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CIA Officer (Character)
from Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe (2011) (TV)

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"Burn Notice: Enemy of My Enemy (#5.6)" (2011)
Gabriel Manaro: [instantly abrasive] You Westen?
Matt Bailey: [instantly abrasive] Do you want to tell us why the name Sam Axe is appearing on equipment-requisition forms?
Gabriel Manaro: You really put a $40,000 bug on that man's face?
Michael Westen: [pause, then to Agent Pearce] Which one should I answer?
[Bailey scoffs]
Agent Pearce: Michael, this is Gabrial Manaro and Matt Bailey. Guys, this is...
Gabriel Manaro: Oh, we know who he is! He's the genius who involved a heroin dealer in a classified CIA field operation, not to mention Sam Axe!
Michael Westen: [walking past, pronouncing Manaro's name with contempt] Sam mentioned there was a dustup with whichever one of you is Manaro?
Gabriel Manaro: A-a dustup? You could say that. We're not fans.
["Gabrial Manaro & Matt Bailey" / "Not fans of Sam Axe" ]
Michael Westen: [pouring wine] So, when did you work with Sam?
Matt Bailey: Five years ago, he compromised a CIA facility in Colombia. He endangered a mission *and* its personnel.
Gabriel Manaro: Specifically us.
Matt Bailey: Yeah.
Michael Westen: I'm sure he had his reasons.
Agent Pearce: Okay. Focus. Mr. Axe's position with Carmelo Dante is... precarious. His story's being checked against a captured Serb. Michael thinks we need the cavalry on call.
Matt Bailey: [laughing] What cavalry? What's with this guy?
Gabriel Manaro: You put an asset in the field...
Michael Westen: [angry] I put my *friend* in the field! Now, I haven't asked for anything yet, but if I do, you better be ready!
Matt Bailey: I wouldn't hold my breath. This mission comes first.

Gabriel Manaro: You look pretty pleased with yourselves for a couple of guys who just cut a deal with a drug kingpin.
Matt Bailey: What the hell were you thinking? You know, we told you...
Michael Westen: You said the *Serbs* couldn't find out the CIA was involved. But Carmelo finding out - that wasn't "mission critical," was it?
Matt Bailey: Do you really expect us to make good on immunity for that bastard?
Michael Westen: Actually, I do, because if you let him go to jail, that *bastard* has no incentive to keep his mouth shut.
Gabriel Manaro: We keep him out on the street, you really think...
Sam Axe: Maybe Pearce can explain it to you. Ask her to talk real slow, and you might get it.
Agent Pearce: As long as Carmelo's got a reputation to protect...
Gabriel Manaro: Well, that's just beautiful, but have you heard the story he told the cops?
Matt Bailey: The guy said he went to the marina with his buddies for a picnic!
Gabriel Manaro: Then Serbs attacked, out of nowhere!
Matt Bailey: Oh, but luckily, Carmelo had the sense to bring all these automatic weapons with him to the picnic, you know, instead of food!
Gabriel Manaro: This is the official story we get to sell to the Miami police.
Matt Bailey: [talking over] Yeah, this is what we get to do with this Carmelo guy.
Gabriel Manaro: [talking over] This is the mess you are leaving us with!
Matt Bailey: [talking over] Immunity. Fantastic.
Sam Axe: Yeah, well, sucks being you. But I guess that's nothing new, right?
Matt Bailey: Woah! Ho, ho! Ho!
Gabriel Manaro: Ho! Woah! Mr. Axe! Not so fast. We need our glasses back.
Sam Axe: Oh, yeah. Sorry about that. I... lost them.
[Sam and Michael get into the Charger. Sam chuckles to Michael as he pulls the glasses from his pocket]
Michael Westen: Sam, I just wanna say...
Sam Axe: You don't have to, Mike.
Michael Westen: I was *gonna* say, you owe *me* one.
Michael Westen: [as Sam laughs] And I owe you fifty.