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The Starkeeper (Character)
from Carousel (1956)

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Carousel (1956)
Billy Bigelow: I just couldn't get the hang of being married.
Starkeeper: Was that Julie's fault?
Billy Bigelow: No, but maybe it wasn't my fault either.

Starkeeper: Simmer down now, Billy; you're forgettin' - here there *is* no time; this is the beginning and the end.

Billy: I couldn't get work, and I couldn't bear to see her... to see her...
Starkeeper: You couldn't bear to see her cry? Why don't you come right out and say it? Why are you ashamed you loved Julie?
Billy: I ain't afraid of anything. Look, if I can't go back, just say so.
Starkeeper: I didn't say you couldn't go back.
Billy: No, but you didn't say I could, either. You're just trying to make me sweat.
Starkeeper: No. I'm just trying to figure out what good you could do if I let you go back. You know... your daughter's down there. She's unhappy, she needs help.
Billy: My daughter? My baby is a girl? My-my baby's a girl?
Starkeeper: She isn't a baby anymore. She's fifteen years old.
Billy: And she ain't happy, huh?
Starkeeper: No, she ain't, Billy. You know, she's a lot like you. I think maybe that's why you could help her.
Billy: Can I see her from here?
Starkeeper: Sure, you can, if you want to.
Billy: If she ain't happy, I don't want to look.
Starkeeper: Right now, she appears to be having a fine time. There she is, running along the beach there, got her shoes and stockings off.
Billy: Like I used to do, huh?
Starkeeper: Yeah. Do you want to take a look at her?
Billy: What do I have to do to see her?
Starkeeper: Just look, and wait, and the power to see her will come to you.

Billy Bigelow: To be perfectly honest with you...
Starkeeper: I WOULD be, if I were you.
Billy Bigelow: All right - I didn't mind livin' off her
Billy Bigelow: cousin Nettie. It was just having nothin' to do that drove me crazy.