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Quotes for
Geranium (Character)
from Thumbtanic (2000)

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Thumbtanic (2000)
Geranium: I'm flying, Jake! I'm really flying!
Jake: Big deal, I'm the king of the globe... fatty.

The Interviewer: Tell us your story, old one.
Old Geranium: Well, ah... I, uh...
The Interviewer: Give us but a rare glimpse behind the withered curtains of your mind.
Old Geranium: All right. It was a...
The Interviewer: Grace us with the marvelous tale of aged wisdom that is locked within the deep, withered pit of the crusty remnants of your aged, ragged brain.
Old Geranium: Fine. It was a...
The Interviewer: Grace us with the marvelous tale of withered, decrepit wisdom; spew forth from your lined, grey, wrinkled piehole the secrets locked deep within the past.

Geranium: Yawn. I'm tired of being rich. I want to be poor: dance with paupers, and have sex in a car. Oh, I do so want to be poor.
Geranium's Servant: You want to be poor? Are you half crazy? I work eighteen hours a day, for a mere shilling a week; then I return to a freezing room the size of a closet! Oh, I would pack myself in excrement if it meant just staying one degree warmer.
Geranium: I do so want to be poor... except for all those parts.

[during the "My Heart is A Thumb" video, at the front of the ship]
Geranium: I'm Flying
Jake: [muttering] Big deal! I'm king of the globe... fatty.

Old Geranium: [Sitting on a chair] They called it the ship of dreams and it was...
[falls asleep and falls off chair]