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Charlotte Helling (Character)
from "Doc Martin" (2004)

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"Doc Martin: Listen with Mother (#6.7)" (2013)
Ruth Ellingham: [At a café table] But it isn't your pilfering and your petty meanness that I care about. It's the damage that you can still inflict on Martin.
Margaret Ellingham: Well, I don't have to stay here to listen to this.
Ruth Ellingham: Go home, Margaret.
Margaret Ellingham: [Ready to leave alone] I am Martin's mother. I have every right to be here. You've never had children. You can't possibly understand what you're talking about.
Ruth Ellingham: Don't forget your grandson!

"Doc Martin: Departure (#6.8)" (2013)
[Martin's mother has come from Portugal, begging for him to give her money]
Margaret Ellingham: I have no home to go to. Your father died and left hardly any capital to speak of. I need some money, Martin. Just enough to buy a small apartment in Lisbon. Maybe £300,000. £200,000.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: [coldly] I don't think so.
Margaret Ellingham: You would see me homeless, destitute, cast out in the streets?
Dr. Martin Ellingham: Of course not.
Margaret Ellingham: Well, thank you.
Dr. Martin Ellingham: I *wouldn't* see you. I'd have no further contact with you at all.