al Burns: I'll tell you when you're out of there, safe and alive
Carrie Wells: I promise you I'm not gonna get killed until I know what number 1 on your bucket list is

"Unforgettable: True Identity (#3.11)" (2014)
Carrie Wells: What about her shoes? She wasn't jogging, she wasn't hiking. So what was she doing here this early in the morning? Meeting somebody?
Al Burns: Sure as hell it wasn't Mr. Right!

Eliot Delson: That's what you get when then blind lead the blind
[and leaves the room]
Carrie Wells: Hum
Eliot Delson: [Walks backwards to the open door] Did I just say that out loud?
Carrie Wells: I never heard a word
Eliot Delson: Oh, good!

"Unforgettable: Gut Check (#4.2)" (2015)
Rosie Webb: Are we there yet?
Carrie Wells: Yeah Al, are we there yet?
Al Burns: We are eight minutes closer than the last time you guys asked

"Unforgettable: About Face (#4.11)" (2016)
Carrie Wells: [Entering a construction site, all workers whistle to her] Thank you, gentlemen
Al Burns: That was surprisingly gracious of you
Carrie Wells: What, you know, if I gave every construction worker in New York City that wolves at me a hard time, well there be no construction getting done, now would there?
Al Burns: New York thanks you

"Unforgettable: We Can Be Heroes (#4.7)" (2016)
Al Burns: Sure you know what you're doing?
Carrie Wells: No! But it's the only chance we got

"Unforgettable: Dollar and Scents (#4.4)" (2015)
Carrie Wells: All right, do you got it?
Jay Lee: What's with the cloak and dagger. What's up, Carrie?
Carrie Wells: It's complicated
Jay Lee: All right, so what we're doing: is it illegal?
Carrie Wells: Come on, Jay, you know me
Jay Lee: You're right, it is illegal!

"Unforgettable: All In (#4.5)" (2015)
Carrie Wells: Yeah, well, not a smart move on his part
Al Burns: In his defense, he did not know about your secret weapon
Carrie Wells: He knew about my memory!
Al Burns: I meant me!
Carrie Wells: [laughs] Okay, secret weapon, what now?

"Unforgettable: Moving On (#3.12)" (2014)
Al Burns: Anything?
Carrie Wells: His wife.
Joanne Webster: Amira Buery, he eh... they met in France. She is some kind of human rights activist. She is the only one he could share his soul with.
[Al looks surprised at Joanne]
Joanne Webster: Barbara Walters interview.
Al Burns: Ah, but he did have quite the reputation for sharing in other ways.
[now Joanne looks surpised]
Al Burns: The Star! My dentist waiting room.
Joanne Webster: That's just gossip! He changed!

"Unforgettable: Game On (#4.10)" (2016)
Al Burns: Please tell me why we just released a killer?
Carrie Wells: We didn't, but we're about to catch one!

"Unforgettable: Shelter from the Storm (#4.9)" (2016)
Al Burns: That's kind of a leap
Carrie Wells: Well, I am the queen of leaping towards conclusions. You know that
Al Burns: You are the queen of a few other things I can think of too
Carrie Wells: Uhm, I'll take that as a compliment