Graham Holt
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Graham Holt (Character)
from Second Best (1994)

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Second Best (1994)
[Remembering his mother's death]
Graham: Dad wasn't making much sense. His hands were like injured birds looking for a safe place to roost.

Graham: I know where you've gone. I know where you're hiding. To have nothing, to feel nothing, to be nothing. It doesn't work, I've tried it. Anything's possible, Jamie, except feeling nothing. That's never possible.

Graham Holt: They were a devoted couple, they showed it.
Uncle Turpin: You mean she convinced him that she'd go to pieces if he strayed even as far as the end of the garden to do a widdle on his own.

James: What sort of things did you do when you were my age?
Graham Holt: I kept my head down, I suppose. Nothing very exciting.
James: [points to his life-story book] Is what's in there exciting?
Graham Holt: [pauses, turns pages] It's more disturbing than exciting.
James: That's what they say I am. Disturbed.
Graham Holt: What do you say?

Graham Holt: I cried.
Debbie: So I heard.
Graham Holt: Isn't it usual to phone before you visit?
Debbie: Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. I like to catch people unawares.
Graham Holt: Anyway, there's no point now.
Debbie: Why?
Graham Holt: I told you. I cried in front of the child I was hoping to adopt and his - what's it called - his key worker.
Debbie: Best thing you could have done. Now they're both crazy about you.

James: [emerging from the school bus Friday afternoon] You've got a broody expression, like a hen with constipation. Well, don't, 'cuz I've got the hermity. We're going camping this weekend. It'll be great!
Graham Holt: Not this weekend.
James: Why not?
Graham Holt: We have a visitor.
James: [pauses, puzzled] We never have visitors.

Graham: Were you testing me?
James: I do test people sometimes.