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Quotes for
Cora Cross (Character)
from "EastEnders" (1985)

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"EastEnders: Episode dated 14 October 2011" (2011)
[whilst in the cafe Norman's mobile phone beeps. He looks at his phone]
Norman Simmonds: Oh, no!
[Jean walks into the cafe]
Jean Slater: You're here! You haven't answered any of my texts!
Norman Simmonds: Well, I wasn't sure which one to reply to. There were fourteen of them. Well, fifteen now.
Jean Slater: The one about dinner.
Norman Simmonds: Oh, yeah.
Jean Slater: I was wondering... if... you might like... a home-cooked meal sometime.
Norman Simmonds: Oh, that'd be lovely. What we having?
Jean Slater: Sausage surprise! I'm known for it around here.
Norman Simmonds: Oh. Saturday night, perhaps?
Jean Slater: Perfecto.
[Jean walks off]
Cora Cross: You know that film Fatal Attraction?
Norman Simmonds: The one with the bunny boiler? Yeah, why?
Cora Cross: You're in it.
[phone beeps]
Norman Simmonds: Oh, no!
Cora Cross: That'll be her.
Norman Simmonds: That's sixteen now.

"EastEnders: Episode dated 16 January 2014" (2014)
Cora Cross: I smoked and drank all through my pregnancies, didn't affect my girls.
Shirley Carter: Oh, no, only one got cancer and the other one was a junkie.