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Fred's Mom (Character)
from Fred: The Movie (2010) (TV)

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Fred: The Movie (2010) (TV)
Fred Figglehorn: [singing, in bed] Judy moved away. I'm so alone and hurt so much, OH WHHOOAAA WHOOOOOOAAAAAA!
Fred's Mom: Freddie, please! Go to sleep.
Fred Figglehorn: [with his head in his pillow] And my heart is broken! And my mom doesn't even care! Whoa oh...

Fred's Mom: Fred, open the door!
Fred Figglehorn: Oh. Mom! Sorry.
[Fred opens the front door and let's his mum in]
Fred Figglehorn: You're strong
Fred's Mom: Fred, what's going on in here?
Fred Figglehorn: Mom, I though someone was gonna attack me. Although, I don't know why anyone would want to.
Fred's Mom: Maybe because of your voice.