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Quotes for
Mrs. Matilda Trumbull (Character)
from "I Love Lucy" (1951)

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"I Love Lucy: No Children Allowed (#2.22)" (1953)
Ethel Mertz: How are you, Mrs Trumbull?
Mrs. Trumbull: As well as could be expected after two hours sleep.
Lucy Ricardo: Oh, I'm sorry about that Mrs Trumbull. The baby was a little fussy. He won't annoy you again.
Mrs. Trumbull: No, I'm sure of that. Perhaps you'll recall this piece of paper, Mrs Mertz.
Ethel Mertz: Your lease?
Mrs. Trumbull: Yes.
Mrs. Trumbull: [she reads aloud] "It is expressly understood that at no time will children be allowed to live in said building."
Ethel Mertz: Little Ricky!
Lucy Ricardo: He's a children!
Mrs. Trumbull: Since it says, "No children" in plain English, what excuse is there for Mrs Ricardo's baby?
Ethel Mertz: Uhhhh, ahhh...
Lucy Ricardo: He can't read.
[Lucy and Ethel laugh nervously; Mrs Trumbull is not amused]

"I Love Lucy: Lucy's Last Birthday (#2.25)" (1953)
Lucy Ricardo: [Mrs Trumbull drops in and sings "Happy Birthday" to Lucy] Well, thank you very much, Mrs Trumbull, but today isn't my birthday.
Mrs. Trumbull: It isn't?
Lucy Ricardo: No.
Mrs. Trumbull: But I wrote the date down when the Mertzes gave you that birthday party last year. Can't understand how I could have made such a mistake. When is your birthday?
Lucy Ricardo: Never.
Mrs. Trumbull: What?
Lucy Ricardo: I had my last birthday a year ago today.
Mrs. Trumbull: Ohh, ha ha, so you've reached that point. I know how you feel. I stopped having birthdays when I was your age. At least I think I was your age. How old are you?
Lucy Ricardo: How old were you when you stopped?
Mrs. Trumbull: My last birthday was my twenty-ninth.
Lucy Ricardo: You were just my age.
Mrs. Trumbull: That's what I figured. I was thirty-four at the time.

"I Love Lucy: The Homecoming (#5.6)" (1955)
Mrs. Trumbull: [welcoming the Ricardos and Mertzes back to New York] Look at the baby. He's almost as big as I am.
Ricky Ricardo: Well, that's the California climate, you know. Everything grows bigger out there.
Fred Mertz: Yeah, look at Ethel.