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Queen Sara Saturday (Character)
from "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood" (1968)

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"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1476: Divorce (#11.1)" (1981)
King Friday XIII: This is a lovely day. Of course it would have been more lovely if we had flown here in the purple jet.
Queen Sara Saturday: Honestly, Friday, you have a one-track mind.
King Friday XIII: A one-jet stream mind, Sara.

King Friday XIII: Time to go, Tuesday, come along!
Queen Sara Saturday: That wasn't long at all, Friday. You didn't give them much time at all to be together.
King Friday XIII: Important castle business. We must return.
Queen Sara Saturday: Oh, Friday.

King Friday XIII: Let's move these cups into our baskets now and go...
Queen Sara Saturday: [angrily] You and your hurrying, Friday! It seems you're always wanting to stop something that's fun.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1516: Day Care and Night Care (#13.11)" (1983)
Queen Sara Saturday: We've always been noted for our crown storage, Mr. McFeely.
Mr. McFeely: How do you store your crowns?
Queen Sara Saturday: We wear them all the time.

King Friday XIII: What is the nature of your business today?
Mr. McFeely: This speedy delivery.
King Friday XIII: You may read it.
Mr. McFeely: It says, "To King Friday and Queen Sara Saturday, Neighborhood of Make Believe".
King Friday XIII: Oh, well, we'll need the queen for this reading. Sara dear, will you come here?
Mr. McFeely: Sheer poetry.
Queen Sara Saturday: Did you call, Friday?
King Friday XIII: Yes, I said, "Sara dear, will you come here?"
Queen Sara Saturday: Oh, that's lovely.

King Friday XIII: We want to ask your advice on something.
Prince Tuesday: What is it?
King Friday XIII: Whom would you like for a babysitter?
Prince Tuesday: Nobody.
King Friday XIII: Nobody? Why not?
Prince Tuesday: Because I'm not a baby.
King Friday XIII: Well, of course, you're not a baby. That's just something that people say.
Prince Tuesday: Well I don't want a babysitter.
Queen Sara Saturday: How about a night-and-day-care-giver, son?
Prince Tuesday: Oh, well, that sounds good.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1506: Friends (#13.1)" (1982)
King Friday XIII: Am I to understand that Ana Platypus has some very fancy shoes and Lady Elaine thinks these shoes should be shared?
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: You got it, toots.
Robert Troll: But Lady Elaine doesn't need them, King Friday.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: I don't need them. I just want them.
King Friday XIII: Silence, please. Fairchilde, you know we share in this neighorhood.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: I know that, that's why I came here.
King Friday XIII: This is the rule. But, there are exceptions to the rule. Ana does not have to share her shoes with you.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Friday, that's not fair.
King Friday XIII: I am a fair king.
Queen Sara Saturday: Lady Elaine, isn't there anything in your Museum Go Round that you don't feel you have to share?
Robert Troll: Yeah, there must be something back in there.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Well, not my Boomerang Toomerang Soomerang. Everyone knows that.
Robert Troll: [Mutters] Yeah, everyone KNOWS that.

Queen Sara Saturday: Can you understand how Ana feels? Perhaps a little?
King Friday XIII: Yes, can you understand?
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Well, perhaps a little.
Robert Troll: Ana is good at sharing. Most things.
King Friday XIII: Just like you, Lady Elaine.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Well, maybe you're right. I don't like being wrong one bit. But, maybe this once I might be a LITTLE wrong.

King Friday XIII: One plus two plus two plus one...
Queen Sara Saturday: Six, Friday. And six plus six is twelve.
King Friday XIII: Yes, that's what I was afraid of. Sharing a household isn't easy, is it?
Queen Sara Saturday: No, but I'm glad we're doing it together.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1559: Making and Creating (#16.9)" (1986)
Queen Sara Saturday: Well, well, hello everyone...
Chuck Aber: [Wearing a King Friday XIII mask] Hello, Queen Sara.
Queen Sara Saturday: Why Friday, you must have had a huge breakfast.

King Friday XIII: [Chuck Aber is wearing a King Friday mask] Who is holding that large mirror?
Lady Aberlin: There's no large mirror here, Uncle Friday.
King Friday XIII: But there's a very large me.
Queen Sara Saturday: It's the largest you I've ever seen, Friday.
King Friday XIII: The large me may speak.
Chuck Aber: King Friday XIII's the name, sire.
King Friday XIII: But I am the person. Who speaks under that cover?
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Oh, Friday, you guessed it was a cover, you clever king.
King Friday XIII: Of course I guessed. There's only one of the real me.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Well there's only one of everybody, toots.
King Friday XIII: I guess that's true.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1101: Death of a Goldfish (#3.36)" (1970)
Lady Aberlin: There's something wrong with the trolley.
King Friday XIII: The trolley?
Lady Aberlin: Yes. It won't whistle or ding or move at all.
Bob Dog: [Howls] Is it dead?
Queen Sara Saturday: Oh no, Bob Dog. Trolleys are machines. They aren't alive, so they can't die.

King Friday XIII: Bob Dog, I presume?
Bob Dog: Woof, woof, woof.
Queen Sara Saturday: Very good, Bob Dog.
[to Friday]
Queen Sara Saturday: Three times for a king.
King Friday XIII: Yes.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1529: Work (#14.9)" (1984)
King Friday XIII: No water and not enough money to get new pipes. Sigh, sigh, sigh.
Lady Aberlin: Sigh, sigh is right.
Queen Sara Saturday: No, dear, sighing and sighing is not right. That will not solve our problem.
King Friday XIII: Well, what do you suggest, Sara?
Queen Sara Saturday: I suggest we speak to our neighbors.
Lady Aberlin: Which ones, Aunt Sara?
Queen Sara Saturday: All of them.
King Friday XIII: Even Westwood and Southwood?
Queen Sara Saturday: Yes. And everyone in between.
Lady Aberlin: What about the children at the school?
Queen Sara Saturday: Yes, the children often have excellent ideas.
King Friday XIII: Oh, what is this land coming to?
Queen Sara Saturday: Well, dear, it will come to naught if we continue this drought.

Queen Sara Saturday: I'll contact Mayor Maggie in Westwood.
King Friday XIII: And I will speak to our allies in Southwood.
Lady Aberlin: And I'll talk to the people in this neighborhood and at Someplace Else.
Queen Sara Saturday: Very good, and we'll meet back here later on.
King Friday XIII: Somehow I feel better.
Lady Aberlin: I do too.
Queen Sara Saturday: Well, we're doing something about our problem, not just sighing about it.
King Friday XIII: Queen Sara the Doer.
Queen Sara Saturday: Well, at least Queen Sara the Trier.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1461: Mr. Rogers Goes to School (#10.1)" (1979)
King Friday XIII: [upon arriving with Queen Sara and Prince Tuesday] Uh, ladies and gentlemen, Trolley, uh... School Bus?
Prince Tuesday: Uh, see what I mean, Dad?
King Friday XIII: Oh, you're absolutely right, Son. Who authorized this to run on the trolley track?
Lady Aberlin: Oh, Uncle Friday, it's just the Trolley with a school bus costume on it.
King Friday XIII: Oh. But if there's a school bus, there needs to be a school!
Prince Tuesday: Oh, oh, could we have a school, Daddy? Could we please?
Handyman Negri: That would be a great idea.
Queen Sara Saturday: And all the children could go to it.
Lady Aberlin: You can learn to read books for yourself, Tuesday.
Prince Tuesday: Oh, I'd like that.
Queen Sara Saturday: I remember my school in Westwood. We learned so many wonderful things.

Queen Sara Saturday: Oh, my! There's lots to be done!
Handyman Negri: In... in three days.
Lady Aberlin: Well, the first thing is to find a place for the school.
Queen Sara Saturday: Yes, well, you can call us if we can be of help to you.
Lady Aberlin: Oh, we will, Aunt Sara. We will.
Prince Tuesday: And I'll get ready for school now.
Queen Sara Saturday: Yes. I want to tell you more about my school days, Son.
Prince Tuesday: Oh, good! Good! Uh, bye, Lady Aberlin.
Lady Aberlin: Bye-bye, Tuesday.
Prince Tuesday: Bye, Handyman Negri.
Handyman Negri: Goodbye, Prince Tuesday.
Lady Aberlin: [handing her book to Queen Sara] Bye, Aunt Sara.
Queen Sara Saturday: Thank you, my dear. Come along, Prince Tuesday.
[With Lady Aberlin's book in hand, Queen Sara goes into the castle and Prince Tuesday goes in with her. Lady Aberlin turns to Trolley School Bus]
Lady Aberlin: Well, Trolley... we started something.
Handyman Negri: Something good... in three days.
[Trolley School Bus rolls away and goes through the tunnel on the right side of the castle]

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1088 (#3.23)" (1970)
X the Owl: Can you feel the baby inside you?
Queen Sara Saturday: Just a little bit. It moves around and I know that it's there.
Lady Aberlin: Henrietta wonders if she could see it, but I told her that nobody would be able to see it until it was born.
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow. Meow meow meow meow babysitter meow meow.
Queen Sara Saturday: I would be delighted for you to be a babysitter, dear. I just know that the baby will love you.
Lady Aberlin: Imagine, having an owl and a pussycat for neighbors.

Queen Sara Saturday: I just love everything about this neighborhood.
X the Owl: What do you love the best?
Queen Sara Saturday: Well, King Friday of course, but I think all of our neighbors are so special.
X the Owl: We sure like you too, Queen Sara, you don't mind talking about important things.
Queen Sara Saturday: Well talking about important things is the best way for people to grow.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1015: The Royal Wedding (#2.15)" (1969)
Mr. Anybody: Sara Saturday. Will you accept the duties of queen of this Neighborhood of Make-Believe and promise to reign in justice and equity all the days of your life?
Queen Sara Saturday: I will so accept with all your help.
Mr. Anybody: The Neighborhood of Make-Believe crowns thee Queen Sara Friday Saturday. Long live the queen!
All: Long live the queen!

Mr. Anybody: Will the king and queen please join hands. Do you, King Friday XIII, love Queen Sara Friday Saturday and want to live with her always?
King Friday XIII: I do.
Mr. Anybody: Do you, Queen Sara Friday Saturday, love King Friday XIII and want to live with him always?
Queen Sara Saturday: I do.
Mr. Anybody: King Friday, will you repeat after me: 'I, King Friday XIII, take thee Queen Sara Friday Saturday, to be my lawful wedded wife. To have and to hold. In sickness and in health. In joy and in sorrow. For richer or for poorer. As long as we both shall live.'
[Friday repeats it]
Mr. Anybody: Queen Sara, will you repeat after me: 'I, Queen Sara Friday Saturday, take thee King Friday XIII, to be my lawful wedded husband. To have and to hold. In sickness and in health. In joy and in sorrow. For richer or for poorer. As long as we both shall live.
[Queen Sara repeats it]
Mr. Anybody: What do you give as a token of your marriage?
King Friday XIII: Robert Troll has the token.
[Taking the ring]
King Friday XIII: This is an outward sign of an inward affection, Sara.
Queen Sara Saturday: Thank you, Friday.
[Taking her ring]
Queen Sara Saturday: This is an outward sign of my affection, too, Friday.
King Friday XIII: Thank you, Sara.
Mr. Anybody: By the authority vested in me, by the arch-clergy of Make-Believe, I pronounce that King Friday XIII and Queen Sara Friday Saturday are now husband and wife. Who make-believe has joined together, let no man put asunder. Long live the King and Queen!
All: Long live the King and Queen!

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1517: Day Care and Night Care (#13.12)" (1983)
King Friday XIII: Why Tuesday, where have you been?
Prince Tuesday: Playing.
Queen Sara Saturday: We've been looking everywhere for you, son.
Prince Tuesday: How could you hear my voice?
Queen Sara Saturday: What do you mean, dear?
Prince Tuesday: How could you and daddy hear my voice with all those other voices?
Queen Sara Saturday: Parents know how to listen for their children's voices, dear.
King Friday XIII: That's just something that parents are able to do. I guess it has something to do with love.

Prince Tuesday: I want to call them now.
King Friday XIII: But we're not there yet, son.
Prince Tuesday: I know but I want to tell them that you're coming.
Lady Aberlin: Just a moment, I'll get the phone.
King Friday XIII: Um... Well I... I'm not sure I see the point.
Queen Sara Saturday: Tuesday may want to check on the number, dear.
Chuck Aber: And he may want to hear what the people sound like where you're going.
Prince Tuesday: You're both right.
Lady Aberlin: [brings the phone] Here go, Tuesday, would you like me to make the call?
Prince Tuesday: I'd like to do it. Operator? I'd like to call 111-222-3334. Hello? This is Prince Tuesday. Yes, that's my parents. Well they're going to come to your place to teach and then they're going to come home. You take good care of them, okay? Yes. Well they're the only mom and dad I have. Okay, then. Bye. Thank you, Lady Aberlin.
Lady Aberlin: You're welcome, Tuesday.
King Friday XIII: Thank YOU, Tuesday, for wanting us to have good care too.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1086 (#3.21)" (1970)
Henrietta Pussycat: Meow meow take your bed meow?
Officer Clemmons: Yes, Henrietta, we'll take our bed, we'll take our clothes, our television set, and all the other things we'll need to live there.
Queen Sara Saturday: Oh we will miss you, Officer Clemmons.
Officer Clemmons: Well I can always make believe that I'm here, though.
Lady Elaine Fairchilde: Some places are too far away for make believing.
Officer Clemmons: Well, Lady Elaine, I don't know any of those places. Well, I guess I better get back to my work now. I'm so pleased to hear about your wonderful news, King Friday and Queen Sara.
Queen Sara Saturday: And we're pleased for you, Officer Clemmons.
Officer Clemmons: Well, this is something I've always wanted to do.
King Friday XIII: Something he has always wanted to do, everyone!

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1469: Superheroes (#10.9)" (1980)
Queen Sara Saturday: I must say it was quite a start at first. I was out on my back balcony looking for birds, when all of a sudden I noticed this large creature.
Handyman Negri: A dinosaur?
Queen Sara Saturday: Well it was much to big for a yellow-bellied sapsucker.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1483: Competition (#11.8)" (1981)
Queen Sara Saturday: How big is he really?
Handyman Negri: Well, he's certainly bigger than you are, Queen Sara.
Queen Sara Saturday: A bird that's bigger than I?
Handyman Negri: Yes. In fact, I think he's bigger than I am.
Queen Sara Saturday: Bigger than you are?
Handyman Negri: Yes, Ma'am.
Queen Sara Saturday: He must be the biggest bird in the world.
Handyman Negri: All I know is that he's very, very big, and he wants to bring his drawing for the king's contest.
Queen Sara Saturday: It will be fun to see such a big creature. He's tame, I assume?
Handyman Negri: Oh yes. He's very tame. In fact, he's even featured on television a lot.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1555: Families (#16.5)" (1985)
Prince Tuesday: Will they ever say no to her?
King Friday XIII: What do you mean, son?
Prince Tuesday: Well, will they ever tell their adopted baby, 'no, you can't do that' if it's something they don't want her to do?
King Friday XIII: Well, of course they'll say no to her sometimes.
Queen Sara Saturday: Certainly, dear, She's their daughter and all fine parents have to say no to their children sometimes.
Prince Tuesday: Even to their adopted children?
King Friday XIII: Prince Tuesday, adopted children are real children, just like all other children. And everyone needs to hear 'no' sometimes.
Queen Sara Saturday: Just like everyone needs to hear 'yes' sometimes.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1486: Play (#11.11)" (1981)
King Friday XIII: I'm going to see that there are no further accidents here. I now make a new rule: there will be no more *play* in this neighborhood of Make Believe.
Mr. McFeely, Bob Dog, Handyman Negri: No more play?
King Friday XIII: No more play. Nobody may play *anything* *any more*.
Queen Sara Saturday: But Friday, that would be just impossible.
King Friday XIII: I will not have any more foolishness causing accidents. Is that understood?
Mr. McFeely, Bob Dog, Handyman Negri: Yes, King Friday.
King Friday XIII: And is it understood that there will be *no more* play in this neighborhood?
Mr. McFeely, Bob Dog, Handyman Negri: Yes, King Friday.
Queen Sara Saturday: We'll talk more about that anon.
King Friday XIII: You won't change my mind! Remember, no more play!
[trolley comes by]
King Friday XIII: Not so playful with your running, trolley! No more play in this neighborhood.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1204 (#5.9)" (1972)
King Friday XIII: [sniffs] I seem to smell something. Has Prince Tuesday done poo poo in his diaper?
Queen Sara Saturday: I don't think so, Friday. I gave him a fresh diaper a few minutes ago. But
Queen Sara Saturday: I seem to smell something too. But that's not a baby smell, Friday.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1479: Divorce (#11.4)" (1981)
Queen Sara Saturday: Do you think of anything but jet planes?
Airplane Saleslady: Oh, yes. Our company makes jet planes, electric cars and T-shirts.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1615: When Parents Go to Work (#20.5)" (1989)
King Friday XIII: I understand that you have been angry with your mother and me.
Prince Tuesday: Well, sort of.
King Friday XIII: That's very understandable.
Prince Tuesday: It is?
King Friday XIII: I used to be angry with my mother and father.
Prince Tuesday: You were?
King Friday XIII: Yes. They would always be working someplace else and I didn't want them to go. But they told me they didn't like leaving me any more than I liked their going. In fact, I remember seeing my father cry one day when he had to leave us.
Prince Tuesday: Your father? Grandfather Thursday cried?
King Friday XIII: He did.
Queen Sara Saturday: Well sometimes we cry when we have to leave you, Tuesday, but we have to do our work. People depend on us to do the work.
Prince Tuesday: I guess I never thought of it that way.
King Friday XIII: I trust we will talk about it some more when we all get home from our work today.
Prince Tuesday: Yes. I'm going to help the children at the caring center with their block building and stuff like that.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1470: Superheroes (#10.10)" (1980)
Queen Sara Saturday: [looking through a telescrope] Oh! Why - Why... It's something very big. Something's coming! It looks like it could be a...
Handyman Negri: That's Chef Brockett, Queen Sara.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1477: Divorce (#11.2)" (1981)
Queen Sara Saturday: I thought we had decided there would be no extra plane, Friday.
King Friday XIII: You may have decided, Sara, but I want to hear this person out.
Queen Sara Saturday: [to Saleslady] I'm afraid this presentation may be a waste of your time.
Airplane Saleslady: I didn't know there was a question about my coming.
King Friday XIII: No question. Carry on, young person.
Queen Sara Saturday: And exactly how much fuel does this plane use?
King Friday XIII: Er, not very much.
Airplane Saleslady: Well, it does use the most of all of our vehicles, sire.
King Friday XIII: Naturally, for a royal plane.
Queen Sara Saturday: But I told you, Friday, that's what I'm against. We have one plane and it already uses too much gas. And now you want a second that uses even more.
King Friday XIII: Well, it's purple, and it will have thirteens all over it. You're not even looking at it.
Queen Sara Saturday: I've given it a great deal of thought.
King Friday XIII: Well, I'M the king.
Queen Sara Saturday: And I'M the queen. We can discuss it anon. Farewell everyone.
King Friday XIII: Er, perhaps I should speak further with the queen. Excuse me.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1519: Day Care and Night Care (#13.14)" (1983)
Queen Sara Saturday: I just wanted you to know, Friday, that I really love you.
King Friday XIII: And may I say the same, Sara. You are a most satisfactory queen.
Queen Sara Saturday: Thank you, dear.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1532: Grandparents (#14.12)" (1984)
Lady Aberlin: I'll bet you really like being a grandfather, don't you, Grandpere?
Grandpere: Ah, oui. Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui, oui.
Lady Aberlin: Oh. That's nice to say. Oui, oui, oui, oui, oui, oui.
Queen Sara Saturday: Well it's certainly easier than yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Isn't it?
Lady Aberlin: It certainly is. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. That's hard.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1671: Things to Wear (#24.1)" (1994)
[Queen Sara is wearing a three-cornered hat over her crown]
King Friday XIII: Mayor Maggie and... Visitor, I presume?
Mayor Maggie: Almost correct as usual, King Friday.
King Friday XIII: What do you mean by "almost"?
Mayor Maggie: Well, the person beside you, your Majesty, is not a visitor.
King Friday XIII: You're not?
Queen Sara Saturday: I'm your wife, Friday!
King Friday XIII: Why Sara, where is your crown?
[sees under the hat]
King Friday XIII: You ladies play such jokes on this old king.

"Mister Rogers' Neighborhood: 1663: Love (#23.8)" (1993)
King Friday XIII: In fact, nobody is working around here. I have to do everything.
Queen Sara Saturday: But Friday, that's just not true.
King Friday XIII: There are no buts, Sara.
Queen Sara Saturday: People need a chance to express themselves, Friday.
King Friday XIII: Let them do it through work!
Queen Sara Saturday: You're being so unreasonable!
King Friday XIII: That's your opinion. Farewell to you both!
[storms off again]
Queen Sara Saturday: We'll discuss this later, Friday.
Prince Tuesday: I'm sorry, Mother.
Queen Sara Saturday: I'm sorry too, son. But your father can make people very angry sometimes. Now you come on inside and we'll talk more about it. I'll meet you right in there.
[Queen Sara and Tuesday step inside]